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A positive attitude may not solve all your problems and difficulties, but it will annoy enough people to be valued the effort. The problem is not the actual problem – the problem is the attitude to the problem.

I’ve found that I always have options, and sometimes this is just an attitude choice. I applaud with a smile on my face, all those who know how to respect the human being!

The more I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude in life. She is more important than the past, that education, that money, that circumstances, that failures, that successes, and what other people think, say, or do.

I know what it’s like to have to put up with everything going and smile pretending it’s all working out.

And suddenly it’s Friday already. Suddenly it’s already Christmas. Suddenly another year is gone, and you just stood there wanting to change your life. Let’s look at people in a different way. Let’s see them as we see ourselves. With defects, maybe. Unfinished, indeed! But once rescued and restored – we can radiate light!

It’s as if a thousand people cared for you but one. And somehow, it was the only one you needed to care. I allow all to be as they will, and to me as I should be.

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I think I did it all the better, maybe a little crooked, but I’ve tried the most beautiful thing I know. I never asked that people understand me, but respect is something that everyone should have.

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Forgive … is you throw away the trash, which the other left on you. I may not believe me, but I believe what I’m doing. I also learned not to rely on others: as much as possible, I do everything myself. That works out better.

Freedom will only be possible when you are so complete that you too can face the responsibility of being free. Never regret a lost illusion, for there would be no fruit if the flower did not fall.

It is possible to change our lives and the attitude of those around us simply by changing ourselves. Choose what can make your heart vibrate … Despite all the consequences.

Good friends do not give a kiss, but the Wi-Fi password. When I speak to you in the morning before the first coffee, you are important or in danger.

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Bought soothing bath. I’m very excited already. As soon as I get a pirate ship with Wi-Fi, I’m so out of this life. Life is short. Smile while you have teeth.

I have no cobwebs in the apartment. These are eco-dream catchers! The human body is 90% water. So we are cucumbers with feelings.

I was so proud of the solution. Unfortunately, it did not fit the problem. Do not disturb. I am already disturbed enough. I do not stalk, I only research!

If you have bad luck, color pink! If your life annoys you, glitter on it! I would like to be Sleeping Beauty. But without a prince – I just want to sleep! I stand with both legs in the glitter.

I’ll throw everything and become a princess! I really need a wand right now. We can not all be princesses. Someone has to clap when I pass by.

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There are times when a woman is weak and defenseless. Thankfully, nail polish dries pretty quickly.

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There is a vast difference between someone who desires you and someone who does everything to have you. If you love a rose, you also have to adore its thorns. If you love someone, you also have to adore his mistakes.

There can be no delight if the things we trust in and we have faith in are different from the things we do. I challenge you to find a more normal madman than me.

Some people all the time get what they want, but never what they deserve.

One should all the time find a wife with the ears, rather than the eyes. Women fall in love to be in love forever. They do not let men sit unless they are lied to or cheated.

Love is a fire, whether it warms your heart or burns your house, you never know. In the truest sense, freedom is not granted, it has to be achieved.

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God often removes someone from your life entirely for a reason. Think before you chase after someone.

The greatest puzzle of mathematics, thousands of years have passed. An infinite number of theorems derived, millions of formulas created, but still X is unknown!

You can not buy love, because if it’s real, it’s priceless. The best way to tell a girl that you love her is to sit next to her, hold her, rest her head on your heartbeat, and stay calm.


Sometimes you need the patience to find true happiness. It will not be fast and it will not come easy, but it will be worth it.

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Stop my little heart. It always says your name with every heartbeat. The problem is, when we talk, I fall in love over and over again.

Good decisions come from the experience you had and experience comes from bad decisions. Never look back, unless you propose to go in that direction.

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The tongue has the least weight, yet they cannot hold some people. A friendly word can change from someone all day long.

When I die, I want to donate my body for research, but more specifically, a scientist working to bring the dead back to life.

No matter how many beautiful faces you throw your eyes to, if you already like someone of your heart, hardly anyone else will notice you.

The size of a person is not shown by his wealth, but by his integrity and his ability to positively influence his environment.

Do not mix my personality with my attitude because my personality is how I am and my attitude depends on you…

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The reality of life is when you value people who think you are always free, but they do not understand that you always try to be available for them …!

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Love starts at home, and it’s not how much we do, but how much love we put in this action ..Sooner or later, a woman will discover that she is the master gardener of her soul and the director, writer of her life …

Life is very complicated. Do not try to search for answers, because when you find answers, life alters the questions.

It’s hard to find a friend who is 95% talented, 96% funny, 98% sweet, 99% intelligent and 100% sweet. So dare not lose me!

Do not fight a woman, do not call her crazy. Understand your motives and teach them how to understand yours.

Do not waste your time trying to be what you are not, striving to act in a way that does not belong to you. Do not be what you think she would like to be, who you are.

You’re strong, warrior. You know the struggles you faced, you know the challenges you’ve won. Do not let anything be greater than you and your soul. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not or that you can not. You know yourself. And nobody else!!!

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Every woman seeks in man what she can only find in herself: happiness. A powerful woman has never been synonymous with money or beauty. Power means character. And this is very rare nowadays.

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Congratulations, you’ve managed to be one of the most powerful I’ve ever met in my life. Your honesty and kindness make you an incredible woman.

Marriage is for men, not for brats. Men who marry do not become men, they destroy women. Do not judge all men, just because you fell in love with a brat.

The difference between a man and a kid is that the kid will see your chest and butt, man will care about your sympathy and your beautiful smile.

The woman is not single for lack of a man, the woman is single because she prefers not to suffer in the hand of a boy. She is neither cold nor vindictive, she just got tired of being fooled by brats who pretended to be real men.

As long as you keep giving boys chances, no man will make you happy. Do not defame men just because a kid did not know how to make you happy.

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Never deceive a girl, because when you have a daughter, you will not want to go into her room and see her crying over a kid.

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She’s one of those who wears black, but she has one of the most colorful souls I’ve ever seen. She has the soul of a flying kite, but on her imaginary shelf, she collects hearts.

And she goes, without more, in the calm, without despair, to write her own history, tired of the same script.

May the wind light, may the rain wash, may the soul shine, may the heart calm down, may harmony be established, and happiness remains.

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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