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Nagarkot Nepal: – Nagarkot may be a village set concerning twenty-five miles east of the national capital, Nepal. It’s set on the northeastern rim of the national capital vale at an associate elevation near to half dozen,800 feet on top of the water level. It’s one in all the foremost scenic spots within the region, famed for its sunrise and sunset views of the range of mountains.

You’ll choose Everest out with its snow-topped peaks on a transparent day as there’s associate lookout station at the terribly high of the village’s hills. Nagarkot, traditionally, accustomed function the summer retreat for the house and lots of alternative aristocrats from the national capital. Whereas the city offers nice views of the mountains, there square measure few monasteries or temples.

However, Nagarkot makes for an honest short hike, one within which you walk on the ridge of the vale. It’s conjointly become a well-liked stop for mountain youth subculture. You’ll catch a bus for the one-hour ride to Nagarkot from Bhaktapur, Nepal.

A taxi can value a few hundred times a lot. Most guests, however, drive up, pay the night at one in all the moderately-priced lodges and walk down by any range of routes. From Nargarkot, it takes simply below 3 hours to steer down a well-worn path through many villages to Bhaktapur.

Nagarkot has noninheritable fame together of the most effective spots to look at Everest still as alternative snow flat-topped peaks of the mountain {range|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range of Japanese Kingdom of Nepal. It conjointly offers a read|bird’s eye view|position|view|perspective} of national capital vale still as a superb view of the Indrawati watercourse vale to the east.

Nepal has been attracting the heart of tourists through its enrichment of beautiful places, cultural heritage, religious monuments, and various festivals. The beautiful and interesting destination located in Nepal even attracts internal tourists. Nagarkot is one of such beautiful places and a top spot to enjoy the Himalayan range.

Nagarkot Nepal Mountain views
Nagarkot Nepal

Nagarkot is easily reached from the Kathmandu valley as it is located at 32 km distance east of Kathmandu. It is situated in Bhaktapur district of Bagmati zone in the central development region of Nepal. As per the census of 2011, Nagarkot has the population of 4571 with 973 houses from 2015, is a part of Nagarkot municipality. Since it is located at a distance of 28 km from Tribhuvan International Airport, it is chosen as the best place to relax and enjoy nature.


As Nagarkot has its own scenic beauty, it has been targeted by tourists for hiking. It is considered as the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is also considered as the best place to view the sunrise through the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. 8 Himalayan ranges out of 13 Himalayan ranges of Nepal can be viewed through this place along with the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley.

Beauty of Nagarkot Nepal
The beauty of Nagarkot Nepal

Besides these, this place also commands the view of Shivapuri National Park. A visit to Nagarkot between October and March period will provide a clear view but some hours of the day the mountains may be in the veil of clouds.

This place was the ancient fort of Kathmandu valley built to monitor and observe the external activities of other kingdoms of Nepal. Gradually it became popular as an international hill station and summer retreat for the royal people.

This place is a great place of recreation for the nature lover and therefore provides high opportunities to hike through several routes. Similarly, paragliding is also the source of entertainment here along with the enjoyment of the view of Everest.

Nagarkot view tower is also one of the favorite destinations as it provides 360 views of the Himalayas, Kathmandu valley and the national park. It can be hiked in about one hour by the hikers. It is mostly hiked during the early morning in order to have the magnificent view of sunrise adding the beauty on the Himalayan range.

Thickly forested hills of pine trees would certainly act as the cherry on the top of the cake. The hike includes Nagarkot nature trail, Tamang village walk as well as the panoramic hiking trail with the perfection to enjoy the superficial beauty of nature. With the provision of various resorts for people to stay, people can choose the accommodation of any kind.

Nepal Nagarkot View Tower
Nagarkot View Tower

Surrounded by the hills with thick forest of pine trees, Nagarkot allows people from all across the world to enjoy the immense beauty of nature. With the spectacular hiking routes and walks, people can enjoy nature along with the views of broadest Himalayan ranges and the sunrise at the early morning.

