How to Be Safe From Air Pollution in Nepal – 20 Tips To Protect Yourself From Unhealthy Air Pollution


Ways to be safe from air pollution in Nepal:- Kathmandu Valley, understood as city of sanctuaries, has now changed itself into city of contamination. The city of sanctuaries is currently clad in residue and smoke.

The immaculate blue slopes and the fresh blue sky that secured the valley pretty much two decades back now seem dark and cloudy because of the dormant brown haze that floats over them. Kathmandu has a populace thickness of 13,225 for every km2 as of information recorded by Central Bureau of Statistics in 2011, with populace development rate of 4.78% .

Such a high populace in the valley is because of its being the capital city and individuals from everywhere throughout the nation crowd to the city in quest for better life and openings.

The valley is encompassed by high mountains running from 2000 to 2800 meters from ocean level. Because of this, the valley has a one of a kind bowl-molded topographic structure which limits the development of twist in this manner holding the toxins noticeable all around. This makes the valley especially defenseless against air contamination.

World Health Organization (WHO) characterizes air contamination as tainting of the indoor or open air condition by any compound, physical, or organic operator that alters the common attributes of the climate. Normal wellsprings of air contamination are family unit burning gadgets, engine vehicles, modern offices, and woods fires.

Air contamination is an intricate blend of thousands of segments, dominant part of which incorporate airborne Particulate Matter (PM) and vaporous toxins like ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), unpredictable natural mixes (like benzene), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and so forth.

An assortment of respiratory and different maladies, which can likewise be deadly, are caused by open air and indoor air contamination. Particulate Matter (PM 10) is that suspended molecule that is around 10µm in distance across and primarily emerges from the low quality streets, building locales, and cultivates and is in charge of causing disturbance in eyes, nose, and intense respiratory contaminations.


High rate of PM10 related mortality and respiratory ailment are found in youngsters and grown-ups.

Then again PM2.5 (particles under 2.5 µm in distance across) enter profound into the lung, aggravate and erode the alveolar divider, thus disable lung work, and even infiltrate the blood. It has been demonstrated that PM2.5 is a general wellbeing concern whose introduction prompts diminished future. The high centralization of CO frames carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) and compounds heart assault and furthermore influences sensory system, NO2 causes bronchitis and bronchopneumonia, and SO2 causes eye disturbance, shortness of breath, perpetual bronchitis, asthma, different heart ailments, lung sickness, disease, and conjunctivitis.

O3 is related with incitement of translation factors and expanded articulation of cytokine and bond atoms which prompt the advancement of cardiovascular and respiratory ailments. Air contamination’s relationship with immune system illnesses has been distributed. Air contamination has been developing as a noteworthy danger to the entire environment.

There are straightforward advances you can take in your regular day to day existence to help enhance air quality. Each time you drive to work or school, utilize your radiator or climate control system, clean your windows or even style your hair, you settle on decisions that can diminish of increment air contamination.

Here are 20 things that are generally easy to do that – after some time – can have positive outcomes on air quality here in Ventura County.

home pollution gif image
Managing home pollution gif image

Around 3 million passings worldwide were connected to open air contamination in 2016, as indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO). The European Environment Agency (EEA) says air contamination is the single biggest natural wellbeing peril in Europe, causing around 467,000 unexpected losses in Europe in 2013.

The biggest supporter of air contamination in European urban zones is activity. Vehicular particulate issue represents a wellbeing danger to around 85 percent of individuals living in European urban communities, as indicated by the EEA.

Autos, specifically diesel autos, are the essential hotspot for particulate contamination. Tire particles, blended up from the lanes, likewise enter our lungs as we relax.

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) radiated from autos hurts our respiratory frameworks, and may cause asthma. Diesel autos radiate NOx – by and large, even new models discharge six fold the amount of NOx as gas motors.

What should be possible to stem this issue?

  1. Stricter testing and controls

New diesel trucks produce just half as much NOx as traveler autos. This is because of stricter tests and controls: Since 2013, emanation of contaminations from cargo trucks and transports is observed on Europe’s streets, utilizing compact estimating hardware.

