Vacancies for Online Jobs in Nepal for Content | Article Writing – Earn Money from Home

Get here some information about vacancies for online jobs in Nepal. We are here with how to earn money from home by writing content or articles. This is one of the millions of blogs where you are in. Like this site, many blogs are hiring a content writer.

Vacancies for Online Jobs in Nepal for Content | Article Writing – Earn Money from Home

Are you from Nepal or Are you a Nepali? Can you write an article? Can you write grammatical error free Copyscape passed content or articles about……? If you are saying YES, then just contact the blogs who are hiring. Many blogs are hiring some content writers to pay good salaries. Among them, we are one of them.

Among them, we are one of them. If you are saying YES, then just contact us via email address. We need quality content writers. You are students, No Problems!

You are young and youths, No Problems! But you must have a new concept, creations, and ideas. You can earn from us and you will be paid per month in Nepalese Rupees according to your quality and number of articles sent from you to

What are online jobs work from home?

With the advancement of information technology, people are an inconvenience and are expecting more convenience in every step of their life. Besides this, people are desperate to live a more luxurious life and seek to grab every luxurious item of the market.

Therefore, people tend to work to the extent they can and earn for their luxurious livelihood, and here arise the online jobs; work from home.

Engaging in online jobs, working from home, makes the people stay at home and work on their laptops. Various online job providers exist in today’s era of technology that provides jobs to people.


Especially students who are forced to earn along with their studies take the help of these online jobs as they can earn along with studying. Students, as well as another individual, can earn staying at home.

An online job provider provides various categories of the job to the individuals who desire to earn and they can choose their category to carry out online jobs. Some online job providers provide the job for article writing, content writing, essay writing, etc.

Some online job providers provide the job regarding liking the videos, watching the videos, uploading videos on YouTube, sharing the post on Facebook, and Twitter including other social media account.

Despite providing jobs to the individual, some online job providers are fake and are also illegal. They indulge in illegal activities and make the employees a medium to complete such activities process. Therefore, any individual who tries to engage in such an online job should analyze the information from various sources and then only carry out such a job.

Online jobs are also performed by the individual who is engaged in their official work too. It’s not always necessary that only the free people or people who desire to engage themselves in a part-time job.

Besides this, some organization runs through the website only and the employees perform their jobs from their home only. This is the form of virtual organization and people i.e employer and employees interact with each other through the websites and their respective email account.

Online jobs are found in several categories and people who desire to carry out this type of job can select the job as per their mode of interest and perform the job. The mode of payment to the online job is either through the bank account or the online ordering of goods as the amount is awarded to the employee.

Thus online jobs are the virtual form of organization in which the employer and employee interact with each other through social networks and websites. The individual desiring to get a job contact the employer and choose the job as per their mode of interest.


Article writing, content writing, paragraph writing, video uploading in social media, post sharing are some of the online jobs provided by online job providers to online job seekers. Payment to job seekers is made through online shopping sites or the bank account. This type of job is generally seen by the students who wish to learn and earn too.

Article or Content for Blog Writing

A paragraph is a group of sentences forming a complete picture or description of the topic. Or coherently organized sentences expressing a single theme or an idea identified far indentation, is defined as a paragraph.

A paragraph deals with one distinct aspect and forms an integral part of a composition. In the realm of composition, it is simply a brief composition, about a particular idea. More elaborately, a paragraph is a piece of composition, which Breaks down ideas into different parts, describes each idea separately, coherency and completely, and thereby they (each part) serve to develop the main theme.

Every paragraph does have a certain purpose. However, the purpose may vary viz-some paragraphs are written to give information to the readers while some paragraphs are written to persuade others to believe in one’s idea/thought.

Similarly, some paragraphs are even composed up to tell a story or an event. Moreover, some paragraphs are prepared to request someone else to do something.

No matter whatever purposes lie behind writing a paragraph, it should have a clear beginning, complete explanation, and an impressive ending. A mighty topic should be elaborated by other supporting details, progressing the sentences to a decisive thought or conclusion.

