50 BP Koirala Famous Quotes in Nepali Language


BP Koirala Quotes: – BP Koirala was an active political leader and a highly prolific author. He was also the prime minister of Nepal. He is often referred to as the “Thul Daju.” He is well known for his achievements, both political and Nepali literature. He became Prime Minister in an unstable government, but he rose to that position through several political maneuvers.

BP Koirala’s time as prime minister was one of great change. His cabinet was a mixture of socialists, liberals, and moderate political figures.

Koirala enjoyed a lot of popularity because of the many political activities that he took part in. He was instrumental in negotiating with the king and was responsible for several concessions that made the country more stable.

Several people criticized Koirala and how he handled his job, but most were supportive of him. During his time as prime minister, he was popularly known as the “JanNeta.”

Although, many people had said that BP Koirala was not a “national leader” in the sense that the government didn’t depend on him for its decisions. But, it was clear that he was one of the key players who was in the right place at the right time. When he was inducted into the Nepali Congress, he became a full-fledged member of the organization and has continued to be an active member of the organization since.

That promise was to bring about change in the society by bringing about a change in the country. He even wrote some books and articles to publicize his vision of change and make the people understand that the change is necessary for the country to prosper.

When the country began to transition towards socialism, BP Koirala became more involved. The government began to re-liberalize. He began to play a key role in this process.


Throughout all of these, Koirala remained a popular figure in the country. Many people grew to love and respect him for the changes that he helped bring about. His ability to deal with political differences and compromise with others has won him many admirers throughout his life.

There are also many stories about BP Koirala being a strong leader. He was always ready to tackle tough issues head-on. These stories have been told throughout the years, as people continue to recognize his leadership and accomplishments. His willingness to stand up for what is right, no matter how difficult it might be, has always come across.

Many people have credited BP Koirala with creating a better world. He was responsible for many of the achievements that are seen in the country today. He has also helped to ensure that Nepal continues to remain a stable nation.

Koirala deserves to be recognized for everything that he has done. His contributions to Nepal cannot be overlooked.

As the first ever elected leader of Nepal, who is also the head of state of that country, BP Koirala has been marked as a revolutionary leader and one of the most important figures in Nepal recent history.

BP Koirala was both socialist and anarchist tendencies in politics, and was an anarchist in literature as well. His popularity among the people increased after he was appointed the prime minister of Nepal. His government had implemented many policies that were inspired by Marxism.

Koirala managed to transform himself from an anarchist in the literature into a socialist, and he began writing books that had a socialist perspective. These books were popular, but his party did receive them well.

The country was very happy with his appointment because of his socialist approach to economics, his stance towards foreign countries, and his commitment to education. It was at this time that the economy of Nepal began to show results.

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50 BP Koirala Quotes in Nepali Language

1. Nepali famous quotes about wife and prostitute

पत्नी र वेश्यामा यति मात्र छ, पत्नि करबलको वेश्या हो भने वेश्या स्वइच्छाको पत्नि हो । वि.पि.कोइराला

patni ra vesyama yati matra chha, patni karabalako vesya ho bhane vesya svaichchhako patni ho. B. P. Koirala

Translation in English language: This is only in the wife and the prostitute, the wife is a prostitute of the enforce, then the prostitute is the wife of a volition.

bp koirala quotes sayings in Nepali language
bp koirala quotes sayings in Nepali language

2. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali famous quotes about human, quality

manava manabhitra euta yasto guna hunchha, jasale uchita-anuchita junasukai karanale bhae pani kasaile bhognupareko duhkha prati prayajaso udasina rahandaina. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Sayings
BP Koirala Nepali Quotes
  • मानव मनभित्र एउटा यस्तो गुण हुन्छ, जसले उचित-अनुचित जुनसुकै कारणले भए पनि कसैले भोग्नुपरेको दुःख प्रति प्रायजसो उदासिन रहँदैन । बी.पी. कोइराला

3. Nepali famous quotes about voting, election

Matadataharulai ramro vyakti chhanne mauka nadine ho bhane chunava nirrathaka abhyasa matra hunchha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Pics
BP Koirala Quotes
  • मतदाताहरूलाई राम्रो व्यक्ति छान्ने मौका नदिने हो भने चुनाव निर्रथक अभ्यास मात्र हुन्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला

4. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali famous about democracy

• hamra janatalai prajatantra bhaneko ke ho thaha chhaina tara prajatantrika mulya sthapana garna chahanchhaun. B.P. Koirala

