20 Awesome Products to Put on Your Wish List for Your Daily Life in Nepal


20 Awesome Products to Put on Your Wish List for Your Daily Life in Nepal

No doubt Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries with lots of natural beauties all around. However, the infrastructure here is quite poor which clearly overshadows the natural beauty and in turn, makes life in Nepal quite difficult most of the times. Poorly developed and unmanaged urbanization adds up to the hardship in living day to day lives in Nepal. Due to this, people of Nepal need to be ready to adapt new technologies to cope up with everyday life and when we say technologies, we have various things available in the market to get as soon as possible.

There are a few products that will make your life easier if you are in Kathmandu or any other cities of Nepal and you need to put these things on your wish list for sure. These products are very useful and you can use it anywhere in Nepal. If you know how to use these products smartly, your daily hardship of living in Nepal can surely be decreased to some extent. So, go through the list and make sure you have everything on your wish list if you are living in Nepal.

20 Awesome Products to Put on Your Wish List for Your Daily Life in Nepal

  1. A Respirator or a Dusk Mask

The people of Nepal, especially of Kathmandu are living the most dreadful days. The pollution is at its all-time high with lots of dust particles in the air which is the result of the

roads and improper urbanization. Also, the unchecked vehicle’s carbon is all around the city which does nothing more than increasing the pollution of the city. As citizens of this country, we cannot get rid of this pollution, however, we can definitely be prepared to fight with the pollution and it can be done by the respirator or dust mask. Personally, I suggest you take a good quality respirator wherever you go as the pollution level is very high for a simple dust mask to protect. So, one thing that you need to put on your wish list for your daily life in Nepal is a good quality respirator.

  1. Washable boots

The roads of Nepal are not as good as we expect it to be. Apart from major city areas, almost all the roads are unmanaged with lots of pot holes with dust filled in. The condition of the roads become worse when it rains. Your day will be even worse if your expensive and loved shoes get stuck in the mud. This is why it is always better to have washable boots so that you can wear them while walking on the streets with lots of pot holes. This is something you need to have to make your life less miserable in Kathmandu during the rainy season. So, if you don’t have the washable boots till now, then make sure you have it on your wish list right now. You don’t have to worry about you expensive shoes after you use this boots during the rainy season.

  1. A power bank

The people of Nepal have tolerated the power cut of up to 18 hours a day in the past. Though we don’t have to tolerate that long power cuts, the country still reels under the shortage of electricity. At times Nepalese people have to face a lack of electricity for few hours to few days as well. In such situation, there is a high chance your electronic devices will die with love of power. In this case, it is best to carry a power bank with you so that you can charge your electronic devices on the go. The power bank is not only a necessity for your daily life, it could save you electricity bills, as well as power banks, use less electricity to get charged. So, one power bank must be on your wish list for your smooth life in Nepal.

  1. The broom that removes fur and can be used to clean windows

If you are a pet owner, you must have faced a challenge of cleaning the fur of your pet on a daily basis. Cleaning those fur is quite a hectic job for everyone. In this situation, one thing that you must have is a broom that removes fur very easily. This broom brushes off the hair quite easily. Also, the use of broom is not limited to cleaning fur or hair, you can easily wipe up the windows of your houses. So, one thing that you must have in your house especially if you own a pet is a broom that removes the fur of the pet from the carpet.


  1. A washing machine

Washing clothes are quite a hectic job for everyone. I am sure no one likes to wash their clothes every week. If you are a job holder, then the torture of washing clothes hunts everyone every night. Even on weekends, people have to stay at home just to wash clothes. With washing machine at home, you need not worry about washing clothes and enjoy the weekend with fun and excitement. So, if you don’t have a washing machine at home, then this is one thing that you must have at your home for your luxury.

  1. Pocket sized hand sanitizer

With so much pollution all around, especially in Kathmandu and other major cities, it is evident that the hygiene level is not up to mark. Even in villages hygiene is not given importance. It is for this reason you always need to carry a pocket sized hand sanitizer with you all time. Using hand sanitizer before eating any food in Nepal definitely save you from a bacterial infection in Nepal. With pocket sized sanitizer, you don’t even need to bother carrying a big bag, it can easily fit in your pocket and you can use it whenever you whenever you need. I especially recommend you to use hand sanitizer before eating food and after touching any public places of the city areas.

