Top 10 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Janakpur, Nepal

Janakpur Nepal: – The Janakpurdham, an important human destination of Terai plain, is settled at intervals the Dhanusha area of Janakpur at intervals the Central Development Region.

The chronicled town lodging previous sanctuaries, cloisters, expressions and art of numerous divinities is additionally regarded as a big religious focus.

The town that won’t be the capital of the people of previous Mithila Kingdom is additionally home to numerous vital journey destinations. Janakpur is that the origination of the correct lady of all Hindus, Mother mythical being, the partner of Lord Ram, the correct man. every single sq. of town boasts in any event on deity familiar with the epic Sanskrit literature, that adds to the town’s fascination.

The town named once sage ruler Janak has created as a crucial goal for a religious human. Varied the assorted blessed destinations beginning in varied phases of the history have unfolded the notoriety of Janakpurdham at intervals the burden on country what is more as for the period of the earth.

The Janaki sanctuary is viewed as a result of the foremost imperative and illustrious religious computing device of town.

The Huge Sanctuary resembling the Mugal castle of the country has several rooms, stages. petition rooms, storerooms, and parlors. the massive sanctuary increased with smart aesthetics never neglects to amaze the guests.

Separated for the Janaki sanctuary, the Ram Mandir, Vivaha Mandap, Janak Mandir, Laxman temple and additionally the sacred Sagars (Ponds) unit the other imperative blessed locales. Brobdingnagian fairs unit facilitated here on the Ram Navami. Vivaha Panchami and Chhath celebrations.


Slam Nawami is that the birthday of Lord Ram whereas the Vivaha Panchami remembers the marriage of Lord Ram and Mother mythical being. The symbols of Ram and mythical being unit circled around the town at the leader of a parade at intervals the Vivaha Panchami.

A massive form of journeys from around country and country partake in these parades and celebrations consistently. The religiously vital previous town has helped in spreading the glory of Nepal’s character approach and wide.

Walk around the previous Mithila city to encounter the Terai culture of the southern country and visit the Ram Janaki Temple at intervals the concentration of the city that attracts implications to the acclaimed Hindu epic Sanskrit literature.

The city that has been same in Ramanayana as the origination of mythical being, Ram’s partner. As Ram is accepted to be the incarnation of Lord Hindu deity, mythical being is accepted to is the incarnation of spiritual being Hindu deity per the massive Hindu epic Ramayan.

It is likewise trustworthy that it completely was in Janakpur that Lord Ram and mythical being met and were hitched to each different. Janakpur is additionally on the sacred course of Parikrama (heavenly hover) completed by Hindus as a kind of warm-heartedness in Ayodhya, Kashi, and Brij in country jointly.

Another essential religious computing device close-by is Dhanushadham, its reference yet again going back to the Ramayan time. It’s accepted to be where the stony-broken stays of the awful Shiva bow fell once Ram skint it to urge Sita’s flip in the wedding.

An inflexible section of the broken piece remains accepted to introduce here. Dhanusha offers religious itinerant, created surroundings of trees and forests, the semi-provincial charm of the Terai rural areas, and additionally the gorgeous Maithali acquisition and culture.

Individuals living Janakpur

Differing ethnic gatherings board the globe of Dhanusha. Yadavs, Teli, Brahmins, Kayastha, Tharu, Musahar, Rajput, and Chhetri unit the fundamental tenants of these cities. Most unit agriculturists by occupation. The total district is likewise viewed as a result of the concentration of Maithili culture, throughout this way Maithali acquisition and culture is overwhelming around there.

Janakpur Location

Dhanusadham is in Dhanusha region and Janakpur zone. Janakpur is roughly 390 metric linear unit and 10-hour drive from Kathmandu. One will likewise take Forty -minute flight to Janakpur town from Kathmandu. Dhanushadham that is eighteen metric linear unit is hr drive from Janakpur. Open transportation administrations area unit accessible to Dhanushadham from the town zone.

Vacationer Services

We’ll discuss the place and people this place is full of useful people World Health Organization build themselves to engage with numerous types of exercises such h as creating distinctive acquisition, Maithili acquirement is one in every of them. Lavish inns to defrayment settlement and nourishment offices area unit accessible in Janakpur town.

Dharamshalas (convenience for pioneers) area unit likewise accessible. Nourishment is heavenly with Indian bit. Assortments of desserts and vegetarian claims to fame area unit accessible. Alternative traveler offices area unit in addition accessible in Janakpur town.

