20 Food That Will Bring Good Luck in This Happy Nepali New Year 2077

Happy New Year Goodluck Traditions & Foods: – The new year is a moment for exciting new startings, and by the time when December 31 comes around, most of the people welcome the chance to start fresh and leave the past in the past.

How we celebrate the new year importantly depends on the where in the world you were on the last day of the gone year i.e. on December 31 of 2019 because New Year’s traditions differ from country to country.

However, no matter where you celebrated last time and where you are going to celebrate this time, New Year is often greeted with traditional food and drink that people hope will bring them luck and prosperity.

Here in the Nepal, the beginning of a new year is celebrated with traditional as well as wide ranging foods at midnight. However, besides the celebration, there are plenty of ways to say “Happy New Year!” and most of them includes traditions which promises success, blessing, luck as well as prosperity.

8 New Year Goodluck Traditions

Here, are the 8 ways for new year good luck traditions: –

  1. Smooch a Loved One: –

There may be chances that you have already heard of this one way before. When the clock strikes at the midnight, you are supposed to kiss someone you love.

This is borrowed from English and German traditional stories, which has stated that it is “the first person with whom a person came in contact that dictated the year’s destiny,” so don’t choose your kissing partner.

  1. Turn the oven on and music up: –

In various cases, extra amount of money as well as complete prosperity comes with some sweat. So, if you are wishing to make it something big in 2077, most of the peoples believe that the key is to get the full house all nice and tidy and engage in some holiday cooking.

Some of the peoples tell that the dreams will come factual, only if you cook black-eyed peas on the New Year’s Day. Gear it up with some magical musics which are played around the ceremonies, events etc. for the good luck, and there is truly nothing stopping you in the coming year.

  1. Burn an “old man dummy”: –

This idea might sound like quite cruel however many of our western as well as southern neighbors tell that it is absolutely fine. For instance, in some parts of the Asia but mainly in the south, people put the past behind them by making a human sized dummy, which is also known as the grandpa.

They set afire at twelve o’clock on New Year’s night, in order to end an old series and to start a new series once again. This kind of tradition can also be seen in numerous Latin American countries as well, for example, like in the Ecuador, where it is OK for these dummies to look like whatever and whoever from politicians, heroes to evil cartoon characters or animals.

  1. Wave bad luck goodbye: –

Just sitting at home as well as cooking and celebrate, may sound pleasant in the new year. If you go to places like ponds, rivers, streams on the New Year’s Eve, be certain that you bring your lovely, white clothing that gossip says will bring peace of mind in the following year.

Most of the peoples around the world accept as true that midnight should catch you nowhere else however, in the water, getting a dip. If you want to boost your probabilities of achievement next year. To remind you – some people also believe that you are not supposed to give up the idea of getting dip; Else you’ll obtain the reverse outcome.

  1. Do good. Eat good: –

If you seriously need absolute good vibes sent to your way, then start by doing something good for yourself: It’s a move that will make Afghans proud.

In the traditional, mountainous as well as landlocked country like Nepal, they say that your year will go fine if you start by doing some decent actions on the New Year’s Day, so give it your best for over 365 days of fortune.

And to speak about the cooking, if you happen to be in Nepal on New Year’s Day, you will enjoy almost very different kinds of new foods. People usually eat dried fruits and nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pistachio, hazelnut, cherries, apricots and raisins.

  1. Keep your money under the carpet: –

To gain extra money in the coming next year, consider saving the money for New Year’s Eve – just like some of the Romanian peoples would like to do.

They also believe the gossip that, keeping all the bills below the rug before the clock tick’s midnight promises a prosperous and great year ahead.

  1. Pop some grapes and grab a suitcase: –

Some sorts of fruits are the main protagonist in today’s tradition: In various Asian countries and other countries out of Asia, people believe good luck comes from eating exactly 12 grapes at midnight.

For all those people who are interested to travel in the coming next year, there is alternative trick as well like – rolling a suitcase down the block or around the house so you will get and receive opportunities to explore the various destinations in 2077.

Some Asian people also believe that spending the whole night by counting the money that you have will give you more to spend on upcoming days.

  1. Fill your house with money and get a dip in the water: –

There is no need to go to the various places and rivers for good luck on New Year’s. Instead, people wear clothes with some sorts of dots and they jump as much as they can at midnight, also hoping to get a few inches taller.

