How to Wish Happy Teej Festival To Wife – 99 Wishes & Messages in English | Tips For Husband

You are incredibly beautiful, and I have the happiness of being able to contemplate.

Your smile has a glow that illuminates any darkness and your gaze the depth of the great rivers.

I found the treasure that anyone would like to have. I want to make you happy and give you all the affection you deserve.

I see you in every face, and in every voice, I hear yours, there the longing tightens, like every day that I do not talk to you. But I smile just at the thought that we will see each other and your gaze will find mine.

I hope because only with you can I learn to dream, I can learn to forget what I no longer want to remember.

99 Wishes & Messages in English For Happy Teej Festival To Wife

I can learn to love the way I’ve never loved anyone, to be happy the way I’ve never been. I wait for you because I know that everything is going to change.

The only thing that makes me sad is to know that tomorrow with you takes time to arrive. But still, I hope, because you are my greatest love, the love that I have always dreamed of!


My wife, I just wanted to remember that there is something inside me that belongs to you. Something that I had sworn never to give anyone else, but that was before I met you.

How to explain everything you can arouse in me without even a touch? How can you give me so much security without even a glance? How can you make me smile without saying anything at all?

Today I have the purest certainty that it is you who I love, who I need, who I want to do and be happy.

I love you before and after all events, in the deep immensity of emptiness and with every tear of my thoughts.

 I love you in all the winds that sing, in all the shadows that weep, in the infinite expanse of time, to the region where the silence dwells.

happy Teej wishes for wife

I love you in all the transformations of life, in all the paths of fear, in the anguish of lost truth, and the pain that you wear in secret.

 I love you, in everything you are present, in the eyes of others who reach you, in everything that is still absent.

I have loved you since the creation of the waters, from the idea of ​​fire, and before the first laughter and the first heartache.

I love you, hopelessly, from the great nebula, until after the universe falls on me gently.

You are the fulfilment of all my dreams; of everything I’ve ever wanted for myself! I love you, my love! It’s as if you had the power to charm me all day, from dawn to bedtime.

Your words are honey to my heart; your touch is calm and comfort to my thoughts. And her gaze touches me without explanation.


You’ve made all my days into a true love story. The complicity that was born between us and the passion that attracts us more and more were the best things that happened to me lately.

I can only be grateful that you have entered my life, and in such a short time have made me better.

You are everything I have ever dreamed of, and I want to repay it for giving you moments of great happiness.

Every day my main goal is to make you happy, because only then can I be happy. And on days like today, I pursue that goal with even greater determination.

I am a woman, and I decided to live on choices, not on chances. I chose to be motivated and not manipulated, to be useful and unused, to stand out, not to compete.

I chose self-love and not self-pity. I chose to hear my voice, not the opinion of others. I’ve found that being a woman is being free, being a leader, lady of my destiny. Happy Teej to me.


Women have the delicacy of flowers, the strength of being a mother. The affection of being a wife, reciprocity of being friendly, the gift of enlightening everyone with a smile, and the love of being a woman!

The size of my shorts does not justify the size of their ignorance.

happy Teej wishes for wife

A thousand men can form a camp, but it takes a woman to make a home.

Congratulations on being this determined woman, warrior, hardworking, dreamy, companion, true, intelligent, dedicated, emotional, sensitive and for being this spectacular woman that won my heart.

Today is a day of caprichar in lipstick … To receive all the honours for that special date. Day of subtlety, joy, elegance, dedication, passion, sensitivity, emotion, struggle, beauty, seduction. Of the woman. Who gave us all the days of our lives. And that brings charm and happiness to our day-to-day life. Congratulations. Enjoy your Day.

Women who patiently change the world with delicacy. Warriors in the fight of the Day to Day. Always with softness and affection.

 Divine angels in the mysteries of motherhood, renewing the world of childish hopes. Winning sweets. Women, thank you for existing at all times in our lives.

We want flowers, but we also want respect, equality, freedom of choice and opinion.

The highest of creatures, the most sublime of ideals, the heart that makes love, the brain that makes the light, you are invincible by tears. But your smile mesmerizes me, the icon of that special day, you are perfect … You are unique … You are simply … Woman.

Your body does not define who you are.

Every woman is a world to be discovered.

Today the day is dedicated to you, woman, who fights and who never stops believing in her strength. And all this, high-heeled!

To be a woman is to live a thousand times in one life, to fight for lost causes and always to win. To be before yesterday and after tomorrow is to ignore the word reward despite your actions.

