The Mystery of Yeti Animal: May Still Be in Nepal – British Scientist’s Report

The mystery of Yeti Animal [snowman]: May British Scientist Solve? This is a big question about Yeti’s mystery. Now the unit of British Scientists is researching Yeti, Abominable Snowman that can be found in fact in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet.

Can British Scientists solve the mystery of Yeti, Himalayan Snowman? British Scientist Bryan Sykes said, “I think this bear, which nobody has seen alive,… may still be there and may have quite a lot of polar bear in it,”

It is a great mysterious thing founded in Nepal. That is about Yeti. This mystery has confounded people for hundreds of years. The Yeti यति is the Nepali name of Abominable Snowman that can be in facts in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet.

Yeti or Abominable Snowman is said to be an ape-like cryptid taller than an average human, that inhabits the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Research by a British scientist has concluded that the legendary Himalayan yeti may in fact be a sub-species of brown bear.

The question mark is raised from hundreds of years about existence about Yeti, an ape-like Himalayan man. It is believed that the existence of Yeti is remaining in the region of Nepal or Tibet. Yeti can found in the Himalayan region of Nepal or Tibet.

It’s been dubbed the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Now a British scientist has concluded the creature may in fact be a sub-species of the brown bear. Bryan Sykes, a genetics professor at Oxford University, had set out to test ‘yeti’ hair samples and find out what species they came from.

a mystery of Yeti animal in Nepal
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DNA tests on hair samples carried out by Oxford University genetics professor Bryan Sykes found that they matched those from an ancient polar bear. He subjected the hairs to the most advanced tests available.

He said he conducted DNA tests on hairs from two unidentified animals, one in northern India and the other in Bhutan.

Yeti scalp
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The mystery of Yeti Animal: A  Photo of Yeti Scalp

Prof Sykes conducted the DNA tests on hairs from two unidentified animals, one from Ladakh – in northern India on the west of the Himalayas – and the other from Bhutan, 1,285km (800 miles) further east.

According to the report of Bryan Sykes told the BBC “Here are some opinions of American Scientist about Yeti” in the statement.

“I think this bear, which nobody has seen alive,… may still be there and may have quite a lot of polar bear in it,”

“We found a total genetic match between two samples from the Himalayas and an ancestor of the polar bear. We have concluded the most likely explanation for the myth is the animal is a hybrid of polar bears and brown bears.”

 “This is an exciting and completely unexpected result, which was a surprise to us all,”

“There is still work to be done to interpret the results. But we can wonder about the possible explanations. This could mean that there is a subspecies of brown bear in the Himalayas that descends from the ancestor of the polar bear.”

“It means that there has been a recent hybridization between the brown bear and the descendant of the ancient polar bear.”

“It may be some sort of hybrid and if its behavior is different from normal bears, which is what eyewitnesses report, then I think that may well be the source of the mystery and the source of the legend.”

Yeti can be traced back to Alexander the Great who demanded from villagers in the Indus Valley that he see one for himself.

source: euronews, BBC, CNN

Yeti in Nepal [Snowman in Nepal]

Nepal is really popular around the world because of many rare and different extraordinary things found here. If we look in Nepal, geographically as well as politically it is famous somehow in the world.

The highest pick of Mt Everest to the world’s most unique flag as a triangular flag and birthplace of Gautama Buddha to the bravery Gorkhali army is popular among all of us. Not only that those people who love nature and its beauty used to visit Nepal more than twice per year from different countries.

You can find any kind of environment and temperature in Nepal like in Tarai reason we can feel extreme hot climate to the Himalayas of minus degree cold temperature. It is like all three climates emerge in the same land and make it a whole continent where we can take the experience of every living creature as well.

Nepal is one of the powerhouses of nature and different species of birds, animals, fishes, and flora, and fauna can be found. People live according to their culture and heredity like we can find little black and Tarai people in the Tarai region and if we walk to the mountains than we can found Sherpa’s living in extreme cold.

Animals and birds also live according to their suitable climate just like trees and people so, we have heard many mysterious stories in Nepal from different places of various varieties.