Several guests value more highly to visit Nagarkot within the spring once close valleys escape in a very made plaything of various colored flowers. The flowers square measure lovely against the serene scenery of the snow-coated mountains. Ever fashionable among the tourists square measure the short treks and picnics that Nagarkot offers. Treks from Nagarkot square measure distinctive and pleasant.

For association WHO needs to own a journey while not exerting a lot of effort, a hike to Nagarkot close areas would be an honest possibility. One will traverse short distances on trekking trails and are available near to nature’s wonders comparable to the outer of abundant forests; flower coated meadows and weird rock formations.

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The weather is sort of cold here throughout winter. The morning read of the national capital natural depression coated in fog and therefore the 1st rays of daylight striking the tip fascinate each heart. Tourists love taking snaps of the scene unmatched anyplace else. Most hotels here area unit settled at the highest of hillocks and most of them area unit made in such some way to produce the simplest views of the character and mountain from the rooms.

Nepal Nagarkot sunrise view Image
Nagarkot Sunrise From View Tower

The evening read of town lights area unit another attraction of the place. enclosed between inexperienced hills associated taking photographs of the natural beauty whereas strolling within the cool breeze leave an unforgettable memory of Nagarkot, that’s why most traveler WHO comes back here for a brief visit extend their keep falling below the magic of Nagarkot.

Nagarkot is taken into account a perfect spot to flee from the contaminated atmosphere and feverish town life. The Hill station teems with an outsized variety of high customary hotels and resorts.

The Nagarkot read Tower could be a magnet for nature lovers WHO reach there to capture the scenes of the rising sun within the morning and once it’s set within the evening. Be it the majestic read of the rows of snowcapped mountains or the bird’s eye read of the national capital natural depression seen from the read Tower settled at the very best purpose of Nagarkot, tourists love the views. The Langtang vary might be viewed much better from here.

The viewed much better from here. The tower is found at an associate altitude of 2100 meter and offers a perspective of national capital natural depression further as most components of Kavre and Sindhupalchok. Throughout the traveler season, individuals flock to the 30m metal tower to possess associate unobstructed read of the encompassing natural beauty and to require snaps with their camera.

Settled at a brief distance of the tower there’s a temple of Lord Shiva wherever an enormous honest is unionized each year on the Janai Purnima pageant.

Alternatively, in 3 hours time, you’ll hike all the way down to Changu Narayan, one in all the foremost brilliant temples within the vale and selected a World Heritage website by UNESCO. the current structure was in-built the first 1700’s, however at the doorway of the most shrine square measure stone tablets with the inscriptions chemical analysis to four hundred AD.

Kathmandu Nepal Highway Road
Highway Road To Nagarkot From Kathmandu

Facing the doorway may be a fifth-century sculpture of a human-faced Garuda, the mount of Hindu deity, WHO is additionally referred to as Narayan.


There square measure several alternative fine statues from the Licchavi era, still as many from the more modern Malla amount, together with that of King Bupatindra and his queen in a very gilded enclosure from the seventeenth century. Changu Narayan is additionally patronized by the Valley’s Buddhists WHO worship Lokeswar (another name for Vishnu).


Nagarkot is that the place wherever once Manjushree Bodhisatto stood and watched the lake within the national capital vale. Nagarkot is at the Japanese boundary of the national capital vale.

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The top referred to as Nagarkot at over a pair of 1,000 meters on top of the ocean level is that the second highest peak within the national capital vale. when associate hour long exciting and winding drive you may be on top of to feel the cool breeze of air processing endlessly into your face and see the widest variety of range of mountains together with Everest with our blank eyes from here.

It’s conjointly one in all the most effective spots to go to for unmatched sunrise and sunset views. And if the awful read is your 1st preference to go to Nagarkot, then, Peaceful house and restaurant Dumont Nagarkot need to be your 1st port of residence.

Begin Early

Investing however much energy in the outside as could be expected is one of the keys to completely getting a charge out of this zone brings to the table. Have a go at getting up as right on time as you can to welcome the dusk. Numerous lodgings in the territory have decks and porches that offer perspectives from each turn. Eat as you watch the sun come up finished the most elevated mountains on the planet.