To bring more prosperity in the new year, some people also scatter coins in every room when the clock ticks at the midnight.

20 Food That Will Bring Good Luck in New Year 2077

Hi, it’s me a Nepali blogger. Food is the basic need of our life. With the modernization of the world, there came in modernization in the variety of food also. Festivals are also celebrated with more joy and excitement. In every festival, there is an involvement of various varieties of food.

In each festival, food has its own significance. Festival celebration is incomplete without food. In Nepal, there is cultural diversity. Each caste has many festivals to celebrate all over the year.


And in each festival, food plays an important role. If any festival is coming near then people first think about the food to be eaten. In our festival, female make the foods. In Nepal, New Year is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement.

In New Year 2077, many foods are eaten having own significance. According to the myths and religious belief, various foods are considered to bring good luck in New Year. Foods which are believed to bring good luck in New Year are;

20 Food That Will Bring Good Luck in New Year 2077

1. Curd;

The curd is believed to bring good luck in New Year or before starting a good job. It is also believed to be most valuable curative food. In New Year, people mix curd in some varieties of food or consume by adding sugar or honey to a belief of bringing good luck. In many of the festivals, food without yogurt is incomplete.

Curd yogurt Dahi

Also, in New Year, religious people fast for the betterment of the year ahead. So, people eat curd in this day. Religiously, the curd is considered to be pure and by eating curd, people will have better days in the year.

Actually, the king of curd ‘juju curd’ found in Bhaktapur is called as pure curd. And many of people use this curd in New Year.

2. Grape;

grapes images

Grapes are the symbol of wealth. It is closely tied to bring good fortune in New Year. At the midnight on the baishaikh 1st, New Year celebrating New Year’s must consume 12 grapes, one for coming each month.

If the grape is sweet, the corresponding month will bring good fortune, but if the grape is sour then the corresponding month will bring bad fortune.

Eat 12 grapes in the first minute

At midnight, Nepalese traditionally ate a dozen grapes in the first minute of the new year, with the goal of securing fortune over the next twelve months. Try a cocktail enriched with grapes.

As a general rule, all Members begin their new year by swallowing 12 grapes in one minute when the clock shows 12 o’clock! Rarely are the Nepalese, who run the risk of poisoning their destiny for next year by skipping the grapes, one for each midnight blow.

Eating Grapes Lady
Eating Grapes

When rushing to eat the 12 grapes in a minute, they start the new year with a good dose of tension and high levels of adrenaline. Each of the grapes is the equivalent of each month. If you manage to eat everyone on time, you will definitely have a happy new year!

Otherwise, you will still laugh and try to swallow the grapes without choking. It is true that Nepalese become truly passionate and competitive during this tradition. When I first saw it (a few days ago), it took me a while to understand why they were so excited about this tradition.

At some point I realized that this is part of their culture and, of course, that they cannot receive the New Year without eating these grapes.

It’s a big problem for them that even if you turn on your TV at midnight, you see people broadcasting live from a variety of neighborhoods, counting loudly with the carillon and eating all those grapes together.

3. Lentils;

Lentils are believed to bring wealth and good prosperity. If you make the dish of lentils then, your guests will be grateful to you.

lentil gif

4. Cakes;

Cakes are not added in most of our celebrations. But in New Year, Eating cakes will bring good fortune and prosperity. Cakes can be ordered from a bakery or can be made at home.

Eating Cake Animation
Eating Cake

At home, it can be made by using recipes from youtube and many websites. All family members can be engaged in the kitchen for making cake will bring family members together.

5. Honey;

Honey is very important for our body. It helps in healing many health problems. It has its own religious significance. It is considered to be pure and used in many pujas.


In New ear, people use honey in many dishes. It is believed in bringing good luck and wealth as well. People added honey in many foods which can be eaten in fasting days.

20 Food That Will Bring Good Luck in New Year 2077

6. Green Vegetables;

street vegetable shopper old aged female
Street vegetable shopper old aged female

Green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage are believed to bring good fortune. It symbolizes wealth and purity. Taking about our health, it is very important to our health.

It helps in the metabolism of foods too. So, especially children and the person who don’t like eating green vegetables can start eating green vegetables from the New Year. It brings good fortune as well makes us healthy.

