20 April Fools Day Pranks for Long Distance Friends


20 April Fools Day Pranks for Long Distance Friends

In case you’re here, you’re looking for approaches to prank friends from far away. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 20 lengthy distance pranks that you may play on all people irrespective of wherein you are.

These pranks will work quality if the person doesn’t understand its coming, because of this you may pull those off any time of 12 months! a number of the pranks we located are lovable and Take your pick! Celebrate April fool day with long distance friend.

Simply take into account that what’s funny to you could be genuinely horrifying for another man or woman, so use discretion and recognize while to prevent pranking or while a prank might be a bit too much. Additionally, must be prepared for a few backlashes because odds are they’re going to get you lower back one way or some other.

20 April Fools Day Pranks for Long Distance Friends

1. A by no means ending music

Remember that track that never ends? Now you could send one to all of us everywhere, within the form of a musical card that literally will in no way to stop having a bet. Most musical cards prevent when you close them, but this one will never stop until it gets damaged.

2. Nameless text

Send a fake textual content message to everyone one the world and fake to be a person else. You can ship them your personal version of cat data, or engage in a completely difficult communication. Completely loose!

3. Hair Dye Prank

As an alternative, you can quickly dye your hair a truly crazy shade that you recognize your companion might hate. Put together to Skype together and screen you’re hilariously ugly hair color. Try and persuade them that you’re retaining it.


4. Haircut Prank

Get hair extensions that fit yours and stick them on. Skype with your companion and fake to get the urge to cut your hair quick. Maybe even get them to dare you to do it. Then while it comes time to snip, snip away on the hair extension and continue to win out. Our favorite out of all of those long distance pranks!


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Happy April Fools Day

5. Butt harm care package

if in spite of everything you’re pranking, the alternative individual is disappointed or irritated with you, ship them the exceptional care package ever: the butt hurt care bundle. It comes with butt harm cream, Kleenex for their tears and a glitter cleanup fabric. Perfect.


6. Rock sweet

Ship to a person some rocks! Before everything looks, they’ll suppose you just dispatched them some rocks. But tell them to take a chew out of them and it’s sincerely sweet!

7. Toothpaste stuffed Oreos

Alternatively, in case your associate loves cookies extra, ship them a few toothpaste filled Oreos. Simply open the bundle very carefully and seal it close as if it’s in no way been opened when you’re achieved. You could even buy one of these mini Oreo packs that preserve approximately 10 cookies. Have them open the bundle when you Skype to peer their reaction!

8. Fake a Pie

That is for the pie lover in your life. Use the tutorial to create a whole pie, stick in a pie field and mail it off to the recipient. Once they open it, it’ll appearance really sufficient but it turns into very clean that this pie isn’t all it’s cracked as much as for being.

9. Glitter melon

Send a watermelon to a person, just for laughs. Make it higher and send the watermelon filled with glitter so that you can’t even devour it. They can also plant the watermelon orange or make it glittery on the outdoor -there are plenty of alternatives.

10. Fart in a jar

Sure, this sincerely exists. You can send anyone farts in a jar and you may even pick how terrible it should scent. There are 8-hour trucker farts, Vegan who attempted meat again farts and extra.

11. Ship a brick

This website’s slogan is clever; “due to the fact throwing it in their window is unlawful” having stated that, this will be a fun prank to ship to a person just to look how puzzled they’re about why you sent it to the first location.

12. Ship a coconut

This carrier will mail a coconut to each person, clean from the tree. This prank might cross awesomely with the sandbox prank particularly if you inform your buddy you’re sending them on a tropical excursion and all they get is a coconut and a pile of sand on the floor.

13. Prank Romantic undergo

His endure is all cuddles and the sunshine until the person you sent it to realize that it receiver’s forestalled making a song. It’s going to literally play a song for approximately three hours or greater till the battery dies out or it’s destroyed. A laugh!

14. Stay girl insects

Realize a person with a critical malicious program phobia? Nicely then you’ve were given the ideal situation for this severely merciless prank. Deliver someone 1,500 live girl insects! After they unlock it, they’ll probably get everywhere. But is probably an excellent plan to have them unlock this outside.

15. Ship some snow

This can either be someone’s happiest minute always or most awful nightmare. Ship to a person a small package of snow! Each container is sealed with heavy responsibility packing tape and positioned exactly into a ribbed outer shell. As soon as packed, they’ll ship without delay to you, your relatives, or pass through FedEx Express.

16. Prank Candles

Those candles start out smelling awesome, similar to apple pie or kid powder, but the extra they burn the more serious they start to scent and your companion will haven’t any concept in which the odor is coming from. Inventive.

17. Ship Poop

Ok, that is gross; however, something floats your yacht. I Poop you will post an important person the poop off your wish. You may choose from rabbit poop, pig poop, buffalo poop, dog poop and cat poop. Exciting.

18. A container of nothing

Inform your partner you’re delivery the big marvel! And after that, when they get the box and unlock it up -it’s literally not anything. A cruel marvel but an amazing prank! You could additionally deliver and blank cover using this service; however, you may do that yourself.

19. Nyan Everything

Nyan it is an oldie, however goodie that will insert Nyan cat to any page you be fond of. Then you can mail that link to a buddy to create their life a nyan nightmare. restrained, but enjoyable!

20. World’s largest coffee cup

Purchase this toddler and DIY it with several sharpies with the expressions or quote of your selection plus ship it to your partner. Cause them to open the bundle while you Skype so you can observe their response once they obtain this gigantic cup.

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