Everything You Want To Know About St. Xavier College Nepal

All about St. Xavier’s College Nepal: – St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Kathmandu is a greater education academic organization founded in 1988 A.D. The College has been providing value education since its very beginnings and has added to the nation’s growth by producing extremely skilled human resources.

The Nepal Jesuit Society runs St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu. In 1951, the Jesuits started their instructional job in Nepal with the beginning of St. Xavier’s School, the Godavari, accompanied by St. Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel and St. Xavier’s School, Deonia.

Other colleges are the Moran Memorial School, Maheshpur and St. Xavier’s, Sadakbari, operated by the Nepal Jesuit Society. St Xavier’s College is currently offering 13 distinct programs.

Under the membership of the National Examination Board (NEB), it operates A-level Non-Science and Science under the program Cambridge Assessment International Education and Ten Plus Two (10+ 2) in Science. It also operates an affiliated program of the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Kathmandu University.

Educational innovation, schedule and rules for schools are constantly evolving, rendering it difficult for educators to maintain up with the recent education developments and developments.

In 2017-18, Xavier International adopted multiple road shattering programs on its universities to allow educators to create abilities, fresh policies and best practices in line with the recent education standards. In order to introduce educators to the recent educational equipment and pedagogical techniques, seminars and conferences were arranged throughout the educational meeting.


The Jesuit tradition of achievement in education and commitment to others directs all of St. Xavier’s College’s classes and operations. By incorporating educational job and mental growth with physical, mental and social development through multiple co-curricular operations, the College aims to promote competency, innovation and creative attitude throughout and beyond the years invested at College.


At the completion of their St. Xavier’s study, graduate students are anticipated to join the bigger environment with socially responsible objectives, a lifelong learning appetite, and a willingness to create our universe a stronger location.

Students are also anticipated to be ready not only for private satisfaction, but also for commitment to others, to use their God-given skills. The College encourages near interaction between student and teacher and encourages learners to create their complete management capacity. The smart promotion of competence and a range of operations that teachers in college are subjected to are aimed at producing social rulers who will promote the principles of reality, fairness and harmony.

Xavier‘s motto

Dedication implies untiring and constant attempts in each student’s complete creation as an person adored by God individually. It means that education is a continuous training and a method of existence.

The achievement of Jesuit education is therefore evaluated not by the educational results of learners or the skilled expertise of educators, but by the standard of lives spent with a religious view of the globe in the presence of materialism, compassion for others in the presence of selfishness, ease in the presence of consumerism and the treatment of the disadvantaged in the presence of social injustice.

The criteria of competence at St. Xavier’s are applicable to all fields of existence, not only to scholars. We think it is only suitable to pursue scholarly achievement within the broader framework of individual competence.

That’s why our concentrate at St. Xavier’s is on the individual rather than the syllabus to be covered. Excellence at St. Xavier’s College extends beyond excellent grades to a student’s academic development that involves mastering fundamental humanistic and science subjects through thorough and continuous research centered on skilled and well-motivated learning. This mental development involves a increasing capacity for reflective, logical, and critical reasoning.

We think that when everyone is a ruler and does the utmost in any sector he or she is in, everyone is a ruler. Here at St. Xavier’s, we help students develop the qualities of mind and heart that will enable them to be leaders in whatever station they assume in life, working with others in the creation of a just world for the good of everyone.

This is why all the pupils of all fields are offered chances here at St. Xavier to develop communication skills and eloquence, accomplished through emphasis on studies, drama, lectures, discussions, sports, athletics and other associated educational events.

The learners, as rulers, are allowed to comprehend and critically assess the impact of mass media and carry out cautious and critical technology research. We think that these contemporary living tools can assist males and females to become more natural rather than less animal through proper education.

St. Xavier's College Kathmandu Nepal

St. Xavier’s College Kathmandu Nepal

Our emphasis on generating representatives implies that we think an investigation is lawful in which a value system is obtained through a wrestling process with conflicting points of perspective. This knowledge involves a belief that people and constructions can alter, along with a dedication to strive for those modifications to assist construct more just natural systems.

At St. Xavier’s, we are also concerned with how students, in the service of others, will make use of their training within the human community. Since the genuinely natural is discovered only in interactions with others that include behaviors of regard, love, and commitment, St. Xavier’s curriculum influences and helps develop each individual’s position as a part of the natural society.

Students, educators, and all employees of the academic society are urged to create partnership with others that transcends ethnicity, society, or faith so that everyone can reside and function together in comprehension and love, with regard for all males and females as kids of God.

