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  1. Rich in culture and tradition

as already mentioned above, Nepal is rich in geographical diversity and this ultimately leads to the cultural and ethnic diversity. Nepal is a multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic country. People of different caste, creed, and religion reside here in the country. People of different caste and creed celebrate the festivals in their own way as they have their own rituals to follow during the celebration. Because of the diversity of the culture and tradition, it is amazing to know that people have differentiation in their food habits too. Different ethnic groups of Nepal can be recognized for their physical traits as well as with their dressing styles and the ornaments they wear. The people have their own ethnic language that they speak among themselves.

Dashain Traditiona Ping
A boy plays on a traditional swing during Dashain, the biggest religious festival for Hindus in Nepal, in Kathmandu, Nepal

The lifestyles of these ethnic groups can also be the area of interest for many visitors on which they can explore more and more. The dressing styles and food habits of the people living in the different region are affected by the geographical regions and climatic condition. These are all the fact that proves Nepal as the country rich in culture and tradition. Though there exists differentiation in the ethnic groups in terms of their symbols, language, culture, and ritual, all the ethnic groups are living harmoniously in the country with the cooperation. The trend has been changed from past few years, people representing one ethnic group also get indulge in the culture and celebration of the ethnic group in a harmonious way. This has been also the example among the visitors that have been the inviting factors to the foreigners to visit the country and explore the harmonious existence despite the huge variation in the ethnic groups. Thus this is also the reason to visit the country to explore the cultural variation of ethnic groups of Nepal.

  1. Hospitality provided by the local people

This reason has been the most attached and emotional reason to visit Nepal. Hospitality and a warm welcome to the visitors have always attracted visitors to the country, Nepal. Since Nepal has always been the center of attraction, the Nepalese people are obliged to provide good hospitality so that visitors have the reason to visit Nepal again to enjoy both the natural beauty as well as the hospitality service provided by Nepalese people. The hospitality provided by the local people of every place varies and reflects their own culture. The food and the recreational activities to make the visitors enjoy differs as per the culture of the place.

haku patashi in newari traditional dresses of Nepal
Newari Girls in haku patashi – traditional dress

Though the differentiation takes place, 100% assurance can be made that the hospitality service provided by the people definitely gives the visitors relaxation from every tiresome activity. The local people also in many places enjoy the visitors with their own traditional dance and inform about the meaning of that dance. The visitors are able to explore more knowledge about the culture of the local people through the hospitality service provided by the local people. The local people also guide the tourists throughout the village and also towards the foothills of Himalayas. Thus the reason for hospitality service provided by the local people is unforgettable for the visitors to visit Nepal.

  1. Heavenly experience on earth

It is no doubt on the statement that the visitors can enjoy the heavenly experience on earth during their visit to Nepal. Nepal is a very beautiful country and is extremely blessed with the natural beauty. The beautiful landscapes, panoramic view of the Himalayan range, high altitudes, luscious greenery, hospitality service by the local people, lakes, rivers, waterfalls; all these compile together to enhance the beauty of Nepal. These natural forms obviously make you experience heaven on the earth.

Dhampus, Pokhara Nepal
Dhampus, Pokhara Nepal

Nepal has lots to offer to the trekkers, hikers and nature lovers. The marvelous scenic beauty of Nepal always calls for the visitors to visit Nepal once in their lifetime and have the beautiful experience. People of different countries from all across the world visit Nepal for looking the natural beauty of Nepal. It is said that Nepal is a piece of heaven on the earth, blessed with the immense beauty in different forms. Therefore, the reason to have heavenly experience on earth, no doubt can be considered as the next reason to visit Nepal.

  1. Easy visa processing and low traveling cost

generally, the visa processing in Nepal is quite easy and this has also been the reason to visit Nepal often by the visitors from all across the world. Tourists can have the hassle-free visa on their arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). Getting Nepalese visa is easy and also the traveling cost is also lower and this makes the visitors visit Nepal saving the money in comparison with the other destinations. Various mode of transport is available within the country to travel at the very low cost. The mode of transport is easily available and differs as per the place to visit. Therefore this reason has also been considered for the reason to visit this beautiful country, Nepal.


  1. World heritage sites

the last but not the least reason is the sites situated in the country that is listed in the UNESCO’S world heritage site. Out of the world heritage sites listed by the UNESCO, 4 of the sites are located in Nepal. 7 sites of Kathmandu are located in world heritage sites and are counted as 1. Beside this, Chitwan national park, Sagarmatha national park located in Terai region of Nepal are listed as UNESCO natural world heritage site.


