Paragliding in Nepal – Flying Sites, Costs, Season, Agencies


Paragliding in Nepal – Flying Sites, Costs, Season, Agencies, Videos

Here we have collected some information about paragliding in Nepal related to paragliding flying sites, paragliding in Nepal costs, paragliding in Pokhara Nepal, paragliding costs in Nepal, paragliding seasons in Nepal, paragliding agencies in Nepal and videos of paragliding in Nepal. People always like to fly. They dream of flying high like a kite or an eagle in the sky. Now it is possible in Nepal only by paragliding. It is the purest form of flying by the help of rising currents of warm air. It can stay aloft for many hours and travel great distance. This simple engine free aircraft fits easily into a rucksack and weighs around 12 kg. The passenger can foot launch and gently foot land again with minimum effort. Due to the portable nature and easy launch characteristics of a paraglider, it can be taken anywhere and fly from most of the mountain in Nepal.

The main area for paragliding flying in Nepal is the Annapurna region, more specifically the Pokhara city of Nepal. Pokhara city is called lakeside town, Nepal’s second most tourists city which is nestled at the foot of the Annapurna Himal. One can view commanded from here Pokhara or say from the paragliding in Pokhara 3 of the worlds 8000 m peaks.

Paragliding Nepal Pokhara
Paragliding in Nepal Pokhara

One can get paragliding at an altitude of 800m ASL the subtropical climate. One can be paraglider in a short and T-shirt weather. The micro-climate of the valley makes it an ideal area for flying, with far more constant conditions than the Kathmandu valley 150 km east.

There are several sites around Phew Tal (the lake) in Pokhara city but the most accessible is Sarangkot (1500m ASL). A view point 700m above Pokhara, it is unique in that it has a road running to the top.

There are an abundance of other sites around the valley but all need to be walked up. With names such as Dikie Danda, Devi Falls, Poomdi and Matepani, all can be connected by air from Sarangkot.

Best Seasons for Paragliding in Nepal

Gliding is a weather dependent sport and the flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, but the best months are November and December.

Paragliding offers various tours. For the beginning three day introductory course or tandem (where you fly with an instructor) is offered. The experienced ones may fly on their own.


Nepal and the great Himalayan range have many secrets to offer.
But we are still eager to explore more and more… Each year we explore some incredible new flying sites, come with us and enjoy a full supported organisation (guide, transports, accomodation, etc.).
If you are ready to go on your own, please feel free to use the information we have gathered and do not hesitate to come to see us in Pokhara for more.
In 2011 the rule and regulation of Nepal not allow to fly in any place and cross country
only paragliding in Pokhara, Bandipur and Katmandou allowed with permit, just for information !!!!!!! .

Agencies that offers Paragliding in Nepal

There are some agencies who offered paragliding activities in Nepal. There are offering some beautiful places for paragliding in Nepal. Especially They offers their course and services in Pokhara city of Nepal.

  1. Sunrise Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal
  2. Blue Sky Paragliding, Pokhara, Nepal
  3. Mountain Hawk Aero Sports Club, Pokhara, Nepal

Paragliding office is based in Pokhara. It offers the opportunity to witness the stunning view of Phewa Lake, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manashlu and the valley of Kali Gandaki. the view of it offers is regarded as the grandest scenery on earth.

But to whom belong the sky and the wind ?

Paragliding Flying Sites in Nepal

There are not uncountable flying sites for paragliding in Nepal. There are very few destination for paragliding in Nepal. One of the most favourable and best places is supposed is Pokhara, Nepal. Pokhara is the best place for paragliding in Nepal. And one more information, there are some places in and around the Pokhara which are very famous among the Paragliders. Paragliding Flying Sites in Nepal Available Now are as follows:


Some beautiful destinaton for Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara area 
– Sarangkot
– Diki-Danga
– Begnas Tal
– Muktinat
– Korchon
– Nuawkot
– Galem
– Tansen
– Bandipur
– Andi Khola – Sirkot
– Sirubari
– Dechuli
– Karkineta
– Chitwan

These past years  many of the new flying sites of Nepal have been discovered.

West region of Nepal


Kathmandu area 
– Mt Monastery
– Lakhuri Bhanjyang
– Shiva Puri
– Shivapuri New
– Hetauda
– Shreebran
– Dulikel

East region

– Ilam
– Kumbu

Price / cost list of Paragliding in Nepal

Cost of paragliding in Nepal are as follows. Remember that these rates are not fixed. These cost rates are approximately. Because we are not the paragliding organizer in Nepal, but informer about paragliding activities. We have shown price list from organizer of paragliding in Nepal. The organizer may change the price or cost rate list. We it’s better to consult to the organizer or agencies of paragliding in Nepal.

Tandem Flight of paragliding

Tandem Pokhara
Tandem Bandipur 30 mn
70 Euro

80 EuroCross country Tandem 1 hrs100 EuroSpecial expedition tandem 2+hrs150 Euro2 days tandem adventure sleeping in Mountain250 Euro

Another cost rates of paragliding in Nepal are as follows:


Beginner Paragliding Courses

Beginner Open Sky Pilot – Para Pro 1 5 days 575 Euro (equip included)
Intermediate Adventure Pilot – Para Pro 2 5 days 575 Euro (equip included)
Thermalling APPI Pilot – Para Pro 3 5 days 575 Euro (equip included)
Para Pro 1 + 2 +3 (Paid in advance) 15 days 1700 Euro (equip included)
Any Course 1 day 90 Euro
Equipment rental 1 day 25 Euro

Paragliding Travel insurance that covers medical and repatriation is required

Package Pick Up / transport / Accomodation

Option Particular Amount Remarks
1 Airport pick up Kathmandu Airport 10 Euro Night 20 Euro
2 Airport Drop Kathmandu Airport 10 Euro
3 Flight ticket (Ktm – Pkr) 80 Euro
4 Bus Ticket Ktm –Pkr 10 Euro
5 One night hotel in Kathmandu 20 Euro Double Bed
6 Airport pick up in Pokhara 5 Euro
7 Airport drop in Pokhara 5 Euro
8 Pick up Ktm , one night hotel in Ktm , next day flight to pokhara and Airport pick up all package 125 Euro

A sample Video of Paragliding in Nepal. Watch this video of Paragliding in Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal. Paragliding in Nepal YouTube Video is posted here.

Video of Paragliding in Pokhara, Sanangkot, Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal – Flying Sites, Costs, Season, Agencies, Videos

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