Some Popular Social Media To Use to Promote My Small Business

Facebook and other social media are great tools to build relationship and contacts with target community to promote your business. They give you a platform to get connection to with your potential target customers directly. There are several social media websites. But only few sites are get famous and popularity. Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site having more than 1.15 billion monthly active users. They’re free, effective ways to reach old and new customers alike.

some popular social media to use to promote my businessThere are two questions often asked with the person who has small business and want to use social media to promote their business. How do you want to use social media to promote your business? How to use social media to promote your business? Both questions is asking about What goals do you want to achieve from them? So, before using social media to promote business, make your goals as concrete, measurable and achievable as possible. So determine goal and objectives to use social media for your potential target business customers.

Some Popular Social Media To Promote Your Small Business


As we all know that Facebook is the most popular and largest networking social media. Sign up a business page on Facebook and update your post as more as you can. Say thanks to everyone who who Like your created page. On your wall post of Facebook, share their links. Comment on their posts, status and photos. If you can, then wish them ‘Happy Birthday’ on their birthday. Remember it, Birthdays are BIG on Facebook. You can offer him/her a heavy discount coupon for a birthday treat via Facebook.



Twitter is the second largest social media in the world. On twitter you can retweet your potential or target customer’s tweet. You can comment on their tweets. It will be better to reply to each and every message of target customer. Stay with them on contact and conversation. Follow other relevant business, organizations, blogger, reporter and target customer people. As a result they will trust you. The more you Tweet the more you get visibility in your follower’s news feeds. You should take interest in using Twitter to promote your small business.

how to open a twitter account


Google plus:

Google+ (plus) is also very famous social media. It has different feature as well. It’s great social media because one may create circles of certain people you want to target for different reasons. Create circles in your personal Google+ profile which are set up specifically for your potential target customers, your dealer, retailer, vendors, and others interested in your brand services. It is easier to post certain promotion to group Vs another group.

Post interesting content related to your business product reviews, announcements about special promotions, and other exclusive offers or news on your profile to your customers and other business-related circles. That content might include your blog posts, interesting articles.

google +


It is the best way to engage with potential customer. LinkedIn is especially designed for business, employee and organization. So create a LinkedIn profile. You can add here links to your website; update your profile with new links, product reviews, books, or articles related to your product and business. You here in the LinkedIn can join the industry groups and start discussing on promoting your small business with them. So, join LinkedIn groups there may be your target customers post questions or comments frequently related to your business products or services.

You can ask with your target customers, dealer, retailers, vendors, or other business associates in your network to provide a recommendation for you or your business in LinkedIn.




It is the largest and most popular video storage social networking site in the world. It is a free video streaming service oriented website where you can post videos about your business product, services, and customer experiences. Create a YouTube channel for your online business and regularly post as more useful videos as you can to encourage customers to view and share your videos with others.



Pinterest is, with no doubt, an extremely popular website. The newest network on the social media scene, Pinterest adds a brand new focus to social images media networking. Pinterest allows users “pin” photos, images and other graphics they find online or create themselves in order to share, promote, and inspire. These pin’s can also be shared on twitter and Facebook for additional exposure.
These pinboards usually have a common theme such as weddings, birthdays, visiting places, or recipes.



Tumblr is also popular social media site which allows you to post anything from anywhere. It is a micro blogging platform website having more than 130.5 million blogs until the date of August 8, 2013. It allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs, as well as make their blogs private. Create your own Tumblr blog today about your business. Customize everything, and find and follow what you offer your target customers to love.


My Space:

It is also popular social networking site where you can get most of facilities of Facebook. It gives you more freedom to design your page.



It is such type of social media networking site where you can upload of your business photos. Photos of your business encourage more to your potential target customers.


Google Buzz:

It is bit like twitter and Facebook. It is less popular social network than above mentioned sites. But it has different features. It may attract your business to the customers.

google buzz


 If you want to know about how to use popular social media to promote your small business, then click the given link below: How To Use Popular Social Media To Promote Your Small Business

Please share your tips and tricks that will help small businesses sign-up and use social media.

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