The Complete Guide To Camping Sites In Nepal To Whom Who Loves Camping

Best camping sites in Nepal: – Everybody loves traveling, visiting new places and having fun in the camping. If you want to enjoy camping in Nepal with full of fun. If you are in Nepal and wanna feel fun and adventurous with Nepal’s famous camping sites.

Here we are to give you a complete guide about camping in Nepal.

Camping in Nepal / Camping Sites In Nepal

Hillside camping in Nepal

1) Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a well eminent vacationer destination of Nepal. It is 32 KM northeast of the Kathmandu Valley. Ringed by the eight mainstream Himalayan reaches is the beguiling goal of Nagarkot.

With the staggering view of the mountains during the dawn and sunset has emerged this spot on the top priority of the bucket list of holidaymakers. Among local people, it is a favorite picnic spot and an overnight weekend destination.

The individuals, the widely varied flora and fauna of Nagarkot, and the rural way of life will assist you with forgetting the entirety of your hardships and it’s waiting for you only a couple of miles from the city. On a clear night, you can set up a telescope or even simply utilize your binoculars to see the different stars in the sky.

Located on an edge at a rise of around 2,195 meters, this town has numerous trails going through the forested areas, making it perfect for an exciting outdoor escape.

Beauty of Nagarkot Nepal
The beauty of Nagarkot Nepal

The cloud banks encompassing the skyline make the climate lovely and blustery. It is likewise a residence to numerous Hindu sanctuaries marking as a conspicuous religious site.

Nagarkot view tower is the principal spot to see the Himalayas and Kathmandu valley view from Nagarkot. During the open weather season, individuals can see Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, and Mahalangur ranges.

At dawn, the Himalayan range, extending from Dhaulagiri in the west right past Everest to Kanchenjunga in the east, rises up from the haziness to welcome the happy visitors with its amazing magnificence and excellence. Nagarkot is the simplest spot to see Mount Everest. Autumn is the best time to visit Nagarkot to see a reasonable mountain view.

Campings around the conventional village of Nagarkot can be a lifetime experience. A few guesthouses, star inns, resorts, little steakhouses, and Homestays offer camping to Nagarkot.

Tent accommodation is infrequently accessible in Nagarkot. A day climbing from Changunarayan or Dhulikhel, cycling from Bhaktapur and campfires are activities while your overnight camping trip to Nagarkot.

How to reach Nagarkot from Kathmandu?

Public transportation is easily accessible from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. Along these lines, the first voyagers must drive from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur. Private vehicle is consistently there for your solace and simple access.

2) Pokhara

Pokhara is called as the tourism city of Nepal. It is Favored with crystal lakes and charming scenes. The metropolitan of Pokhara is the embodiment of beguiling beautiful excellence.

Individuals know this city as the “city of seven lakes”. It is rich in natural, cultural, and social heritage. It is a Shangri-La, genuinely a paradise on Earth. It has emerald green surroundings were at one time the safe house of Gurkha soldiers and is presently the second most crowded city in the nation.

Ghandruk Village, Pokhara, Nepal
Ghandruk Village

With the sun glimmering on the snow-topped pinnacles of Annapurna mountain extend, which are nearer than they show up, you can observe the absolute most sentimental dawns and dusks. The tranquil feeling of the spot gives a perfect area to outdoors and attempting adventure sports like paragliding.

A) Dhampus village or Australian camp

Dhampus town is only 25 KM far away from Pokhara. It is situated at the peak at a height of 1650 meters. In Dhampus town, during the warm summer one can get the coolest environment.

A town with the dominant part individuals of the Gurung people group offers you different choices of accommodation and activities for your camping.

Individuals can do a day climbing from Phedi to the town. Dawn sees through the Annapurna mountain range is a significant minute that one can experience from the slope top. Australian camp (2060 M) is the best peak point for the overnight. Fire Camp, Village visit, and local food are the other fascination in Dhampus. Homestays, local lodges, and semi extravagant hotels are accessible in Dhampus.