Traveler autos, then again, are not tried out and about. Consistent with life testing conditions and randomized observing of autos in the city, and also authorizes for the individuals who neglect to meet the points of confinement, could help lessen NOx emanation from diesel traveler autos.

  1. Vehicle bans in downtown areas

In spite of breaking points on air contamination in the European Union, numerous urban areas have been surpassing these cutoff points for a considerable length of time. Nationals and ecological associations have indicted urban communities, and the European Commission is likewise berating some EU part states for neglecting to enhance air quality.

A few urban communities are looking for their own answers: Paris, Madrid and Athens are prepared to totally restrict diesel autos from city lanes by 2025. Different urban areas actualize brief diesel auto bans if brown haze levels are too high. In Germany, lawmakers are discussing requiring a “blue identification” for autos that meet certain emanation limitations before they can enter urban areas.

  1. Advancing e-portability

The electric vehicle upheaval is as yet a way off in many nations. Norway is one special case; one out of five autos sold there is presently battery-driven. With its arrangements favoring e-portability, the Norwegian government trusts that by 2025, autos with gas and diesel motors won’t be sold any longer.

  1. More space for bikes and open transport

Elective versatility examples can likewise stem dangers presented via air contamination and environmental change. Numerous people group are putting more in broad daylight transport and bicycle paths. Particularly in enormous urban areas, e-bicycles are great options in contrast to private autos.

  1. Greening the city

Plants additionally help enhancing a city’s air quality. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, sift particulates through of the air and help to chill off urban areas subject to the “urban warmth island” impact. Parks, green belts and green rooftops are essential for a city’s atmosphere.

In towns like Dresden, unique dividers that fill in as beds planted with greenery have been set up keeping in mind the end goal to clean the air. One of these dividers guessed sift the same number of particulates through of the air as 200 trees


  1. Keep your floors new.

Suck it up. Synthetic concoctions and allergens can gather in family unit dust for quite a long time. By utilizing a vacuum with a HEPA channel you can decrease centralizations of lead in your home. You can likewise dispose of different poisons, as brominated fire-retardant synthetic compounds (PBDEs) and allergens like dust, pet dander, and residue parasites.

Utilizing a vacuum cleaner that has solid suction, turning brushes, and a HEPA channel guarantees that residue and soil won’t get blown pull out in the fumes. In high rush hour gridlock zones, vacuum a similar detect a few times.

Keep in mind dividers, cover edges, and upholstered furniture, where dust aggregates. For best outcomes, vacuum at least two times every week and wash out your channel consistently.

Clean it up. Cleaning grabs the residue that vacuuming abandons. You can skirt the cleansers and cleaners and simply utilize plain water to catch any waiting residue or allergens. New microfiber wipes (and residue materials) allegedly catch more residue and earth than conventional strands and don’t require any cleaning arrangements at all.

Keep it out. Put a vast floor tangle at each door.People track in a wide range of synthetic compounds through the soil on their shoes. An entryway tangle diminishes the measure of earth, pesticides, and different toxins from getting into your home. On the off chance that the tangle is sufficiently huge, even the individuals who don’t wipe their shoes will leave most contaminations on the tangle – not the floors in your home.

  1. Keep a solid level of stickiness.

Residue parasites and shape love dampness. Keeping moistness around 30%-half helps monitor them and different allergens. A dehumidifier (and forced air system amid summer months) lessens dampness in indoor air and viably controls allergens, Lang says. A forced air system additionally decreases indoor dust tally – another in addition to for sensitivity sufferers.

More tips for dehumidifying your home:

  • Utilize a fumes fan or air out a window when cooking, running the dishwasher, or showering.
  • Don’t overwater houseplants.
  • Vent the garments dryer to the outside.
  • Fix flawed pipes to counteract dampness cherishing mold.
  • Void trickle container in your window forced air system and dehumidifier.
  1. Make your home a no-smoking zone.

“Presumably the absolute most imperative part of indoor air contamination is used tobacco smoke,” says Philip Landrigan, MD, a pediatrician and chief of the Children’s Environmental Health Center at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

Tobacco smoke contains in excess of 4,000 synthetic substances. Research demonstrates that used smoke builds a tyke’s danger of creating ear and respiratory diseases, asthma, malignancy, and sudden newborn child passing disorder (SIDS). For the smoker, this compulsion causes disease, breathing issues, heart assaults, and stroke.

