How To Join In The Most Famous School

Gandaki Boarding Higher Secondary School Pokhara Nepal

How To Join In The Most Famous School:- Every morning in Nepal and other countries including the United States, a new crop of students will emerge from their respective high schools and colleges, ready to begin a new academic year. If you wish to know how to join in the most famous school, it may […]

A Guide On Bengals, An Intriguing Cat Breed

cat breeds

Cat Breeds :- Bengals are a vastly misunderstood breed of cat. They are on many lists pertaining to cat breeds, including most aggressive, most dangerous, and also among the world’s most popular.  The feline is most unique when compared to traditional cat breeds making it vital that anyone considering an adoption engage in considerable research […]

Misuse of Water | 36 Ways How Water Is Wasted in Our Surroundings Everyday

Chandragiri Hills Station Cable Car Kathmandu Nepal Photos Water Fountain Boy

There are many ways people are wasting water and water resources everyday with or without knowing it’s value in life. Here are list of 36 ways how water is wasted in our surroundings everyday. Misuse of Water | 36 Ways How Water Is Wasted in Our Surroundings Everyday 1) Irrigation Agriculture utilizes around 70 % […]

Everything You Want To Know About Solar Power in Nepal

Solar power in nepal

Solar Power in Nepal: – Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun, which has always been used by humans through a series of constantly evolving technologies. Solar radiation and secondary solar resources make up the bulk of the renewable energy available on Earth. It is an important source of renewable energy and its […]

Everything You Want To Know About Electrical Engineering in Nepal

electrical engineering Nepal

Electrical Engineering in Nepal: – Electrical engineer is a specialized control that manages the investigation, plan and utilization of devices, frameworks that utilization power, hardware and electromagnetism. It was recognized as an action in the second 50% of the nineteenth century after the commercialization of the electric broadcast, the phone and the age, circulation and […]