222 Motivational Messages to Inspire Him/Her to Be Successful

Everyone in life faces difficult times, no matter how good you are. So in the times of difficulties, a little word of encouragement from the person that matters to you will do a world of good. In this world full of stress and tensions people often get demotivated so you can use the following text […]

50 Best Vidur Quotes, Sayings | Vidur Niti in Nepali with English Translation

Vidur Quotes, Sayings Vidur Niti in Nepali language

50 Best Vidur Quotes, Sayings | Vidur Niti in Nepali with English Translation 1. famous quotes in nepali language • sathiko bichama phuta parne svabhava bhaeko ra uniharumadhye sukha sayalama chaleka manisaharusanga sangata garnu bethika ani nindita manieko chha. Mahatma vidura/ vidur niti साथीको बीचमा फुट पार्ने स्वभाव भएको र उनीहरूमध्ये सुख सयलमा चलेका मानिसहरूसँग संगत […]

50 BP Koirala Famous Quotes in Nepali Language

BP Koirala Quotes Pictures

BP Koirala Quotes: – BP Koirala was an active political leader and a highly prolific author. He was also the prime minister of Nepal. He is often referred to as the “Thul Daju.” He is well known for his achievements, both political and Nepali literature. He became Prime Minister in an unstable government, but he rose […]

Top 100 Gautam Buddha Quotes in Nepali Language

Lord Buddha quotations quotes sayings in Nepali language

Gautam Buddha Quotes in Nepali: – Gautama Buddha was born in 566B.C. in the village name Lumbini near the Kapilvastu district in Nepal. His real or royal name was Siddhartha Gautama. He was the son of chief sakya family of that time and his name was suddhodhana.  Kapilvastu recently lies in the tarai region of […]

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