58 Chinese Apps including Tiktok is Being Banned now in India And USA


Chinese apps including Tiktok is banned now in India and USA:-¬†The gigantic Chinese social media company has experienced phenomenal growth in the past three years. It has been downloaded more than two billion times. But across the world, and not just in the United States, TikTok faces a backlash. It’s hard to discover that being […]

Here Are The Perfect Reasons Why & How Indian News Channel Banned In Nepal

Indian news channel banned in Nepal

Indian News channel banned in Nepal: – On Thursday, the Nepalese government decided to ban the broadcast of all private news channels in India, claiming that they had been broadcasting content that was damaging to the country’s national sentiments. Viewers will not have access to any Indian news channels except for Doordarshan State News, according […]

Why & How is illegal kidney transplantation happening in Nepal

Kidney Transplant in Nepal

Illegal kidney transplant in Nepal:- Trafficking in human beings is a serious and widespread crime in Nepal, characterized by intra-national and international trade in men, women, and children. Nepal is a country of origin for men, women, and children who are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. In all types of trafficking, the purpose […]

Locust insects Problems in Nepal and Solution For Salah in Nepal

Locust - Insect name in English and Nepali

Locust insects Problems in Nepal and Solution For Salah in Nepal:-¬†About 60 years ago, locusts around Kathmandu caused the disorder. They destroyed acres of grain. According to agricultural history books, this in turn led to hunger. The same insect species that comes from Africa may be returning to Nepal through Iran, Pakistan, and India. Salahas […]