In the event that you need to quit smoking, bolster gatherings, nicotine-substitution treatment, and different meds can help. Discover a strategy that works for you, get some help (companions, family, individual losers, advising), and think positive. Spotlight on your purposes behind stopping – not on your yearnings.

More Americans than any other time in recent memory have kicked the propensity, as per the CDC. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you backslide, ensure you don’t smoke inside the house. “On the off chance that you can’t stop, in any event, smoke outside,” Landrigan says.

  1. Test for radon.

Regardless of whether you have another or old home, you could have a radon issue. This dry, unscented gas essentially raises the danger of lung malignancy. Radon is the second driving reason for lung tumor in the U.S. today. On the off chance that you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your danger of lung tumor is particularly high.

Radon is a radioactive gas. It originates from the regular rot of uranium found in about all dirt. It regularly climbs through the ground and into your home through breaks and openings in the establishment. Drafty homes, water/air proof homes, homes with or without a storm cellar – any home can possibly have a radon issue.

Stone ledges have additionally been connected to radon. While specialists concur that most rock ledges radiate some radon, the inquiry is whether they do as such at levels that can cause malignancy. Testing is simple, modest, and takes just a couple of minutes.

In the event that you find a radon issue, there are straightforward approaches to diminish levels of the gas that are not very exorbitant. Indeed, even high radon levels can be lessened to satisfactory levels. The Environmental Protection Agency offers a “Shopper’s Guide to Radon Reduction.”

  1. Smell pleasant normally.

You may relate that lemony or piney aroma with a spotless kitchen or clean clothes. But engineered aromas in clothing items and deodorizers produce many diverse synthetics into the air. You won’t discover their names on the item names. Customary clothing cleansers, cleansing agents, dryer sheets, and deodorizers in strong, splash, and oil shape may all discharge such gasses.

In one examination, a module deodorizer was found to discharge 20 diverse unstable natural mixes (VOCs), including seven managed as lethal or dangerous under U.S. government laws. Be that as it may, these synthetic substances were excluded on the mark – just “scent” is required to be recorded. However, the genuine structure of the aroma is viewed as a “prized formula.”


Most scents are gotten from oil-based commodities, and by and large haven’t been tried to check whether they have any critical unfriendly wellbeing impacts in people when they are breathed in. (Tests more often than not center around whether a scent causes skin aggravation.)

Some that have been tried to raise concern. Phthalates are a gathering of synthetic substances frequently utilized in scents and furthermore used to diminish plastics. Studies demonstrate that phthalates disturb hormones in animals. What would you be able to do?

  • Search for aroma free or normally scented clothing items.
  • Change to mellow cleaners that do exclude counterfeit scents.
  • Quit utilizing airborne showers – antiperspirants, hair splashes, cover cleaners, furniture clean, and deodorizers.
  • Let in natural air. Open windows so dangerous synthetic substances don’t develop in your home. Consider the possibility that you or your kid has dust hypersensitivities. At that point keep rooms ventilated with a sifted cooling framework.
  • Utilize cut lemons and heating pop to get a perfect aroma in the kitchen.

Levels of contamination change similarly as fast as the climate, so there are times that you can go out when the contamination won’t be as unsafe – various applications can enable you to check this. Crest Air Report reveals to you the contamination rates continuously, and when it is best to do certain exercises.

Outstanding amongst other highlights of this application is you can really perceive how the contamination will develop straightaway.

CityAir discloses to you when the contamination level is high and can give you custom fitted guidance to decrease both your discharges and your introduction to contamination. CleanSpace Air Pollution application demonstrates you contamination noticeable all around, both inside and outside. It additionally demonstrates to you the effect of your spotless travel decisions.

The remarkable thing about this application is that it enables you to see the levels of contamination inside, which isn’t in every case simple to discover.


In the event that you can change from crashing into work to passing by transport, it can have any kind of effect as autos are likewise brimming with poisons, Professor Holgate claim. On the off chance that you can change from crashing into work to passing by transport it can have any kind of effect as autos are likewise loaded with toxins, Professor Holgate claims


An intuitive guide makes it conceivable to check air quality continuously crosswise over Europe, where air contamination has been connected to countless unexpected losses consistently.