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Therefore, in the short, paragraph is the foundation of ad sorts of compositions. It is the short form of composition, which can contribute to other text types such as – essay writing, story writing, report writing, and so on.

An article or content for the blog

An article or content for a blog is the composition of some paragraphs related to a fixed title. The title may be different. The content may be from a different sector. The health-related article must attract our eyes.

Content Writing Jobs in Nepal

Nowadays, writing has evolved as a career. One can go in the field of writing and make a certain amount of money for living. If you are capable of writing without grammatical errors in any language, then you can become a writer.

Writing simply means expressing your thoughts, ideas, and concepts in words. Article and content writing at present can be the best ways for beginners to upgrade their writing. Many professionals have made their careers in writing and made much money through article and content writing. You can be the next one if you have writing skills, research capability, and expressing ability that can attract many readers.

⊕ online jobs in Nepal without investment
online jobs in Nepal for students without investment
free online jobs from home without investment in Nepal

An article is something written for the readers. It can be formal or informal. It can be anything- description of an event, experiences, stories, and biography of a person, place, and much more. It can be a comparison, expression, informative, suggestive, and advice usually intended for readers.

The article should be written to attract many readers. If your article has no readers or views, it means your article is not an effective one or not in the interest of the reader.

To make your writing effective, the content is the major part that influences the reader.  So, if your content is very effective, you can get a lot of readers and that can make you an image of the good writer.

job vacancy hiring officials online Nepal Nepali
job vacancy

In Nepal, writing is still taken as a secondary one. Most of the people still don’t take writing as a profession until they make some impressive amount of money from it. The value of writers is still not as it should be.

However, in the present day, writers have evolved their position and ability to make money through writing. So, youth are being attracted to the field of writing. But, they should research a lot about this before they enter in this field.

Writing should be taken as passionate rather than taking it as a profession at first. You may not earn as much as you have expected initially. So, it may lead you to frustration and you may change your profession.

Writing doesn’t mean you will write and they will pay. You should understand that your writing should have a value that the reader can feel while reading. Only those whose writing can attract the reader to get their content published and they can make money.

The present market is full of competent writers. There are many writers in the field and only those whose writing can attract the readers to get noticed in the market. So, to make you’re writing a good one, you should include great content in your writing.

How to make your article writing a good one?

1. Select your topics in which you want to write. Select the one you are passionate about. Don’t choose randomly.

2. Then, you have to know the interest and needs of your audience. Try to find out what they want to read about the topics. This will help you to make the content of their needs.

3. Research, Research, and Research. This is what you should do before you write an article. The research will help you to know the deep facts and figures about the topics so that you can make your content a strong and valuable one.

4. Make you’re writing a specific one rather than diverse. Your content should be a specific one so that it will not divert the reader’s minds.

5. Revise your writing after you finished. The more you edit, the more your writing will be a good one.

Some many websites or blogs are hiring the part-time as well as full-time article and content writers in Nepal. You can search in Google and get many links associated with it. They will pay according to your article. The more you give them good content, the more they will pay for you.

3 Most things to Do When Writing an Article or Content for Blog

This post is about 3 most things to do when writing. We have discussed here what is an article and things to do while writing an article. What are the things that must include in an essay? So, friend, remember, 3 most things to do before writing an article.

It is a spontaneous expression of knowledge, experience, imagination, and views of the writer. A good article is written in a plan with a certain purpose; mainly for an informative or reformative theme. The article is an important genre of literature; then the system of writing articles started and spread all over the world.

3 Most things to Do When Writing an Article

These 3 important things are very essential to write an article. An article cannot be completed without these 3 things. An article is a complete text. It can be divided into three main parts: beginning, middle, and end.

(a) Introduction:

The introduction is the first part of the article that introduces the subject matter by giving the general introduction of the topic, it consists of definition or proverbs or quotations or general statement. Its main purpose is to draw the attention of the reader.

