Top 10 Most Beautiful Actress of Nepal 2019

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Nepali film industry was established in 1951 by the release of the movie Harish Chandra. Since then this industry has been taking its baby step to improve and develop. It is commonly known as the Hollywood as in Hollywood and Bollywood. There used to be a time when Nepali movies and cinema were called as a copycat of the Hindi film industry.

To some extent it was true. But now due to the influence of media’s and new technologies. Nepali film industry is also making its own identity and individuality. New talents are emerging. New directors, actors, actresses, choreographers etc. are bringing the new influence in the industry. Among them today we are going to mention those top five actresses who have contributed in changing the face of the Nepali film industry.

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Nepali film industry has taken a new turn, due to advanced technology and competition. The uncountable actress had entered Nepali film industry and the number is still increasing and competition as well. However, Nepali actresses have been able to build a name for themselves either for their work skill or controversies surrounding them. Whether it be positive or negative, controversies help them to pursue fame.

Nepali film industry has gone through a massive transition in past few years and while actresses of yesteryears were seen in sarees and kurtas, modern actresses could be seen in short’s. But this is not an appropriate way to judge the inner talent of an actress. On this article, we give you a list of top 10 beautiful and talented actresses of Nepal. So, without further delay, here are the Top 10 Nepali actresses of 2018 :

Top 10 Beautiful Actress of Nepal 2019

1) Priyanka Karki :

Born : February 27, 1887 (age 29 years)
Location: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
Awards: Miss Teen Nepal 2005
Online Filmy Khabar for Popular Debutant Actor Female 2070
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nepalese
Occupation: Actress, Model, Singer, Dancer
Height: 1.68 m (5 feet 6 inch)

Nepali actress model Priyanka Karki beautiful wonderful cute kathmandu kollywood smiling pictures images photos

The young, gorgeous and multi-talented Priyanka Karki is a Nepalese actress and former Miss Teen Nepal, VJ, singer, choreographer, model and a dancer. She was born on February 27, 1987, and now 29 years old. Priyanka Karki, daughter of Bhupendra Karki and Rakshya Malhotra has been able to fascinate Nepali film industry with her charm, beauty, acting skills, and talent.

Karki won the title of Miss Teen Nepal in 2005 at age of 18 and right after her victory she was featured on the cover of Wave Magazine and on other magazines like Nari, Vivacity Magazine, ECS Living, Folio, VOW, Healthy Living and Yuwa Magazine.

Priyanka Karki went to the United States of America in 2007 for her further study and completed her Bachelors in Filmmaking from The University of North Alabama in 2011. She filmed the first Bhutanese-Nepalese production called “Bhulney Po Hoki” where she played the female lead. Priyanka Karki started her acting career with the movie “Mero Best Friend” in 2012. After “Mero Best Friend”, she signed ‘3 lovers’ by Suresh Darpan Pokhrel which earned her Popular Debutant Actor Female by Online Filmy Khabar Awards 2070.


Later she appeared in blockbuster movies like Jholey opposite Dayahang Rai, Nai La Bhannu La 2 opposite Suraj Singh Thakuri, Mala, Nai La Bhannu La 4, How Funny, Purano Dunga, Aawaran, Suntali and her next anticipated releases are Latin, Anaagat, Radhe and Happy Days in 2017.

The movie Aawaran launched her as a singer in Nepali music industry. Her single debut “Swatantra” was a solid hit. Her other cover songs are equally appreciated by her fans. Priyanka Karki has been voted as the 4th glamourous women in Nepal according to the survey done by Folio Magazine in 2013. Karki is the current brand ambassador for Coca Cola, Safety Sanitary Napkins, Colors Mobile, Ruslan Vodka and Dabur Herbal Toothpaste. Priyanka Karki is the most demanded actress of the Nepali film industry.

2) Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah :

Born: November 18, 1995 (age 21 years)
Birthplace: Birgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal
Awards: 2nd runner up of classic DiamondJewelers 2014
FAAN Awards for Best New Actress 2016
8th Dcine Awards 2016 for Best New Actress
NFDC Awards for Best New Actress 2016
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nepalese
Occupation: Model and Actress
Height: 5’ 7

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah, also known as Samragyee RL Shah is a famous award winning Nepali actress and model. Samragyee started her film career debuting in Bhuwan KC’s movie “Dreams” in 2016. She was starred opposite to young and handsome actor Anmol KC in the role of the lead actress.

Her first movie debut was the massive hit and she received the Best New Actress award at the FAAN 2016 along with 8th Dcine Awards 2016, NFDC Awards 2016 for Best New Actress. At the Face of the Classic Diamond Jewelers Fashion Competition, Samragyee won the position of 2nd runner up and was awarded NRS 25,000 in November 2014.

