People used to thinks that making money online is so easier. Anybody can earn good amount if they run a blog or website. But the fact is that none of the work/jobs in this world is easier to do. To earn money you need to work hard. Have you ever seen people earning money without doing any work?

For bloggers, you need to do hard research on the topic that you are going to update your blog. Sometimes I feel like “I will quit blogging”. But whenever my mind born new ideas, my finger automatically starts blogging. Here I am with the new topic. In this post, you will get some ideas about how to monetize your blog in Nepal.

5 clever ways to monetize your blog in Nepal

Ok now here we are. Let’s catch the topic

1. Promote affiliate product

Yes, you can promote some affiliate product in your blog. You can either put a banner or write some review of that product. Many pro bloggers are earning 70x more from affiliate marketing than the google Adsense. It’s because affiliate marketing pays you high revenue per sale. I will write in detail about affiliate marketing in my near upcoming post.

Post affiliate products blog
affiliated blog

2. Write an Ebook

Let say, You know all the information about how to monetize blog or website. You can import all your ideas in your newly created ebook . It will take some weeks to complete your ebook. After that, you can sell it in Google plus, Amazon, iTunes or also in your blog. You can also target fix price for your ebook, something like 2$-15$. The more sell, the more profit.

sell your ebook-content

3. Selling advertisement space


Have you ever seen words like this “Place your ads here”? If yes then you are already familiar with this blog monetizing method. Like Nepal’s top online portal onlinekhabar, ekantipur, setopati and much more. The usually earn more than $100-$500 from single advertisement space a month. Its rates based on your advertisement space like header, sidebar, inside the blog post or at somewhere on the blog.

advertise-sellers-space-on-blogsAdvertise Sellers space on blogs
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4. Paid review

It is the another method of earning money from your blog. A new business like new advertising network, companies etc always takes the help of paid review to grow their business. Once I did the paid review of an advertising network. In return, i got $15. From that day I became more attractive towards online work. If you have the high page rank website with more page view a day then I’m sure you will earn more than $50 from single paid review.

5. Accept donation

You know well, nobody in this world is 100% perfect. All we have got our own problem. For internet marketing blogger like us, we have to do more research on our topic. Millions of blogger from all over the world used to search their blogging solution on the web. It’s very hard to find 100% solution on the web. If you provide full information about how to solve that problem via your blog then people will obviously donate some dollar for your hard work. At that time you can accept that donation as a token of love. Like this, you can earn a little money from your blog. Isn’t that interesting?


That’s the 5 methods to monetize your blog in Nepal. You can also use google Adsense or another ad network in your blog to earn some money. Let me know if you have got any problem.

Good luck

Writer : Sachin Gurung


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