To be a woman is above all a state of mind, it is to have within you a hidden treasure and yet divide it with the world.

The one who dreams, who fights, who does and who happens. Congratulations, woman!

Love is what we want. The hug is what we want. Respect is what we demand. Recognition is what we deserve.

happy Teej wishes for wife

Woman, you are the flower that never stops blossoming. The sweet perfume of love and affection that, no matter the time of year, always hangs in the air.

Let nothing define us. May nothing hold us down. May freedom be our substance.

Daughter: the most vital person in a mother’s life. And you’re the best daughter I could have; it’s a present that God put in my hands to care for, educate and make happy.

You are a daughter who misses, who understands, who advises me, who helps me as much as she can, who does everything to please me, anyway, thanks for everything, my baby. I love you very much, and I’m very happy to have you as a daughter.

 In my heart, there is a love that does not stop growing. It is love, unlike any other, I have ever lived – the unique feeling of those who have to take care of a perfect gift!

Daughter, you never know what results will come from your actions. But if you don’t do anything, there will be no results at all.

You are the most beautiful and precious page that destiny has written in my life. Thank you for all the affections, for all the understandings and all your love for me.

You are the star that shines the most in the sky of my life, and it is impossible to describe the love that I feel for you.

Nothing and nobody can give me joy as great as the one I feel when I have you in my arms.

Daughter, you are my treasure. With each passing day, you demonstrate that you are the daughter I have always dreamed of, obedient, caring, understanding, beautiful, educated, hardworking, intelligent, humble, helpful, counsellor, sincere, and so on.

Thank you, daughter, for all the moments you gave me, thank you for being who you are, and thank you for teaching me much. Because besides my daughter, you play a lot of my Mother’s role.

From the day you were born, you became my greatest treasure, the most precious thing in my life. But I never imagined that one day we would become best friends as well.

 I thank you for being this wonderful daughter that you are, and also the friend that I love the most. It is a pride and a joy to have you as a daughter and a friend.

happy Teej wishes for wife

I am a proud, happy and very fortunate father, for I have the most wonderful daughter the world has ever known.


Every day you give me more and more reasons to smile, and no distance makes this love that I feel for you to diminish.

Far or near you are always inside my heart, and whatever happens, you will always have your father to help you.

I love you! You are my daughter, my pride, my greatest love, my everything!

You are the true example of maturity, of responsibility. You are the daughter I have always dreamed of having. Your way is even better than the one you wanted so badly to see in a daughter.

It is that no compliment does justice to the wonderful heart that you have. Continue like this, close to perfection, because the world is grateful, and I am proud. I would give my life for you if I had to! I love you, my daughter!

In your eyes, my daughter, hides the secret of my happiness, for they represent your soul, your angel essence.

Every day I wake up and thank you for the wonderful daughter I have: you, my dear! It’s unbelievable how beautiful your heart is, how your way of looking at life is inspiring. And how your way of seeing and dealing with people is captivating.

You are the daughter that anyone would want to have. I am very accomplished for having your presence in my life and only wish that your desire to be happy never fade!

Words will never be enough to explain what I feel for you. And even the gestures will not be able to express this love that I feel.

 You are the most beautiful and special daughter; more beautiful and unique.

I have a giant pride in the person you are and what you have conquered forever. Never change, daughter!

Remember that I promise every day to love, care for and cherish your heart and your life forever.

The happiest day of my life was the day you arrived, my daughter. That day I knew the great love of my life, and since then you have given me more and more reasons to love you.

happy Teej wishes for wife

I feel very proud of you to be my daughter. But even more so because she is also my friend, my companion, my confidante. You are my everything!

I love you, my daughter, and this is a love that never ends, and nothing makes me faint.

Time passes, and the love that I feel for you grows with each new moment. You are an adult, but you will always be my girl, my baby, my enchanted princess.

Nothing will make that change in me. And however great our differences I will always love you. There is no denying that you are the great love of my life.

It’s every reason to feel happy. You are the owner of my heart. And I will love you to infinity of eternity, daughter! Kiss with a lot of love and affection.

When I look at you, my daughter, I always find motives to smile, to continue to discover the happiness of life. It is you who gives me strength, who gives of security. It’s you, baby!

You are the youngest, the one who came after, the one who holds my hand more tired than before. I love you for all the reasons and some more, and I promise that my love will never go away.

You changed my life! You turned all the colours of my days into gorgeous rainbows. Now I’m happy like it never was because you exist in my life.

