Why Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

 Why Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

When the issues come towards the  Madhesh, it becomes compulsory of raising the issues of Madhesh rights and their demands that why the government is acting like deaf. Government is not showing any interest towards the crying and rituals of Madhesi. Madhesi has given sacrifices of more than 200 youth for their rights and equality. But all the hopes and wishes are showing as dawn. Madeshi is even now obliged to stay and spend their life under the eyes of government with equality. Due to underprivileged of rights and equity, Madhesi are not getting the opportunity in any of the institution and government offices. According to the size of the population, Madhesi are not even got the rights of 50 percent being the size of the Madhesi population is more than 50%.

This all activities and diagram show the character, intention, and motive of leader who is in the power and ruling the country. The leaders have their own greediness and wish and politician have their own plan to rule and rise in Nepal. All the leaders are pulling their plan and conspiracy on their own side. Madhesi have more than 55% which decides the leader to and party come to power. When all the Madhesi gets equal right and they also become perfect in every sector, will increases the probability of ruining and ending their political plan and political policy as well political conspiracy. Madhesi were little beat come out from the slavery of Pahadi. Even though, their many people and Madhesi who are living their life under the shadow of Pahadi politicians and leaders.

All the great politicians use the Madhesi issues as the dice arising on the power but no one is internal land truly want to solve the issues and demand of Madhesi. Mainly, it is shown that the Madhesi issues will be if solved, the game and intention of the ruling of many leaders will end. After the spending time, the rate of education is spreading in all the  Madhesi which is giving the knowledge of reality about the past and present.

Madhesi are treated as the slave in their own country. Government includes an almost every leaders, personnel, and upper-level officers from Pahadi and their community. so it also becomes their own beliefs and plan,  of doing t their own beneficial works than others. Here are some of the main thins and plans of government which shows the truth that why the government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesi issues.

Why Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

1)Political division:

Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues
Some Political Parties of Nepal

When the Madhesh issues will be solved, then it becomes difficult to comes in power by winning.  When the people of Madhesh become aware of the Madhesh, they will not vote them and will also want to rule in their own land. Politicians want to make the conspiracy of winning here by less expenditure in the election the issues of Madhesh also become the main manifesto of the political party to comes to power. They think and know that when the issues an demands of Madhesi will come in the manifesto, it becomes easy to trap their emotions, beliefs, and boringness towards them. It will also become easy to motivate the people w of Madhesi in unity.

When all the people get the demand, then he or she will not care you and follow you. It also becomes the problem when all the Madhesi people get their rights, they will not value them and also not care about them. Besides it, the political party also thinks that if the Madhesi become unite then it will become difficult to divert the thought and beliefs of Madhesi. The law of politics also says that the ruling can be only possible when the division is possible. So they want to rule by making the Madhesi into different groups. The matter of Madhesi has also reacted sometimes opponents because of the Madhesi unification in some issues like prestige and others. Overall, Political Divison is one of the reasons that Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues.

2)Negative intention towards the Madhesi:Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

When people get betrayer from anyone, then he or she do not want to talk and stride with it. Similarly when any people get stumble with some stone, then he or she becomes aware while heading to that road and sector. The matter also gets divert when the topics touch the betrayed at any time. Mostly it is seen that the politician have the negative intention towards Madhesi due to different sides and facets. They may dislike any things of Madhesi but not want to expose. All the top leaders and political party have same intention and mentality.


They do not want to see the development in Madhesh that is why also they provide only less budget to the Madhesi sector. Mostly the leader who is in the power belongs from Pahadi area and region, so they do not wants to forward the legs and development of Madhesi youth. Madhesi are struggling for equal rights and equal participation in various sectors of government for their standing. Well, the negative intention towards Madhesi is another reason that Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues.

3)Country division:

It is also the suspect done by the top leaders and political party about Madhesh. The day does not have the same temperature every time, it changes in the gap of time.  Same things have now happened in the Madhesh. The Pahadi party have done regime for many times and many decades and still ruling. The man who has always slept in the golden bed and has eaten varieties of dishes does not want the top left it at any condition because of habituated and addiction too. The same thing has happened to Nepalese politicians. Many leaders think that when the power goes in the Madhesi hand, then they will divide the nation and make the Madhesh single country.

They have fear of making Madhesi freed country. And nowadays, it has also become one of eth new trend and sometimes the voice comes from the womb of Madhesh demanding the freed Madhesh. The top leader is afraid and do not wish to give the rights and equalities and does not conscious about Madhesi issues. Madhesi issues are pressurized and make hide from the media and public. They think that if the Madhesh become single country then the Nepal along become the moreover and lightless country. All the budget and earning of national income of Nepal are gain and received from Madhesh. About 80% of revenue is received from Madhesh but the country does not give an even equal portion of the budget for its development.

4)Stoppage Of Budget:Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

This is also the main issues where the leaders and the political party does wrong distribution of budget.   They well know that if the Madhesh gives its solution, then it becomes difficult to run the country and party. Country economic is running due to the revenue of Madhesh the national budget of Nepal includes 80% of the revenue of Madhesh. They are scared about the budget and maintain the expenditure of country as well as the party. When the issues of Madhesh get the solution, then all the income which is generated in Madhesh will not come to central government.

