How to Show Respect in Nepal

Get here some facts and information and learning class for learning about how to show respect in Nepal. Get the social norms, values, practices, greetings words in Nepali language. How to respect to your family members in Nepal? Get know.

How to Show Respect in Nepal

We are social beings. We live in a society. Besides the laws enforced by the government, there are certain established traditional rules, regulations and   norms  in the  society.

They  have  been developed over the years and accepted for the welfare and well-being of the respective society. Social   norms   and   practices   are   developed according  to  the  group  we  associate  with: friends, family, or co-workers. Such norms tell us what we ought to do in a given situation.

A society as a whole determines norms, and are passed down from generation to generation. Such social etiquettes prevalent in the society are called social norms and practices.

Small Nepali boy saying Namaste Hello in a dhaka topi
Small Nepali boy saying Namaste (Hello) in a dhaka topi

Different societies may have different social norms and practices. As a member of the respective society, we have to respect and abide by such norms and practices as long as they are in the interest of the people.

Family is the basis of a society. Society is the sum total of families living together in a particular place. In this context, we can say that a family is the foundation of social norms and practices.

The family norms and values directly or indirectly contribute to development of social norms and values. Family is in fact a pre-primary school. Socialization begins in the family. A society reflects the overall picture of the various families living in that society.


Respect for social norms and practices are important in maintaining peace, harmony, and mutual co-operation and understanding in the society. Social norms and practices reflect the overall nature and character of a particular society. They are the identity of the society. They have been developed over a long period of time and in practice for collective good.

They make the society more cultured, civilized, ordered and organized. Hence, it is important for us to respect them. Social etiquettes and norms change according to time but slowly.

Social rules and norms suitable in one situation may turn to be impracticable in another situation. It is important that such rules and norms should serve the broader interest of the society. Hence, we should follow the good ones and discard the bad ones.

How to Show Respect in Nepal

Namaste is most used Nepali typical word to show respect in Nepal. Namaskar is also used for respect. It is the same as Namaste. There are many social norms and practices in Nepal which are used to show respect to our family and society as well as neighbourhood.

FamilyNeighbourhood and Society
Respect elders and ancestorsGreet respectfully (Namaste etc)
Respect female membersDon’t discriminate anybody on any ground
Respect each other’s opinionShare ideas and opinions
Regard parents and guests as GodsCooperate and behave equally
Share things and worksRespect public properties, Help people in need
Make best use of family resourcesUtilize society’s means and resources for collective good
Speak politelyContribute to community well-being
Enjoy feasts and festivals togetherShare each other’s cultures and festivals
Observe family rites and ritualsFollow social norms and values
Be disciplined and obedientFight against social evils and problems
Takeoff shoes before you enter houseTake off shoes before you enter temples and shrines
Give priority to children and elderliesGive priority to elderlies, women & children

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Emailed by writer: Dinesh Maharjan, Bhaktapur