हाम्रा जनतालाई प्रजातन्त्र भनेको के हो थाहा छैन तर प्रजातान्त्रिक मूल्य स्थापना गर्न चाहन्छौं । वी.पी. कोइराला

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Pic
BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Picture

5. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali quotes about democracy

• ma janatalai susangathita garne ra uniharulai adharabhuta rajanitika vivadaharubare bodhe ganraune jasta karyama dattachitta raheko chhu. B.P.Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Pic
BP Koirala Nepali Quotes
  • म जनतालाई सुसंगठित गर्ने र उनीहरूलाई आधारभूत राजनीतिक विवादहरूबारे बोधे गंराउने जस्ता कार्यमा दत्तचित्त रहेको छु । वी.पी.कोइराला

6. Nepali popular quotation

• hami hamra janatapratiko aphno jimmevaribata panchhinu hundaina. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Photo
BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Photo
  • हामी हाम्रा जनताप्रतिको आफ्नो जिम्मेवारीबाट पन्छिनु हुँदैन । वी.पी. कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: We should not be removed from our responsibilities to our people.

7. Nepali popular quotation about democracy

• prajatantrika manyataanurupa men jananirnaya ̔ai svikara gardachhu. B.P.Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • प्रजातान्त्रिक मान्यताअनुरूप में जननिर्णय ाई स्वीकार गर्दछु । वी. पी. कोइराला

8. BP Koirala Quotes popular quotation

• janatako matadvara vaidhata prapta gari sattama aune vyaktilai bhanda hatiyarako balama aekalai kasari visvasa garna sakinchha?  B.P. Koirala

  • जनताको मतद्वारा वैधता प्राप्त गरी सत्तामा आउने व्यक्तिलाई भन्दा हतियारको बलमा आएकालाई कसरी विश्वास गर्न सकिन्छ? – वी.पी. कोइराला
BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous

9. Nepali popular quotation

• janatapratiko jimmevaribata rajanetaharu hami panchhinu hundaina. B.P.Koirala

  • जनताप्रतिको जिम्मेवारीबाट राजनेताहरू हामी पन्छिनु हुँदैन । वी.पी.कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: Politicians should not be taken away from the responsibility of the public.

10. BP Koirala Quotes nepali sayings about life

• jivana euta kahilyai nasakine samapta nahune vasanta ho. B.P.Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • जीवन एउटा कहिल्यै नसकिने समाप्त नहुने वसन्त हो । वी.पी.कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: Life is an everlasting endless spring.

11 . nepali sayings about life

• maile jivana anandamaya satha bhogen ra maile aphna kartavyaharu garejasto lagchhatyati nai paryapta chha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • मैले जीवन आनन्दमय साथ भोगें र मैले आफ्ना कर्तव्यहरू गरेजस्तो लाग्छत्यति नै पर्याप्त छ । वी.पी. कोइराला

12. Nepali famous quotes

• malai lagchha patipatniko sambandhama yaunako ananda euta prarambhika agega matra hosa tyasto avegale nayansambandhalai jodchha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • मलाई लाग्छ पतिपत्नीको सम्बन्धमा यौनको आनन्द एउटा प्रारम्भिक आगेग मात्र होस त्यस्तो आवेगले नयाँसम्बन्धलाई जोड्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला

13. Nepali popular quotation

14. nepali sayings about life

• aruko duhkhapati ankha uthayo bhane sukha bhogako sambhavana hudaina. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • अरुको दुःखपटि आँखा उठायो भने सुख भोगको सम्भावना हुदैन । वी.पी. कोइराला

Translation in English language: If you take an eye to others, happiness is not possible.

15. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali popular quotation about democracy

• yadi lokatantrika saktile thika hisaba ra sochavichara garna sakena bhane desako bhavisya anyaula hunchha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • यदि लोकतान्त्रिक शक्तिले ठीक हिसाब र सोचविचार गर्न सकेन भने देशको भविष्य अन्यौल हुन्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला

16. Nepali famous quotes about democracy

• netritvako sababhanda thulo guna tyasako yasa parakhama rahanchha ki andolana kuna kuna kshanadekhi patanonmukha huna thalchha, tyo kshana pugnubhanda purva nai netale janatalai nairasyabata bachaunchha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Nepali Quotes Famous
  • नेतृत्वको सबभन्दा ठूलो गुण त्यसको यस पारखमा रहन्छ कि आन्दोलन कुन कुन क्षणदेखि पतनोन्मुख हुन थाल्छ, त्यो क्षण पुग्नुभन्दा पूर्व नै नेताले जनतालाई नैराश्यबाट बचाउँछ । बि.पी. कोइराला

17. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali popular quotation about democracy

• nepal ma prajatantrika vyavastha lyaune vyaktiko rupama malai samjhinuparchha bhane pani tyo euta badhi aspasta smaraka hunechha. B.P. Koirala


BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Pic
  • नेपालमा प्रजातान्त्रिक व्यवस्था ल्याउने व्यक्तिको रुपमा मलाई सम्झीनुपर्छ भने पनि त्यो एउटा बढी अस्पष्ट स्मारक हुनेछ । वि.पी. कोइराला

18. Nepali famous quotes about democracy

• prajatantrika vikasavina mulukalai eutai sutrama abaddha garna sakinna. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Pic
  • प्रजातान्त्रिक विकासविना मुलुकलाई एउटै सुत्रमा आबद्ध गर्न सकिन्न । वि.पी. कोइराला
  • Without democratic development, the country can not be linked to the same formula.

19. Nepali popular quotation about democracy

• prajatantravina mulukama sthayitva bhane sambhava chhaina. B.P. Koirala

  • प्रजातन्त्रविना मुलुकमा स्थायित्व भने सम्भव छैन । वि.पी. कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: There is no possibility of stability in the country without democracy.

20. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali popular quotation about democracy

• prajatantra nabhae mulukako kuna prakarako sasanapranali apanaune ta – sasana garne adhikara kasako hune – vikasaka prathamikataharu kasale nirdharana garne – prajatantra bhaena bhane jasako lathi usako bhaisi bhane jastai hunchha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Pic

प्रजातन्त्र नभए मुलुकको कुन प्रकारको शासनप्रणाली अपनाउने त? शासन गर्ने अधिकार कसको हुने? विकासका प्राथमिकताहरु कसले निर्धारण गर्ने? प्रजातन्त्र भएन भने जसको लाठी उसको भैसी भने जस्तै हुन्छ । वि.पी. कोइराला

21. Nepali popular quotation about democracy

• prajatantrale rajanitika samanata sunischita gardachha tara ke pratyeka nepalile svatah yo upabhoga garna paeka chhana ta – B.P. Koirala

22. Nepali BP Koirala Quotes

• Uchcha pravidhiko ayata hamilai suhaudaina, hamilai ahile hamile prayoga gariraheko bhanda ati mathillo tahako pravidhi matra upayukta hunchha. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Pic
  • उच्च प्रविधिको आयात हामीलाई सुहाउदैन, हामीलाई अहिले हामीले प्रयोग गरिरहेको भन्दा अति माथिल्लो तहको प्रविधि मात्र उपयुक्त हुन्छ । वि.पी. कोइराला

23. nepali sayings about love

• priya antatogatva grihini hunchhe, prema parinata hunchha santosama. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Pic
  • प्रिया अन्ततोगत्वा गृहिणी हुन्छे, प्रेम परिणत हुन्छ सन्तोषमा । वी.पी. कोइराला
  • Lover is finally a housewife, love turns into satisfaction.

24. Nepali popular quotation

dakshatako matalaba lagani ra utpadanabicha nischita sambandha hunuparchha bhanne nai ho. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pic

दक्षताको मतलब लगानी र उत्पादनबीच निश्चित सम्बन्ध हुनुपर्छ भन्ने नै हो । ‘ वी.पी. कोइराला,

Efficiency means that there should be definite relationship between investment and production.

25. Nepali BP Koirala Quotes

• mero vichara uti spastasanga paribhasita chhaina tara ma tyasatarphakehi ujyalo dekhchhu. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pic
  • मेरो विचार उति स्पष्टसँग परिभाषित छैन तर म त्यसतर्फकेही उज्यालो देख्छु । वी.पी. कोइराला

26. Nepali popular quotation

• vikasita mulukaharuko tadakabhadaka dekhera tyasaima hurukka bhai hamile vikasalai romantika vastujasto nathani. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pictures
  • विकसित मुलुकहरूको तडकभडक देखेर त्यसैमा हुरुक्क भई हामीले विकासलाई रोमान्टिक वस्तुजस्तो नठानी । वी.पी. कोइराला

27. Nepali BP Koirala Quotes

• prajatantra ra vikasa paraspara virodhi nabhai vastavama ekaarkaka puraka hun. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pictures
  • प्रजातन्त्र र विकास परस्पर विरोधी नभई वास्तवमा एकअर्काका पुरक हुन् । वी.पी. कोइराला
  • Democracy and development are not anti-conflict but are actually one another’s suplimentry.

