Facebook for Android: You’ll Never Miss a Single Friend’s Update


Facebook App for Android provides you feature not to miss even a single your friends’ updates. When your friends update his/her posts, you will get notification at a moment on your android mobile phone. No friend will be far from you and you will not be far from any friend in even single moment from anywhere.

Really, Facebook for Android is a great thing made ever. It’s well done and great designed by official facebook.com. Facebook did an unexpecting thing in the internet era.

facebook notificationWhat do you think about Facebook app for Android? Now Facebook app for android has been made what it should be really. Everything you want to do, you can do.


Facebook for android is an android app which allows users to stay connected with your Facebook feed on the go with his/her android mobile device. So check up on your friends, update status, upload photos and videos, tag photos, create or manage photo album, share your location, give mind blowing comments, chat with your friends when they are online and have group conversation. Besides these facilities, there are various facilities further more on your Android device if you have installed or downloaded Facebook app on your android mobile. You can play games, send instant message to your friends when they are offline, control your privacy, choose your post to publish publicly or only to a certain friend lists, approve friend requests, search new friends, read notes of your friends, see your friends’ birthdays, change your profile picture, zoom into photos, like the pages, see mutual friends, and use or download your favourite apps etc, whatever you want to do from everywhere on the world.

So go on the way to keep up with all your friends with facebook for android wherever you are whenever you are. You will never miss even your single friend’s update status and comments if you have android mobile and have installed facebook app on your android device.

Overall, facebook app for android helps you not to miss to see your friend update giving instant notification when your friends either comment on your posts or update his/her status.

For getting this facility, just download or update the latest version of Facebook messenger app for Android.


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