Cute Nickname for Girlfriend (Girls) in Nepali With English Meaning: – When you are in a relationship, even the littlest thing has an enormous effect. If a girl accepts you as her boyfriend or spouse then she has accepted you as the most exceptional individual in her life. She needs you to be unique to her inside and out in every possible way. She needs the more attention, love, and care from you.

Best of all, she needs you to regard her as your most special part too. So, how would you do that? So, you can begin by calling her by a charming nickname. Since everybody calls her by her name and she just doesn’t need you to do likewise. We’ve arranged a list of Nepali Nicknames for Girlfriends with their English meaning for helping you to pick the best, sweet and charming Nepali nicknames for your Girlfriend.

Well, before exposing the list of cute names we’d jump at the chance to make a little disclaimer, this list additionally has 100 Nicknames for your girlfriend in Nepali. We have listed Nepali names in roman styles. But we are describing it about what it means in English too.

Cute Nickname for Girlfriend (Girls) in Nepali With English Meaning - Tips for boyfriend

Cute Nickname for Girlfriend (Girls) in Nepali With English Meaning

Also, one thing is that before you pick a cute name for your sweetheart, ensure she’ll like it. Hardly any names may sound offensive relying upon person and circumstance. So, you must ensure that you are picking a perfect nickname to your girlfriend by keeping her personality and likeness in mind. Besides, a couple of young ladies like to hear nickname just while talking secretly, so don’t call her by the nickname chosen by you openly or else you’d be in a trouble.
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100 Cute Nickname for Girlfriend (Girls) in Nepali With English Meaning

1. Nanu: – Nanu is a cute name which means sweet girl in English. This name is also used to call a small girl child.

2. Maya: – Maya is a cute name mainly used by many boyfriends to call their girlfriend. Actually, Maya means love. The English translation of saying word Maya’ is my love. Most of the girls like this name.

3. Budi: – The name‘Budi’ is also used by boyfriend to call their girlfriend. In Nepali,‘Budi’ means wife. As, boys regard their girlfriend as a life partner, so they address this nickname to their girlfriend and girls liked being called a wife.

4. Priye: – The name ‘Priye’ means lovely in English. It is actually sweet to hear.

5. Bhunti: – The name’ Bhunti’ implies a sweet and chubby girl.

6. Jaanu: – The name‘Janu’ implies a life. This name means you are my life, my world.

7. Kali: – The name’ Kali’ implies a lovely, happy girl. Most of the boys in Nepal call their girlfriend with this name.

8. Kanchhi: – The name’ Kanchi’ implies sweet, younger girl.

9. Kanchhu: – This name is a sweeter version of name‘Kanchi’.

10. Saani: – The name “Saani’ means a sweet, younger and lovely girl.

11. Pari: – The name’ Paari’ implies Angel.

12. Rani: – The name‘Rani’ implies Queen.

13. Pyari: – The name‘Pyari’ means a lovely, sweet girl.

14. Putali: – The name “Putali’ means a fun loving girl like a butterfly.

15. Gudiya: – This is the sweet name and this name implies a sweet and beautiful doll-like girl who is an absolute beauty. Many of the girls love this sweet name.

16. Sweetie: – This is the modified version used for the girl to indicate that they are so sweet. Some boy also calls their girlfriend with name‘Sweetu”.

17. Mutu: – The name‘Mutu’ implies heart. This name indicated that you are in my heart.

18. Sanu: – This name is a sweet name which indicates sweet, little girl.

19. Saane: – This name is not used by the boyfriend. This name is not good at hearing but some girl may like it and it means sweet little girl.

20. Moti: – This name is used by many boyfriends to call their girlfriend if their girlfriend is fat. This name implies, Fat.

21. Mushi: – This name is sweet in hearing and most of the girls like this name. The name‘Musi’ implies little girl loving fun like a rat.

22. Meri Maya: – The name‘implies’ my love for English. This name is also used by many boyfriends.

23. Rajkumari: – This name is so sweet and there is no girl who does not like this name. This name means princess in English.

24. Apsara: – Some boyfriend also uses this name to address their girlfriend. This name means fairy beautiful girl.

25. Mutu ko tukra: – This name is also sweet and many of the girls like this name and the name‘ Mutu ko tukra’ implies a piece of heart. This name can be used to please their girlfriend.

26. Puntu: – This name ‘Puntu’ means a sweet, little girl.

27. Ramri: – This name is not used by many boyfriends but still you can use. This name simply means beautiful.

28. Sundari: – This name implies Gorgeous girl but this name is rarely used by boyfriend.

29. Honey: – This name means sweet like honey.

30. Hottie

31. Nani: – This name implies a sweet little girl.

32. Dauri: – Many of the lean and thin girls don’t like this name. and this name implies a lean and thin girl.

33. Chyakhuri: – This name implies skinny and thin girl.

34. Dalli: – This name Dalli means short, cute and sweet girl.

35. Shorty: – This name Shorty means, short, cute girl.

36. Pudki: – This name Pudki means short and cute girl.

37. BulBul: – This name Bulbul means fun-loving, cheerful and sweet girl like bird‘Bulbul’.

38. Golumolu: – This name is so sweet and many girls obviously like this name. This name implies, sweet, chubby and cute girl.

39. Jaan: – This name implies, life. This name is also loved by girls. This name indicates her your life and soul. It does not get more pleasing than that.

40. Maharani: – Some boy uses this name to address their girlfriend and some boy use this name to tease his girlfriend. This name implies, Queen.

41. Pukku: – This name is so sweet in hearing. This name implies, Chubby and sweet girl.

42. Gopi: – Many of the couples think them like Krishna and Radha. So, some boys use this name to address their sweetheart. Actually, gopi used to love Lord Krishna.

43. Chandrama: – This name means The moon, for someone who lights up your world.

44. Premika: – This name is suited for the girl who is crazy about you and vice versa.

45. Sona: – This name suits the girl who is brighter and more precious than gold.

46. Shonu: – This name is best for the girl who fills your life with magic and happiness.

47. ChandramakiTukra: – This name simply implies the piece of the beautiful moon.

48. Runchu: – This name is best suited for the girl who cries in the small matter and this name can be used by boyfriend to tease their girlfriend.

49. Dolly: – This name means a girl beautiful like a doll.

50. Nautanki: – This name can be used by boyfriend to tease their girlfriend. This name implies, drama queen.