B) Begnas lake and Rupakot village

Begnas lake is situated in the south-east part of Pokhara valley. It is around 16 KM distance from the town area. Different retreats, cabins, and homestays are accessible at the opposite end of Begnas lake.

Majhikuna is one of the well-known points for individuals to encounter overnight camping. Rupakot is additionally located while in transit to Majhikuna, at the ridge.

Begnas Lake, Pokhara Nepal
Begnas Lake, Pokhara Nepal

One can encounter drifting, fishing, climbing, and mountain biking at Begnas and Rupakot. Few of the retreats are offering Ecotourism, Sustainable travel industry, and Agro tourism with organic local foods. This is a decent spot to do yoga and contemplation.

C) Nirmal Pokhari Village

Nirmal Pokhari village is situated around 10 KM south of Pokhara. The perspective view of Pokhara valley alongside rivers and lakes at the lower regions of the broad Himalayan range is a grand wonder from Nirmal Pokhari.

Every one of the three lakes of Pokhara: Rupa Tal, Begnas Tal, and Fewa Tal can be spotted from the top. Towns of close-by regions, including Syangja, are likewise noticeable from the viewpoint of Nirmal Pokhari.

Nirmal Pokhari village is best known for its production of oranges. It’s a decent decision for the guests who are looking for a departure to encounter day to day cultivating and community life in Nepal.

Local people additionally grow rice, millets, wheat, corn, and seasonal varieties of vegetables all over the year. The food here is organic, directly reaped from their homesteads and gardens.


Guests can encounter the day by day way of life of villagers doing household tasks or working in the homesteads during the Homestay program in Nirmal Pokhari. Some local hotels and homestays are accessible for your overnight camping or night stay. Hiking is an additional beneficial activity to do.

How to reach Nirmal Pokhari village from Pokhara?

Individuals can take public transportation that is a local bus service that runs every 2 hours to reach the Nirmal Pokhari Village in Pokhara. There are also taxi services or jeeps to hire to reach the village.

D) Sikles Village

Sikles is one of the Gurung villages. It is running village tourism close to Pokhara. This village is the second biggest Gurung village in Nepal. It’s additionally a prominent spot to escape for overnight stays for typical social involvement with the Annapurna Region.

A multi-day trek is additionally accessible for the trek/climb darlings. The great perspective on the Annapurna mountain extends from a height of 2000 meters would be the motivation to visit in Skiles.

The town offers homestays and fire camp on demand for the guests. Nearby culture, individuals, customs, and celebrations are the other motivation to visit once in this town. Sikles is one of our prescribed camping spots around Pokhara.

How to reach Sikles village from Pokhara?

The distance to Sikles village from Pokhara is 17 km. However, the road distance is 51.3 km. One can reach there by public transportation. There are also taxi services or jeeps to hire to reach the village.

E) Naudada

Naudada is around 20 KM far away from Pokhara. One can reach by a local bus ride or climb through Sarangkot. Individuals can glance at the 360-degree view around Pokhara valley from Naudanda.

It’s a spot to see the dawn, dusk, scenes, the city, and mountains from one point. Some nearby lodges and hotels are accessible for your camping or overnight stay. They do offer you a fire camp and nearby local food.

3) Ilam

Rich green tea leaves planted everywhere throughout the slopey hills form an encompassing vista as you step into the city of Ilam. It Rests in the lower regions of the Mahabharat run, Ilam locale, otherwise called Charkhol.

It is an unexplainable delight embellished with snowcapped timberlands, unblemished waterways, and wonderful climate. The region gives looks at the Nepalese culture, and local people are inviting.

Our place in Ilam is cool and can appreciate nature. It is around 16 km from Ilam Bazar. There are a ton of spots to visit like Maipokhari, Sandakpur (3636 m.), Todke waterfall (a second longest cascade of Nepal), Chintapu, Tapu, Many large tea ranches, Kiwi ranches, and so forth.

Maipokhari Ilam Nepal

We can discover a huge spot where there are lavish green tea gardens in Illam and the moving slopes secured with tea leaves are essentially brilliant. Greenery is everywhere throughout the slopes of Illam all around the year.