28. Nepali BP Koirala Quotes popular quotation

• gaulelai bevasta garne kunai pani vikasa, vikasa nai hoina. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pictures
  • गाउँलेलाई बेवास्ता गर्ने कुनै पनि विकास, विकास नै होइन । वी.पी. कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: There is no development, development that ignores the villagers.

29. Nepali BP Koirala Quotes famous

• nyayapurna arthika vikasa ra prajatantrako abhavama gareko mulukaka lagi bhanine arthika vikasa tatha rajanitika svatantrata duvai kora kalpana matra hunechhan ra vikasa euta rajanitika karya ho. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pictures
  • न्यायपूर्ण आर्थिक विकास र प्रजातन्त्रको अभावमा गरेको मुलुकका लागि भनिने आर्थिक विकास तथा राजनीतिक स्वतन्त्रता दुवै कोरा कल्पना मात्र हुनेछन् र विकास एउटा राजनीतिक कार्य हो । वी.पी. कोइराला

30. Nepali BP Koirala Quotes popular quotation

• Vigyana bhaneko manisako naitika nirnaya hosa vigyanalai kunai disatira laijane bhanne kuro naitika niyantranako visaya ho. B.P. Koirala

BP Koirala Quotes Pictures
  • विज्ञान भनेको मानिसको नैतिक निर्णय होस विज्ञानलाई कुनै दिशातिर लैजाने भन्ने कुरो नैतिक नियन्त्रणको विषय हो । वी.पी. कोइराला

31. Nepali popular quotation

• bhavisya kevala manisaka lagi hunchhar,r isvara va janavaraka nimitta hoinar,r isvara ra pasuharuka lagi bholi bhanne kurai hundaina. B.P. Koirala

भविष्य केवल मानिसका लागि हुन्छ र इश्वर वा जनावरका निमित्त होइन र इश्वर र पशुहरूका लागि भोलि भन्ने कुरै हुँदैन ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

32. Nepali Top BP Koirala Quotes

• bholika lagi nai manisa hareka udyama gardachha, jamina jotdachha, bali ropdachha, bholiko khusiyali parkhanchhan. B.P.Koirala

  • भोलिका लागि नै मानिस हरेक उद्यम गर्दछ, जमिन जोत्दछ, बाली रोप्दछ, भोलिको खुशीयाली पर्खन्छन् । वी.पी.कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: For the tomorrow, man enters every enterprise, land boasts, planted crops, feels happy for tomorrow.

33. Nepali popular quotation

• bhavana bhaneko pakheta lageko charo jasto ho, tyo chara chheda ra tuppai nabhaeko yo thulo akasako phussama pvankha halera bharapardo udna sakchha. B.P. Koirala

34. BP Koirala Quotes nepali sayings about life

• manchhe bhaepachhi manchheko chala-chalanama bandinuparchha ra manchhe bhaera deuta huna khojnu asala hoina. B.P. Koirala

मान्छे भएपछि मान्छेको चाल-चलनमा बाँडिनुपर्छ र मान्छे भएर देउता हुन खोज्नु असल होइन ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

35. Nepali Top quotes about human, animal, god

• manchhe na ta pasu ho, nar isvara nai banna sakchha, manchhe kevala manisa ho, pasudekhi, mathi rrar isvaradekhi tala. B.P. Koirala

  • मान्छे न त पशु हो, न इश्वर नै बन्न सक्छ, मान्छे केवल मानिस हो, पशुदेखि, माथि र इश्वरदेखि तल । वी.पी. कोइराला

36. Nepali popular quotation about history, human, food

• manisa itihasako sanyantra hoina ra usako khoja bhojanako lagi matra hundainasa manisa eka bahuayamika vyaktitva ho. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

मानिस इतिहासको संयन्त्र होइन र उसको खोज भोजनको लागि मात्र हुँदैनस मानिस एक बहुआयामिक व्यक्तित्व हो ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

37. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Top about god, animal, human

isvara je chha tyahi ho, janavaraharu pani je chhan tinai hun tara manisa ansika rupama je chha tyo ra banki je huna chahanchha tyo pani ho. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

इश्वर जे छ त्यही हो, जनावरहरू पनि जे छन् तिनै हुन् तर मानिस आंशिक रूपमा जे छ त्यो र बाँकी जे हुन चाहन्छ त्यो पनि हो । वी.पी. कोइराला

38. Nepali popular quotation about human and development

• manisa adhuro chha ra usako vikasako dayara asimita chha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

  • मानिस अधुरो छ र उसको विकासको दायरा असीमित छ । वी.पी. कोइराला
  • Translation in English language: Man is incomplete and the extent of his development is unlimited.