Before going to tourist places to visit in Janakpur, Nepal, we must know why it is famous. These are the 2 most personalities of Janakpar Nepal.

King Janak

King Janak was a famous and learned king of Mithila (Present Janakpur). His palace consisted of great philosophers and learned people. He gave great importance to the soul than body. So he was called videha. He was a great scholar. Art, literature, and civilization flourished to a great extent during his rule. Maithili was the official language during his rule.

King janak name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photos


Sita was the daughter of king Janak. She was also called Janaki. She is considered as an ideal woman. Sita was married to Ram, the Prince of Ayodhya. The Ramayan, a famous Hindu epic, is the story of Ram and Sita.

goddess sita name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photos

Rama Navami

This festival forms an important aspect of your tours to Janakpur. It commemorates the holy birthday of Lord Rama. It is an annual event and occurs during the period of late March and early April. Huge processions throughout the city of are common phenomena at this time of the year. Witnessing Rama Navami is one of the major components of tours to Janakpur.


Ram janaki Vivah Panchami "Janakpur Nepal"


Janakpur could be a scene wealthy as so much as social and spiritual legacies. the world wont to be the capital of the Mithila Kingdom within the old time and was the origination of Mother Sita, the right girl for the Hindus.

The district is likewise far-famed because of the unforgettable place of the wedding between Lord Ram and Sita. a previous aesthetic custom known as Lord Ram and Mother Sita is seen in bounty in Janakpur aboard works of art of their wedding.

The city that wont to be an area wherever there are divine beings within the while leisure pursuit is as of currently saw as a living historical center. every side of the city has a sanctuary of 1 or alternative deity afterward giving Janakpur’s method of life as a sacred town.

Janaki sanctuary is that the biggest and most important heavenly web site of Janakpur whereas Ram sanctuary. Vivaha Mandap, Sankatmochan sanctuary. Ratna Sagar sanctuary, Dulaha sanctuary, and Mahadev Sanctuary square measure totally different acclaimed sanctuary of Janakpur. Janakpur is, in addition, delineate by the distance of varied lakes that square measure viewed as consecrated.

There wont to be seventy-two distinctive lakes in Janakpur within the season of King Jank within the previous time. in any case, the overwhelming majority of the became scarce or were infringed thanks to unmanaged urbanization.

There are several famous places to visit in Janakpur Nepal. Some of the places to visit in Janakpur are as follows:

Top 10 Famous Tourist Places to Visit and Things to in Janakpur Nepal

1. The Janaki Temple

The Janaki Temple, located in the center of the city, is well known in the Hindu Kingdom. Sita the wife of the legendary hero Ram was born in Janakpur. Throughout the year, many pilgrims come to pay their respects to Ram and Sita who are the main religious attractions in Janakpur.

In the Janakpur region, one of such festival is the enactment of the wedding ceremony, decorating temples and monuments, burning of oil-lamps surrounding the temple and other historical sites in the region. The city is thronged by worshippers and visitors alike especially during the festival of Bibah Panchami. This annual festival is celebrated on the occasion of Ram and Sita’s marriage and their wedding ceremony is enacted throughout the week.

During this period, the city is enlivened by the wedding festivities. Ram and Sita (Janaki) are the two central characters of the great Hindu epic Ramayan. In the story, Ram strings a bow that originally belonged to Lord Shiva the Destroyer and in the process, the bow breaks into three pieces. One piece flies up to heaven.

Another falls down into the depths of the underworld. Today, there is a huge pond called Dhanush Sagar above the very spot. The third piece flies to present day Dhanushadham, about 40 kilometers from Janakpur. There, visitors will see huge rocks shaped like a bow. Thus, after Ram’s successful attempt to string the bow, Janaki’s father, King Janak gives his daughter’s hand in marriage to the brave prince of Ayodhya.

Janakpur’s basic fascination, the Janaki sanctuary, a sanctuary committed to Mother Sita, is placed at the concentration of Janakpur. A building vogue wanting like that of the Mughal spots of Asian country is used as a district of the event of the sanctuary embellished with gorgeous artistry.

The sanctuary is otherwise known as the Naulakh sanctuary or 9 Hundred Thousand sanctuary as 9 hundred thousand rupees was spent on the development of the sanctuary. The sanctuary sanctum homes image of Lord Ram and Mother Sita and additionally alternatively connected gods.

