10 Best and Cheap Restaurant of Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


The Nepalese know that Thamel is one of the most scoped tourist destinations of Nepal. Because the life and lights of Thamel will attract anyone. The colorful lights and the walking of beautiful girls will make your hearts more pumping. You will forget your emotions and the identity and lost your dreams in the environment of Thamel. It is one of the most sacred area of Nepal where the mostly tourist visits and takes the many types of needy services. The hotels and the restaurants of Thamel are always waiting for serving their guest in a rewindable way.

National and international tourist got confused when they occur in Kathmandu while arriving here for the first time. You have to know bitterly that the Thamel is the place for only money builders. If you came here for the visiting purposes then that may be your good decisions. Otherwise, the persons came here for better taste but return with the the bitter taste. So you have to be careful while visiting Thamel and make preplanning of expenditures on various topics that your wish is. Lets we share the cheap and affordable restaurants of Thamel which will help in your plannings and make you easy to:

10 Best and Cheap Restaurant of Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Yangling Tibetan restaurant

This is not only the restaurant of best dishes but also the home of your favorite Momo. The different types of MOMO are prepared here which are in different flavors that may be of mutton, that may be of chicken or may be of vegetarian or nonvegetarian. This restaurant is always welcoming the guest of different localities. It is famous for preparing the tasty MOMO. The price and the product are applicable to the customer’s affording fees. You don’t feel the other home. The feelings of home away home will create in the environment on this restaurant.

yangling Tibetan Restaurants places to eat in Kathmandu Nepal
yangling Tibetan Restaurants

Along with Momos, traditional Nepalese dumplings, stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables and served steamed or fried, this small and unpretentious family-run restaurant also features some other traditional dishes and also includes hefty Thukpa, a traditional Nepali hot noodle soup, with pieces of meat and vegetables, and a tasty and rich Tibetan butter tea. Reach here through it Saat Ghumtu Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, +977 1 4701 225

2. Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop features an exciting mix of European and Asian cuisine, providing and preparing the food and the breakfast items using only organic produce from the local farms. Tastes of different dishes are catered for, with dishes such as the adventurous Mexican breakfast, the fresh and simple Italian Bruschetta, spicy Thai curry and traditional Nepali Thali which makes your mouth watery.

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop- Restaurants places to eat in Kathmandu Nepal
Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

The restaurant has a lovely open courtyard seating area, perfect for a coffee break or a glass of wine from the impressive wine collection. It is no long established, but the service and the organic produce is making the shop popular. Thamel Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal, +977 1 4267 554


3. OR2K

The best place to stay and enjoy in Thamel will be the best if you stops your steps in the OR2K. AS it is situated in the heart of Thamel may help to know may more about Thamel. This will be the right choice for the vegetarian people with the best vegetarian dishes and services. Because restaurant serves only vegetarian and vegan dishes, with a particular focus on Middle Eastern cuisine.


OR2K - Restaurants places to eat in Kathmandu Nepal

OR2K offers its guests an easy-going and cozy atmosphere with intimate candles and UV lighting during the evenings, walls covered in large, colorful paintings, and the seating arranged on the floor cushions alongside the low tea tables, located at Mandala Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, +977 1 4422 097

4. Utse restaurant

It is located on one of the main streets in a busy Thamel district, the legendary Utse Restaurant is popular for its mouth-watering and affordable Tibetan and traditional Nepali dishes. The restaurant gets busy, especially during tourist season, that is mostly in the winter season and advance booking is recommended.

Utse restaurant - Restaurants places to eat in Kathmandu Nepal
Utse restaurant

It has established in 1979 as part of the Utse hotel, claims to be the first restaurant in Kathmandu. The restaurant specializes in traditional Tibetan cuisine and is one of the rare places to try a hefty Gacok, a traditional Tibetan stew for two made from a mix of meat, vegetables, mushrooms and noodles, and steamed for several hours in a charcoal-heated hot pot. Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, +977 1 4257 614

5. Everest bakery

It is Located in prime location of Kathmandu, just opposite to the Bhat-bhateni supermarket. This café has the ultimate goal of satisfying the customers by providing the food with quality at affordable price. So the goodwill of this bakery is more around that area.

Everest bakery - Restaurants places to eat in Kathmandu Nepal
Everest bakery

The good products get good feedback. This café had served the many customers and have made the regular customers. The people of the present wants the good food at a good or cheap price. And this shop works according to the customer’s will. Thus it has made the shop’s and their own goodwill up winning the customer’s heart.


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