We may or may not believe in these stories but people who live in those area shows full confident of seeing things which cannot trust that much easier. Nepal and Nepali people always have huge respect for nature because it is situated on the arms of Mother Nature but sometimes nature also surprises us through many unseen and unbelievable creatures.

People have almost traveled all around the world and especially, everyone loves to travel in safe places where no danger occur and they feel comfortable. In the context of Nepal, mountain areas are the hardest to survive and lower than mountains are much safer for residents.

90% population of Nepal lives in Tarai and hilly areas because it is safe and we can grow our all basic needs item but on the other side, mountains were we can only see snow and big rocks were home for Sherpa’s. They are physically much stronger than any other people and they develop a sense of livelihood in mountains for many decades.


They live there with yaks and sheep’s and other animals which can survive in any extreme cold weathers. They also sell their meat and milk and many other items, food which can only be found in the mountains and they get money to survive.

You cannot find anyone rich people living on those mountains with many dangerous animals and climate. People who live there many times spotted snow leopard and hungry wolf, and they also kill may separated yaks and sheep’s.

It is one of the most difficult things to live in these mountains because nobody knows what else live there besides humans and other small animals.

Let’s talk about the most mystical and unknown creature known as yeti or many of us also called it a snowman. Many people who live in the foot of Himalayas have reported seeing this creature which has a large foot and its whole body is full of furs.

Its color is as similar as snow so, it is difficult to see it every time and many people have seen it from far a distance. Yeti is also known as the abominable snowman and a mystical beast that lives in a cave of mountains. Yeti is actually those types of creatures that are seen in the mountains of Nepal, Bhutan, India, and another Asian cold place.

It is also the tales of stories that many famous writers have written and try to represent them as a monster of mountains. Even people told that they have seen these big feet Himalayan monster, not a single phone can be taken at any time. Specially, all people are Sherpa who claim to see yeti near their village and other place.

Nepalese Sherpa who lives on the height of 12000ft from sea level in eastern Nepal gives more confidential statements to see yeti on the high altitude of mountains. Many people who saw it try to explain how it looks and how big it is.

They have white long hair on their body like a bear and they are as double compare to humans who walk with two bare feet. Stories of yeti are so famous and popular all over the world but Himalayan countries like Nepal and Bhutan, it is even more than usual.

The Himalayan legend that went up on mountains for trekking also comes face to face with these creatures and they speak loud on many TV channels. We are here talking about one of the wild creatures which seems very brutal for any other living things.

Many stories suggest that it has blocked the way of human and kill them or make them injure so, they feel afraid of them and never return to yeti original place.

Other people also tell to BBC earth channel about a group of people who are coming back from work to their home and when they cross the way of yeti than he killed some of them and others were injured.

They also report that yeti ate of the girl from the same village and from that time many nightwalkers stop going outside at night time. Many folktales are there which shows this creature character and its lifestyle of mountains.

Yetis are totally different than any other snow wild animals because they seem more intelligent and wild at the same time according to people living on eastern community.

Seeing yeti is not uncommon in Nepal nowadays because if we look to our stories of grandfather and more ago, from age’s people refer big feet Himalayan monster as yeti and tell the stories about them. These days we may hear it little less but still, it is one of the most unsolved mysteries in Nepal.

If we are talking about modern days than people have changed the concept of yeti and we can also see many movies and animated series that yeti is the friend of little children. Especially in western culture and movies, we can see little nicer big feet monsters in their films, and people see them as unharmed creatures.

But whenever we talk about yeti in Nepal, people become speechless even more if they live in the mountains. We can also find that many news covers were about yeti in 1974 A.D. and there was also a small story related to this cover.

At that time, a Sunday news report from the United States covers a story of a small girl who lives in the Everest region while she grazing a yak, suddenly she encounters with yeti.

This incident is really shocking that even big news gets it as cover and those times yeti are so famous as well around the world. At that time there was an absolute craze among everyone for big feet snowman or yeti and even British newspaper make it front cover news.

