Nepal Telecom Wifi Service -Launching Free WiFi for 3 Months

Nepal Telecom Wifi Service -Launching Free WiFi for 3 Months

Nepal Telecom Wifi Service is getting better. Nepal Telecom Company (NTC) is now launching free WiFi for 3 Months. Nepal Telecom (NT) is now preparing to connect free Wi-Fi service within the Kathmandu Valley for 3 months. It is getting ready for connecting all of its mobile towers in the Kathmandu valley with fiber optical. Thanks to Nepal Telecom Wifi Service department.

Nepal Telecom companies normally use three types of media like radio transmission, satellite link and optical fiber for fixing connection of mobile towers.

Nepal Telecom Wifi Service free "Nepal Telecom WiMax"

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Demand of mobile internet is growing. Internet user in Nepal is increasing. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service is getting increased since some months.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) will soon launch free Wi-Fi in Kathmandu Valley for 3 months as trial. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service, this free Wi-Fi service is going to lauch under Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) technology from different stations. According to Nepal Telicom NTC, this plan is on the final stage of preparing the tariff for the service.

Nepal Telecom Company (NTC) is now set to launch their first broadband wireless (Wi-Fi) service in not only Kathmandu valley but also some major tourist hubs of out of Kathmandu. No cost for Nepal Telecom Wifi Service, this plan of Nepal Telecom is on the final stage to provide to several parts of the capital and in other major cities and tourists hubs of Nepal.Nepal Telecom Company (NTC) is currently providing high-speed Wi-Fi Internet in six major public places of Kathmandu Valley at free of cost under Nepal Telecom Wifi Service. Users needn’t to pay anybody for using internet. The service was started in September 2013. The name of places where NTC is providing free Wi-Fi service are Tribhuwan International Airport (both domestic and international terminals), Bir Hospital, Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital, Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre and different offices of Nepal Telecom. NTC has also installed it’s service of Wi-Fi hot spot in Basantapur Durbar Square Area in collaboration with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. On these places, one can get free Nepal Telecom Wifi Service.

Nepali Telecom Wife Service at Free of Cost for 3 month

NTC officials said that this type of free Wi-Fi service will be available in the range of 100 to 150 meters from the hotspots depending on the access point (AP) of Nepal Telecom Company (NTC). This range may be differ for Nepal Telecom Wifi Service at no cost. There is one service for house owner too. The state-owned telecom (NT) is also planning to provide unlimited Internet service of 256 kbps for the owners of the building where hotspot is installed. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service at no cost is most awaiting by public. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service at free cost is on more than 256 kbps speed.

Public Wi-Fi services are also set to be provided around Bir Hospital, Gangalal Heart Center and TU Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service is coming under 500 hotspots. With over 500 hotspots, around the capital, NTC’s most awaited plan of wireless internet service seems to come in action to which they call ‘BroadBand Wireless Service’. Besides that, Nepal Telecom (NTC) also has targeted shopping malls, hotels, departmental stores, restaurants, multiplex hall, and bus parks where they could install the free wireless service all around the valley.

Nepal Telecom Wifi Service at no cost is a part of Social responsibility. As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, NTC’s three month free Wi-Fi in public areas merely seems like an attraction to those who are fade up from the poor services that they were running through in the past. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service may be on improvement. However, the improvement in the communication and ADSL as well as WiMAX service has restored their fame to somewhere ahead of Ncell. Nepal Telecom Wifi Service should increase the error in Nepal Telecom Wifi Service.

Let’s hope better of Nepal telecom wifi service.

Nepal Telecom Wifi Service -Launching Free WiFi for 3 Months

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