It provides keynotes to the readers. The length of an article is not fixed. It is said that the first impression is the last. Therefore, the beginning of an article should be short, clear, and powerful enough to motivate the readers to continue reading. It must raise the issue clearly and be appealing and persuasive.

(b) Main Part or Body:

It is the most important part of an article, in this part, an illustration, descriptions, elaborations or the supporting details of the central idea is given.

This is the discussion part of the facts, description, figures, examples, logic, opinions, experiences, and reasons. It should be emphatic upon the main ideas. It should maintain the coherence and relevance of the ideas. It should clarify the ideas and justify the purpose.

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c. Conclusion:

The last but least thing to do when writing an easy is the conclusion. The conclusion produces a sense of completeness and finality about the article. It is a summary of the whole writing.

A quotation can be used for central ideas. The writer’s perspective may be tested in this part. This may contain his message, suggestion, and recommendation on the issue.

In writing the conclusion, it sometimes helps one to pick out a few ideas from the introduction, few ideas from the history, and a few ideas from the criticism of the topic and to state them in a more positive and emphatic language. It should be natural and convincing.

Rate for Article

The minimum pay rate or salary for you will be NRS 1500 Per Month but you must send us 1 article daily having plus 500 words. This should be the job of an hour or more. It depends on you.

If you are capable of sending us 3 articles a day and there comes a boost in your salary or income of minimum NRS 4500 Per Month. You can do it more… Likewise, if you will send us 4 articles daily, we will provide you NRS 6000 per month. There is no any limitation. It means you’ll get Rs. 50 NPR per 500 words.


The minimum pay rate or salary for you will be NRS 3000 Per Month but you must send us 1 article daily having plus 1000 words. This should be the job of an hour or more. It depends on you. If you are capable of sending us 3 articles a day and there comes a boost in your salary or income of minimum NRS 9000 Per Month. You can do it more… Likewise, if you will send us 4 articles daily, we will provide you NRS 12,000 per month. There is no any limitation. It means you’ll get Rs. 100 NPR per 1000 words.

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The minimum pay rate or salary for you will be NRS 6,000 Per Month but you must send us 1 article daily having plus 2000 words. If you are capable of sending us 3 articles a day and there comes a boost in your salary or income of minimum NRS 18,000 PM. You can do it more… Likewise, if you will send us 4 articles daily, we will provide you NRS 24,000 per month. There is no any limitation. It means you’ll get Rs. 200 NPR per 2000 words.

For professional Nepali writers who have already written dozens of quality articles in magazines and newspapers, the pay rate will be more ……. higher. The pay rate of per article can be $10-$30 according to some factors.

So, guys, if you have faith in yourself and confidence and creativity that you can write good articles and content for us then please contact me. Let’s grow together and make a team with us. Give us a hand to

Things to Remember before sending articles.

  1. Must send an article in word format.
  2. Send us with Attached Your article, not in google drive.
  3. Send us related Pictures with articles.
  4. Images must be in HD quality.
  5. Spelling and grammar must be correct. So, it’s better to check spelling and grammar on various online sites before sending content to us.
  6. No copied content is accepted.
  7. You’ll get Payment on a 1st and 2nd day of every English month.
  8. You must send articles before the 25th day of every English month.

How to get paid online writing articles in Nepal

There are many youths and the unemployed person who is wasting their spare time on the internet with the greed of getting some earning from it. But many of the person who gets an entry in its site even fall to the point at the time of taking payment.

Most of the people have this comment on the internet or online job. That is why many of the people are not interested to do it. Not only they show disinterest but also they do trust it.

There are lots of faithful and authentic sites who pay their clients after doing work on it. But due to their international works and platform, they have made their procedure for payment. They have clients and employees from many parts of the world.

Therefore, they have made their way of doing payment to different country person according to the available services in the employee’s country. A lot of employees and unemployed who are interested and have knowledge are investing their skills and getting something in return which has made satisfied them.

Many people lost their way when they come in the mode of receiving payment, They even trapped in the authentic problem. Many scams sites do not even pay but saw you the great offers screening shots.

