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When is Dashain in 2021 (2078): Nepali Calendar Dasain 2078


A tiny landlocked country, Nepal lies in the kind lap of the great Himalayas. It does occupy a narrow territory of 1, 47, 181 sq. km. The panoramic Himalayan peaks, the diversity in landscape coupled with incredible flora and fauna, uniquely famed tradition and culture, etc. make the country – A Vast dreamland for naturalists and explorers.

Geographically, Nepal comprises three physical traits-Himalayas; Hilly, and Terai region. Himalayan realm is the homeland of the panoramic snowy peaks – six-eight thousand including Mt. Everest (8,848)-the tallest summit in the world.

Multi-dozens of rivers especially the Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali originate from them and rush down providing endless opportunities for rafting, fishing, irrigating, and hydropower potential. Similarly, the hilly region does portray a diversion landscape, hilarious flora and fauna, tranquil lakes, roaring waterfalls, and fabled valleys.

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Further, the excellent wild lives in the plain Terai called “The granary of food” candidly displays the geographical spectrum of Nepal.

The multi-lingual and multi-racial country Nepal does have a vast world of its own. The Himalayan people like Bhote and Sherpa do speak their own language and celebrate their feasts and festivals specially Loshar, their greatest festival. Likewise, the people in the hilly region belong to plural cast and creed.


Therefore, do they speak varied languages viz- Newari, Magar, Gurung, Rai, etc., and observe their own tribal carnivals. On the other hand, the Terai dwellers are seen commemorating their festivals especially Holi and Chhath in their colorful dress and language.

But, in general, wherever the people reside and whatever language they speak, they take pride in speaking the national language Nepali and observing national feasts and festivals like Dashain and Tihar at their best.

Dashain festival is the greatest festival in Nepal. It is the longest festival in Nepal. And Dasain festival is the topmost major and popular festival of Nepal. It is celebrated during long 15 days in Nepal.

Dashain is the national festival of all Nepali people either they are Hindus or Buddhists. It is the festival of uniting Nepali people with each other. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078 in Advance.

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2021 in Advance. Know when is Dashain in 2021? or when is Dashain in 2078? We have given you in detail about when is Dashain in 2021 or when is Dasain in 2078.

When is Dashain in 2021 or Dashain in 2078 B.S.? The detailed date/calendar of Dashain in 2021 or Dashain in 2078 is given here. One can check it now. Do you want to know when Dashain is in 2021 or when Dashain is in 2078?

The date of Dashain falls in either in September or October (Ashoj or Kartik) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon.

The Dashain festival actually runs for fifteen days, beginning with Ghatsthapana Dashain, although the main celebrations (Vijaya Dashami) happen on the tenth day of Dasain.

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Dashain always ends with Kojagrat Purnima, the fifteenth day of Dasain. Dashain in 2021 will start on Thursday, the 10th of October and will continue for 15 days until Thursday, the 8th October. According to Nepali Calendar, Dashain in 2078 (Vijaya Dashami in 2078 B.S.) will start on Friday, Ashoj 21.

Dashain is celebrated in early Ashwin (September–October) and ends in late Ashoj (September – October). The detailed information about when is Dashain in 2021 or when is Dasain in 2078? is given below.

Dashain Dates 2021 is 15 October. Dashain Dates 2078 is 29 Ashoj.

Dashain Calendar 2021 / Dashain Calendar 2078

1st day of DashainGhatasthapana: 7 October 2021 or 21 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
2nd day of DasainDitiya: 8 October 2021 or 22 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
3rd day of DashainTritiya: 9 October 2021 or 23 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
4th day of DasainChaturthi: 10 October 2021 or 24 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
5th day of DashainPanchami: 11 October 2021 or 25 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
6th day of DasainSasthi:12 October 2021 or 26 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
7th day of DashainPhoolpati / Phulpati: 12 October 2021 or 26 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
8th day of DasainMaha Astami: 13 October 2021 or 27 Ashoj 2078 B.S.
9th day of DasainMaha Nawami: 14 October 2021 or 28 Ahsoj 2078 B.S.
10th day of DashainVijaya Dashami: 15 October 2021 or 29 Ahsoj  2078 B.S.
11th day of DasainPampakusha Ekadashai: 16 October or 30 Ahsoj 2078 B.S.
12th day of DasainDwadashi: 17 October or 31 Ahsoj 2078 B.S.
13th day of DasainTridashi: 18 October or 1 Kartik 2078 B.S.
14th day of DashainChaturdashi: 19 October or 2 Kartik 2078 B.S.
15th day of Dasain Kojagrat Purnima: 20 October or 3 Kartik 2078 B.S.

