When is Dashain in 2019 (2076): Nepali Calendar Dashain 2076

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When is Dashain in 2019 (2076): Nepali Calendar Dashain 2076

A tiny landlocked country, Nepal lies in the kind lap of great Himalayas. It does occupy a narrow territory of 1, 47, 181 sq. km. The panoramic Himalayan peaks, the diversity in landscape coupled with incredible flora and fauna, uniquely famed tradition and culture etc. make the country – A Vast dreamland for naturalists and explorers.

Geographically, Nepal comprises three physical traits-Himalayas; Hilly and Terai region. Himalayan realm is the homeland of the panoramic snowy peaks – six eight thousands including Mt. Everest (8,848)-the tallest summit in the world.

Multi-dozens of rivers specially the Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali originate from them and rush down providing endless opportunities for rafting, fishing, irrigating and hydropower potential. Similarly, the hilly region does portray diversion landscape, hilarious flora and fauna, tranquil lakes, roaring waterfalls and fabled valleys.

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Vijayadashami Photos

Further, the excellent wild lives in the plain Terai called “The granary of food” candidly display the geographical spectrum of Nepal.

The multi-lingual and multi-racial country Nepal does have a vast world of its own. The Himalayan people like Bhote and Sherpa do speak their own language and celebrate their feasts and festivals specially Loshar, their greatest festival. Likewise, the people in the hilly region belong to plural cast and creed.

Therefore, do they speak varied languages viz- Newari, Magar, Gurung, Rai etc. and observe their own tribal carnivals. On the other hard, the Terai dwellers are seen commemorating their festivals especially Holi and Chhath in their colorful dress and language.

But, in general, wherever the people reside and whatever language they speak, they take pride in speaking the national language Nepali and observing national feasts and festivals like Dashain and Tihar at their best.

Dashain festival is the greatest festival of Nepal. Dashain festival is the longest festival in Nepal. And Dashain festival is the topmost major and popular festival of Nepal. It is celebrated during long 15 days in Nepal.

Dashain is the national festival of all Nepali people either they are Hindus or Buddhist. It is the festival of uniting Nepali people with each other. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2076 in Advance. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2019 in Advance. Know when is Dashain in 2019? or when is Dashain in 2076? We have given you in detail about when is Dashain in 2019 or when is Dashain in 2076.

When is Dashain in 2019 or Dashain in 2076 B.S.? The detail date / calendar of Dashain in 2019 or Dashain in 2076 is given here. One can check it now. Do you want to know when Dashain is in 2019 or when Dashain is in 2076?

The date of Dashain falls in either in September or October (Ashoj or Kartik) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon. The Dashain festival actually runs for fifteen days, beginning with Ghatsthapana Dashain, although the main celebrations (Vijaya Dashami) happen on the tenth day of Dashain.

Dashain always ends with Kojagrat Purnima, the fifteenth day of Dashain. Dashain in 2019 will start on Thursday, the 10th of October and will continue for 15 days until Thursday, the 8th October. According to Nepali Calendar, Dashain in 2076 (Vijaya Dashami in 2076 B.S.) will start on Friday, Ashoj 21.

Dashain is celebrated in early Ashwin (September–October) and ends in late Ashoj (September – October). The detail information about when is Dashain in 2019 or when is Dashain in 2076? is given below.

Dashain Dates 2019 is 19 October. Dashain Dates 2075 is 2nd Kartik.

Dashain Calendar 2018 / Dashain Calendar 2075

1st day of DashainGhatasthapana: 29 October 2019 or 12 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
2nd day of DasainDitiya: 30 October 2019 or 13 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
3rd day of DashainTritiya: 1 October 2019 or 14 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
4th day of DasainChaturthi: 2 October 2019 or 15 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
5th day of DashainPanchami: 3 October 2019 or 16 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
6th day of DasainSasthi: 4 October 2019 or 17 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
7th day of DashainPhoolpati / Phulpati: 5 October 2019 or 18 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
8th day of DasainMaha Astami: 6 October 2019 or 19 Ashoj 2076 B.S.
9th day of DashainMaha Nawami: 7 October 2019 or 20 Kartik 2076 B.S.
10th day of DashainVijaya Dashami: 8 October 2019 or 21 Kartik 2076 B.S.
11th day of DasainPampakusha Ekadashai: 9 October or 22 Kartik 2076 B.S.
12th day of DashainDwadashi: 10 October or 23 Kartik 2076 B.S.
13th day of DasainTridashi: 11 October or 24 Kartik 2076 B.S.
14th day of DashainChaturdashi: 12 October or 25 Kartik 2076 B.S.
15th day of Dasain Kojagrat Purnima: 13 October or 26 Kartik 2076 B.S.

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When is Dashain in 2019 (2076): Nepali Calendar Dashain 2076

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