  1. Emergency light

Almost 40 percent of the country are still forced to live in the dark as electricity is not available in different parts of the country. In this condition, it is far better you have your own source of light in your place while you are in the visit to different places in Nepal. And, keeping a rechargeable emergency light with you all the time is the best option you keep yourself away from darkness. So, if you are in Nepal and want to lead a normal life without any hardship, make sure you have this product in your wish list.

  1. Water purifier

Water is a requirement for everyone and pure water while we are at home or even outside of the house is not always available in Nepal. For this reason, one thing that you need to have on your wish list for you normal life in Nepal is a small device that can purify water and make it germs free. It can be a rescuer for you when you go out away from home and need to drink water that is not contaminated with different kinds of disease causing bacteria and virus. Clean drinking water is a must for taking care of your health. And what could be better than having a portable water purifier to check the kind of water you are having and to improve the quality of it? So, make sure you have these portable water purifier if you are concerned about your health.

  1. Earthquake and fire alarm

One of the scariest thing for every Nepalese is definitely the Earthquake. We have not forgotten the powerful earthquake that shook the nation in 2014. We cannot undo the destructions that were caused by the earthquake, but we can learn from that earthquake and be more prepared for such natural calamities. For this, you can now buy and connect earthquake alarm system in your house. This alarm system notifies you few seconds before the earthquake so that you can get to some safe place. Also, this alarm system can notify you of smoke or fire as well. This small device is so important that it should be a complete necessity for every house in Nepal.

  1. Helmet with attached Speakers

Listening to music while riding bike or scooter is everyone’s desire. However, having to carry phones and sneak in the headphone through the helmet can get very difficult. Also, the cord can distract you from riding as well. So, here what you need. You can buy a helmet which has speakers on it that work on Bluetooth. You can simply connect your helmet’s speakers to your mobile phone and listen to any song you want. This product is very useful for all the bike lovers out there. With this product in your hand, you can now enjoy your bike ride and more importantly keep yourself busy during traffic jam which is a constant thing in Nepal. So, a helmet with attached speakers is one thing that you need to have on your wish list for your daily life in Nepal.


  1. Cool shades or specs

In the scorching heat of Kathmandu, it is always difficult to travel and more often to see. Sunglasses are the answer to your problem of the scorching sun. If you are not wearing powered specs then you can easily adapt to wearing sun glasses. However, if you need to wear powered specs, then, in that case, you can you can just buy detachable shades with colored glasses. You can just pop the detachable part of the shades on top of your normal specs and your specs will be transformed to a sunglass. It makes your life pretty easy and keeps you ready for any type of outdoor activity without having to compromise your visibility. Also, it saves your eyes from the UV rays and other pollutants. So, cool specs or detachable specs is the must have a thing for your daily life in Nepal.

  1. SmartWatch

While you are on a long drive or jogging around, it is not always recommended to use the mobile phone every time. Even during office time, you cannot afford to use the mobile phone every time you want. In such situation, there are high chances that you lose few of the important calls and messages. So, to save you from this, various phone companies have now started producing their own smart watch that syncs with the smartphone you are using.

As a result, you can get notifications of you each and every incoming message, incoming emails, various notifications and the likes. This watch or bracelet also looks amazing in your hand while giving you good vibes as well. With such a gadget right on your wrist, you no longer have to miss any of your important calls or messages. So, this is one product that you must have on your wish list if you are a workaholic or someone who travels a lot.

  1. Hand blender

Cooking is one of the most time-consuming jobs. While cooking food is itself time-consuming, preparing for it is even more hectic. Whenever you need to mix beans or grind tomatoes or prepare pickles, mostly Nepalese people use the stone mixer which is not only difficult but also time-consuming. So, to save you from grinding your ingredients for cooking with your hand on the stone, you can easily blend and grind ingredients in a hand blender or a mixer. With this product, you can prepare gravy food items or pickles in just a few minutes rather than wasting more time on it. So, one thing that you need to have on your wish list is hand blender or a good quality mixer.