39. nepali sayings about life

• malai mrityudekhi dara lagdaina tara mrityuvare malai vichara airahanchha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

  • मलाई मृत्युदेखि डर लाग्दैन तर मृत्युवारे मलाई विचार आइरहन्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला

Translation in English : I do not feel afraid of death, but I think about death.

40. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali Top about citizen

• antarika ra bahiri duvaithari chunautiharulai prabhavakari rupale samana garda darabara ra janata sathasathai milera januparchha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala.

  • आन्तरिक र बाहिरी दुवैथरि चुनौतीहरूलाई प्रभावकारी रूपले सामना गर्दा दरबार र जनता साथसाथै मिलेर जानुपर्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला ।

41. Best Nepali Sayings About dream

• sapanalai pani vipanako adhara chahinchha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala.

सपनालाई पनि विपनाको आधार चाहिन्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला ।

Translation in English language: Dream also requires the realistic base.

42. Nepali Top BP Koirala Quotes about rights

• maulika hakasambandhi kunai pani nirnaya sanvidhanako adharama matra garinuparchha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

  • मौलिक हकसम्बन्धी कुनै पनि निर्णय संविधानको आधारमा मात्र गरिनुपर्छ । वी.पी. कोइराला

43. Best Nepali Sayings About struggle

• Ma aniyantrita sanrghasa chahanna. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

  • म अनियन्त्रित संर्घष चाहन्न । वी.पी. कोइराला

Translation in English language: I do not want uncontrolled struggle.

44 . Best Nepali Sayings about democracy

• prajatantra lyauna sanrghasa garnu hamro adhikara ho. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

प्रजातन्त्र ल्याउन संर्घष गर्नु हाम्रो अधिकार हो ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

Translation in English language: It is our right to struggle to bring democracy.

45. BP Koirala Quotes Best Nepali Sayings About village and problems

• gaun ra tyahanka vasindako vastusthitibare janakari nabhaesamma nepalama garibiko samasyako chheusamma bujhana sakindaina. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

गाउँ र त्यहाँका वासिन्दाको वस्तुस्थितिबारे जानकारी नभएसम्म नेपालमा गरिबीको समस्याको छेउसम्म बुझन सकिंदैन ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

46 . Best Nepali Sayings About

• rajanitika rupama prajatantra ra amajanataka lagi nyayapurna arthika vikasa yi duri nai samajavadaka mukhya paya hun. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

राजनीतिक रूपमा प्रजातन्त्र र आमजनताका लागि न्यायपूर्ण आर्थिक विकास यी दुर्इ नै समाजवादका मुख्य पाय हुन् ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

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47. Best Nepali Sayings About BP Koirala Quotes

• aphno nirnaya bhaneko mero svatantrata ho. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

आफ्नो निर्णय भनेको मेरो स्वतन्त्रता हो ।

वी.पी. कोइराला

Translation in English language: My decision is my freedom.

48. BP Koirala Quotes Nepali popular quotation

• Kayarata sankramaka hunchha bhane sahasa sayada ajha badhi sankramaka hunchha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

49. Best Nepali Sayings About village, economy and progress

• samanti varga gramina arthatantrako sammriddhima nirbhara gardachha ra gramina arthatantra sammriddha bhaema nai tyasa vargale phaida paunchha. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

सामन्ती वर्ग ग्रामीण अर्थतन्त्रको सम्मृद्धिमा निर्भर गर्दछ र ग्रामीण अर्थतन्त्र सम्मृद्ध भएमा नै त्यस वर्गले फाइदा पाउँछ ।

बी.पी. कोइराला

50. BP Koirala Quotes Best Nepali Sayings About election and winner

• yadi mero vichara Abhivyakta garna ra sangathanako madhyamale janasamaksha rakhne adhikara malai nahune ho bhane chunava hunu ra vijaya hunuko kunai artha rahandaina. BISHWESHWAR PRASAD (BP) Koirala

यदि मेरो विचार अभिव्यक्त गर्न र संगठनको माध्यमले जनसमक्ष राख्ने अधिकार मलाई नहुने हो भने चुनाव हुनु र विजय हुनुको कुनै अर्थ रहँदैन ।

वी.पी. कोइराला


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