7. Sugarcane;

Sugarcane is also believed to be a symbol of good fortune and wealth. If we eat sugarcane in New Year, then it will make our coming days with fortune. In summer, it is very important to have sugarcane juice.


It protects us from various health problems. We can eat sugarcane directly or by making juice. It also provides energy for working hard in coming days in a year.

8. Beans;

Beans are also called to be a food to bring good luck. It also brings prosperity in life. It is ensured to bring healthy life.

Green Beans
Green Beans

9. Sweets;

Sweets are mostly used in the festivals. It is believed to bring good luck and humility. For the celebration of festivals or achievement, the first priority is to eat sweets. Various sweets can be eaten in New Year.

Indian Sweets Image

It is believed that if we eat some sweets in New Year then, in the whole year we will get to celebrate more achievement. So, sweet plays an important role in our celebrations.

10. Dairy Products;

Mostly, vegetarian love to eat dairy product in New Year. The dairy products are also believed to bring prosperity and wealth. As the dairy products such as ghee, milk is considered to be pure according to our religious view.


Such products bring good luck as well as beneficial for our body. Fasting people also take dairy products. So, it is very important at the point of health and religion. Old aged people mostly suggests taking dairy product for bringing new excitement and good fortune.

11. Pomegranate;

Pomegranate is considered to bring good luck in New Year. As the red color symbolize the life and fertility. Also, It is very beneficial for the healthy life. It is important to increase the red blood cells.

Pomegranate fruits

From New Year, if we plan to eat pomegranate daily then it will lead our healthy life. We can live a healthy life onward. So, it is considered to lead a long healthier life which simply indicates a good fortune.

12. Fish:

People in many countries like North America, Europe, and Asia eat fish to celebrate the New Year. Well, fish is treated as to be one of the luckiest foods for New Year. In many cultures, it is believed that the slivery and polished fish brings good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Fish are known to secular many eggs which proclaim wealth and so, you may find many people enjoy seafood dishes during New Year. Additionally, in some cultures, people affiliate fish with moving forward into New Year considering fish swim forward. 

Also, fish are holding to be lucky because their scales features coins and they swim in the schools which invoke the idea of abundance.

fishes shop Nepal
fishes in shop of Kathmandu, Nepal

So in summary Fish for lunch are lucky for the people in three ways: their scales features coins, they travel in schools, which represents prosperity, and they swim forward, which symbolizes the progress in the life in achieving something.

So this option has the added benefit of satisfying with whatever New Year’s dietary resolutions you’ve likely made. That’s why Fish is considered as the luckiest food for starting a good year with good luck. Or let’s say you can also take it as a good and positive luck before starting a drastic change in your life or starting something new in your life.

13. Long Noodles:

In some of the Asian Countries like Japan and China, people start their New Year by eating Long Noodles. You may have surely heard of this popular ritual in China. People cook Noodles without breaking them. So the long Noodles symbolize the longevity.

Instant Noodles Recipes
Instant Noodles Recipes

In Japan, people consider the long buckwheat noodles as long life and are therefore lucky. But the actual ritual is not only eating long Noodles but also eating them without chewing and breaking them. So get your guzzling technique down. So do not break or cut the Noodles just keep it long while cooking or eating and the pounce the whole noodle in? 

Well, some people also put a little amount of ingredients like grains which can be rice, quinoa, and the barley. And those grans signifies the abundance. So Long Noodles are taken as good luck for starting a fresh and energetic New Year.

14. Pork:

Talking about the nutrients in the pork, it is high in fat content. Lots of people consider pork as the luckiest of all foods which for eating in New Year’s Day.  There are some reasons behind this consideration.

Well, pigs are fat or dumpy, that fat in the pig signifies the prosperity not as it turns out, weight gain. The pigs are root forward with their noses, which is assumed to signify the progress of the life. Additionally, pork was once constrained for the exclusive, signifies wealth and prosperity.

pork food
pork food

Traditionally, in the American South, pork beans, and greens are mixed in a dish called Hoppin’ John for New Year’s Eve. You can choose to eat your lucky pig any which way, including ham, sausage, whole roasted suckling pig, ham hocks, bacon, pancetta. Sorry I got lost LOL.   