Samragyee LB Shah
Samragyee LB Shah

After the event, she received many offers for movies and fashion show. Before her debut as an actor, Shah worked as a model and appeared in different product promotions. Samragyee completed her higher secondary educating from the Royal Academy, India and currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in social work. In an interview, Samragyee described herself as an honest, emotional person who is happiest when able to dance, enjoy good food, good music and when being with loved ones. Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah is one of the highest paid actresses in Nepal.

3) Rishma Gurung :

Birth date: June 5, 1991
Birthplace: Pokhara, Nepal
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nepalese
Occupation: Actress, Model

Nepali actress and model, Rishma Gurung is a new actor face in Nepali film industry. She was born on June 5, 1991, at beautiful scenic city Pokhara, Nepal. Rishma started her first Nepali film debut with the movie “Kabaddi” in 2014 opposite to Dayahang Rai and Nischal Basnet. She played the role of “Maiya” in Kabaddi which was appreciated by the public. Later in 2016, she appeared in the second sequel of Kabaddi (Kabaddi Kabaddi).

Rishma Gurung
Rishma Gurung

According to the sources, before debuting in Nepali movies, Rishma Gurung was seen in three Gurung movies. She has completed her Bachelors in Business Studies from Tribhuvan University and pursuing the first year of MBA. She mentioned that she is the first female to graduate in her family. Her new movie “Jhumkee” in which she played the role of Dewaki was received well by the audience. Rishma Gurung is one of the beautiful and talented actresses of Nepali film industry.


4) Annapurna Sharma :

Annapurna Sharma for which many of us know her by the name of Anna Sharma. She was born on May 24, 1995. Her mother, Rachana Gurung Sharma is an official choreographer at Miss Nepal. She had passion and craze for acting. She discovered her passion for dancing and singing when she was a little girl. She participated in many dance competitions. On one occasion, she recommended companion actors and actresses to read as many books as possible saying that books broaden the prospect of thinking and forming views.

Annapurna Sharma nepali actress
Anna Sharma

As of 2016, Anna lives in Kathmandu with her parents and sisters Amalia Sharma, Ahilya Rajika Sharma and a brother. Anna’s sister Amalia Sharma is also an actress who played a supporting role in the movie Jerry as Pugi. She got her debut movie from Jerry where she starred opposite Anmol Kc. Anmol kc was also new to the industry but they had an amazing chemistry which everybody liked. Anna was awarded the NAFTA award for best debut actress. Recently she was seen opposite Ashirman Joshi who is the brother of Ayushman Deshraj Joshi. The movie was named Gangster Blues which got many positive responses from the public as well.

Birthdate: May 24, 1995 (age 21 years)
Residence: Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality: Nepalese
Gender: Female
Occupation: Actress, Model

The lovely Annapurna Sharma, popularly known as Anna Sharma is a beloved Nepali actress and model. She was born on 24th May 1995 and 21 years old now. Anna Sharma debuted as an actor with super hit movie “Jerry” featuring Anmol Kc. She played the role of Akanshya, a simple girl with love for photography. Anna was awarded the NEFTA Award for Best Debut Actress for the movie Jerry.

Anna Sharma took 2 years to break from her film career because she wanted to get a university degree first. Anna possesses the natural talent for acting. Her next movie Gangster Blues is estimated to take a year for release. In May 2016, the announcement of the movie was made public. In her upcoming movie, she will the starred opposite to Ashirman Desraj Joshi Shrestha.

5) Shristi Shrestha :

Birthdate: October 18, 1989
Birthplace: Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal
Nationality: Nepalese
Gender: Female
Occupation: Actress, Model
Titles: Miss Chitwan 2012
: Miss Nepal 2012
: Miss World 2012 (Quarter Finalist)
: Top 10 Multimedia Award Miss World 2012
: Top 10 Beach Beauty Miss World 2012
: Top 10 Dancers Miss World 2012

The most elegant and beautiful, Shristi Shrestha is a Nepali actress, model and former Miss Nepal 2012. Shristi represented Nepal in Miss World 2012 which was held in Inner Mongolia, China on August 18, 2012. She was also able to secure 8th position in Beach Beauty and was placed as Top 10 dancers in Miss World 2012. Shristi also won the “Public Choice Awards” during Miss World 2012.

shristi shrestha - Nepali Girl Lady Image
shristi shrestha -Miss Nepal Image

Shristi Shrestha debuted as an actor in Nepali film industry with the movie “Gajalu” opposite to Anmol KC. Likewise, her first debut in her theater career was “Hamlet” by Shakespeare with the role of “Ophelia”. Shristi has also played in a Bollywood music video of unplugged song version “Kabhi Jo Badal barse” which was her first debut in Bollywood. She has also appeared in several Nepali music videos which were equally appreciated by her fans.

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