Is It Curse Being A Girl?

There are hundreds fo Nepali youngsters who want to be a good poet and want to publish his/her creation on the media. Here I have got a poem about being a girl which is sent by a little cute girl.

Let’s read and motivate her to write more and more… Have read this Nepali poem in the English language. Thank you.

Is It Curse Being A Girl? – A Poem

A girl who aspires to change the world
with her beauty along with brain and
having a weapon of capability to generate lives
is the one suffering from violence at least once or more in the walk of her life?

With the desire for affirmative changes in the world
she initiates to mesmerize the world with compassion
but there is always someone pulling her legs and pushing her towards darkness……

The world where women are subordinate to men
yet she is struggling for better reformation to happen someday
A girl who wants to bring positive revolution and evolution
is always pulled apart by her expectations……

little kid girl is making Roti - playing game fun
a two years girl is having fun by making Roti

A girl not less than goddess is a creator of lives and
yet is criticized; though is doing great leaving comments behind.
Though having the female population greater than male, sadly economy seems to be handled by men because women are supposed to be sequestered with the accessory of education and stereotype …….

Dowry, Chhaupadi, Deuki, Jhuma and even witchcraft is supposed to be a woman. Nepal where women are working day in and day out striving for progress but are being concealed in a cowshed during menstrual days when she needs to be well nurtured with a balanced diet and fewer works
The word ‘menstruation’ is verified to be a crime if not whispered
Is this civilization or what?


Nepal, a country of culture and tradition but are these evil practices as a culture to be followed and handed to further generation?

Yet in the mid-teens, I am perplexed and not being able to be demystified IS IT CURSE BEING A GIRL?

Writer: Sonia Karki

Gaidakot-2, Nawalpur

Jitendra Sahayogee

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