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World Peace Day, International Day of Peace :- The United Nations – officially called The International Year of Solidarity With The Peoples Of Africa, Asia, Latin America And The Caribbean (IYPS) is an annual United Nations-sanctioned event celebrated in different countries around the world on the eve of the 21st September.

Many cultures celebrate this International Year of Solidarity Day, which is celebrated globally, with a variety of activities and events including events for children, cultural events, sporting events, sports games, cultural programs and concerts.

The United Nations – formerly known as The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) – is an organization of international intergovernmental organizations.

The main goal of the UN is to foster and encourage cooperation among the member states to address the common challenges faced by the world community.

Following this, it sponsors various programs aimed at enhancing international understanding among nations through the dissemination of information, education, culture and sports events.

Since its founding, the United Nations has tried to build up a world filled with peace and understanding. The Universal Declaration on International Terrorism, adopted by the General Assembly in 1948, is considered to be one of the most significant achievements of the United Nations.

It states that all States have agreed that, “there shall be no use of force against any state, group or individual,” that “nothing in the Charter of the United Nations should prejudice any indigenous rights”, and that “discrimination in respect of race, gender, language or religion is prohibited.”


These are just some of the principles that have helped build world peace and harmony. Despite the many years of working on these principles, however, there are still conflicts in the world today.

World Peace Day International Day of Peace
Poster of World Peace Day / International Day of Peace

A significant part of the celebrations of the World Peace Day is the implementation of the Universal Declaration’s goals to eradicate poverty. For this reason, millions of dollars are offered to countries throughout the year to aid their efforts in combating poverty, particularly during the summer months when most countries are suffering from financial difficulties.

Also, the United Nations provides funding for projects like water purification and waste management. In addition to this, the United Nations and its partner agencies sponsor several events and programs to help promote peace throughout the globe.

One such program is the International Conference on AIDS and HIV/AIDS. (ICANA), which promotes awareness of the AIDS pandemic among the general public and inspires people to take action against the disease.

One of the essential activities that take place on World Peace Day is the International Youth Day. This day encourages young people to join the cause of peace by sending young delegates to the United Nations headquarters, where they speak out against conflict and injustice.

In addition to the International Youth Day, the United Nations also sponsors the United Nations Youth Day, which showcases youth empowerment and international collaboration.

Youth delegates are encouraged to take a walk in the streets of New York to visit the World Peace Park in New York City. Other youth-related events include cultural programs, sports games and musical performances.

Facts About World Peace Day | International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace may be more commonly known as the World Peace Day; a time to honour all world leaders and citizens that have contributed towards peace in all walks of life.

The International Day of Peace is an annual United Nations-sponsored event which celebrates peace throughout the world.

The theme of this year’s International Day of Peace is a global call for all of humanity to take action to promote peace and harmony.

The Global Day of Peace is usually marked by events like international political events, mass demonstrations and other public activities which bring people together and promote peace. These events are held across the globe in various locations and venues.


The United States and other countries also celebrate the International Day of Peace and use it as an opportunity to promote cooperation among their nations and foster stronger relationships with others in the international community.

The United States government also holds its version of the International Day of Peace in November each year. The State Department encourages all states to observe the event to promote peace and unity among nations.

For example, if a state were to observe the day on an international soccer field, the game would be played in a spirit of peace. The same goes for the United States military and its missions.

To celebrate World Peace Day, many different activities are organized worldwide and held in different countries. The biggest of these celebrations is the International Day of Solidarity and Peace, which is held each year on the first Sunday in April.

The participants in this event are usually from other countries as well as the international community as a whole. People from different backgrounds come together to promote the concept of peace and to create awareness of the importance of human relations in a global society.

This event typically involves speeches by the respective leaders of various countries as well as the use of banners, songs and dance. The goal of the Day of Solidarity and Peace is to bring all the nations together in a united way to promote unity and peace.

The International Day of the Red Cross has become an international phenomenon, with participants coming together from across the globe to take part in the celebration.


These celebrations include giving blood pressure tests to people and collecting blood to help patients who suffer from illnesses. The main goal of this day is to show respect and concern for those who suffer from different diseases. Who lives in different parts of the world and to show them that they are not forgotten or second best.

One of the largest World Peace celebrations is the Global Day of Service, which is celebrated on the tenth of May, every year. The goal of this day is to raise funds for several organizations that work toward achieving social causes—peace in all of the world’s affairs.

For instance, this year’s cause is helping people with drug rehabilitation programs, providing housing to single mothers and people living with AIDS, education for children and so forth.

Let’s celebrate World Peace Day 2020

The annual International Day of Peace is usually an unofficially-called World Peace Day. This is a day for all human beings to come together and pray and wish for peace in the world.

Peace comes when people are not afraid of fighting, violence and war, or when they feel they can live in harmony with their neighbours.

This year, World Peace Day falls on the same day as the commemoration of the September 21th terrorist attacks. People from all over the world have been invited to participate in the World Peace Parade on this special day.

The first thing I will say about World Peace Day is that it doesn’t need any extra pomp and circumstance. It isn’t meant to be an extra-curricular activity.

Most organizers of World Peace events don’t even bother with the usual fancy costumes or ribbons and banners. Most people dress in their every day, work clothes, and other everyday items that everyone uses every day.

People can gather at their home, church, or community centre to celebrate this day with others who share their same goals. This is not a party; it’s not a fancy party; it’s not an event where you go out and buy t-shirts and posters. It’s just about a bunch of people getting together and wishing each other a peaceful life.

There are many reasons why we all want to live in a world where people are not fighting, where there are no more wars, and there are no more problems.

To some people, the only way they can achieve peace is by getting involved in a non-violent political process that allows them to speak their minds and build relationships with other people around the world.

However, some people wish to change the world through military means, which is what the United States government and most of its allies have been doing since World War II.

If you choose to participate in World Peace Day activities, you should realize that it is not a race. It’s a time for people to come together and celebrate the same thing that all other countries have celebrated over the years; the day when humans came together and said “enough is enough”.

Peace day activities are not about what your views are on the war, but rather it’s about sharing those views with others. Participating in World Peace Day events is about learning how to be better human beings. It’s about creating a better world and making our world a better place for everyone.

World Peace Day is a beautiful day that we can celebrate with others who share the same goals as we do. We can celebrate what makes us happy, the joy of sharing, and loving. This beautiful day in 2020, and let the world know that we’re all in it together. !

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