The guide, named the ‘European Air Quality Index’, indicates whether the air you inhale is protected, and tells you what unsafe synthetic substances are noticeable all around your breath, including PM2.5, which causes heart and lung malady.

In the UK, London, Norwich, Belfast, Chatham, and Newport have ‘direct’ air quality appraisals because of large amounts of PM10 and PM2.5, while whatever remains of the UK positions well.

Somewhere else on the landmass, Eastern European countries commonly rate inadequately, while Germany has brilliant air quality, with a considerable lot of its towns and urban communities given a ‘decent’ appraising by the EAA information.

This one is less demanding said than done, however in the event that you can change from crashing into work to passing by transport it can have any kind of effect.

Or on the other hand, walk your children to class as opposed to giving them a lift.

Trust it or not, contamination can be four to five times higher inside you auto than outside, so being in your auto isn’t really halting the hurtful toxins contacting you.

Teacher Holgate clarifies that when you’re utilizing the radiator in your auto, it ‘attracts the fumes exhaust from the vehicle in front’, which can be specifically terrible in congested roads.

Utilizing the applications we recommended you can keep away from the most dirtied courses and stop a portion of your emanations.

Meat can regularly contain distinctive items to save it, and make it additionally engaging purchasers, which are hurtful to your body

Meat can frequently contain diverse items to save it, and make it all the more speaking to purchasers, which are destructive to your body

  1. Take a stab at GOING VEGETARIAN

It’s anything but difficult to overlook exactly what number of synthetic concoctions go into the sustenance we eat, from eateries to handled basic needs, we devour a considerable measure of unnatural contaminations.

Going veggie for only a couple of dinners seven days can have such a major effect.

Meat can frequently contain diverse items to safeguard it and make it all the more speaking to buyers, which are hurtful to your body.

Likewise, the meat will have whatever contaminations that the creature was presented to, especially pesticides from their nourishment.

  1. Settle on ORGANIC FOOD

Natural sustenance will have less contaminations than other nourishment since it contains less pesticide. Natural nourishment will have less toxins than other sustenance since it contains less pesticides

While there has been banter about how great natural nourishment really is for you, by law to call something natural it needs to take after particular points of confinement respects pesticides and medications.

That implies natural nourishment will have less poisons than other sustenance. Pesticide Action Network UK, a UK philanthropy concentrated on handling the issues caused by pesticides, have a guide that discloses to you what products of the soil are well on the way to contain pesticides or synthetic concoctions.

Utilizing this you can make sense of what foods grown from the ground you should endeavor to purchase naturally.


Drinking green tea is likewise a smart thought as it is high in cancer prevention agents – which can stop harm caused by presentation to toxins. Drinking green tea is likewise a smart thought as it is high in cancer prevention agents – which can stop harm caused by presentation to poisons

Contamination implies our introduction to poisons and free radicals are high and these can be maturing to the skin, on account of the oxidative pressure this causes to the body. You can help this procedure by bringing more cancer prevention agents into your eating routine.

Cell reinforcements respond with free radicals and poisons to help stop the chain of harm in the body. Natural yields are 60 for each penny higher in cancer prevention agents, so going natural will help.

Be that as it may, you can likewise hope to eat more purple, red, yellow and orange products of the soil, which have a tendency to be high in cancer prevention agents. Drinking green tea is likewise a smart thought.


There are diverse reasons for contamination inside your home including stickiness and poor ventilation, and even radon. There are distinctive reasons for contamination inside your home including dampness and poor ventilation, and even radon. Indoor contamination can be similarly as harming as open air contamination, in light of the fact that the levels are frequently more focused.

There are diverse reasons for contamination inside your home including dampness and poor ventilation, and even radon. Radon is a boring, scentless, bland gas, which happens to be radioactive.

The peril originates from that reality that you, yourself, have no chance to get of recognizing radon in your home. It’s present in each building, yet most of the time, levels are low and not destructive.