We think that a development of principles and behaviors is a must in attempt to become individuals for others.  We therefore create sure at St. Xavier’s that education takes position in a social framework in which wisdom is combined with faith. Students are motivated to create a value system gained through a wrestling process with conflicting points of view.

We think that one of constructing natural groups of regard and tolerance for each other and our planet is the crucial intervention required today. We provide possibilities for learners to come into touch with the globe of poverty, the disadvantaged and to serve them, both at college and in activities outside of the classroom.

They think that skills are donations to be created for the better of the individual group, not for self-satisfaction or self-gain, but rather with God’s assistance.

Xavier’s honor code

  1. I’m going to honor and take advantage of myself and others. I will demonstrate consideration and worry for all individuals, including myself, to treat everybody I meet as one of the individuals of God.
  2. At house, at college, and in the globe, I will assist and engage. Whenever necessary, I will constantly involve myself with the well-being of my household, my society, my college, my nation and volunteer to help make Nepal a peace zone.
  3. In hard moments, I’m going to be courageous and humble when I’m effective. With bravery and respect I will experience adversity, and with humility I will encounter achievement.
  4. I’m going to look after my own flesh, soul, mind and soul. I will cultivate a favorable self-image and physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally choose to be safe.
  5. I’m always going to be kind and collaborative. I will make collaboration and courtesy a priority over rivalry and confrontation and assist construct others ‘ self-image.
  6. I’m going to say the reality and be honest. In thought, word, and deed, I will commit myself to the truth.
  7. I’m going to recognize distinct individuals and attempt to know from them. I will appreciate our inclusion in inclusion, strongly opposed to discrimination of sex, ethnicity, class, religion and socio-economics.
  8. I’ll always create my own correct choices carefully, even if my colleagues believe differently. I will create the donation of liberty, finding my decisions free of peer pressure with understanding of options and implications.
  9. In research, athletics and events, I will always attempt my utmost. In my research, I will strive for success, not perfection, through efficient techniques of research and consistent commitment.
  10. I’m going to be kind and courteous. I will create private and cultural practices promoting the common good and avoiding all vulgarity and disrespect.
  11. I’m going to be grateful for my schooling. I will always be grateful for the gift of education, the use of justice and care for others in information and technology.
  12. I’m going to take care of the Earth and maintain tidy my college and nation. I will find myself a piece of development, constantly worrying for the Earth and supporting environmental health, having unique accountability for the care of college premises.

Code of Conduct, Shared Values and Principles

Males and females of academic excellence, moral uprightness as rulers of their country and compassionate duty to those in need.

At St. Xavier’s College, propelled by this idea, we strive to build an atmosphere that fosters academic discovery, development in moral values, and self-respect, others, the country, and God. All Xavierians have no exception to conform to them.

We expect you will also undertake to uphold this St. Xavier’s College Code of Conduct, Shared Values and Principles.

  1. Punctuality and Attendance:

In the classroom / laboratory / conference room / hall, all learners introduce themselves five minutes before the beginning of the class / lecture / practice / program. 80 percent participation is compulsory for undergraduate and postgraduate learners to compose their inner send-up tests and semester / annual college tests.

The compulsory participation is 90 percent for the learners of Plus Two and A Level programs to complete the inner send-up tests and quarterly board tests. Absences from classes / readings / practice for private purposes will need to be clarified in print with a parent / guardian authorization label.

A real medical license must be connected with the letter of request for medical purposes. Absences from classes / readings / practice due to participation in intra-/inter-college operations as a university official will have to be reported by the Dean / HOD to the Principal / Vice-Principal who passes penalties in such instances.

On the last day before any lengthy vacation and on the first day after a lengthy vacation, no pupil is present. With this in mind, issue your transport fares. A pupil may be requested to re-admit if they are missing without previous consent for more than 3 days.

  1. Discipline and Conduct

A mistake in this respect represents a student’s irresponsible personality and it is the college’s duty to express this in the Character Certificate of the pupil. All learners are responsible to the Principal and the allocated administrators for their behavior within the college and any behavior outside the college that directly / indirectly impacts the college’s credibility.

Students are anticipated to perform themselves within and outside the college in a decorous way. Such behavior is focused on regard for other people’s liberty, freedoms, beliefs and integrity.

No pupil shall act with the College’s educators, employees and former students in a disrespectful and discourteous way. Students discovered harassing / ragging other learners, using unreasonable tools in tests / examinations, and displaying culturally inappropriate conduct will be rusticated.


