Holi Festival Nepal 2019 : A Festival of Colour and Water

Holi Festival Nepal 2017 : A Festival of Colour and Water

This post is related to Holi Festival Nepal 2017 : A Festival of Colour and Water. Holi is often referred to as the festival of colour. Holi festival is of strong Nepali Hindus traditional festival. Holi festival is Indian Hindus traditional festival.

Holi Festival Nepal is an ancient festival of Nepal. Holi festival is the ancient festival of all Hindu religion. Holi festival is celebrated not only in Nepal and India, but also all the rest of the world.

Rekha Thapa Holi Dancing Photos

Holi festival is of course the festival of water and colors.  Holi festival is hold in mid-march. Holi festival falls often between the month of February and March.

Holi Festival Nepal is the greatest festival of Nepal and India. Holi festival is one of the major and popular festivals of Nepal. Holi is the national festival of all Nepali people either they are Hindus or Buddhist. It is the festival of uniting Nepali people with each other.

Happy Holi 2073 in Advance.

Happy Holi 2017 in Advance.

Other Names of Holi Festival Nepal

There are other names of Holi Festival Nepal as well. Holi festival is also known as Phagu in Nepal. Phagu is also termed as Phaguaa. Phagu and Phaguaaa is especially famous word in the southern part of Nepal, Terai or Madhesh. Holi is called in India as Holi, Phagu, Phaguaa.

Holi is the festival of colour and water for peace

Holi is a week of fun and revelry, especially among the children who shower each other will coloured water throughout the week. The week culminates in a dangerous day when projectiles filled with coloured water are thrown at any unsuspecting passer-by, all in the search for fun.

Young people in the Holi festival are covered with brightly coloured paints. Young people and children run through the streets in the Holi day. They often meet whooping with joy and dousing anyone who is outside with their coloured powders and bright, liquid dyes.

All day children and adolescents roam the footpaths in the Holi festival of Hindus. People, especially young and children in the holi festival day are armed with red vermilion powder, black, brown and orange paste and small balloons filled with blue, green and yellow water. Anyone caught outside is fair game and tourists, businessmen and even policemen can be seen. Faces of people smeared with coloured paste. Hair of young people discoloured with henna or vermilion powder. Clothes of people streaked with brightly coloured dyes.

The ritual of Holi Festival Nepal

The only ritual is the erection in the Basantpur Dubar Square in the Kathmandu of a bamboo pole decorated with a colourful mass of streamers at the beginning of the week. To mark the end of the festival, the pole is taken down and burnt.

There is also same ritual in the southern part of Nepal. The only ritual is the erection in all the regions of Terai or Madhesh of a bamboo pole decorated with a colourful mass of streamers at the beginning of the week. To mark the end of the festival, the pole is taken down and burnt.

History of Holi Festival Nepal Celebration

Holi festival originally celebrated Hindu Lord Krishna’s victory over evil Kansa. Hole festival is one of the event of Hindus. Holi is the festival of Colours. Holi festival is held each year for honouring the Lord Krishna.

The day of Holi festival is observed to rejoice the extermination of female demon Holika who together with her King Brother conspired to kill his son Pralhad. As we know that Pralhad was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. This Holi festive day, playful people especially the young ones wander through the streets in groups on foot or vehicles with various colors smeared all over them. The people in houses make merry throwing colors and water balloons at each other and also to these people on the streets.


Happy Holi 2017. Happy Holi 2073 BS.

Holi festival 2016 Nepal: Holi festival Nepal 2073

This year Holi festival 2017 dates is 22th March. This year Holi festival 2076 dates is 22th March. According to Nepali calendar, it means Holi festival Nepal 2073 dates is 30th Falgun. It means Holi festival Nepal 2017 dates is 29 th Falgun. Remember it, According to Nepali calendar, year 2072 BS (Bikram Samvat) is running.

But for your kind information, in Nepal, there are two days for Holi festival. That are 29th Falgun and 30th Falgun of Holi festival 2073 dates according to Nepali calendar. According to Christian Calendar, Holi is 12th March and 13th March. The people of southern part of Nepal, Terai, Madhesh celebrates Holi on the 30th Falgun 2073. People of Hills and Mountain celebrate Holi on the 29th Falgun 2073. So, Falgun 29, 2073 is the celebration day for people of Hills and Mountains and Falgun 30, 2073 is the celebration day for people of Terai or Madhes. Holi is the national holiday of Nepal. People get vacation to celebrate on this Holi festival. But in Holi 2017 dates in India is on 13th March.

Holi Festival Nepal 2017 : A Festival of Colour and Water

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