Top 214 Tihar SMS in Nepali Language – Deepawali Message Wishes

Top 214 Tihar SMS in Nepali Language –  Deepawali Message Wishes

Find here top 214 Tihar SMS in Nepali language. Here we posted free Deepawali SMS, Bhai tika messages, Shayari, quotes, images, pictures, Facebook wishes etc for your brother, sister, family members, friends, relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or someone special.

Tihar is one of the best celebrations of Nepal in Hindu religion. It is assumed as second most mainstream celebration. Dashain is the best celebration in Nepal. Tihar comes after Dashain. It might take 20 days after Dashain Tika to come Tihar (Laxmi Puja). Tihar is otherwise called Deepawali in Nepal, some piece of Nepal. In any case, it is known as Diwali in India and different nations of the world. The term ‘Diwali’ is more popular term for this celebration in the world.

Tihar merriments begin at Kag Tihar or love of Crow. Kag Tihar is additionally term as Kaag Tihar or Kag Puja or Kaag Puja or Kag Pooja or Kaag Pooja. As Kag Tihar is the main day of Tihar celebration, Bhai Tika is the latest day of this well known celebration. Tihar is praised amid 5 days. It implies the day of venerates of Dog.

Fourth day is Govardhan Puja, the love day of bulls or dairy animals. It is additionally called Gai Tihar or Cow Puja. There are various legends and neighborhood traditions related with this Tihar/deepawali celebration, yet basic to all is the lighting of homes, pathways, sanctuaries, and even government structures, with many little mud lights and candles.

Sparklers, thought to scare away underhandedness spirits are additionally utilized with relinquish, which makes this a specific prominent celebration for kids. Here is an example of the Tihar Tika. Tika is of seven tints Yellow, Orange, Blue, White, Green, Red, and Black. A tika of seven shades is called Sapta Rangi Tika in Nepali, where Sapta suggests seven, Rangi infers tints. You partake in Banana leave, tear a little section from the center, hold it against the sanctuary, use the rice stick as a base by then touch tints in the needed case, by then remove the banana get out.

Tika symbolizes the bond among kin and sisters. On Tihar day, shops stay open till the evening, trusting that great deals on Tihar day foresee a prosperous year ahead. In the corporate area, the way toward purchasing and appropriating Tihar endowments starts a few days before the huge day, and gradually grabs pace. Desserts and dry natural products are the most well-known endowments, as are silver coins. However, endowments additionally run from silver dishes and other family unit blessings to suit-pieces.

These best 214 SMS, quotes, messages, Shayari, Facebook, google plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp status are great and wonderful as well. It can be wishing quotes in the Nepali language. Following are the latest posted Diwali wishes in Nepali. We are sure all of you will love our Nepali tihaar wishes. You will get here in this post-Tihar SMS in Nepali font. Deepawali wishes in Nepali font. Diwali messages in Nepali font. Here you can also get some wishing messages in English language.


Rangoli in Nepal, Tihar Rangoli

Top 214 Tihar SMS in Nepali Language: Deepawali Message Wishes

Tihar  SMS in Nepali Language: Free Deepawali msg in Nepali No. 1

pal pal sunaulo phool phulos timro jibanma

kahilyai pani na bijos kanda, na ta garna paros samana

jiban timro khushiharule harabhara rahos

tihaarma hamro tarfabat yahi chha shubhakamana

happy Dipawali 2076

Quotes no. 2 : Happy Dipawali Facebook Shayari in nepali

तमाम् नेपाल् जगमगाउनेछ,

फेरि पनि पर्व रोशनि को आयो,

कोहि तिमिलाइ  म देखि पहिले न दियि हाल्नु शुभकामना हरु,

यसैले , यो सन्देश्  ए बधै  सबै भन्दा पहिले  मैले पठायेको छु

“tihar Badhai 2076“

New Tihar quotes in Nepali Language: Free Deepawali peom in Nepali No. 3

tihaar parba ho khushi ko, ujyalo ko, laxmi ko

yo tihaar tapaiko jiban khushiyali bhariyos

sansar ujyalole chamkiyos

gharma mata laxmi ko aagman hos

Tihar ko shubhakamana 2076

latest Diwali wishes in Nepali Language: Free Deepawalin peom in Nepali No. 4

tihaar ko shubha awasarma samjhana tapaiko aayo

shabda shabdaharu joder diyi rahechhu tapailai badhai

tihar ko bhadhai chha sabailai


ma wishing u a fantastic,



extra ramro

extra special

extra blessings

masta masta ra kurumkurm

bhanau ta ekdam bindaas

Tihar ko shubhakamana 2076

latest Tihar wishes  for sister in Nepali Language: Deepawali quotes  No. 5

andhyaro bhayo tada ratko sath

naya bihani aayo tihaar liyer sath

ab aankha kholnus hernus ek msg aayeko chha

tihar ko shubhakamana satha lyayeko chha


happy diwali 2019

latest Deepawali wishes  for sister in Nepali Language:  No. 6

tihaar aai raheko chha

ujyalo chhai raheko chha

chodi deu sabai problesm

jiban muskurai raheko chha

happy tihar 2076

wonderful Deepawali messages  for sister in Nepali Language:  No. 7

deepawali ko shubha awsar ma

mero sabai deshbasiharulai shubha kamana

yo chad ma tapailai lakhau khushi milos

asatymathi sadhai satya ko jeet hos

chahe tapai jaha rahanu hos

laxmi ko ashish sadhai tapaiko sath hos

Happy Deepabali 2076

Wonderful Deepawali messages for friends in Nepali Language:  No. 8

Wish u n the entire family members of urs a very very laxmi puja as well as the delightufl festivals of lights, deepawali. happy dipawali.