Illam Tea Garden is located close to Illam Bazaar and Kanyam Tea Garden situated between Terai plain and Illam Bazaar is the major of Nepal. There are numerous spots for trekking in Illam and these spots give us the sentiment of Relaxation and pleasure. Illam Tea Garden Trek is additionally seen as the Nepal Mountain trekking.

The best time to visit in Illam is between October to December or from February to April However, the subtropical atmosphere of Illam guarantees great climate consistently.

How to reach Illam from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to Illam is 680 km. It will take around 17-22 hours by public transportation that is by a deluxe bus.

4) Lapsiphedi

A mountain village, Lapsiphedi is Only 20 kilometers away from Kathmandu Valley. It encompasses amidst verdant tea gardens, presently a well-known slope station. Situated in Central Nepal, it is a dazzling spot where you can climb with the snow-covered Langtang mountain range running beside you.

A few in this town are known to offer probably the most stunning perspectives on sunset and dawn. Climbing in this landscape will be a difficult assignment, however, the mouth-watering indulgences made in conventional style toward the finish of the voyage will merit the experience.

At this spot, you’ll get the chance to encounter the lively Nepali Tamang culture and customs. Tamang town settlement is one of the attractions of Lapsiphedi. Individuals can investigate their way of life and way of life.

A town serves the typical Tamang culture during the homestay. Privately run Homestays and lodges are accessible for your medium-term outdoors to Lapsiphesi.

Jarsing Pouwa is headed to Lapsiphesi, likewise offer comparable sorts of services like Lapsiphedi. A climb from Jarsingh Pouwa to Nagarkot is likewise an additional activity to perform.

A long day hike from Sundarijal to Lapsiphedi by means of Chisapani could be the best thing a voyager would appreciate. Closer perspective on Langtang mountain reaches will mend your climb torment.

Tea Garden of Bhotechaur and close by rainbow trout ranches are different attractions to investigate. Individuals will offer you an organic, close by local food upon your decision.

5) Balthali Village

The peaceful village of Balthali lies over a plateau which is far away from the hustle-clamor of present-day towns. It is situated in Central Nepal and is approximately 32 kilometers from the Kathmandu Valley.

Balthali village is a magnificent spot for a night out. The village hiking tour is a characteristic adventure to find the astounding perspectives on the green slopes and thriving rice fields, incorporating the northern Himalayas with dawn and nightfall sees.

The spot has an enamoring scene of the mountain scopes of Langtang and Mahabharat with numerous Buddhist sanctuaries close by. You can climb up to Namo Buddha, the origination of Lord Buddha, from this spot.

Balthali is an appealing conventional village with its countryside and the conventional farmhouses. The houses are constructed in a pagoda-style of different hues. The region is loaded with green finished farmlands and woods.

Balthali Villages Nepal
Balthali Village

High slopes of rich green Mahabharat Range overwhelm the patio. The area is thickly forested with a lush growth of different greeneries. Beautiful rhododendron, Magnolia, and Sal trees spread the slope that undulates and opens out to patio fields.

Culture lovers can appreciate conventional traditions, food and virtual way of life. It would be an astounding opportunity to investigate and finding some outstanding types of wildlife, convention, and culture immaculate and unaltered village life by modernity close by Kathmandu valley.

How to reach Balthali Village from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to Khopasi is 35 km. Individuals can take public transportation to reach Khopasi. From Khopasi you should stroll to the Balthali village for 45 to an hour. During the climb, you will get an opportunity to see one of Nepal’s most old hydroelectric projects. For seeing this project, you will have to go through a short footbridge.

6)  Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Laying on the northern slopes 12 km away from the fundamental town of Kathmandu, the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is among the top go-to places in Nepal for a retreat and camping.

The all-encompassing perspectives on the goliath Himalayas and the isolated area away from the mayhem of the urban areas make it ideal for outdoors and a few different exercises. Adventure monstrosities are in for joy as the recreation center (park) the same number of trekking and climbing trails.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Nepal
Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Nepal

Following your way through the quiet timberlands will excite, and toward the finish of your path, you will get the opportunity to see the tremendous Kathmandu Valley underneath. The National Park is additionally home to different native birds and endemic verdure species living joyfully in their undisturbed natural surroundings.

