Flora and Fauna of Nepal

Flora and fauna of Nepal

Flora and fauna of Nepal: – Flora means the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period and fauna means the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period. The animal, birds, and plants of Nepal are different than another country. It was mostly found in the forest. Most of the birds are seen at mountain region. Flora and fauna are mostly seen in a wildlife reserve. the government should be managed such type of conserved areas to the plants and animal. Most of the people are working in that area by seeing such type of care to it.

People also get employed by the fauna and flora. The plants gave many things to us like the conserved area to the people. human mostly benefited from these plants and animals. Animal gives food indirectly to the man, but plant gave indirectly to the human. The plant needs water and sunlight to make its food. The plants gave the house to the human. The people do not affect any harm from these.


Most of the plant gave to make such kinds of useful thing to eat and things to do. Such works made our life easy and comfortable. Plant protect our life, by different injury. it also gave classification to the geographical region. it makes our life easy and better from that it has some scientific name with genera and species. one-horned rhinoceros are found at the chit wan wildlife reserve. It is preserved by the under of government. It has better for such animal which is on the preservation. It is not found on all over the world.

He has explained of the root, leaves and of different kinds of colorful is seen to be attractive. It attracts towards the human. Human care mostly the plant and animal in their own way. It’s also the study bout the surrounding environment and it’s sanitary by it’s a one way. Fauna is the sister of fauna a good spirit for the forest. The goddess of the flower is the floral known to be floral. Flower gave the beautiful shining to the environment. it also helps on the small insect to live such a creative life near the colorful flower. it sucks nectar from the flower.

The flower is also given while we worship the god. Flower also gave peace to the human. it also used for the decoration in the house. it gets a shining creation towards our life and such a decorative life we have. It’s so become such a best thing. The flower is used for the many purposes in the life of a human. Plants get such a useful character all people likes tithe main thing is that it gives a happy life to the people.


Flora is present in the soil and collection of different plants life process that grows and covering the certain area at some period of time. Flora also get have their own Latin word from derived names. ‘Flora’ also called the goddess of plants and flowers. It also says that mythology, the plant kingdom is ‘’flora’’. The study of plant life process in botany which is very interesting.

On the earth plant life is different from region to region. At the mountain region, the plant is beautiful to see and it gets the cold season. Rhododendron is mostly found in the mountain region at severed cold. It is not found in the terrain region because the climate is not suitable for this flower. Only the rose, lily is perfect for this climate. In Terai, the climate is hot due to that hotness any the mango tree is survival. In cold climate, the orange is cultivated. the climate is suitable for that type of plant, climate also follows the major role in the cultivation of plant (Flora). since the desert areas plant are not get most of the water for survival. The pteridophytic plant is available there. one difference is that we cannot cultivate the mountain plant in desert areas and are at Terai area it’s their own cultivation due to their survival temperature.

flora and fauna picture Kumhar Kibhindo Wax Guard in a tree in Nepal
A tree with Wax Guard in Nepal

Let’s talk about some useful matter plant. ‘’Native plant’ ’are from the particular region. They grow in their own weather and its condition. The plant makes our life beautiful and exciting. The plant grows everything for the man purpose. it’ made our life easy and cool. Plant cultivate according to its weather. Agriculture is the main purpose in Terai region. it cultivates many amounts of rice, maize and different variety of paddy. it makes a perfect life. All are not the native plant but they are used by humans for their own needs.

They are ‘garden flora’ which is grown for the decorative purpose. At Himalayan region, the ayurvedic plant is found. it is very important for us. it is used in to make a medicine. in Nepal, there is most of them usable plants are found. Flora used in daily life. It helps people very much. Fossil plant is comprised of plant life that was found in pre-historical times. The flora is now current on the earth is also divided on the basis of its environment which I have seen natural. The plant is the method of survival to the people.

The plant is magic on the earth which is grown and gave a lot for the people. Plant gave shelter, food to live. The plant is also the mystery for the people. The plant is also useful for the animal for the green plant, the animal eats green plants for survival. Animal indirectly depends on the plant for eating purpose. Flora is different in another country. in botany we especially the study of plant and all the family plant. Flora is a group of the indigenous plant in the geographical at an ecosystem of the surrounding. it is different by geographical region. So, the flora is coined by the biologist to refer to the collection of the variety of the plants with its geographical location.