Ensure you bring warm dress including a thick coat as it can be exceptionally icy in the morning and amid a great part of whatever is left of the day. A progression of layers is indispensable. Numerous voyagers come to unwind and ruminate so the accentuation is on giving up and being with nature throughout the day.

Taste your espresso gradually and let the world unfurl before you. Afterward, you can test an in the open air lunch at the Sherpa Alpine cabin or test Nepalese sustenances at the comfortable Kumari Bakery Cafe.

Hotel Mystic Mountain Nagarkot
Hotel Mystic Mountain Nagarkot

Nagarkot Panoramic Hiking Trail with Inspiring Views

Perfect for acclimatization before making a beeline for the trekking.  Nature stroll with dazzling mountain sees + Fresh Mountain air + Serene air. Great 3 – 3.5 hrs with around 12 km climb. This climb incorporates Nagarkot Nature Trail + Village Walk (beginning from Kartike town) + Panoramic Hiking Trail with 180-degree perspectives of the dazzling scenes with lavish greenery.

Nature Walk

You will begin this trail with a calm stroll inside the pine trees where you can appreciate the freshness of nature and take heaps of mountain oxygen. The underlying Nature Trail is an exquisite stroll through a thick coniferous backwoods.

Town Walk

After you will finish the nature trail, you will achieve Kartike town from where you can see the mountain towns roosted on the slope with terraced farmlands and if the climate is clear, you will be granted with the staggering Himalayan perspectives.

All-encompassing Trail

The second piece of the climb begins from Kartike VILLAGE and closures at Danda Gaun VILLAGE (Gaun implies town in Nepali). When you reach Danda Gaun town, you have to turn right where your point of interest ought to be a school with blue shading rooftop.

From that school, it’s a decent tough stroll around 5 minutes. From that point, you have to turn left with extremely motivating perspectives of the moving slopes and towns. You will make one entire circle of the town. It is around 12 km climb and it is an exceptionally excellent time in nature in calm and peace.

Nagarkot Mount Everest view Paragliding

Paragliding from Nagarkot is associate awe-inspiring expertise starting from Adrenalin pumping twists & turns to really quiet expertise floating on top of the beautiful wilderness and scenery of the Himalaya, forests, abundant valleys and Mongolian villages.

Unforgettable flights amid the breathless mountain landscape square measure offered from begin zone. Ascend fantastic thermals for distinctive cross-country flights. Breathtaking views associated an Adrenalin rush square measure secured. Participants get to relish a secure and exhilarating flight, custom-made to their desires, with associate skilled paragliding pilot. Sailing through the air, you fly past majestic peaks.

As a rider, you would like no previous experience; you’re given a number of directions and so a number of steps later you take off together with your pilot. Obtaining associate uncommon veronica read of the distinctive mountain chain panorama is certain to form you forget everything else for a while! We tend to take a 10-15 min auto ride from Nagarkot to Lapsiphedi 1905 M encircled by beautiful hills and mountains.

This is often wherever we start an unforgettable journey. From here we will see a number of the very best mountains within the world. Soar high within the sky with the bird’s eye’s read watching these beautiful 6,000 m +, 7000m+, 8000m+ peaks. Feel the cool breeze whereas you fly within the tranquil surroundings.

Nagarkot 360 read Tower + Village hiking path

Energy boosting, mood enhancing, O delivering, stress relieving go in Nature. Ideal for adjustment before heading for trekking or for those that need a mild stroll with mountain chain views while not stairs.

Scenic uphill walk to the 360 read tower with an associate elevation gain of 200m from wherever you’ll relish the mountain chain vistas, five out of eight highest peaks of Kingdom of Nepal will be seen from here in a very crystal clear day alongside ample 7000’s meter and 6000’s meter high peak.

Then, you may go through a serene walk within a pine forest with the occasional bird looking at chance further. There is additionally a cloister within the forest for Buddhist retreat although permission needed to enter.