That time they cover news as an attack of yeti on that small girl name Lhakpa Doma Sherpa while grazing yak on the mountain. News told that it was a 5foot tall snowman so scary, throw that girl little distance away and kill those yaks with just simple turning their horn.

Police investigate properly all those e area and even records many footprints at that time on their database. Not only that after some time when Japanese people went for trekking than they also got attack by big giant white monsters as yeti.

There are people who have experience of yeti attack while climbing on mountains increased rapidly in those days. As we can see know, the map of the Khumbu region also mentions someplace like Dole and Machermo as a yeti attack sites.

If you think that all these happen on in Nepal then you are wrong because people have witnessed seeing them from Tripura in the northeast to the border of Pakistan and China. But in those places, just less number of the encounter has been made and the majority of the encounter was in the mountains of Nepal and Sikkim.

Yetis are pretty unseen creature because of their color totally match with snow color which helps them to perfectly hind in any place. According to the locals, yeti cannot survive in the low-temperature area so, it always travels on high altitude land like Nepal and mountains of Sikkim.

Eric Shipton’s a famous person click the picture of yeti on Melung glacier in 1951 A.D. from that time till the mid-1970s craze of yeti increase rapidly in Nepal.

People become extremely excited to see these big foot and long hair creatures on mountains and even many films and cartoons started to adopt the concept of the giant monster on their programmed. It is totally new for the whole generation at that time and people start to visit Nepal in the name of yeti.

Many comics and movies were made in the name of yeti especially classic ones from Tibet and people also like and enjoy it very much. After that many hotels and airways were open with the name of yeti and it also becomes the main attraction center in Nepal.

Nepal becomes the main origin of yeti group and sales commodity as well in Nepal and the government also focus to increase its economy in the name of yeti.

You can also see and find many hotels in Nepal which are popular internationally like hotel yeti and yak, hotel white yeti, and many more. Yeti is the rarest and almost unseen creature for all people except those who see it and business were start in its name.

Name yeti comes from the language of Sherpa’s as yah means rock and teh means animals. People believe that after they saw giant creatures like animals than they named it but although many researcher recommend it as Sanskrit word.

Yeti word comes from word yaksha of Sanskrit which means creatures with hairy and superhuman power. It is also similar to those creatures which local people witness with their eyes and has super strength.

Yeti is only for Nepali name but if you see what people called it in Tibet and other mountain areas. Sherpa’s and Tibetan called it Metoh Kangmi which is known as an unwashed snowman. Mainly Tibetan gives many other names like Dremo, Chemo, Mig de, Chu mung and many more and they all have their respective meaning as yeti.

Mongolian people called it Almas and the Hindu Kush names it baman. Bhutan is also the most famous and recognized place for yeti and their people called it Migoi as a strong man. Nepalese people use names like Ban Manchhe and Mahalangur as its nickname and it is also a popular name in Nepal for yetis.

There is the range of the Himalayas which is called Mahalangur Himal includes Mt Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Lhotse which are one of the original places of these yetis. That is also the place where the first incident takes place where a girl was being attacked by a mountain white monster and kill her grazing yak.

People of the Himalaya area and especially that area also called yeti as grate white monkey because it totally looks like a big monkey without a tail. Till1970s to 1980s, yeti name reach its height as a mysterious monster of mountains which is wiser and skills than any other wild animals.

At that time whatever popular TV show shows in their program, all the people believe in that thing and so everywhere the only topic they have was a mountain monster and its fear and even excitement.

Local people have witnessed more at those early days than they have ever right now and many Himalayan trekkers also want to witness those monsters due to it was so much new for human beings to see yeti.

There are many popular journalists who has cover up many news related to yetis in 1920s and they have even visited many sites of Nepalese mountain ranges with some hope to get a photo of these creatures.

There was also a part of incorrectly pronouns and we are going to talk about it. When an interviewer and famous journalist of the 1920s, Henry Newman, take an interview of some group of people of Everest Reconnaissance Expedition, bury as a leader of that group, reporter suddenly mispronounces the word and said Abominable Snowman.