Defiling university assets (beds, desks, benches, libraries, facilities) will lead in supervisory intervention against the learners) concerned. Furthermore, the student concerned will compensate for the harm incurred. Students discovered to have and/or use liquor, tobacco, narcotics, cigarettes with instant impact are rejected from university.

The College prohibits the use of portable devices and must therefore be turned off before joining the university property. Students discovered using a mobile phone will be seized from their computers and will receive a penalty of Rs. 2000/-to be removed within three days.

Except for the CAFETERIA, food and beverage are not allowed in any portion of the College. St. Xavier’s College is a area safe of gum teeth and a area full of cotton sacks. By not littering the premises, students are accountable for keeping the College premises ‘ cleanliness.

Use the dustbins to maintain tidy and safe schools, hallways and properties. It is anticipated that students will look after their property. The college is not liable for personal property loss.

  1. Dress-code and ID Cards

It is anticipated that students will behave modestly. It is forbidden to have short pants, mini-skirts, sleeveless shirts / t-shirts, run suits and sweeping neck lines. In this issue, students who do not conform to the college’s decorum are told to leave back and alter their clothes.

Students should have haircuts that are smooth and clean. It is forbidden to use skin colour. Students are told to go home and return to college after the hair color has been removed. Inside the college, a pupil who shows bodily tattoos will not be accepted.

The students must always carry their ID cards on them. The ID card shall be displayed at the door for authorization to join the premises of the college. For purposes such as borrowing books from the library and using laboratory and sports equipment, the ID card is to be used to get the buttons to Watrin Hall, etc.

  1. Notices, Assignments and Examinations

Class plans, information / details on activities / events / examinations and any modifications to the Academic Planner will be placed on university notice boards. If the necessary amount of tasks and/or unjustified absences from tests, tutorials, practicals, etc. is not submitted, the pupil will receive instructions.

For the University / Board exams, students who constantly execute badly in tests and subsequent word exams may not be allowed to occur. All examinations, evaluations, trials and tutorials must be attended. No pupil should be excluded from evaluations or term / semester exams without the Principal’s published consent. Under no circumstances may missed exams be resumed.

  1. Vehicles

Students are strongly urged to stroll or use bicycle / public transportation for public transportation. Students ‘ bicycles / scooters / motorcycles should be placed in the parking area specified. After the second clock, no car will be allowed to access the university door. Plus teachers at two and a level are not allowed to take motorcycles to university.

  1. Parents’ Meet

For the students of Plus Two and A Level and for the undergraduate and postgraduate students at least twice a year, a common teacher-parent meeting will be held. At least one of the relatives is required to be available at these meetings. Parents can encounter with an order taken through the welcome or the HOD during operating days.

Why Xavier collage?

There are many items that make St. Xavier’s College different from others. First of all, these are the ideals that the university holds. It has a powerful feeling of principles and in their day-to-day life they enforce it.

The attributes the university mentions are not just for the display. Most of the learners studying at this college represent the principles the college has instructed them. Secondly, the college’s equipment and activities also differentiate the college.

There are many activities involving learners, such as awareness program, medical camp, PIE volunteers, etc. The college has divided different divisions within the college to effectively operate and enhance multiple programs provided by the college, such as Computer Science Department, Mathematics Department, Management Department, etc.

There are all the fundamental amenities along with many college programs as well as the band of skilled educators and practitioners that render this college one of the valley’s finest schools.

Principal Message

Fr. The headmaster of St. Xavier’s College, Jiju Varghese, thinks in training males and females with educational competence and higher social norms. He intends to be morally accountable for them. Founded in 1988, the college welcomes learners and offers strict company, humanities, science, and more education. Not only does the college emphasize value education, but it also strongly emphasized the development among learners of powerful principles.


The panel topper and door topper are awarded scholarships. Compared to other public schools at St. Xavier’s College, the charges are however very inexpensive. 

Infrastructure & Facilities

St. Xavier’s College also houses multiple equipment, which are essential for all learners during their moment at the college, besides providing high-grade education. The college has a big greenery zone and a pleasant atmosphere, giving learners the feeling that wisdom and teaching are in the wind.

For each department there are distinct structures supporting big and well-lit schools that are well-equipped with the most contemporary equipment for learning. During college moment (from afternoon to night) the professors are accessible at all hours and are prepared to resolve any confusion and address any requests the learners have.

In addition, St. Xavier’s College also has a canteen at very inexpensive rates that provides good meals. There is also a well-equipped bookstore for passionate learners with many novels, newspapers, newspapers, magazines, research equipment and previous papers.

In the library itself, there is also a community debate and personal study room where learners can hold sessions or do some solo studies on subjects of concern to them. St. Xavier’s university also has a big arena where there can be numerous extra-curricular activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, cross events and other sports.