Aim high this New Year and kick things off with a very delicious pork dinner. Well, this might not be helpful information for the vegetarians among us, but if you do happen to be a meat eater, New Year’s is the perfect day to indulge in ribs, pork chops, ham, or sausage.

15. Corn Bread:

In the southern United States preparing the Corn Bread is a popular New Year Tradition. A favorite throughout the year, cornbread is especially cherished as a New Year’s treat. Well, the Yellow color in the Corn relates that of gold. 

To establish more and extra luck, some of the people add extra corn Kernels, which are a symbol of golden nuggets. Or the more Kernels you add, the more good fortune you may bring into the next year. The golden cornbread is enjoyed by those hopeful for a prosperous year.

So for the golden life ahead with a New Year Corn Bread is also considered as a good luck food for New Year.

Corn Bread foods eat dish recipes
Corn Bread

16. Round Shaped Foods:

Some people love sweets and cakes. The round shaped foods like cakes, pastries, cookies and round fruits like clementines are generally enjoyed on New Year’s Day.

Foods like bagels or doughnuts are generally for breakfast. These foods not only represent carby deliciousness but also the year coming full circle. Round Shaped foods are considered as the good luck food for the New Year.

This is so because the shapes of these foods symbolize that the old year has come to close and the New Year carries the promises of a fresh start for the life. Little intake of these foods is good for health and luck as per the traditional beliefs.

Round Shaped Foods recipes dish
Round Shaped recipes

17. Black-eyed Peas:

It is a common good-luck food which is famous in the southern United States. The dish of black-eyed peas and rice is customary for New Year’s Day. It is considered as good luck due to their penny-like appearance and affluence based on their affinity to coins, which are thought to bring prosperity.

And especially when served with collard greens it is considered more good luck.This traditional dish is served in the hoppin’ john dish. Mainly signifies to determine moderation and promote prosperity in the New Year.

Black eyed Peas foods eat recipes dish
Black eyed Peas

18. Oranges and tangerines:

Fruits like oranges and tangerines are Golden in color. These types of golden fruits are considered to be lucky according to the tradition of Chinese people. 

These two fruits are common food symbols of the Chinese New Year. The fruit tangerines represent the wealth whereas the oranges are a popular symbol of good luck. The Federation comes from a similarity between the Chinese words for tangerine and gold, as well as the resemblance between the words orange and good luck.


In Chinese culture, it isn’t unusual for identical sounding or spelled words with very different meanings (homonyms) to become signifying of one another over time. The bright color of tangerines and oranges is a happy color that is associated with good fortune.

You won’t believe that the tangerines and oranges are presented as decoration and are also exchanged among friends and colleague during Chinese New Year. Consistently, small trees are kept for this purpose. People offer them with both hands when giving these fruits as gifts. It is polite for the recipient to refuse at first.

Tangerines Fruits

Fruit is essentially always a good Chinese New Year’s gift. These fruits are a traditional favorite, though and can also represent happiness and prosperity as in a prosperity yield. Oh, I almost forgot that if there are still leaves and stem attached to the fruit, it also means fertility.

19. Pickled Herring:

The Silver scaled herring presumably look more like money than any other fish. Well historically, the herring hook was compelling to an economic abundance of merchants in the market towns of the North Sea in Hanseatic League. Too many of the Europeans, the Atlantic herring was and even today is an important food.

Talking about the nutrients in herring, it is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and supplies itself to preservation through difficulty, dissolving, drying and smoking.  In Scandinavian the Pickled herring, in particular, are popular.

The 17th-century Dutch poet Voost van den Vondel referred to the fish as “royal herring”, he referred not just for the sustenance the fish provided, but also for the booming international trade it created. Imports and exports of wood for shipping casks and salt for preserving and exports of pickled herring crush an enormous portion of European trade.

Pickled Herring foods eat recipes dishes
Pickled Herring

Even when herring was sufficient, there was always the hazard that there would not be enough available salt to preserve the catch. At the New Year “Eating herring was not only a celebratory rite but a small prayer of sorts, a wish for the catch and the trade to line up with expansion.

The people eat pickled herring for good luck and with herrings culture connotation so widely dispersed is thus not condensed in any one region of the United States.

However, the areas with the large population of Scandinavian people such as Norwegian and Swedish communities in Minnesota will nourish in herring bonanzas.