  1. Wireless Charging Pads

Charging your electronic devices with extension cord can be very difficult at times. Sometimes you might not find your power cord and at other times you might be unable to locate the power source nearby. In such cases, a wireless charging pod becomes useful. Just mount your phone on top of this charging pod and your phone will start charging without having to connect to any physical ports. Isn’t it useful? This is totally a thing that you need to have for your daily life. this will definitely save up your time of searching up for an extension cord while giving you freedom of charging at the spot you like.

Wireless Charging Pads
Wireless Charging Pads
  1. Anti-Theft smart lock for your bikes and bicycle

The traffic problem in Kathmandu and other major cities is quite huge. While there is a constant problem of parking areas, the problem of theft is even more dreadful. Whenever you go out in your bicycle or on your bike and have to park it somewhere, you might always find yourself worrying about the security of the bike. Especially in the cities, you can never leave your bicycle unattended. In such case, you can simply buy a smart lock for your bicycle. Such smart lock will lock your bicycle and it operates without a key. Also, the sensors in the lock will notify you through beeping and alert in your mobile device in case of any theft attempt.

  1. A travel mug

A travel mug is very important for everyone who is traveling to Nepal. There are various types of mugs, but there is one special one that comes with in built tea maker. With this product, you need not worry about having tea and finding tea shops where you cannot be sure about the level of hygiene that they maintain. So, to give yourself the treat of tea and water everywhere you go, then get a travel mug that has inbuilt tea maker. This is definitely one thing that you need to have on your wish list if you are living in Nepal.

17. A time for all of your electronic devices

For every household, one most important thing these days is a timer for the electronic devices at home. Every household has so many electronic devices these days in our kitchen that keeping track of all the devices at once is not an easy job to do. While you are blending your juice, chances are.. your meat in the oven would be overcooked. So, to keep track of all the devices in your kitchen or anywhere in the house, it is better to own a timer for all your electronic devices around your house. So, if you don’t own this product, then get this to your wish list.

18.Cleaning glove that helps scrub pans and other tools

Cleaning utensils that too pan with grease and tools is a very tiring job for everyone. I am sure that not everyone is a fan of doing utensils with bare hands. To save you from getting your hand’s dirty various types of gloves are available in the market. Wear these gloves and do the cleaning job easily while scrubbing away the crease of the pan and other tools. This is one must have product in every household and if you don’t have this yet, you need to have this on your wish list as well.

19. A note pouch that has pockets for everything

In the busy city of Kathmandu, it is very likely that you would lose your important items like credit cards, atm cards, mobile or any other important documents. The main priority of yours should be to keep all your belongings safe and in the same place. One product that allows you to keep all your important belongings like credit cards, phones, i-pad or other credit cards is a note pouch. The best thing about this product is that it comes with lots of pockets for all your belongings. So, if you don’t own this amazing purse, then go ahead and grab it as soon as possible. It is a very important thing that you must own for your belongings’ safely.

20. A smartphone wallet that has earphone opening

Lastly, we have a product that is not only a necessity but also a cool product to have. If you are a music lover, then you should definitely get this product. Remember all the times when you wish to listen to song from your smartphone but worry that you would get your smartphone broken due to constant use of it in the public places. With the smart phone wallet having an earphone opening, you can easily sneak in the earphone and connect it to your smartphone and listen to the music on the go. So, get this product and listen to your favorite songs on the go without any fear of losing your precious smartphone.

These are the 20 products that are the must have things at home. Some of these things are the necessity, while other are the luxury products. However, if you want to live a happy life without any hurdles, then you must have these items at your home. If you already own these products, then I am sure you are leading a proper life in Nepal. However, if you don’t own these yet, then you must have these in your wish list. These products are sure to make your life less miserable in Nepal where the infrastructure development is quite poor.


For more amazing articles keep on following our posts to know about other products that you need in your life. If you have any other things in mind that you think is the necessity for leading an amazing life in Nepal, share it with us.

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