The main water source of Kathmandu valleys IS Shivapuri. It houses 177 types of birds and various uncommon orchids. Some of the types of birds found in this national park incorporate Eurasian eagle-owl, slender-billed scimitar-babbler, white-gorgets flycatcher, barred cuckoo-dove and golden-throated barbet.

While in the campground, you can endeavor to find a wide range of types of birds as you can, while getting a charge out of an all-encompassing perspective on the Manaslu go. As one of the last forest territory in the valley, it is said to be bursting at the seams with monkeys as well as panthers and bears also.

Other uncommon species of animals incorporate Indian leopard, jungle cat, large Indian civet, golden jackal, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated marten, small Asian mongoose, Himalayan goral, barking deer, wild boar along with rhesus monkey, Hanuman langur, Chinese pangolin, Indian crested porcupine, Himalayan pika, black-naped hare, Himalayan squirrel, fawn-colored mouse, brown-toothed shrew, and the black rat.

You can trek up to the top and pass by the Buddhist Monastery, Nagi Gompa also where you have the choice to eat with the priests.

Attempt their salted tea while you are there. Subsequent to setting up camp, you can proceed to investigate the ethnic towns that are around the campground and get an understanding of their way of life, culture, religion, and history.

Despite the fact that the national park doesn’t consider overnight camping inside their region, individuals can encounter an excursion to close by places near the national park. Shivapuri town resort, Green valley resort, Dadagaun wilderness resort, and some other nearby Homestays offer you to spend a camping trip. They do offer extravagant rooms, quarters, and tents according to their convenience.

7) Gurje Bhanjyang-Suryachaur

To feel the provincial vibes in a city, you can visit the hypnotizing setting of Suryachaur Hill. It is situated at a height of 2100 meters in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Suryachaur is an untainted camping spot giving 10,000 foot perspective on the Thangshing Valley underneath and the Ganesh Himal extend in the front.

To arrive at this slope, you need to cross the Gurje Bhanjyang pass. Fall and winter seasons are the most favored occasions to visit the spot as in different seasons the mountains hide behind the mists and you won’t get clear skies.

This is the unexplored spot for camping around Kathmandu valley. It lies at the edge of the Nuwakot region and gives a charming perspective on both the Kathmandu valley and the Nuwakot area.

Camping on the tent is just the alternative here as you don’t find a superior homestay or resort for stay. Perspective on Langtang range can be vividly observed in the morning and harvest time is the best time to camp here.

8) Chitlang-Markhu-Kulekhani Village

The three connecting towns of Chitlang, Markhu, and Kulekhani lie towards the south of Nepal. It is famous for extensive organic farming and gamey goat cheese. Camping in these vivid snowcapped towns will restore your spirit and associate you to nature.

You will get the opportunity to see some astounding perspectives on the Himalayan range and the cable cars running on ropes between the slopes while you are moving up the dusty streets.

Daman Chitlang Place Village Nepal
Daman Chitlang, Nepal

The warm, inviting gestures of the areas will carry a grin to your worn out appearances, and the appealing excellence of the scene will drench your pressure away. You can end the voyage by visiting the eminent design of the Kulekhani dam or go sailing in the water of Indra Sarovar Lake.

Chitlang and Markhu are the neighboring towns associated with the common street. These towns are arranged at the distinctive part of Kathmandu valley isolated by the most elevated slope of Kathmandu valley, Chandragiri.

There’s a decent facility of accommodation and food in both of these spots as it offers Homestays, tents, and guest house accommodation for its visitors.

The following day after the camping one can appreciate the attractions of these spots as there seem to be, Organic agro farms, goat farms, Indra Sarovar lake, sailing at hydropower water reservoir, cycling, and the village itself. Wood carving is another attraction.

This town is encompassed by the exquisite green forest, more than 160 birds and creature species can be found in the wildernesses. There are in excess of a thousand pear trees in the enormous Pears garden. Few cottages were as of late constructed between the nursery, furnishing guests with an energizing stay.