Real celebrations square measure expedited at the temple on Ramnawami, Vivah Panchami, Chhat, Holi and totally different celebrations. Fans enumeration in hundred of thousands of throngs at the sanctuary to require associate degree interest within the celebrations. organized near the Janaki Mandir square measure the Vivah Mandap, Ram sanctuary, Laxaman Sanctuary, and Dharmashala. It takes ten minutes on a jinrikisha to realize the sanctuary from Janakpur Buspark or Ramananda Chowk.

Janaki Mandir Temple janakpurdham dhanusha Nepal Hindu pilgrimage holy place

Janaki Mandir

The Janaki Mandir is dedicated to Sita and also has some history attached to it. It was built in the year 1911 by a local princess who, it is believed, lavished Rs. 9 lakhs at that time for the construction of the temple. It reflects a fine blend of Indo-Islamic architecture.


The dome of the temple is designed in the fashion of a palace in Rajasthan. The doors are ornately decorated with silver and it is believed that the statue of Sita, the presiding deity of the temple, was found in the Sarya River near Ayodhya.

2. Dhanush Sagar, Ganga Sagar, and Parshuram Kunda

‘Dhanush Sagar’ Parshuram Kunda and ‘Ganga Sagar are two sacred tanks situated near the Ram Mandir. Here, people perform religious ablutions during the early morning hours.

However, during the festivals, these tanks become extremely important in the sense that religious ceremonies conducted here. You can also find numerous cisterns all over the place. This also has religious connotations. In fact, these were built by King Janak who anticipated the arrival of Gods after the holy marriage of Rama and Sita.

Janakpurdham is claimed to possess upwards of one hundred fifteen old lakes of verifiable and fanciful significance. Among the lakes, Ganga Sagar, Parshuram Kunda, and Dhanusha Sagar square measure control surprisingly holy.

Dhanush Sagar and Ganga Sagar square measure 2 holy lakes organized on the brink of the Ram Mandir. Here, people perform spiritual ablutions amid the first morning hours. In any case, amid the celebrations, these lakes prove to be important as in spiritual services directed here. you’ll likewise discover varied reservoirs up and down the place.

This, in addition, has spiritual implications. Truth be told, these were worked by King Janak UN agency foretold the landing of Gods once the heavenly wedding of avatar and Sita.

In like manner, Parshuram Kunda is claimed to be the lake wherever Maharishi Parshuram showered to subdue his outrage once his encounter with Ram over the breaking of the holy bow of Shiva. It lies four kilometers west of Dhanushadham. The lake is pleasant, with lotus blossoms skimming thereon and wealthy trees on its southern banks.


Ram Mandir, another should visit sanctuary in Mithila, is that the most seasoned sanctuary in Janakpur. it absolutely was worked by the Gorkhali general Amar Singh Thapa. it’s in temple vogue and is placed to the southeast of the Janaki Mandir.

Smash, the aristocrat of Ayodhya, is that the directional god of the sanctuary. The Ram Mandir is placed within the middle of the Janaki Temple and also the sacred Dhanush Sagar. The sanctuary committed to Lord Ram is one amongst the popular sanctuaries of Janakpur. huge fairs square measure expedited here on Ram Navami, Vivah Panchami, and Chharth celebration. Temple sanctum bouses hold of Lord Ram and Mother Sita.

4. Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir

The ‘Ram Sita Bibaha Mandir’ is yet another important place of tourist interest in Janakpur. It is another important place of enthusiasm for Janakpur. Do not forget to include this in your tours to Janakpur. This is actually a pagoda built in the traditional Nepalese form.

It is interesting to see the life-size statues of Rama and Sita, the presiding deities of the pagoda. Apart from these, you will also find the status of the brothers of Rama. This pagoda was built to commemorate the wedding of Rama and Sita. Throughout the festival, there are dramas in theaters and in open streets remaking the marriage ceremony of Ram and Sita.

Much near to the Janaki Mandir, this somewhat peculiar sanctuary denotes the spot wherever avatar and Sita were hitched. this is often extremely a temple worked within the customary Nepalese frame. Except for these, you’ll likewise discover the status of the siblings of the avatar. This temple was worked to honor the marriage of avatar and Sita.


