World Earth Day 2021 : Date, Theme, Celebration in Nepal


This post is about World Earth Day 2021 : Date, Theme, Celebration in Nepal. This post is about World Earth Day in 2078 B.S. or World Earth Day in Nepal.

When is world Earth day 2021? When is Earth Day in Nepal? When is World Earth Day in 2078 B.S.?

Do you know the date of Earth day 2021? Do you know the date of Earth Day in Nepal? Do you know the date of World Earth Day in 2078 B.S.?

a flower plant world earth day in hands
a flower plant in hands

As the globe, know that World Earth Day is celebrated on the 22 April every year by all countries. As the globe does, Nepal also celebrates Earth Day on this 22 April. It means World Earth Day in Nepal is in 22 April every year. Nepal is observing Earth day since some years.

But according to Nepali calendar, World Earth Day 2021 falls in 9 Baisakh 2078. So, Nepal observe the world Earth day on the Baisakh 9, 2078 Thursday.

The objective for celebrating this day is to spread awareness about environment.

World Earth Day 2021 Date

World Earth Day 2021 would be celebrated by all the countries on 22 April, at Tuesday.


World Earth Day 2021 Date in Nepal

World Earth Day 2021 would be celebrated by Nepal on 9 Baisakh 2078 B.S. at Tuesday (Mangalbar).

World Earth Day Theme

The theme of World Earth Day 2021 is ‘Restore Our Earth‘. For your kind information, the theme of Earth Day 2013 was “The Face of Climate Change”.

Information and History

Earth Day is celebrated every year as an annual event by the people all over the world on 22nd of April.

It is celebrated to increase the awareness among people about the environment safety as well as to demonstrate the environmental protection measures.

First world earth day was celebrated in 1970. Now it is celebrated on global basis by almost 192 countries.

The celebration of Earth Day began in 1969. Earth Day is a big celebration in the globe. Millions of people engage in this day across the globe through different types of events. Nevertheless, Earth Day in Nepal is not big celebration due to lack of awareness and political approach.

Let’s celebrate International Earth Day 2021 in Nepal with big celebration.

The main goal of Earth day is to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. Earth day stimulates awareness of the environment.  Earth day enhances political attention and public action.

World Earth Day is a time to celebrate the importance of the earth and the environment. First celebrated in 1970, the celebration today has included more events internationally by the Earth Day Network, which is an international organization that promotes “greening” and environmental awareness.

This year’s celebration, which runs until the coming May 21st, is focused on what the earth can do to heal itself and the damage that has been done to it over time. Here are some important tips for planning your own Earth Day celebration:


One of the biggest highlights of the Earth Day celebration is the participation by people all over the world who take a stand against the pollution of the planet and join with the movement for renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind power.

One very effective method of promoting awareness of the importance of renewable energy is to create homemade windmills. People can learn how to build windmills and collect parts for their own personal use or to send in to the Earth Day celebration to help others.

An important part of any Earth Day celebration is the participation by local groups who organize a candlelight vigil at various locations around the world. People can participate by handing out information about the issues facing our environment today, as well as handing out candles and lighting them in memory of the natural world.

A popular activity at these candlelight vigils is a speech by environmental advocate and prominent American author John Muir. An article in Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1970 described Muir’s famous speech given at the first annual “Green Energy Congress.”

22nd April Is the International Earth Day

Earth day is an international day on which people show their support for environmental protection worldwide. First held in April 1970, it has now become a host of worldwide events, with more than 1 billion people being involved in more than 194 countries. As the biggest single day for global awareness and action, it has gained increasing significance as an educational and cultural event.

People around the world have taken particular interest in learning how to behave environmentally friendly on Earth day. This has led to increased interest in environmental issues worldwide. There are many tips that have been developed to help educate people about this important day.

Some of these tips are easy to follow, whilst others may seem a little more difficult. It is believed that the number of deaths related to the abuse of animal products, pesticides and other harmful chemicals continues to increase. Awareness of the need to reduce our use of these products and the ways in which we can do this are increasing.

Some of the tips that have been put forward are to reduce the amount of household cleaning chemicals that you use, and also make sure that your home and surrounding areas are well kept. You should try to avoid using disposable items. When doing shopping for household items, it is important to consider how many plastic bags or paper bags will actually be used in your shopping.

A further tip for saving money on household items is to only use green products and to avoid buying things in bulk. It is also advisable to recycle old newspapers and magazines instead of throwing them away.


Date: 22 April 2021
location: worldwide

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