5 Development Regions of Nepal

5 Development Regions of Nepal

Nepal was divided into five development regions with a view to promoting national unity by removing regional imbalances and also by utilizing the natural resources of the mountains, hills and the terai in a proportional and beneficial manner. All these development regions are under the direction and supervision of their regional headquarters. All the headquarters help to fulfill the objectives of decentralization, which is to conduct developmental activities in each of the development regions and to bring about balanced and overall development in the country. There is name list of 5 development regions in Nepal now. Nepal is divided into 14 zones and 75 districts, grouped into 5 development regions. But there are 4 development regions in the year 2029 B.S.

Literally, development can be defined as the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to meet specific objectives or requirements. It is the process of economic and social transformation. In general terms, development means positive or constructive change which is in ascending order.

Development Region is a political or administrative division made by the state for the smooth running of administration.

A country can be developed as a whole only when each of its parts is developed. The concept of development region was generated to make the development process balanced, just and proportionate. According to this concept, Nepal has been divided into five development regions. To reduce   such   a    gap   between geographical regions, Nepal was administered into 5 Development Regions.

There appeared a big disparity between/among  the  three  natural regions in terms of development variation in topography, climate and soil type. This led to the unequal development and population distribution.

To do away with this regional disparity, to overcome such problems and to develop all parts equally, the country was divided into 4 development regions in 1972 (2029 B.S.). The late King Birendra in assistance with renowned scholar late Dr. Hark Gurung brought forth the concept of regional development for the harmonious developments of all parts of the country. Subsequently, he divided Nepal into 4 Development Regions in 2029 BS: Eastern, Central, Western and Far Western. Since the Far Western Development Region became too large in size, it was further divided by creating the Mid-Western Development Region in 2037 BS. It was done with the objective to achieve balanced, effective and rapid development programs in the country.  Again in 1981 (2037 B.S.) the fifth development region – Mid-western Development Region was created out of Karnali, Rapti and Bheri zones.

The 5 main development regions of Nepal with their headquarter, area, no. of consisting zones, districts, VDC are as follows:

development region of nepal

development region of Nepal

Name of 5 main development regions of Nepal
S.N.Name of 5 Development Regions of NepalHeadquarterAreaNo. of zonesNo. of districtsNo. of V.D.C.
1eastern development regionDhankutta28,456 km2             (10,986.9 sq mi)316893
2central development regionKathmandu27,410 km(10,583.1 sq mi)3191199
3western development regionPokhara29,398 km(11,350.6 sq mi)316864
4mid-western development regionBirendranagar42,378 km(16,362.2 sq mi)315575
5far-western development regionDipayal19,539 km(7,544.1 sq mi)29383
total1,47,181 km214753914

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