You can examine whether your property has hurtful levels of radon – an intuitive guide here shows where abnormal amounts of radon are probably. In case despite everything you’re concerned, you can pay to have radon testing done in your home.


Notwithstanding having your windows open for 15 minutes daily can have a gigantic effect on the level of contamination in your home. Notwithstanding having your windows open for 15 minutes daily can have an immense effect on the level of contamination in your home. With regards to moistness and ventilation, the best thing you can do is open windows and enable air to circulate through your home.

Notwithstanding having your windows open for 15 minutes daily can have an immense effect on the level of contamination in your home. It’s best to do this on the off chance that you have been utilizing solid cleaning items, painting, or in the wake of cooking.

Indeed, even your furniture can be affecting the air in your home, with some furniture containing formaldehyde and other brutal synthetic compounds that are unsafe to breathe in. Towards the winter this may not generally be conceivable – this is the place an air purifier or dehumidifier could help and which one you pick will rely upon what is causing the contamination in your home.

An air purifier will sift through smoke, dust and different aggravations that might prowl in your home while a dehumidifier will extricate the dampness from the air, executing mold and ceasing the risk of microbes that flourish in dampness.

You can likewise put resources into some house plants, which won’t just light up your home yet in addition normally sift through awful contaminations noticeable all around. Amid photosynthesis, plants attract carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen into your home.


Educator Holgate clarifies that contamination inside can originate from cooking and cleaning items, which discharge chemicals. Educator Holgate clarifies that contamination inside can originate from cooking and cleaning items, which discharge synthetic compounds. Most cleaning items contain brutal synthetic substances, which discharge poisonous contaminations into your home.

Teacher Holgate clarifies that contamination inside can originate from cooking and cleaning items, which discharge synthetic substances. He underlines that indoor contamination ‘is something we require more data on’ yet the wellbeing impacts of indoor contamination will be very significant.

To dodge poisons, you can make you possess cleaning items utilizing vinegar, lemon, preparing pop and so forth. You can likewise begin purchasing all regular and natural cleaning items. For instance, utilizing a characteristic loofah rather than your standard wipe.


From detox confront veils to cancer prevention agent filled serums, it’s presently shockingly simple to discover antipollution skincare. From detox confront veils to cancer prevention agent filled serums, it’s presently shockingly simple to discover antipollution skincare. And in addition to harming your wellbeing, contamination can likewise be maturing and cruel to the skin.

We can’t pressure enough the significance of taking your make up off and purging your face by the day’s end, particularly in the event that you live/work in a city.

The earth and contamination stick to your skin so the initial step to ensuring yourself is to clean every last bit of it away.

From detox confront covers to cancer prevention agent filled serums, it’s currently shockingly simple to discover antipollution skincare.

  1. Others ways

Bring nature inside. Any room is prettier with a plant, creepy crawly plant, or aloe vera. It’s likewise more beneficial. NASA investigate demonstrates that indoor plants like these go about as living air purifiers – the foliage and roots work couple to ingest concoction contaminations discharged by engineered materials. On the off chance that you have children or pets, ensure the plants aren’t toxic if ingested.

  • When obtaining another auto, think of one as that is the most proficient, least contaminating vehicle or even a zero-emanation electric auto.
  • Walk or ride a bicycle when conceivable.
  • Take open transportation.
  • Compose and gather errands into one trek.
  • When driving, quicken bit by bit and comply with as far as possible.
  • Drive less, especially on days with unhealthful air quality.
  • Keep up your vehicle and keep the tires appropriately swelled.
  • Contact the Ventura County Transportation Commission at for ridesharing administrations.
  • Travel daintily and expel any superfluous things that may weigh down your vehicle.
  • Breaking point sitting.
  • Kill the lights when you leave a room.
  • Supplant vitality hungry radiant lights with reduced bright lights.
  • Pick a fan rather than cooling.
  • Utilize a programmable indoor regulator and set it to 780 F in the late spring, what’s more, 680F in the winter.
  • Approaches your vitality provider for a home review and ask about elective vitality arrangements like sun oriented or wind.
  • Introduce low-stream shower heads.
  • Reuse paper, plastic, metals and natural materials.
  • Utilize a flood defender for different machines and turn it off when items are not being used.

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