9) Lele Village

In a little solitary valley away from the hustle-clamor of town there lies the tranquil and peaceful village of Lele. It is 24 kilometers away from the capital city of Kathmandu.

With terrace farming on slopes and waterways moving through the valley, Lele structures the picture of an ideal town retreat for occasions. You can discover the homestay, resorts and little teahouses here for outdoors. During summer outdoors with tents would be progressively courageous.

Going back to the rule of Lichhavi administration, this spot is presently a prevalent vacationer goal for outdoors and trekking with the Langtang extend in the background. It is additionally home to endless sanctuaries. The town Lele is principally involved by farming.

However to market as a standard vacationer goal. Neighborhood voyagers visit here for a night out just as for a day visit. Lele offers you an appropriate village way of life, agro the travel industry, ecotourism, and hiking routes. Other than that it’s known for the mushroom and wine creation.

Local people are constantly prepared to invite sightseers with their Homestay convenience. In the event that you need a tent, stay you should bring tents and hardware-independent from anyone else. Despite the fact that public vehicles accessible to reach Lele we strongly prescribe to take a private one.

How to reach Lele Village from Kathmandu?

The distance from Lagankhel to Lele Village is around 14 kilometers. Individuals can get public transportation from Lagankhel bus station. It takes around 1 hour by bus. However, People can hire a private vehicle for their comforts.

10) Kakani

As you enter the beautiful villa of Kakani, shrubberies of brilliant red strawberries welcome you. It is located at a height of 2030 m in the Bagmati Zone of Central Nepal. The rich high woodlands of this slope station have pulled in numerous campers and climbers from all sides of the world. It is a perfect site to investigate and find Nepalese town culture.

You can’t envision a progressively adept spot to go bird watching when you see different colors of a bird flying in the open sky of Kakani.

Aside from the dynamic bird watching, Kakani town is additionally popular for the hypnotizing perspectives on the Everest, Ganesh Himal, and a lot more ranges. Oak, rhododendron, pine woodland, trout fish ranch, are a significant fascination here. Rainbow Trout fishing and Strawberry fruit are the shouldn’t miss things while you visit.

Kakani Most Beautiful Place of Nepal
Kakani – Most Beautiful Place of Nepal

There are likewise two memorial parks in the territory worth seeing. The first is for a Thai Airway plane accident in 1992. The plane crashed in the mountains and Kakani has an excellent perspective on the area.

They chose to set up the dedication there where individuals could visit since the mountains are too difficult to even think about reaching. At the highest point of the recreation center, there’s a bolt on the ground pointing toward the accident site, and there are plaques for the names of the expired. It’s actually flawlessly done.

The subsequent commemoration park is for mountain climbers. There used to be a rock-climbing wall, yet it’s abandoned now and hasn’t been up kept. In any case, the recreation center encompassing it is lovely and an extraordinary spot to watch the sunset.  In the spring this zone is known for having delightful green inclines.

Several local lodges, guest houses, and Homestays offer your night stay in Kakani. Nepal scout provides tent accommodation on advance booking.

How to reach Kakani from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to Kakani is around 12 kilometers. Public transport is easily available from bypass road, new bus park. It may take 1 ½ hour from public transportation.  A day hiking from Tokha is another option to reach Kakani. People can hire a private vehicle for their comfort.

11) Dhulikhel

Thought about heaven for nature darlings, you can regularly observe the tops of mountains gliding without anyone else after their bases have been secured with a pale blue murkiness.

The mountains are seen from this place stretch from Mount Annapurna in the west to Mount Karolung in the east. In excess of 20 mountain pinnacles can be seen from here, and the dawn here is awesome. Wake up at the beginning of the day and watch the dawn shading the mountains.

Views From Dhulikhel Nepal
Views From Dhulikhel Nepal

After this, you can stroll to the Kali sanctuary, on the off chance that not to supplicate, at that point to respect one more amazing perspective. After this, you can go for a stroll towards the southern end into the old town, where there is an assembly of old Newar style houses that are as yet involved by more distant families that have been living here for ages. You can even camp for the better refreshment.