21. Baked goodies

Who doesn’t like special treats? Whether you buy them at the store or bake them yourself, you can put them in a nice basket, attach a note (including your contact information) and deliver the delicious sweets to your new neighbors.

Baked Goods
Baked Goods

Keep sweets simple since allergies are so frequent these days. If you bake cookies from scratch, you can also add a recipe card. Add a dog biscuit if you know you have a dog.

22. Frozen cookie dough

Yes, instead of baking treats, freeze the cookie ball, place it in a bowl and add a baking guide. That way, their new neighbors can put them in the oven every time they feel like a tasty delicacy.

Frozen cookie dough
Frozen cookie dough

23. Eat donuts

Nepalese usually eat cakes called “Olie Bollen” in New Year. This is because ring-shaped foods must embody the idea of a “cycle.” Try our donut recipe to get excellent snacks before (or after) midnight to start a happier year ahead.

Eating Donuts
Eating Donuts

Not the least, mother’s hand food is the world’s best food in the world. There is different taste in the mother’s hand food which always brings good luck in our life. So, don’t deny eating anything made by mom.

Mostly, we bring food from the restaurant for the celebration instead we should make food in our home. If we are with our mom then we should make food ourselves Because being healthy and having a long life is the things to have in the life.

So in many Scandinavian countries to eat pickled herring at the accomplishment of midnight to establish a year of bounty and abundance.

Bonus Ideas To Celebrate New Year Day To Bring Luck

Bring gifts to your neighbors

The First Footing is a Scottish tradition in which a neighbor or friend brings gifts to their home after midnight. As a “first step” through your door, the offer should bring financial prosperity and good humor to the home.

When we moved to our house almost two years ago, we tried to meet as many neighbors as possible. We were so excited to finally live in a subdivision and give our son the childhood that my husband and I had. Shortly after the moving trucks left, we heard a knock at our door.

I opened the door and found the neighbors who lived behind us holding a bowl of homemade cookies. They were kind enough to welcome us with such a special and friendly gesture in the neighborhood.

Recently, the house right next to us had a sales sign in the front yard. My husband and I were very nervous about selling the house. Many times we have wondered what the new neighbors would be like. After a while, the “for sale” disappeared and the moving truck appeared.

When he returned home from our daily walk with our son, the new neighbor was outside and took some things from his car. I went to him and met him a little. Talk about friendly! I could not wait to put together a small attention package to give a warm welcome to the neighborhood as our neighbors did when we moved to our house for the first time.

Bouquet of flowers

Approach your local florist or grocery store and get a nice bouquet of flowers. Maybe your neighbor doesn’t know where he packed the vases. Facilitate them and buy an ostrich that comes with a vase.

Be sure to include a note that includes a friendly welcome note and your contact information.


Indoor plants are always nice to have throughout the house. You do not have to worry about whether your new neighbor has a green thumb or not if you select one of these indoor plants.

Bagels and coffee gift basket

Take a look at your neighbor in the morning (not too early!) And prepare a basket with rolls from the local bakery, cream cheese and ground coffee.

Movie Night Gift Basket

Moving is hard work. Your new neighbors may want to relax while watching a movie. Build a simple movie night basket that includes popcorn, water / pops, candy and a friendly note. Use a bowl of popcorn instead of a basket. How nice

State Gift basket

What is your state doing? For us, Marylanders, we love our Old Bay seasoning. For Michigan (where I grew up), everyone turned to cherries, better-made fries, faygo, fudge … the list goes on and on. Fill a basket with your state’s favorite foods.


Fill a basket with snacks to take away to keep your neighbors energized while driving. As I said, moving is hard work. Take-out snacks are appreciated during hard work.

Jump Waves

If you spend New Year’s Eve on the river, you should think about how to celebrate Nepalese spiritualisms. During its celebration, it is known that the group jumps seven waves to get lucky. With every wave you jump, you can wish for something that can make you your happiest trip of all time.

Think about what’s underneath

Some Asian countries are thinking about their underwear when they celebrate the New Year. Yes, you read it correctly. It depends on what’s under your clothes.

Red should bring love, the fate of yellow underwear and green financial fate. Remember, when you browse the drawer of your underwear on December 31.

20 Food That Will Bring Good Luck in New Year 2077

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