10 Nepali Women Who Broke The Rules in Nepal


10 Nepali Women Who Broke The Rules in Nepal. Here are the top 10 Nepali women enlisted who broke the rule of Nepal. They are given below with a short introduction and photos.

Photojournalist Arantxa Cedillo has worked all over Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. But in 2011 she decided to spend a few years in Nepal. She has given all the detail. Thanks to her. All the information credit goes to her.

Thanks to These Nepali Women Who Broke The Rules in Nepal

  1. Gita Rasaili

gita rasailee

The Nepalese army killed Gita Rasaili’s brother and sister during the country’s civil war. Now she is helping victims of violence. “My sister got raped and killed and also my brother as revenge for feeding the Maoists — according to the perpetrators, the Nepali Army. So I had to fight for them. I also want to get justice for other families that have been victims of the war.”
Courtesy of Arantxa Cedillo

2. Pema Sherpa

Pema Sherpa is the first midwife in the world to regularly use the Sono Site portable ultrasound and has crisscrossed Solukhumbu district, traveling from village to village on foot to examine pregnant women and deliver much needed prenatal care and detect complications so mothers can seek hospital deliver if necessary. Kathmandhu, 2012. Photo by Arantxa Cedillo.
Pema Sherpa is the first midwife in the world to regularly use the SonoSite portable ultrasound and has traveled between villages on foot to examine women and deliver prenatal care. “I do a lot of counseling with families and still some men treat women as inferior. Now husbands are coming with their wives in the delivery room so that they can also experience how painful the process is.”
Courtesy of Arantxa Cedillo

3. Charimaya Tamang

charimaya tamang
Charimaya Tamang is the founder of Shakti Samuah, an NGO working against trafficking. Rescued from a brothel in India in 1991, she was the first woman to declare publicly that she was trafficked. “I was 16 years old when I was trafficked. It took me a long time to accept that I was trapped. I was mentally tortured and very frustrated.”

4. Jhamak Ghimire

Jhamak Kumari
Jhamak Ghimire is a poet who writes with her left foot, having been born with cerebral palsy. She had been awarded Nepal’s most prestigious literary prize, the Madan Puraskar, for her autobiography Jiwan Kanda Ki Phul. “Power is something that comes from within. I am powerful. I started writing at 7 or 8 years old. At 16 I started writing poems, essays, stories, articles.”

5. Meena Chaudhary

Meena Chaudhary Meena Chaudhary is Nepal’s first female mahout or elephant rider. She comes from an illiterate and poor family and now she has become their main source of financial support. “I had no education and no job so I decided to become a mahout. In the beginning, it was very hard because I had never been to the jungle before. There are other women who now also want to become Mahouts.” Credit Courtesy of Arantxa Cedillo


6. Bhumika Shrestha

Bhumika Shrestha

Bhumika Shrestha is the first official transgender member of the Nepali Congress, a major political party. “Even though society didn’t accept me, my family did. We don’t have a law in Nepal that allows us to marry other people. I could not do it anyway, because if I get married I would have to be under a man, and I like to be in control of my life.”
Credit Courtesy of Arantxa Cedillo

7. Lucky Chhetri

Lucky Chhetri

Lucky Chhetri is the first Nepali woman to be a mountain guide and is the founder of 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking, a group dedicated to providing female guides to female trekkers in Nepal. “Trekking was a male-dominated profession. Now the situation has changed and people recognize our work. Even beauty pageant contestants now ask me to become trekking guides.”
Credit Courtesy of Arantxa Cedillo

8. Sareena Rai

Sareena Rai


Sareena Rai is the lead singer of the punk music group Rai ko Ris. She also teaches music and Jeet Kune Do, a martial art used for self-defense. “People who don’t fit in anywhere end up in punk. I sing about sexual abuse, anarchism, caste discrimination, gender identity … etc. We need more feminists in spirit to make the world a better place to live.”
 Credit Courtesy of Arantxa Cedillo

9. Karisma Karki

Karisma Kark

Karisma Karki is an Olympic swimmer. She has won 50 gold medals and numerous other awards since she started swimming professionally. The 20-year-old participated in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. “Even today when people see me competing they don’t think it’s good that I wear a swimsuit because I show my body.”

10. Indira Ranamagar

Indira Ranamagar

Indira Ranamagar set up Prisoners Assistance Nepal to help care for children whose parents were in prison. She has been the only woman working inside prisons in Nepal for the past 20 years. “Twenty years ago nobody entered a prison; I opened the door. Even if children committed little crimes I supported them because they deserved a second opportunity.”


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