150 April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

April Fools pranks for kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School, College, work etc: – April 1 is celebrated as the day of fools around the world. Everybody tries to fool the people around them. Everyone wants to avoid being fooled there, so any information or talk received on this day is not often taken seriously without investigation.

This celebration of mischief is being celebrated in every country without making any further distraction to the people of your identity. It is believed that the inspiration to celebrate the April fool is taken from Roman festival Hillariya. So here are some tricks and pranks that you can play on your kids, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers, colleague etc.

150 April Fools Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School

  1. April fools day pranks For Friends

Go into the kitchen and swap the contents of one jar with the contents of another jar. Such as you can swap the sugar contents into the jar or bottle of salt. It’s funny that you should do the first thing in the morning when people are barely awake!

  1. April Fools Day Pranks For Friends

Continuing with the “magical” ingredient of salt, put the following into practice. Pour some salt on your head, in a localized place or all over the hull. Now go to a friend, a relative or a co-worker and ask him if he can distinguish “something weird in the head”.

The expression when seeing such a show on your scalp, without a doubt, will leave the innocent victim open-mouthed.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Take advantage of a moment of loneliness, carelessness or when your victims are sleeping. You will have two options: to advance the clock, and that all arrive before a time to their destinations. Or delay it, so they reach there late.

In any case, we advise to advance the hour and subtract an hour of sleep from the victim; preferable before making him late to any commitment, but, you decide.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks For Friends and Family

For this joke, you will need a bar of soap or white or gray chalk. If your friend or a family member has an establishment with a crystal moon, take advantage of it to leave the store to simulate an assault.

You can carry it out by drawing several lines in the sinuantes crystal that converge in the same point, so it will seem that some unscrupulous has stoned the glass of the business.

Note: calm your innocent before he can call the Emergency Service for the event.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Another classic in the matter of jokes. Strolling down the street, finding a coin on the ground or hopefully a ticket and bending down to pick it up, are three actions that are carried out almost by default.

However, this harmless maneuver can be cause for mockery on a day like this. You only have to fix a coin or bill to the ground and, sure, more than one innocent will fall into the trap of trying to take off the booty of the road.

April Fools Day Pranks For Kids, Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Parents, School
April Fools Day Pranks

Another option in this field is to tie a rope to the coin or the bill, and when someone tries to take it, pull so they can not pick it up.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

This nonsense could also be included in the “Top Five” of the typical jokes on the day of fool’s day. It consists of placing a bit of toothpaste or some other ointment on the face or hands of the victim while the victim is neglected or sleeping.

When they wake up and look in the mirror, they will see how a strange substance has “appeared” on their skin.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

This prank would be classified among the scariest. It is very simple, and you can be yourself the protagonist or use a mannequin or a doll of considerable dimensions.

Get dressed (or dress the mannequin) with a long trench coat or blanket, stand in front of the door (so that when you open it does not give you) of the room (or bathroom) of the person you want to surprise and get on your knees.

20 April Fools Day Pranks for Long Distance Friends

When your victim opens the door, stay still, the shock will be assured. And it is that horror stories led to film and literature, as well as the personal experiences that many of our environment insist on telling us. In reference to contact with the “beyond”, have made us in “pre-warning” about any noise, shade or feeling that we have.

Therefore, the appearance of a strange figure of unforeseen will put the hair on end to the bravest.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

The next joke is categorized as the funniest one. It consists of convincing the innocent victim that if he is able to guess, with his eyes closed, what part of the body we are pointing to.

For the picaresque, we will take a piece of fruit an orange, for example, cut it in half and make a hole in the center, so that it fits the index finger. This way, once we have asked for areas of the body that are easy to recognize, such as the mouth or an ear, we will introduce the finger into the fruit.

Undoubtedly, the surprise is served. And the laughs, too.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

But if there is a traditional joke and it takes root on April fool’s day is to hang the white puppet on the back of our victim. In a moment of our victim’s carelessness, place the paper with an adhesive tape on the victim’s coat, so he will walk through the city with the message of the day in question.

As an option, you can include a message in the typical doll.


  1. April Fools Day Pranks

This prank has been repeated in many of the joke shows we often see on television. It is about placing a very heavy suitcase on the street, dressing up as if we were tourists and trusting the kindness of a passer-by.

That is, we will ask some innocent if, please, you can transport the suitcase. The laughter will sprout when you see that it is impossible to move the suitcase, even five meters.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

Buh! Hide behind a door, behind a corner, with the room in darkness All the nooks and crannies are useful if you finally get to scare the victim.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks

It is one of the resources that has become more fashionable in recent years. Moreover, innumerable websites offer this service for a fee since the joke request is made online.

But if you want to do it in a more economical way, look for someone whose voice is not recognized by the victim and take a Fly to your imagination. From the discovery of infidelity to the imposition of a traffic ticket. The options are multiple.

  1. April Fools Day Pranks For Friends

The traditional costume and candy stores, gift shops are the ones that these days sell the dress up items to play jokes on this humorous day.

The typical fake finger or the traditional fake hand that when shaken is pulled; the bags that are placed in the seats simulating flatulence, lying excrement which can be placed under the seat etc are some of the examples of the prank that you can play on your friends.

  1. April Fools Pranks

It is as simple as placing a toothpick on the house bell switch. The eternal ding-dong will upset any tenant.