You are not only the best Mother in the world, but also the most hardworking, the most warlike woman, and I feel very proud that she is my Mother. 

You have always continued to strive for the happiness and well-being of those you love, without demanding anything in return.

Today I want you to know that my heart is yours, my eternal love belongs to you and that now it is I who will fight the whole life for your happiness. For nothing else has value if the most important woman in my life, the one to whom I owe almost everything, is not well and happy. I love you, my mom!

My dear Mother, sure of love and company, today I want to thank you for everything and with these words to honour the best Mother that the world will ever know, you!

happy Teej wishes for mother

 For the feeling of shelter, of never being alone, of comfort, affection and infinite love that you instilled in me … I thank you, my Mother! For all this and more.

I thank you for my life, and I dedicate my love to you. Know that throughout my life, I will try to honour your name, the wonderful Mother that you are and always were. I love you, Mommy of my heart!

My God, I thank you for the wonderful blessing, the infinite grace with which you have bestowed me, and which lives and gives the name of Mother. Mine is the most sublime of mothers, and the most extraordinary of women!

Calling you Mother is a pride and an unparalleled privilege. You are a complete mother, whom you have created and created with love, patience, righteousness and wisdom.

You are an example of a mother, a woman, a person. You are an inspiration not only to me but to all who know you.

And to honour you with complete correction will always be impossible, for there will never be anything that I can do to repay you for everything you have done for me.

You’re just the hardest mom ever! You can multiply yourself in such a peculiar way, so attentive, so strong. Such things are only up to people like you, Mother!

You have always been my guide, my master, my heroine. You have a great and generous heart, and by your side, I have always found endless love and support.

As a person, you are an inspiration to everyone. And we just want you to be proud of our lives, our choices just as we wish to honour you with our dedication, our eternal and unlimited love.

Happy day to all the Mothers warriors, today, and every other day, for they are all without exception!

happy Teej wishes for mother

Today I have a special request: I want you to look in the mirror for about five minutes and be proud of the person you are! Remember that you are responsible for my happiness! Thank you, my Mother. 

You are a wife and a loving, caring, attentive mother and an example of a woman. In your big and patient heart fit all our, and our whole world.

I can never thank and honour you with all merit. For there is not in the world a word that describes with praise all its worth, or gesture or homage, which serve justly.

happy Teej wishes for mother in law

Thank you for being this wonderful mother-in-law and for raising this child that I love so much, and who is my husband! Happy Teej dear mother.

You look at the stars, my star, and I would like to be the sky to look at you with a thousand eye.

It took me a moment, the time of a look, to understand that you would be the woman of my life.

In your arms of an affectionate and passionate dream, I enjoy it in full. No woman is more desirable and more beautiful than you, my beautiful wife!

Thank you, my tender fairy, for the paradise that you created for two—blissful my rebellious soul in the hands of your immensely gentle ones. I love you to insanity!

Ready for anything, my dear, so that the century us blinded by the perpetual glow of marital happiness fireworks!

Your skin is softer than rose petals; your smile is more radiant than shining stars; laughter is louder than a spring brook. And your character is softer than fluffy clouds!

 I am so happy to know that you will always be there, my adorable, irreplaceable and unique wife!

You are my destiny’s reward, the sun’s ray, the twinkling of the stars. You are my wife, your joy, your hands – fortunately, the bridge.

happy Teej wishes for wife

Like lakes, your eyes, in them there is bliss, depth. You are my dream and a fairy tale; you are a beloved wife.

My life next to you, my dear, is like a rainbow, it is bright, uniquely colourful. It always has the freshness of relationships, and the sunshine of love always warms the soul.

Honey, I do not often open my soul to you. It is difficult to find words that will tell you how my heart burns with fire, how hurricanes rage in it and what kind of waterfall shed tenderness. This elemental happiness is caused by you and is called love!

I can never look at you forever; every moment, precious in my heart will save.

happy Teej wishes for wife

You are my half, my sunshine, and you are more beautiful and more magical!

I bathe in your selfless love, our tenderness and passion are stronger and stronger, a miracle happens, my dear, with me. Since that time I call you my wife!

You are a flower given to me by a generous hand of life; you are a bright ray of my happiness!

Only next to you I breathe deeply, live freely and enjoy our every moment.

My treasure, pearl-wife, I am proud of you, I love you, I live with you.

You are so charming, so clever and so tender. You are the best dream that I had a dream in reality.