The Ratna Sagar Temple is returning to by strolling for around ten minutes from Ramananda Chowk. The sanctuary is likewise committed to Lord Ram and Mother Sita and homes the icons of the gods. Sanctuary is extremely tall and is encompassed by a fairly garden. The holy lake known as Ratna Sagar is placed on the brink of the sanctuary and is considered a standout amongst the foremost holy lakes of Janakpur.


The Sankatmochan Temple that’s believed to assuage the aficionados from any inconvenience is common in Janakpur furthermore as within the encompassing areas.

The sanctuary is committed to Lord Hanuman, the Monkey God. it’s typically sure that doting at the sanctuary can relieve from all of the inconveniences and can satisfy any need. a large variety of admirers accumulates at the sanctuary every Sat and Tuesday and moreover on alternative Hindu celebrations.

People from distant places likewise land at the sanctuary to supply love. The sanctuary is organized at a separation of ten minutes stroll from the Janaki Temple.


The sanctuary is termed Dulaha-Dulahi Temple thanks to the icons of the gods within the guise of the husband. The sanctuary is organized at the Ramananda Chowk. The icons encompassed during a glass box square measure really appealing. The divinities housed within the sanctuary square measure, Lord Ram and Mother Sita.

Places to visit near Janakpur Nepal

8. Jaleshwar

Jaleshwar, within the south of Janakpur on the brink of the Indian city district, is acclaimed for Shiva sanctuary called Jaleshwar Mahadev. The Shiva symbol here is organized around twenty feet beneath the surface of the sanctuary and is a return to by a good stone way. additional typically than not it lies inundated in water, consequently the name Jaleshwar, that truly implies Lord of the Water. There square measure 2 substantial lakes on either facet of the sanctuary.

9. Dhanushadham

Dhanushadham, organized eighteen-kilometer north-east of Janakpurdham, is accepted to be wherever the best stays of the right Shiva bow fell once Ram broke it to induce Sita’s submit wedding. An ossified section of the broken piece continues to be accepted to be accessible here.

Every Sunday within the long stretch of Magh (January/February), a Makar Mela happens – a convention that has been proceeded since sacred writing circumstances. Many thousands of Hindu lovers from around the globe run here to pay praise to the current place.

10. Conventional and ancient Villages

Amid living around the sanctuaries of Janakpur, bear in mind to form a brief trip into the city lifetime of Janakpur. whereas walking around the cities of Janakpur you’ll see customary cities. the traditional cities in Janakpur feature Mithili skill and culture. immense numbers of the cities square measure worked within the customary Mithila vogue, with mud dividers enriched with stunning inventive creations of people and creatures.

The sugar-stick fields and Maithili cities around Janakpur frame a lavish and mysterious mosaic. an outsized variety of the cities square measure worked within the customary Mithila vogue, with mud dividers embellished with good artworks and raised divider etchings of people and creatures.

The foremost easy city to achieve from Janakpur is Kuwa, around 1km south of Murali Chowk. Within the event that you simply crave rambling any abroad, Dhanushadham, 15km higher east of Janakpur, marks the spot wherever avatar avowedly role player Shiva’s enchantment bow. Admirers trust an ossified piece of the broken bow lies here.

How to go to Kathmandu from janakpur

Kathmandu is the capital and antique city of Nepal.  With a population of 1,003,285 inhabitants, according to the 2013 census. Located in the valley of the same name in central Nepal, in the vicinity of the Vishnumati River, at a height of 1317 meters above sea level. Kathmandu is a huge ant-city, which is a unique combination of the ancient world of Nepal and the developing modern Asian city.

The ancient traditions here are sacredly honored and manage to harmoniously coexist with the new era in the development of the country.  Kathmandu is a city that will greet you with the smell of incense and immediately immerse you in its frantic pace of life.  When you are going to conquer the Himalayas, be sure to take a couple of days on a tour of Kathmandu – nobody leaves this place indifferent.


The city of Janakpur is located at the foot of the majestic Himalayas at a distance of 400 km from Kathmandu, not far from the border with India.  In ancient times, the city was a concentration of Maithili culture, which had its own language and writing.

Janakpur is the most important pilgrimage center for Hindus. Because this place is considered to be the site of the birth of Sita, who was the wife of Rama, the famous God in Hinduism. It is also interesting for tourists a variety of architectural landmarks of the city, such as monasteries, sacred ponds, old pilgrim dwellings, and religious buildings.

