Where is Dhaulagiri Located?

Dhaulagiri Zone

Where is Dhaulagiri Located? Nepal is a very small country in South Aisa, yet has diverse geographic locations. From plain terrain in ‘Terai’ region to Mountainous region in the North and Himalayan regions, Nepal has every kind of vegetation and geography. It has many zones and regions. One of the most popular regions of Nepal …

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When was Bouddhanath Stupa Built?

Old Bouddhanath Stupa

When was Bouddhanath Stupa Built Nepal, a country that is situated in the South Asia is one of the most admired countries in the world for its rugged beauty and rich culture and history. There are many things that represent Nepal like Mount Everest, Lord Buddha (Siddhartha Gautam), temples and natural beauty. Also, Buddhism, the …

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Where is Annapurna Base Camp?

Annapurna Base Camp

Where is Annapurna Base Camp Nepal is known for its immense beauty and breathtaking Himalaya ranges. Out of ten tallest mountains in the world, eight lies in the Himalayan ranges of this small country in South Asia. While Mt. Everest is popular as being the tallest peak in the world, Mt. Annapurna, on the other …