But now everything is centralized and all the income and revenue are centralized to Kathmandu. This is also the big matter which the leader does not want to enter in. If the government of Nepal shows activeness then it will form the development of Madhesh and be earning will not get the chance to flow up to Kathmandu. Nepalese budget contains the highest earning from Madhesh because of large trade is done here as the largest population lives here. This is also the region that does not change the selfishness of some specific leaders.

5)Economic growth:

As the matter come in money generation and earning formation. the root and road of forming and generating of money lie in Madhesh because the Nepal have largest trade area in Madhesh. When Madheshi issues are solved then all the income and earning will be decentralized. The main view and thought of political leaders are that the sources of earning which is received from Madhesh should be every day opened. The Nepal is counted in the poor country even having such resources and factors of earning. Madhesi are struggling for their rights and issues but they are listening and only giving the hope. Economic of Nepal is almost depend upon the ground of Madhesh. When the Madhesh stops the sending of revenues, then economic condition of Nepal will suffer from diseases and the country have to face many challenges.

With the change of time, Madhesi are making their unification and view common and gradually increasing their fighting with the government.  Economic of Nepal will surely down the curve that will affect the country growth. Nepal is heading the growth towards the development when the matter of issue of Madhesh solved then it will become the problem to pull the earning of the budget. The hilly and Himalayan region does not collect the highest revenue because of less trade. Madhesh is also the largest hub of many things and people want to do their business easily because they can easily operate. More than, the Madhesh is also the great production sector of crops and grains which the economy to reduce the importing.

 6)Lack of political collaboration:

It is also one of the reasons that the government and all the parties does not show their activeness towards the Madhesh issues. If some of any parties show the activeness then other opposition parties do the acting like against. At the time of the election, all the party bags for the vote by arising the Madhesh issues. When some party wins from this area with the highest number of seats, then they will show the activeness but opponent will not support this issues. This is also the main vision of politicians for ruling and staying in power by rotating the issues of Madhesh in the eyes of Madhesh. When all the party becomes unite, they shall lack the issues for next election. so why they think it is the perfect issues to rotate and deck up the mind of Madhesi people.


 7)Divide and rule:Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

As it is the popular rule of all whereof ”Divide and Rule”. The is rule was mostly implemented by the English leader in their own country but now it has to implement everywhere. The top leader thins that if the Madhesi issues are fulfilled then they become unite and we shall have to exercise more for getting the victory. Madhesi are even not getting united on this topic because the top leader throws the bundle of money to hide and press this issues at overtimes.

When all the Madhesi become unite, then it becomes easy to tackle with the government. The government even become obliged to fulfill the Madhesi issues because of largest support. when people come in the side of Madhesi self, then they will not go and fall on their legs for solving their personal matter and problems. But now, many Madhesi even falls on the legs of top leader who are the enemy and opponent of Madhesi issues solvent.

8) The skeptic of selling natural properties:

The top leader who is in the power and ruling the nation also is fear from the mentality of Madehsi. They think that if they come in the power or in the government. Then they may sell the natural properties like rivers, forest, and many other mines and industry. This has also made them irritating and abashed. But all this scarce is useless. If we see the history of selling many natural resources, then all the agreement and selling are done by them, not by any Madhesi leader and  Madhesi party.  The reason also states this problem

9)Makes standing on international platforms:

Now the Nepal is recognized by only Pahadi and Dhaka Topi person, not by the people of Madhesh. They also think that if they get the solution of Madhesi issues, then they will make their own identity and recognition in the international stand while will devalued the real identity of our community.

10)Increases the poverty of  hilly and Himalayan region:Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

This is also the main reason which they think about. They think that if the Madhesi get the solution, then they may stop the incoming of Madhesi and increase the starvation and poverty in the Himalayan region. Hilly and the Himalayan region does not have the production land. this also the fear of the government which has made them annoyed.

Writer: Dipak Sah

Why Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

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2 thoughts on “Why Government of Nepal is not conscious about Madhesh issues

  1. Your are writing totally wrong. You are just elaborating what your leaders told you. If you think Madesi have 55% population then why Madesi party only wins limited seats in parliament? You have utterly wrong prospective towards to people from hills and mountains.
    Here is the fact: Madeshi are unemployed, uneducated and poor and this the reason your leaders are easy manipulating people from Madesh. Even though Madeshi have huge prospective in agriculture and easy geographical advantage for development, they are still poor because they do not want to do anything by themselves. Until and unless Madeshi people will not stop blaming government for everything and start doing on their own, Madeshi will be still poor and uneducated.

  2. You are a brainwashed by your leaders , the population of terai is 50-55% . But this 50% people are not madeshi , in this 50% people are ethnic people of madesh like tharu , koch rajbongsi , and a large number of paharis settled in madesh . So why are you wanting a special rights and why do you win seats only from border areas of india .
    We all are aware of 2015 india games in madesh . How madeshi played from indian side .
    Tharu and rajbongsi are on our side

    Backstabbing by CK Raut .

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