From that time, this word stuck on people mind and its meaning was unwashed Snowman. This word touch the highest height of popularity and since everyone starts to call them Abominable Snowman.

According to bury, they have brought the footprint of yeti for the first time which was also the strong proof of their existence. There was also a brief explanation of Himalayan yetis by one of the Sherpa guide that yetis are 7foot tall with a white hairy monster.

Yetis were started to become popular then more people become a witness and they have a little different experience about them. Many people start to share their experience with yetis but they also explain that some are 10foot tall with little short hair and some are another light brown color.

Now, numerous people start to say that their outlooks were different than another. It also becomes so helpful for researchers to collect all the data related to Himalayan yetis and helps to make different categories among them.

Now, they strongly believe about yetis and they published three various categories of yetis according to the witness of people. The first one was, the Nyalmo, which was considered as largest one among all of them and its height can be 15feet tall.

There looks and outfit was just like wild polar bears but extremely dangerous. They are man and yak eater with creepy face and body and all this group of yetis will lead by female yeti.

Nyalmo are from those yetis which can kill yak just by twisting their horn and many humans come into contact with these kinds of yetis in Nepal. Now, the second type of yetis is called the Chuti.

These categories yetis are smaller than the first one but almost have height up to 8 to 10feet tall. There are specially black color yetis and have a very short neck and similar to the Nyalmo.

They also have similar bodies and feet are as big as other yetis and we can found them on the height of 8000 to 10000 feet altitude on mountains. But Chuti lives on lower height than those Nyalmo yetis and both are vegetarian as well as carnivores. Well, the last one is called Ban Jhakri also known as forest shaman and there are the smallest ones belongs to yeti’s family.

Even others yetis ignore them as yetis because they are short almost like 3 to 5feet tall and have golden as well as red hair but a very long one. They are all vegetarian and live very lower on a mountain range or even in hilly regions.

In Nepal, usually people afraid of those third group of yetis family as forest Shaman. They kidnap many village children and take them to teach Shaman in deep forest sites.

This forest Shaman visits all forest at night and people witness as well as believe that they have many power like flying and many more. They take young children and start to give them the teaching of all their knowledge and their main motive is to keep their culture alive.

Nowadays it may be extremely rare to see these different types of yetis but early days people have witnessed a lot of them in the mountainside of Nepal. These are the three types of yetis which can be seen and found in different altitude and all of them are reported in the case of local witness.

One of the theories also suggests that these yetis live in mountains in summer and whenever their food runs out then they come down on a lower range especially in the winter season.

Nepal and east Darjeeling are the most famous for yeti origin and people have also spotted them a lot. Those people who encounter yetis have seen their real faces and have the courage to walk through their way.

So, now a day yetis become so impossible to see and found in Nepal. Well, the population is increasing day by day in Nepal and maybe because of that yetis also vanish from mountains.

These days’ people reach every corner of the mountains and there are many trips and travel planning in Nepal where you can go searching for yetis. It may be hard to deny the reality of these days but overpopulation have reduced the most popular snow monster of the 1900s these days.

You can find a lot of hotels and plans and businesses which derive from the same name yetis in the early days and till now they are providing service. The research group also visit Nepal time to time on the search of these monster still these days but they are unable to collect any data neither they have any eye witness not even local people.

Recently, the government again reopens the yeti subject and even put a statue of yeti in different places of Nepal but due to local residents, the government needs to put it back. Yetis are beast of mountains and gain super strength and many people still believe that they live in the high altitude of Nepal.

Tourist guide Sherpa’s also sometimes gives notice to the reporter about yeti in Nepal. There are a lot of books and films on yetis even Hollywood and many more language which shows its nature and stories of Himalayas.

Nepal is also so popular due to yeti’s story all over the world and that may be the main reason for the government to reopen the name of yeti to make Nepal as the main tourist place. Those people are lucky to see yeti in reality because it will be so amazing to see them in real and nowadays if we want even we cannot see them.

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