  1. April Fools Pranks

This joke serves, above all, for houses where there is a door to one house in front of another. It also serves in rooms in your own home that are in this way. You just have to tie a rope from one knob to another, so none of the ones inside the room can get out.

  1. April Fools Pranks

A fun and simple joke, although it takes time, is to buy a few packs of paper cups and fill them with 3/4 parts of water – it’s not worth using another liquid, especially if you have to clean it later. Next, we place as many glasses as possible in front of the door of our victim’s room.

With this joke, he sure wakes up the neighbor. The next one is placing a horn stuck with strong adhesive tape to the wall just at the height of the doorknob. When someone opens it, a thunderous noise will sound that will surely give our victim a good scare.

  1. April Fools Pranks

We need a pint of transparent nail paint that we can find in any drugstore or in any cheap goods store. The only thing that we have to do so that bubbles do not come out of the soap no matter how much you rub it on your body or hands is to paint the soap whole with this polish and that’s it. The other simple prank you can play is heavy at the same time ingenious.

This joke can be a nightmare for parents, who are the ones who usually pick everything up. It’s about leaving a glass upside down – or a pair like in this case – full of water. The nightmare is assured at the moment you plan how to remove them without having to take the mop out for a walk.

  1. April Fools Pranks

The other prank is concerned with the simple computer keyboard. The trick is simple: we change the position keys and the confusion will result in assured fun. Note: just try it on keyboards where the keys can come out easily. Let’s not go loading the keyboard.

Beware of this next joke because the victim may end up pulling the mouse from the computer before falling into the inadvertent. It is about placing a paper under the wheel or led – if it is wireless – to prevent it from working.

  1. April Fools Pranks

A tradition deeply rooted in some towns and regions is throwing eggs for April fool’s day. This joke uses the raw material to give it a more innocent twist and consists of filling the shells with glitter or confetti. For this simply crack the egg carefully with toothpick or fork on top.

Pour the contents of the egg in a bowl and completely empty it. Then leave the emptied egg shell to dry. Fill the shell with confetti or salt or any other powder you like. Then just smash the egg on the head of your victim. He will be surprised when the dry items pour out on his head.

  1. April Fools Pranks For Friends and Family

Send an image with surprise or create false news. Filmfare award: schedule, how and where to watch the program on TV and online. Social networks are trilling with the Fake News, or what is the same, false news. And that is exactly what we are going to take advantage of to play a joke on all the friends and family that we have added, for example, on Facebook.

April Fools Text Messages for Friends in Hindi and English

For this, we only have to access some websites online and give free rein to our creativity. As soon as you enter the website you will find 3 fields to fill in with the headline, text and an image.

You can choose an image that is stored on your computer or directly use Google search to locate the photo that best illustrates your fake news for April Fool’s Day. Once the news is generated, share it with the networks.

  1. April Fools Pranks For Friends

The fake message application has come into existence to use on this day. This application can be used to send jokes by WhatsApp to your friends. With Empty Messages, a free and easy-to-use Android application, you can ‘troll’ your friends by sending messages without text, something WhatsApp does not allow.

This app allows doing something that the messaging app itself does not allow. Send blank messages to any contact. In this way, you can troll them “making them go crazy thinking that you are saying something important when in reality it is not like that. An innocentada is able to upset even the quietest.

  1. April Fools Pranks For Friends

Simulate that someone famous writes to you. False Messages for Android is an application that can be used for the purpose. It is one of the best apps to spend jokes on April Fool’s Day that allows you to receive notifications of who you want, be it Shahrukh Khan or Rajesh Hamal.

You can then show your friends that someone famous or celebrity has written to you.

  1. April Fools Pranks For Friends

The idea that we drop the phone and it breaks the screen is something that we dread, especially if we have a high range of 20,000 RS to 50,000 RS or more that we are still paying or whose warranty has already expired. Broken Screen is one of the most popular apps in the Android market and it is the one we are going to use since it simulates the effect of a broken screen with realism.

In fact, it goes further, simulating the moment in which the glass cracks and supporting it with a sound of broken glass to give strength to the moment. When launching the app we can choose the type of fracture that will come out, including one in which the screen is turned off to give even more seriousness to the subject.

And that’s it, after preparing it, it will be the moment when we will pass the phone to a friend and as soon as he puts his finger on the screen, BAM! It will break. We can even configure the glass to break when moving the phone, pretending that it falls to a very low height or something similar.

Yes, it can be a joke, but almost 360,000 users have voted with 5 stars in the Play Store on how effective and fun it is.

  1. April Fools Pranks

Do you remember that horrible sound of the air horns that sound so loud, the same ones that are often seen in sports events like football matches?

The Real truck horn or any other horn app lets you drop a train, boat, etc. honk to someone or better: program it with sound detection so that it automatically sounds when a noise occurs. It does not work for WhatsApp, but it is for a live joke without a doubt.

  1. April Fools Pranks For Friends

Scare your Friend is an app with which to suddenly make an awful image appear with a horrible sound in the background. If you’re looking for the classic impact scare, the startle that always works. All we have to do is program it and wait.

To do this we open the app, we look for among its list of images that grimace give-monsters, sinister dolls, all kinds of clowns, then choose one of the horrific sounds that accompany the image and set the timer. Now we open the app that is and we pass the phone to a friend to watch a video or play something.

When the timer reaches zero, the image we have chosen and the sound will suddenly appear. And if our friend does not hit us with our cell phone, we can keep scaring more people.


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