The most famous temples in the city are Ram Mandir and Janaki Mandir.  Even more popular Lumbini brings the fact that here for a while lived such a person as Mahavira.

The distance between Janakpur and Kathmandu is 125 kilometers or 78 miles in a straight line and 253 kilometers or 157 miles by road. Janakpur is located about 370 km south-east of Kathmandu, 10 km from the border with India.

By land from/to Kathmandu can be reached in two ways – local bus (10 hours) and more convenient deluxe bus (8 hours).  Tickets can be purchased in advance at Station road.  There is a small airport in Janakpur, from where you can fly to Kathmandu on a tiny plane (30 minutes) if necessary.

Interesting Facts

  • If you decide to ride it on a bike, then spend 13 hours and 68,387 calories
  • To walk it you need 2 days.
  • Your dog will overcome this distance in 1 day.

Travel from Janakpur to Kathmandu by bus

Traveling from Janakpur to Kathmandu via bus is more common than any other way. Mainly because the cost is low and you can enjoy the views and sites if you travel in a day. There are daily tourist buses traveling from Bhanu Chowk, Janakpur to Kathmandu.

The route the bus takes is from kavre sindhuli bardibas route. There are microbuses and other local buses which you can choose. On average, the bus takes 8 to 10 hrs to take you to Kathmandu depending on the condition of the road and traffic jam.

The local bus and deluxe buses are available. Previously, the local bus and deluxe buses were the same though the name deluxe suggest luxurious facility. However, the condition has improved remarkably now due to the competition between the companies of the buses.

The deluxe bus comes with air conditioning, wifi, comfortable seats, and adequate space. The buses stop time to time for your refreshments, lunch, and snacks.

Travel from Janakpur to Kathmandu via car or Jeep

The travel via car to Kathmandu is the most comfortable and the fastest way you can take on land. However, the expense may be quite high. You can rent the car, Jeep, bus, or can whichever you like and afford depending on the number of persons traveling.

The traveling may take 6hrs to 7 hrs again depending on the traffic and conditions of the road. The distance the car covers through the travel is 225 km. The private vehicle you reserve for your journey takes you to Kathmandu from Dhulikhel Sindhuli Bhittamod Rajmarga and B. P. Highway.

To enter Kathmandu, the car enters through Araniko highway. This route helps you to enjoy the beautiful views of Janakpur and Kathmandu throughput your journey being comfortable. You can stop the car or any private vehicle you have reserved in any place at any time depending on your convenience.

Travel from Janakpur to Kathmandu via air

The traveling to Kathmandu from Janakpur via air is the fastest way you can take to reach Kathmandu if you are in a hurry. However, you cannot enjoy the panoramic views like you can when traveling via bus or car. It takes around 20-25 minutes by air and has daily flights.

Remember that the lowest flight prices Kathmandu – Janakpur is usually sold in 2 months before the departure date.  It is also suggested to immediately buy a round trip flight (Kathmandu – Janakpur – Kathmandu), this will allow you to save up to 50% of the flight cost.

Destination Janakpur – Kathmandu among travelers is popular in March, November, and December.  At this time, the price of tickets for the plane comes to 11,737R. Low season flight Janakpur – Kathmandu – in January, February, and May, the price of air tickets falls on average to 12 511R. Janakpur has a small airport. The airport is served by private airlines, with daily flights to and from Kathmandu. They are usually small with 17-20 passenger capacity.

Travel from Janakpur to Kathmandu via walking

It is not impossible to travel to Kathmandu from Janakpur via walking. However, it may be not the best and common method that anyone could take to reach Kathmandu. It takes 2 days 5 hrs for you to travel on your foot if you have chosen this method.

Usually, the route you have to take is the B. P. Highway. Let me just explain how you reach Kathmandu when you adopt this method. You have to first reach Dhulikhel Sindhuli Bhittamod Rajmarga. Then you have to head towards the B. P. Highway. From the highway, you get onto trekking route Dhulikhel, Namobuddha.

From there you can reach Araniko highway then head to Shakti Vinayak marga. This way you can reach Kathmandu However, this may be the way of a journey which anyone may take.

No matter which way you adopt, the journey from Janakpur to Kathmandu is the most entertaining travel which you’re going to enjoy with the beautiful natural views.

Top 10 Famous Tourist Places to visit and Things to in Janakpur Nepal

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