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Essay on Dashain festival

Dashain is the largest and most prominent Hindu festival in Nepal. It has many names, including Vijaya Dashmi, Dashsera, Durga Puja, and Dasain. The festival starts on the first day of October and is celebrated with equal enthusiasm and zeal for over 15 days.

When the Dasain Festival is not observed correctly, it leads to a lot of problems. Some of the main reasons why the festival is not rightly seen are that the people have wrongly interpreted it, the festival is not appropriately planned, or held in a place that is far away from the areas of worship.

All these things lead to the failure of the festival. Here are some reasons that you should learn more about the festival.

The festival commemorates the victory of Goddess Durga and Lord Rama over every demon in one’s life. It also marks the ending of human life. This is known as ‘Dashain.’ In Hindu texts, there is a story about Lord Rama and Goddess Durga Mata.

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During the festival, people decorate temples and houses. They bring along Jamara, lotus blossoms, and garlands. The garlands are decorated with lotus flowers and hang them on the homes, temples, bridges, statues, and idols. People wear national dresses, which symbolize suitable dresses. There are several dances and music celebrations that go along with this festival.


Most people spend a lot of money on preparations for the Dashain festival. There are many handicrafts, decorations, paper, and cloth-making, etc. that have to be done at the festival.

On the tenth day of Dashain, Vijayadashami is celebrated with Tika and Jamara. The younger got blessed with elders.

Dashain is unmissable festivals in Nepal

Dashain is one of the unmissable festivals in Nepal 2021. Nepal is a culturally rich country of cultural traditions and productive spiritual practices reflected in its major religious festivals.

Dasain is considered a festival for all age groups and is celebrated with equal enthusiasm by Hindus and non-Hindus. Here are some of the most notable Dashain celebrations that one can take part in:

The first of Dashain’s Hindu festivals celebrates the Goddess Durga, the Mother Goddess, and one of the most revered deities of the Hindus. Goddess Durga is associated with power and Shakti and is said to have gained her skills from the moon.

There are many other places and festivals that the Goddess Durga is believed to be associated with throughout the world. The Dashain festival is considered a great festival to honor and worship the Goddess of prosperity. In Nepal, people also pray for the coming of the rains and good crops, which is believed to bring abundance and prosperity to their lives.

There are many stories and traditions about the origins and history of the Dashain festival in Nepal. Still, it is mainly associated with the worship of the Goddess Durga Mata and Lord Rama.

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Happy Vijayadashami Wishes Cards

However, the history and tradition surrounding this Hindu festival are also intertwined with several myths and legends associated with the Himalayas.

Dashain in Nepal And Dussehra in India

Dashain is a Hindu festival that is mainly celebrated in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It is also known as Bijaya Daśamī or Dashrījan. In countries of south India, it’s called Dashera while in some parts of the northern state, it’s called Dashrījana.

The festival is dedicated to the goddess Durga, daughter of the Sun God Surya and who is represented by the goddesses Dushan and Guddi. Her devotees gather under the mango tree where they dance till they become drunk and then sacrifice a donkey or horse before her temple on the day of her return.

Holy fire is also lit in the morning and at nightfall. Every household in the locality is supposed to be decorated with garlands and votive statues.

Another tradition in Dashain involves a procession made up of daisies in the Day of Fulpati. The flowery procession follows a group of elephants. The procession moves on to a temple, which is known as Bhuvaneshwar Temple.

The elephants bring down a wooden idol of the goddess Durga. The entire procession, which includes the elephants, is decorated with garlands. After this, the procession stops near the temple, and the devotees are supposed to pray to the goddess.

Garlands are also draped around the goddess’ temple. They are made out of rice paper and cloth. The garlands are draped in red and green colors, which are the two colors of the festival.

Garlands and other adornments made out of cotton are also placed at the temple on the morning of the festival and are then burnt on the day of the cremation of the goddess. These garlands are then spread on the path leading to her temple on the day of her funeral.

On the tenth day of Dashain, Vijayadashami, Nepalese people use to engage Dashain Tika from elders to youngers as the Goddess blessings. They put Tika on the forehead and Jamara on the upper ear.

The Celebration of Dashain Festival in Nepal

Vijayadashami Festival is celebrated every year on the tenth day of the Dashain festival. Daśami, or Dashain, is a festival that originated from Nepal but was later incorporated into various religions around the world. In parts of the world, it’s known as Dashera, while in Nepal, it’s known as Dashain.

