Major Political Parties of Nepal for Election 2017

Major political parties making involvement in election 2017 Nepal? Nepalese is on the way of tasting the tasting of the election after ten years by the crossing of many hopes and obstacles. Nepalese has waited for many years and have also faced many wars and opposition assault that may be…


When is the Election in Nepal 2017 (2074 BS)

When is the election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)? Nepal is the country of major religion and major political parties which would take part in the election, a threat can be expected even it is not now fixed, but it is supposed and said that it will be addressed in…


Nepali Film Chakka Panja – Secrets Stories of Success {Video}

Get here a video of secret stories of success of Nepali film Chakka Panja. You will know how the artists have struggled for this Nepali movie Nepali movie Chakka Panja. Nepali Film Chakka Panja - Secrets Stories of Success {Video} Nepali Film Chakka Panja गौरवमय १०० दिन मनाउन सफल -…

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