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Contact us is one of the Nepali bloggers in the English language. We are here with gives information, facts, news about Nepal and Nepali people. We are a group of some blogger who is dedicated with Nepal and blogging. We always intend to give you best output for you.

In this blog, we will provide best articles about news of Nepal, entertainment in Nepal, a society of Nepal, Culture of Nepal, travel, tours, and tourism of Nepal, the economy sector as well. Besides that, we will provide you some Nepali tips for your good health, lifestyle in your daily life.


For any kinds of suggestion, advertisement, DCMA complaints, please, contact us in following email address.


  • Jitendra Sahayogee
  • Facebook:-

Email Address:

Head Office Address:

  • Biratnagar Metropolitan city, Biratnagar
  • Ward NO. 13, Gaushala Chauk, Rani.

Corporate Office Address:


  • Kathmandu Metropolitan City,
  • Kathmandi, New Baneshwor
  • Ward No. 10, New Baneshwor

Branch Office Address:

  • Lahan Municipality Ward No. 3
  • Sahid Chauk, Siraha, Nepal



16 thoughts on “Contact Us

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