23 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Bandipur, Nepal

23 Things to Do & Places to Visit in Bandipur, Nepal Things to do in Bandipur Nepal | Places to visit in Bandipur Nepal: - Halfway on the day-lengthy drive amongst capital of Nepal and Pokhara lies the height settlement of Bandipur, a Newar city with its deep frozen enhance…


10 Day Nepal Itinerary

10 Day Nepal Itinerary If you are planning for the holiday’s trip in Nepal and you are completely unaware about this beautiful country: what to do, where to go and how to go, then here we are with the holiday tips, just for you. We have made a solid 10…


Major Cultural Differences Between Indian and Nepalese Hindus

What are the top major cultural differences between Indian Hindus and Nepalese Hindus? Nepal is mostly treated as the  Hindu country because a majority of the Nepalese are Hindu and celebrate the festival according to themselves. Nepal is located between two country that is India and China, that we know…

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