About Nepalese People — Are People from Nepal called Nepalese or Nepali?

About Nepalese People — Are People from Nepal called Nepalese or Nepali?

The person who lives within the geographical territory of their country can be called by the name of their country. Ant might be the little more difference.  The person or the countrymen are mostly treated and called by the name of their own country from where they belongs and their identity represents. Similarly, the person of Nepal are simply called Nepali but with the advance in a sense, it is called and said as Nepalese.  Nepalese is renown and recognized all over the world for the position attainment in Everest and Gautam Buddha. The Gautam Buddha is the light of the worlds that has made the country recognized and upgraded.  Nepalese are very much intensive in nature and they are very much fortunate. So, it’s the Nepalese who has made the door open of mount Everest in 1953.

Now, the world is coming to visit and see the moment of Everest. Everest is the highest altitude that has to maintain the attitude and personality of the Nepalese. Nepalese are bitterly careful and aware for the secrecy and safety of Everest. Moreover, the Nepal is the country of Multilanguage, multicultural and multi-religion that is also one of the supportive strength of the Nepal. If we discussed the Nepalese geographical territory, we came to learn many about the Nepalese in the perspective of inside story which is not even reflected after the pressing it or opening it. The light fall on the land of Nepal from the sum is the first province that makes the country bright and day. The country is full-pressed by the two big stones, that is India and China.

mahendra rajmarg of nepal highway map facts

These two countries are also the greatest country in the world and leading the small country. Nepal is also running in the instruction India and there is an expectation of no- development due to this. The person who has not their own legs will surely take the supports of another stick or ladder. It might be the perfect reason for instructing the Nepal and making the Nepal movement by the India. And the political situation in the country is now smelling life the wastes of long time dustbin.the politicians have made the country like the ballon in which there is nothing inside but also it looks big in nature. The country is going to enlarge but not enrich due to many political and social obstacle which came in the momentum of development and blocks the proposal.

The man who is greedy in nature are treated and compared with money who even don’t make his own home and not let other to make their own home. A person should be the developing and matured mind that have some special project and vision to make the country more ahead in the path of development. The development is not done by the mouth as the rice pudding is not prepared by saying only similarly, the projected and the spoken words should be implemented for the happening of the projects.

The three geographical region which also gives the identity of different Nepalese who lives inside the country in different parts with their habitat and habits. A person who lives in the society started to act like there. It’s not the problem of consideration but it’s the environmental effect. The stone who accepts and keep silence by the water who falls on their body from the long attitude like spring will probably make their backbone break but there seems the hole is drawn due to the continuous waterfalls. It’s also the life if there is a continuous process of anything. The people who live in Terai region are mostly called as the Madhesi which is also treated as the colonized state or region of the country but the government is not accepting and they are only behaving discriminating mind and activities.



Tolerating the black face people for the backward not to do politics and don’t make the great leaders more than them. There are not any high-quality services opened and inaugurated till now. No any medical college and not and international airport and not any head office related to governmental works. The Nepalese are behaving the Terai people like the sons of a stepmother. But even it does not behave with the step mother son that much is p use to seen.  A person who lives in Madhesh should also involve equally in every governmental works and post but it is not used to seen.

 Revolting between the Madhesi and Nepali government:

 There is the occurrence of agitation between two political parties of Nepal one is governmental and another is Alliance of Madhesh.

The government is always doing the behavior of domination and not even ready to make the involvement of Madhesi in an army and different government sector even the Madhesi are more than fifty people of the total population of the country about 55%. But the government is not listening to the voice of harassed community and groups. The Terai or Madhesi are not releasing their freed voice for freedom and against the governmental due to the poor use and a shot warrant is started while the agitation started.

Madheshi political leaders

Madheshi political leaders

Due to many agitation crowds for equally right, the country has faced many losses and challenges but also they don’t think and discuss the matter of nationality and nation. More than 100 young become a martyr in Aandolan held for two times one in 2062 and another in the gap of 10 years that is2072. The government is acting like the slept tiger without thinking about the equality providing or separating the country according to their agreement and desire.

Nepalese feeling:

The Madhesi are even not feeling like the Nepalese because they are not treated as the  Nepalese. In every work related to government, the Madhesi or black face citizenship is mostly checked and inquiry for the true Nepalese citizen holder or. The government goes either the person is Indian or not and use to say that all the Madhesi are Indian, came from India by crossing the border. Really, if we see the history and details of all the political leader, then we clearly know that they also belong from India and their origin is also India.

Girls are wearing Newar cultural dresses of Nepal

Newar cultural dresses

So the people of Terai is not treated and said themselves as Nepalese because they are dominated and discriminated by the government. For the Nepalese feeling, all people for every part of Nepal should be equally given right and have to join them in one chain like our national anthem speak we all are Nepali and we are like the different flower of the single garden. Mean to say, we all are children of a single mother and we may all have different culture and religion but our roots are one.  So all we have to made the harmonious relation among each other to make our bond powerful that makes the country power and our identity is connected to the potentiality of the country. If the country is strong, the people for that country is also treated as the strong citizen and respected as the chief guest. But the country is poor and weak than the citizen is also dominated in a foreign country as saying the citizen of guilty can the powerless country.

nepalese-culture Photos

nepalese culture

The countrymen identity is connected and added with the power of the country for which they are respected and receipt the appreciation by the foreign people in foreign lands. Like the citizen of America is respected all over the world because the country is the very power that determines the power of the citizen. America is one of the leading countries and the person of America is all over gets the good appreciation and feedback of their comment and achieves the chief and quality respect.