Once the top of pine forest, you may encounter a crossroad resulting in completely different places. you would like to travel straight towards a temple of Ganesh and so flip left. The path can first pass through tiny bush followed by 2 rural area villages of Thakurigaun and Gurung Gaun.

Gaun suggests that village in the Kingdom of Nepal before returning back to the city. Third, a part of the hike passes through the fantastic path passing through completely different villages commanding unimpeded views of rolling hills, abundant valleys, lush forests, snowcapped the Himalaya. Terribly therapeutic expertise with an inexperienced escape in Nature that we tend to decision it Nature medical aid.

Nagarkot buddha peace garden + Village hiking

The first a part of the walk can go through ancient villages with terraced farming wherever you’ll see the rural area lifestyle. You’ll additionally see the Katmandu vale and Shivapuri Park from this hiking path.

Once walking for regarding forty-five minutes passing through the sunrise building, few Charming homes stay wherever you’ll pause for a minute for herb tea and om Shanti meditation center, you may see an awfully nice sculpture of Buddha in a very nice garden motion Infront of the inexperienced jungle.

Once outlay few time loving the wonder, you’ll come back to the city of Nagarkot from another aspect of the village to form one complete loop.

The second a part of the path passing back to city passes through 2 villages Gauri Gaun and Bakri Gaun and plenty of farmlands. Relying on the seasons of the year, you’ll see completely different crops and vegetables planted within the agriculture land.

The last part of the path is an associate uphill walk back to the city. It’s an awfully refreshing walk with nice mountain chain views further. This hike is often done whole year around.

More Things to See in Nagarkot Nepal:

Nagarkot is encompassed by thickly forested slopes of pine trees which give you a charming departure with just the breeze and the sound of stirring leaves to bother you. It is a rural resort high on the northern edge of the Kathmandu valley.

It is a remarkable ridge that offers awesome perspectives of the Himalayas, stunning mountain landscape and the most noteworthy perspectives of dawn and dusk.

From Nagarkot, one sees the stunning perspectives of the major Himalayan pinnacles of Nepal like Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Sisa Pagma, Choyu, Gauri Shankar, and so forth. On an unmistakable gem day, one can even observe the tip of Mt. Everest(8848 m) from here. Numerous travelers go to Nagarkot in the evening, remain at one of the resorts to see the early morning dawn over the mountains.

More things to Do in Nagarkot Nepal:

Nagarkot, a globally eminent resort set on the edge of the Kathmandu valley, near the city of Devotees, Bhaktapur, is without a doubt a standout amongst the most excellent zones of the nation.

At 2,175 meters above sea level, Nagarkot is the second most noteworthy point on the valley edge. This peak resort is 32 km northeast of Tribhuvan International airport. It has developed into a well-known fall back on getaway a long way from the hustle-clamor of the downtown area.

Just an hour’s drive from the Kathmandu downtown, you are soon a long way from the warmth, clean, smoke and chafing horde of Kathmandu with nothing to divert you from the joys of the crisp breeze of the rustic farmland.

For the individuals who wish to spend over one night in Nagarkot, there are bounty more exercises to keep you involved. For those wishing to extend their legs and appreciate the new mountain breeze, there are a few lovely walks around the rustic wide open of Nagarkot.

Here, you can enjoy the excellence of glorious mountains under solace and calm. Or, on the other hand on the off chance that you wish you can do horse riding, a visit to Tamang town, winged animal watching, reflection and yoga, climbing or essentially extend in a patio with a vodka mixed drink and tune in to the commotion of rattling breezes, you will make up for lost time the occasion mindset.

Nagarkot is encompassed by thickly forested slopes of pine trees which gives you a pure escape with just the breeze and the sound of stirring leaves to aggravate you.

Hotels in Nagarkot Nepal

  • The Fort Resort
  • The Hotel at the End of the Universe
  • Peaceful Cottage & Café du Mont
  • Everest Manla Resort
  • Nagarkot Naldum Village Resort
  • Club Himalaya, Nagarkot Resort
  • Mount Everest Hotel And Resort
  • Hotel Mystic Mountain

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