There are additionally other sights for visiting this place. Old Newari houses with delightfully carved windows, entryways, and old pagoda style sanctuaries are fine instances of conventional Newari craftsmanship.

The medieval city has been possessed for in any event five centuries. There is additionally one more hundreds of years old Newari settlement which gives you feel of the social theme park.

Various sanctuaries like Narayan sanctuary, Harisiddhi sanctuary, Bhagwati sanctuary, and Gaukhureshwor Mahadev Temple, Palanchok Bhagwati, and Buddhist cloisters are a part of religious and social legacies that delineate the customary and old Newari craftsmanship of Dhulikhel.

How to reach Dhulikhel from Kathmandu?

The distance from Ktm to Dhulikhel is around 24 kilometers. Individuals can get public transportation from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park bus station (Rs 55, two hours), passing Bhaktapur (Rs 35, 45 minutes) en route. The last transport returns to Kathmandu at around 5 pm.

A taxi to Kathmandu costs Rs 2500. Transports to Namobuddha (Rs 50) leave at regular intervals somewhere in the range of 8 am and 4 pm. Private transportation would be a smart idea for your solace and extravagance.

12) Namo Buddha

A historically well-known spot, Namo Buddha is the spot where a sovereign yielded his life so as to satisfy the yearning of a sick tigress and her fledglings. There is a part there, recounting the whole story of Namo Buddha. The trek to Namo Buddha begins from Dhulikhel and is a short one. In the wake of setting camp, you can investigate the region.

Namo Buddha is a holy Buddhist site with a famous historic and religious significance. It is likewise a well-known gateway place from the city. Namobuddha offers insight into all-encompassing perspectives on mountains.

The entire trial breezes around delightful towns, along the foothills, riverbanks, stunning rice and millet fields, thick woodlands, and the eminent scene of the landscape of the mother earth wrapping this great spot.

NamoBuddha Gumba, Kavre
NamoBuddha Gumba, Kavre, Nepal

Although the vast majority of people just make a day out of being at Namo Buddha, outdoors here is an incredibly astonishing encounter.

Individuals who have been here from the agency have all reacted that they felt settled when they went through a late evening outdoors there, although some were allegedly terrified about the ghost of the ruler as yet meandering about.

The towns around give a window into the life of Nepal is living in rural areas. While stayed outdoors here, try to visit the organic vegetable cultivating at Phulbari, where you can likewise observe a whitewashed stupa and a petition church toward the finish of a roadway.

How to reach Namo Buddha from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to Namo Buddha is 40 kilometers. It is located at southeast of Kathmandu valley in Kavre district. Individuals can take public transportation from Kathmandu (Ratna Park Bus station, 2-3 hrs) to Banepa and afterward change there to Namo Buddha one (there is at any rate one accessible at 9:00).

This transport passes Dhulikhel so it’s conceivable to get up to speed it there. Taxi charge from Kathmandu Rs1700-2000 for one way and Rs2500-3000 – return. Or then again get a bus to Kavre Bhanjyang and afterward trek staying 9km (2hrs) to Namo Buddha.

If you like trekking, you can trek from Banepa to Namo Buddha going through Panauti and Sangkhu. As an option, the trek from Dhulikhel to Namo Buddha (3hrs). Private transportation would be a smart idea for your solace and extravagance.

13) Godavari

Yes, Godavari is one of the topmost favorite camping sites in Nepal. Situated at the foot of Phulchowki slope, on the southeastern part of the valley, Godavari is perhaps the greenest spot inside the valley itself. Only a couple of kilometers from the main street, you can appreciate a much-needed refresher without climbing as much as you do for the other destinations.

There are lots to do around the Godavari, from exploring the Botanical nursery to visiting the sanctuary a Naudaha or heading off to the sanctum of Bishanku Narayan sanctuary. While on your approach to the Godavari, take a temporary re-route at Harrisiddhi and visit the pagoda-style Bal Kumari Mandir with a sinister legend.