In Nepal, also there are many procedures and ways are available from which you can withdraw your money easily. Now the world has become the age of the internet and technology.every person is joining its networks regularly at rapid speed.

The use and availability of the internet and technology have made works comfortable and easier. Here we are going to serve you the multiple ways of getting paid online for your better helpful and understanding.

  • Paypal:

Paypal is an international card that you can use and operate anywhere in the world. This is legal and has a great network all over the world. Through this card, you can withdraw the money easily.

Most of the internet payers pay the money through it due to the easy procedure. The Paypal even gives you the services to fix out the check buttons on your working site for the detailed transaction. Paypal gives you different other services which will access the benefit of your amount withdrawal.

4 Ways or Solutions for How To Verify Paypal Account In Nepal

It gives you the facilities for sending, receiving, and transferring the money from one place to another. After all these services, Paypal charges the tax rate of 2.9%  plus 30 cents per transaction that you do.

The charge has been determined according to the volumes of transactions. Higher the volume the transaction will be higher and lower the volume, the transaction will be lower.

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  • Square:

Square is also the same product which provides the services of money dating and delivery. You can also withdraw, sent, and make payment by this. Square is also known as the competitor of the square.

There normally even started the war between both of them. It is a website who even does the business through its website and gives the services of receiving and paying payment through their website.

Many people sell and purchase the product from their site and do the transaction of money. It also provides the same services and quality of working procession that you deal with others normally.  Competing with Paypal, the square card gives you a discount than Paypal. It charges only 2.75% which comparatively less that Paypal charges.

  •  Check out on Amazon:

Amazon has also their won payment system which you can go to it also. In Nepal,  there is not available for Amazon services. But it is in India from where we can pull out our money to Nepal. You can even fulfill also the process and go through it.

If you want to draw the money that you want you will be credited your account indirectly to your Nepalese bank’s account. But if you do not have thought of making money, and want to buy the proud or any goods. Then you can also buy it.

The bought product will be delivered to your home after the gap of sometimes. Amazon also gives the chance of doing business with them. They give you some portion of an amount according to your transaction.

  • Dwolla:

It is also a very effective suite of receiving and paying money through email anywhere. The services of doing the transaction through email also make you easy to not doing and moving through a long road. It is an app which likes and run by many businessmen and people along with credit card reader to know the transaction content instantly.

The fee charged is comparatively very lower than other sites. They only charge or cost only 25 cents per transaction. And even the transaction who does below the $10 has given free. They are not charged for taking service.

This also gives free services for transferring your money to banks. In Nepal also, you can transfer your money to your account and withdraw the money.this have also good market capturing in a foreign country.

  • PayStand:

It has its character also hold the features of attracting the far customer with their features. This service is mostly used in small businesses to make them scared and used. It even offers the fees which are also called flat fees to use it.

It is also one of the very most used services for doing all kinds of the financial transaction. All the foreign, money, Bitcoins are made through it.PayStand provides all kinds of services that you desire related to transferring the money into your account in Nepal.

  • Make -A- Payment

This is also a website who deals with an internet business. They give their card and billing but they do not stop you and provide the cash payment online.

There has given all the design in its invoice where the customer can make the transaction and given permission to pay whatever the amount they want, can easily found. Take payment also charge some fine after using it. It starts at the price of 9.95 per month which has even made it easy for many.

  •  Merchant Warehouse:

It offers the small most to small businesses to provide their services. The service of doing the business online and doing the payment and receiving through the website. It links their payment system on your website for payment.

If you are trying to withdraw money through some other ways. You can also receive your money by adding its payment processing system into your working website. They even have given the services of accepting them from Google wallet and other titles too.

It also provides many kinds of the program to make stay connected to the person by engaging in different other attractive services.

  • Flint:

It is the magical way of getting the payment at a very fast speed. it has a very special rule and character along with easiness for doing the mostly says to make as id or gives you a code number that you can dial in its application that you installed in your mobile.