Science faculties are fitted with state-of – the-art laboratories that are fitted with all samples, chemicals and equipment needed for a suitable greater research experience. All these amenities together with St. Xavier’s College’s outstanding performance education are likely to create your work here at college worthwhile and fun.

Admission Procedure

  1. A complete request type provided by the university.
  2. Mark sheet or transcript of the previous school / college / university’s initial examination (Xerox + checking original)
  3. Attended previous school / college Transfer Certificate / Character Certificate (Xerox + Original for checking)
  4. Two prints of latest pictures of passport type.

Admission Process

Pass the entry exam and lecture in+ 2 sciences with a minimum of first division scores. To qualify for an A-level program, enter the SLC / SEE or O class or equal and also complete the registration and exam. Secure minimum for applying for the PhD stage from a recognized panel by TU and KU. To qualify for a master’s standard, students should receive minimum secondary placement from acknowledged universities by TU.


Separate Buildings: For each department there are distinct structures that sustain big and well-lit schools, well equipped with the most contemporary learning equipment.

Canteen: St. Xavier’s College has a canteen at very inexpensive prices that provides good meals.

Library: There is a well-equipped bookstore for passionate learners with many novels, newspapers, newspapers, magazines, research equipment and previous documents. Within the library itself, there is a community debate and personal study space where learners can hold sessions or do some solo studies on subjects of concern to them.

Sports: College St. Xavier has a big arena where multiple extra-curricular activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, table tennis, relay races and other sports can take place.

Laboratories: For the science faculties, there is state-of – the-art laboratories that are fitted with all samples, chemicals, and equipment needed for a suitable greater research experience.

Fee Structure

 For A level (science)

  1. 1st Installment (At the time of admission)

Rs. 1, 05, 000

2.2nd Installment (sept.)

Rs. 60, 000

  1. 3rd Installment (Dec.)

Rs. 60, 000

Total: 2, 25, 000


  1. 1st Installment (At the time of admission)

Rs. 85, 000

2.2nd Installment (sept.)

Rs. 60, 000

  1. 3rd Installment (Dec.)

Rs. 60, 000

.Total: Rs. 2, 05, 000

In addition to the above, the students have to pay:

Admission fee: Rs. 10, 000

Guarantee + Security Deposit: Rs. 5, 000 + Rs. 5, 000 (Refundable) = Rs. 10, 000

Education Tax & ID Card: Rs: 500

For class 11 and 12

Field                                                   class 11                 class 12

Admission/ Maintenance               Rs. 18, 000         Rs. 18, 000

Development Fee                             Rs. 9, 250           Rs. 9, 250

Tuition Fee                                         Rs. 24, 000         Rs. 24, 000

Lab Fee                                             Rs. 24, 000           Rs. 24, 000

Library Fee                                         Rs. 3, 000           Rs. 3, 000

Activities Fee                                    Rs. 4, 000           Rs. 4, 000

College Exam Fee                              Rs. 4, 500          Rs. 4, 500

Stationary                                          Rs. 1, 000           Rs. 1, 000

Internet                                              Rs. 3, 000           Rs. 3, 000

Total                                                    Rs. 90, 750         Rs. 90, 750

Annual Fee: Rs. 90, 750

Admission fee: Rs. 5, 000

Guarantee Deposit: Rs. 5, 000

Security Deposit: Rs. 2, 000


Xavier’s College offers learners with a broad spectrum of high-quality schooling linked to all university curricula. By improving their management potential, this college promotes learners to build a positive relationship between learners and teachers.

Xavier’s College has a distinctive setting to develop the value of education and personality development. Not only does this college focus on academics, but it also emphasizes the significance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that assist learners in becoming accountable, skilled, creating fresh understanding and being creative for the country as well as themselves.

Besides this, St. Xavier’s College also provides compulsory agricultural courses for all the faculties that help the learners get data about the problems or problems that the nation faces.

St. Xavier’s also organizes seminars with the concept for undergraduate and graduate students that assist in the holistic growth of the learners due to the straightforward debate and analysis of the college’s concept and purpose.

Xavier’s College encourages learners to increase their understanding in their area of expertise by establishing different college groups for graduate and undergraduate learners that also create their class co-curricular activities. So, it became one of the collage of the toper.


St. Xavier’s College

Maitighar, Kathmandu

Website: www.sxc.edu.np

E-Mail: ktm@sxc.edu.np

+977-01-4221365, 4244636

Notice Board No.: 1618014221365

GPO: 7437

Author:- Anil Sharma