Godavari Botanical Garden Lalitpur Nepal
Godavari Botanical Garden, Lalitpur Nepal

With its flowing streams and obscure meadows, it is a prominent excursion spot and birds looking as well as dating spot among the youngsters and time spending area for family also.

The coming of spring is demonstrated by the blossom of Rhododendron arboretum, the national bloom of Nepal, and the emotional appearance of a number of colorful blooms in the nursery beds and the encompassing timberlands. The crystal clear water of Godavari is unadulterated, cold, and invigorating. Numerous individuals visit this spot to play with this water as well.

It is said that this spot was a focal point of a child-sacrificing cult numerous years prior. While here, discover the nation’s second most seasoned brewery “Himalayan Brewery” which was set up in 1983. You can quite often find a local to manage you around the bottling works.

How to reach the Godavari from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to the Godavari is 19 kilometers. Individuals can get public transportation from the Lagankhel Bus station. It may around take 45 minutes to reach the Godavari. Private transportation would be a smart idea for your solace and extravagance.

Riverside Camping in Nepal

There are more than 6000 rivers in Nepal. Riverside camping is where people set up tents to spend their night times at the bank of the waterway. Stream acts like boating, fishing, swimming, and pit fires are the conspicuous exercises in riverside outdoors. All age gatherings can value the riverside outdoors with their friends and family that are loved ones.

Here are the conspicuous spots for riverside outdoors in Nepal.

1) Sukute Beach

Sukute is one of the great riversides camping sites to spend an overnight visit. Sukute beach can be another best camping sites in Nepal. Guests can celebrate their time with boating, rafting, and some other accessible exercises. Tent, Cottage and Deluxe Rooms are accessible at the retreats in Sukute, which offers a pleasant and clean spot to remain.

Sukute Beach likewise offers outdoor acts like seashore party, seashore volleyball, pool, campfire, and kayaking.

How to reach Sukute beach from Kathmandu?

The distance from Kathmandu to Sukute seashore (beach) is 44 kilometers that lie in the Bhote Koshi River. Individuals can get public transportation from the Old bus park of Kathmandu.

It may around take 4/5 hours to reach the Sukute seashore. Private transportation would be a smart idea for your solace and extravagance.

2) Dolalghat

A tributary bank of Sunkoshi and Indravati stream, Dolalghat is 59 kilometers away from Kathmandu. It is a peaceful and delightful riverside bank in the middle of two colossal slopes, one can hear the sound of the stream streaming. Local fish is the most popular food that everybody favors during their Dolalghat visit or camping.

Volleyball, swimming, fishing, and dance are some of the activities voyagers can appreciate during their camping in Dolalghat. This spot is additionally considered as a picnic spot. It could be an ideal camping site for your visit to chill and unwind.

How to reach Dolalghat from Kathmandu?

Public transportation is effectively accessible to reach Dolalghat from Kathmandu. However, a private vehicle will add to your solace and auspicious travel.

3) Trishuli River

Trishuli river beach can be one of the best camping sites in Nepal. Trishuli is around 85 kilometers away from Kathmandu, while in transit to Pokhara. A few seashore resorts are there in Trishuli waterway. It’s a well known Rafting river in Nepal. Explorers can pick their accommodation as per their financial limits and solaces. From tent accommodation to extravagance resorts are accessible at your service.

The Trishuli riverside seashore likewise offers comparative exercises like Sukute and Dolalghat.

Riverside campfire, seashore volleyball, boating, kayaking, swimming, angling, seashore gathering, and excursion everything accessible in Trishuli. Local fish at Malekhu is a shouldn’t miss things while you visit. Manakamana cable is likewise an extra thing individuals may appreciate.

How to reach Trishuli from Kathmandu?

Different sorts of public transportation are accessible to reach Trishuli from Kathmandu. Vacationer transports from Kathmandu to Pokhara are the best public transportation to utilize. Private transportation is consistently there at your service.

So, these are the best 16 camping sites in Nepal. There are more sites for camping in Nepal. We’ll update on our upcoming topics. Thank you.

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