Sagarmatha national park, Nepal
Sagarmatha national park, Nepal

Similarly, Lumbini- the birthplace of Lord Buddha along with the other 7 sites located in the Kathmandu valley is listed as the UNESCO cultural heritage site. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar square and Lalitpur Durbar square which takes the visitors to the centuries back in the reign of different kings are listed in the cultural heritage sites listed by UNESCO. The architecture, the stone carvings reflects the culture and history of the centuries back in the medieval period. Different temples, monuments built within these durbar squares have their own significance and reflects the flawless architectural beauty of that particular period. The next site to be included is the Changunarayan temple situated in the Bhaktapur district. It is one of the oldest temples of Nepal built during the Malla period. A day trip to this temple will make the visitors explore more about the Malla period.

The sacred pilgrimage visited by the Hindu people is the next heritage of Kathmandu valley listed in UNESCO heritage list i.e. Pashupatinath temple. Not only the Hindu pilgrimage but the Buddhist stupas; Boudhanath stupa and Swayambhunath temple are the other two listed monuments generally visited by Buddhism followers. Thus these all provide the reason to visit Nepal.

  1. Kathmandu valley

Nepal is a landlocked country located in India and China. It is a multicultural and a multilingualism country with Nepali as the official language. Modern Nepal is a secular parliamentary republic, with the fifth-largest economy among South Asian nations. Nepal is located in the Himalayas and is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain in the world. The total population of Nepal according to the 2015 census is 28,514,000. Nepal is also known the be referred to as the Himalayas since it houses numerous mountain ranges and the tallest peaks in the world. Nepal is roughly categorized into three physiological Mountain, Hilly, and the Terai region.These ecological belts run east-west and are vertically intersected by Nepal’s major, north to south flowing river systems.

arieal view of beautiful kathmandu Nepal
arieal view of beautiful kathmandu Nepal

The Kathmandu valley is the capital and the largest municipality of Nepal. It is home to 1 million people according to the 2011 census with the population density being 52,548 per square miles.Kathmandu valley stands at an elevation of approximately 1,400 meters (4,600 ft) surrounded by four major hills, Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Nagarjun, and Chandragiri. Kathmandu also has the highest population density in the country and is home to about twelfth of Nepal’s population. Kathmandu is famous for its durbar squares and museums that present Kathmandu’s fine ancient architecture. Other attractions of Kathmandu are the religious sights like Pashupatinath and Buddha that are a pilgrimage site for Hindus and Buddhists all over the world.

Boudhnath Stupa Kathmandu Buddhist Temple in Nepal Places to Visit

  1. Palpa (Tansen)

Palpa is situated on the southern slope of the Mahabharat range, and the Himalayas. The hills of Palpa provide a splendid view of Nepal with the great Madi Valley in the west and the Kali Gandaki River to the north. An ancient hill town Tansen, that is 1350 meters above sea level is the administrative headquarters of Palpa district.Tansen is one of the most stunning and scenic places in Nepal. Palpa is famous for various kinds of handicrafts and cottage industries. It is most famous for their bronze water jug known as the Karuwa.

  1. Mustang

Mustang is situated in the northernmost part of the country. Mustang is divided into two main parts that are the Upper Mustang and the lower Mustang. Upper Mustang is famous for trekkers and adventure and thrill seekers whereas lower Mustang is famous for its natural beauty. Mustang is also where the Kaligandaki river originates from, which is the second deepest gorge of the country. The river drains the rocky soil and highlands of mustang and flows towards the south of the country. This gorge is another attraction of Mustang.

Lo Manthang Mustang Nepal
Lo Manthang Mustang Nepal
  1. Bardia national park

Bardia national park is Nepal’s largest national park and is described as what Chitwan was like about thirty years ago. Although the Bardia national park is known for being one of Asia’s largest reserves for tigers, there are also a good number of wild elephants and one-horned rhinos along with the 30 species of mammals found there. image source:http://www.nepalonetours.com

bardia national park nepal rhinoceros picture
a picture of rhinoceros in Bardia national park Nepal


According to Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism, major tourist activities include wilderness and adventure activities such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, rock climbing and mountain climbing, trekking bird watching, flights, paragliding and hot air ballooning over the mountains of Himalaya, exploring the waterways by raft, kayak or canoe and jungle safaris especially in the Terai region.

Writers: Shalin Chitrakar, Shilu Nepal and Sarita Maharjan


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