On this extraordinary day, I wish you an extremely awesome cheerful Diwali 2019 and may lord have mercy on you each time in your life.

Dear all, Wish u and your family an exceptionally glad diwali and prosperous new year. May God satisfy every one of your desires in riches, wellbeing and satisfaction in your life.

Fortunate is the person who has figured out how to admire, however not to envy. Great Wishes for an upbeat Diwali and a Happy New Year with a lot of Peace and Prosperity.

Funny Deepawali messages for brother in Nepali Language:  No. 9

deepawali aayo, masti chhayo, rangi birangi rangoli, diyo jalyo, dhoom dhadakaaa, chodyyo pataka, barood, jalyo phuljari, sabailai bhayo

happy deepabali or diwali

¢â‚¬Å“happy tihar¢â‚¬Â

Funny Deepawali SMS for brother in Nepali Language:  No. 10

charai tir diyo balyo

aafno gharlai khuba sajayo

aaj ko raat pataka patkau hai

tihar lai ramrai tarikale manau

Happy Deepabali 2076

Funny Tihar Wishes for brother in Nepali Language:  No. 11

aayo aayo diwali aayo

sathma kati khushiyali aayo

dhum machhauuu, ramailo gara, mauz gara, timiharu sabailai deepawali ko shubhakamana

happi deepawali 2076

Cute  Diwali  messages  for family in Nepali Language:  No. 12

phul ko suruwat kopilabati hune garchha

jiban ko suruwat pyarle hune garchha

maya ko suruwat aafanta bat hune garchha

aafantako shuruwat tapai bat hune garchha

happy deepawali 2019

Funny Tihar messages for friends in Nepali Language:  No. 13

harek rin mitratako kasle byaj bhujhauna sakchha

jab hami nai rahadainau bhane mitrata kasle garchha

o god hamro mitratalai sahisalamat rakhnu hola

natra mero bibahma dance kasle garchha

happy deepawali 2076

two Line Happy Dipawali Whatsapp Shayari for lover : 14

धोकेबाज् देखि उसको जलि रहेको छ मेरो दिल्, यसलाइ अरु न जलाउनु

भनि देउ यि दियो सङ् यो यसरि खुशि हरु को तिहार् न मनाउनु

Happy tihar 2076

 Happy tihar Shayari in nepali :  No. 15

दियो हरु को रोशनि ले झिलमिलाइ रहेको आङन् होस्,

पटाका हरु को आवाज् हरु  ले आकाश मा रोशनि होस्,

यस्तो आयोस् हाम्रो यो दिपावलि,

हरेक् तरफ् खुशि हरु  को मौसम् होस्…

Happy tihar 2019…

May the celebration of lights be the harbinger of satisfaction and flourishing.

May god fill your house with happiness and joy. May he convert your sorrow into delightful joy. Happy dipawali!!

The most joyful of wishes for a Deepawali, which will be cheerful inside and out for somebody, like you.

Tihar SMS for friends in Nepali Language:  No. 16

harek kshan khushiyar sath nai hos

kahilyai pani kakha na hos khali

hamro sabaiko rarfa bat

wih you a very delightful happy deepawali 2019

Tihar messages for boyfriend in Nepali Language:  No. 17

yo deepawali ma hamro prathana yahi nai chha ki tapaiko harek sapana purna hos,

duniyaako aglo bhanda aglo udeshya gantabya bhetiyos

samman, ijjat, pratistha ko shikhar ma tapaiko nam hos

wish you a very beautiful happy diwali 2019

Tihar messages for lover in Nepali Language:  No. 18

deepawali ko light

garos sabailai delight

samat masti ko flight

ra dhum machau all night

happy diwali 2019

Diwali SMS for girlfriend in Nepali Language:  No. 19

dashain gai pani sakyo

tihar aai pani sakyo

batti haru charai tir jhundyana thalyo

ujyalo aauna thalyo

chhoda aba sara samasyaharu

jindagi majale hasi raheko chha

Happy Deepawali 2019

Tihar SMS in Nepali Font: Messages, Wishes No. 20

दसै गइ पनि सक्यो

तिहार आइ पनि सक्यो

बत्तिहरु चारैतिर झुन्डाइ पनि सक्यो

उज्यालो आउन थाल्यो

छोड अब सारा समस्याहरु

जिन्दगी मजाले हासि रहेको छ

Happy Tihar 2076