After all your dialing in it will complete your transaction. You do not need to engage for a long time for transferring and withdrawing the money. It also accepts different kinds of request like depositing cash and other checks. but you have to do all this via emails only for getting access. In Nepal, also you can use it for your payment purpose. It offers many kinds of offers and coupons to make you happy.

  • PaySimple:

It has also their procedure for doing the transaction. It allows you to set up the online payment form on your website. After all this, you will be given the card which you used to withdraw the money and very it. In it, you can do your transaction through the mail.

Your card number will become your id. These types of payment systems are prevailing in Nepal. But I want to say that it is also not illegal. You can also use it for your payment schemes. It charges the rate of $34.95 per month which is costly for Nepalese. It depends upon your choice to use it or not.

  • Braintree:

It provides all its services and performance on a single mobile.  App has been delivered by the company which transparent all the works of it. If you do your daily job of withdrawing the payment, then you can also set up your all records which will not create more forms to be filled up. They will automatically send you money to your account.

You can then transfer the amount into your Nepalese bank account which becomes your own pocket money. The Braintree even not have an expensive services charge. It services cost is very less than the other.

It only charges 2.9%plus 30 cents when you complete your transaction successfully. Nowadays,  Braintree is giving the discount and leaving the charges even after doing the transaction of $50000, which is a very big amount. It always tries to provide the ultimate and easy services to their customer.


This service has also lots of functions related to payment. It has some different methods of accepting and giving the payment. It gives you HTML code when you sign then after you can easily link it to your website and make your transaction.

The method of is a little much difficult than other sources of payment. You can also buy the product from it in case you do not want to draw your cash. When you do your assignment, you can also add your ”Buy Now” buttons.thisis also one of the payment processes which you can go through.

  • ProPay:

It also provides you the swiped card for doing the transaction with it. When you have the credit card of it, you can make easily your transaction. Doing your transaction charges some percentage of services cost.

About 2.6% and keyed transactions are 3.4%.this have also the process of the same all other processing systems. It allows you to embed your website linked to it and furthermore.

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  • Google Wallet:

Google Wallet is also one of the most used services in a foreign country. Buy in Nepal, it has not higher uses. Google Wallet is also one of the trustable payment systems from where you can do your monetary transaction. It has also their system of doing the payment.

The person even feels tough and difficult for them who have not known about it. But it is a very easier process than others. You can pick out the money after only two steps. But to do a transaction with it, firstly you have to install this app on  Google+ to tap up your speed of the transaction.

The process of the payment is not very difficult but it only needs to join you in it. It has higher uses and can be easily operated with it. Moreover, it also gives you the extra services of doing your transaction through email. As we know that almost every people have the email id. You can even send your money through it and also receive your money through it.

  • Sellfy:

Sellfy is also the most trustable site from where you can withdraw your money. It provides you the secret code which becomes your pin card. When you get your code, you can even Buy Now buttons and add them to your website. This, later on, get the link to Paypal account.

Paypal is also the most trustable site which helps to do your banking transaction in any country. It also charges some fee as services charges and that it 5%. The Sellfy helps you to make your safe transaction.

To sum up, the payment system in Nepal have various way of receiving and sending money through wire and internet technology. Not only the there exist the websites to make the transaction but also many private and remittances services that make your back account link with them.

People most use these types of services because they have full trust in them. These ways of doing payment have made many satisfied customers in very less time. Their services and doing transactions with the customer have made many people delighted. Therefore, all these ways of online payment can be used for doing the transaction.

Payment Methods in

We are giving payment in two ways only. The first is GIBL Bank. We will transfer your income to the GIBL bank. Another way of sending money to our writer is Esewa. We are on Esewa.

So, we’ll send money to the writer’s Esewa id. Thank you. For Non-Nepali writers, we will send money through Paypal. No further services of payment are available to us. Thank you.

Places to Contact for Content Writers

  • MoneyLand Digital Solutions
  • Kathmandu, Biratnagar, and Lahan
  • email add:

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