Flora is the goddess referring to the earth surface. It is also a magical truth and the surface. Flora is a group of the usable plant of any region. in the forest it is mostly found. People travel also for to get the adventurous plans. And people study deeply to find research in those plants. Plants are found in all over the world. it is exotic for suites used to decorate the house or plant of the Himalayan region.

The Beautiful flower is found in the Himalayan region for decorating the house by own menu and with our choice by performing well. Flora is derived from the word floral which is a relation to the plant. Plants spread it all over the world. Flora study on the science of botany book, the word is come from it to know all over the world. it is natural and given by God.


Fauna means animal I short ways for understanding. The earth is a beautiful place to live in plants and animal. Anywhere you go all over the world we see plants and animal in our surrounding. The animals are fascinating for study. it is studied in the science of zoology. All the parts of animals are studied. it is also for the observe what type of animal is that for study by seeing it.

We do practically in their body. fauna is the collection of a different animal which is found in the geographical region. Fauna is the goddess fertility. it produces like a baby like as man but it is the animal. The word comes from the zoologist. A large number of faunas are found on the earth surface and they are at large percentage. it is found due to weathering. ’cryptofauna’ is the classification of animals that are extremely rare and it is mythological. there is also the ‘merafauna’ that is the large animal we usually see in the forest. Earth is the best place to live. god gave such a natural life to live. The natural growing fauna is also survived at the water, oceans, and sea from the environment at the marine biome.


The important thing is that the flora of the land makes our life easy and comfortable. We planted a tree and it grew and giving fruit, it fulfills our need of eating. So, it gives food directly or indirectly. it gives also the shelter by cutting the tree and to made furniture. Plants are producing oxygen and absorb in carbon dioxide which makes our life possible and well. A human cannot live without both flora and fauna; there is closely related to both of flora and fauna, the relation between panda and bamboo plant for eating purpose.

The destruction of bamboo in China because of a large amount of panda and less amount of bamboo plant. the importance of flora and fauna is linked site air and survival for the existence and for eating. We are also connected to the food chain Of which fauna occupies a significant part of the ecosystem. We all are interdependent through the food chain. It starts with the primary food chain.

it means that the flora is the plant of green plants that are eaten by the fauna the animal like the goat which directly depends on the green plants. the secondary producer is that which indirectly eaten by the fauna. so, it is interrelated to each other. Fauna also has their Latin word. Fauna is the animal that lives in the jungle. Fauna is also distinguished in many geographical regions. ‘Microfauna’ means the microscopic animal that cannot see with our naked eyes. The animal mostly found in a Himalayan region that is lived for us. the climate is cold and it is eatable for animal enjoy very much and it goes a list for duty by the mind.

The fauna is useful for a human being and also for the enjoyable. it was the main feature for the people and the above fauna it’s mentioned. Its people of it created a thing. the practice is done in society. The fauna lets it be done in this condition due to the geographical reason. The practical is in the body of an animal by dissecting its body. It’s a done of this animal has the event of the history. It’s a history is mentioned to the right.

three types of the zone are mentioned in the ways of the tropical zone is where the sunlight penetrates so, most of the marine life is found in this zone. the despotic zone does not receive sunlight. it is the dark of marine water and called as salty water. The sunlight gives strength to the animal. All animal have a small moment to live. the fauna is carnivorous. It has got many things to the people.

There are many plants to live on the earth surface. many fleshy animals in the geographical region and it is very well to known by its own way to do in the forest. Plants are the main resources of a human. Flora and fauna gave a very attractive life to the human for surviving. It gives our daily requirement and fulfills all the demand of lure as soon as possible. it takes to perform best activities to the manor all the demand are fulfill by flora and fauna.

people get an easy to do anything in the life. we live the perfect life due to plants and animals. It decorates useful life to the people. It makes a better life to the world by using that of plants and animals. it also helps on oxygen and fulfill our all the demand of people and gave a lot of easy life to the life. it also gave medicine to the people. The plant is very necessary for the people. it also balances our ecosystem and is interrelated. it is like a food chain. And one is harm then obviously it disturbs the food chain.

Small fish are at the pond is called pond ecosystem. Anyone can damage than all have some effect. it is interdependent to each other in the ecosystem.


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