The reason why Dashain festivals are celebrated on the tenth day is that this is the day when Vijayadashami. So all the people of Nepal gather at Dashain for a grand feast, and they engage in Dashain Tika in the day Vijayadashami.

These festivities are held in honor of the Goddess, Bhairavati, who is worshipped by the people and other spiritual leaders in Nepal.

The celebrations in Dashain are not only religious. There are many fun fairs and parades, games, dances, musical performances, and even dance performances that take place on this auspicious day. Many traditional dances are performed like Goddesses.

During the festival, everyone comes dressed up to celebrate the festival. As a part of the festivities, the women wear colorful and bright dresses as they march from one corner of Dashain to the other. The men, on the other hand, wear simple clothes and they participate in many games and celebrations.

Enjoying Dashain With Kids

Dashain or Bijai DaśaMi is a spiritual festival originating in Nepal. In parts of the Indian subcontinent, it’s also known as Dashera. People in Himalayan regions believe that Dashain, the day after a new moon, is the day when the gods visit the mortal world to take away all of their sins.

It’s also considered a festival of gratitude, thanksgiving, and prayer. It’s believed to be celebrated the entire day in one place, a holy village. On this day, people pray to the Gods and Goddesses that they will help them get out of debt and support their family and community.

There’s no doubt that Dashain is a time of spiritual meditation, worship, and thankfulness for whatever has come your way throughout your year. If you haven’t experienced a Dashain celebration in your lifetime, it’s time to do so.

One of the best ways to start a Dashain celebration is to plan an outing with friends and family. Invite your guests to your house for a party that includes some good food, good drinks, and a little bit of fun! If you have the resources, renting a small hall is a great way to make a big impression.

This gives you plenty of space to spread out, but don’t forget the games. Playing some of your favorite online games will add to the party, and will keep your guests entertained.

If you only have a small group of people coming over, you can still have a very memorable event. If you bring out a couple of chairs, a couple of tables, and a few lanterns, you’ll have a nice, laid-back gathering that you’ll remember.

You can even set up some simple games, like a pass the parcel or a scavenger hunt. Have everyone tell them a little story about a person who had a Dashain celebration in Nepal and see what the results were. Some of these stories may include an anecdote about their ancestors or an account about someone they know.

This will allow everyone to connect with the spirits of their ancestors. If you have a lot of kids at your party, there are some games that you can play that will help to create some laughter.

The True Essence Of Dashain Festival

Dashain Festival is celebrating in Nepal’s Mount Everest region to mark the end of the harvest season. Dashain, Bijayana Daśama is a very auspicious festival originating in Nepal.

It marks the beginning of the harvesting season after the monsoon. In some parts of Nepal, it’s also known as Dashera. The festival dates back to ancient times when the mountains of Nepal were considered sacred by the Hindus.

During Dashain, people celebrate by planting Jamara and other flowers on the peaks. They also decorate their houses and temples by painting their faces with red color.

They wear white sari’s, long dresses, and colorful garlands, and bow down. They dance and sing their festival songs while dancing on the mountain. They then take a bath before going to the temple for prayers.

One of the main activities during this festival is Jamara and Tika. These Jamara and Tika are lit to mark the entrance of the harvesting season. There are many different kinds of activities, like flying kites, swing ping that is used during this festival. The most common things are clean around the home and area.

Jamara, which are native to Nepal, are also considered sacred. They’re believed to be the symbol of good luck.

Jamara and the festival are very popular in Nepal. Even if the festival isn’t celebrated on a very large scale, it still brings much joy and happiness to the people.

At Dashain, the young boys and girls are saying to practice chanting the sacred mantra. This is a ceremony of purifying the heart. The chant is also an attempt to make the child feel that everything around him is Goddess’s will and that he can rely on Goddess to protect him and his family.

In India, another special ceremony that takes place at this festival is the burning of the sacred fire at the temple. The ceremony begins by placing a bunch of incense on the fire. Afterward, the entire group takes a bath in the holy water. They do this on the river bank where the fire is being made.

The main activity of the festival is prayer. People perform different prayers in the mountains to pray for the rains and other natural calamities.

If you want to experience the true essence of Dashain, visit Nepal. You’ll be able to see some of the ancient temples and see the different cultural aspects of the country.

You’ll also have fun and enjoyment. Also, you’ll spend time with your loved ones and friends. You’ll find a truly magical place to spend your holiday.


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