7 Reasons You Should Start Reading Everyday

Thanks to various stories and novels, we are able to venture into the world of mystery, magic and creativity. Reading is to comprehend the meanings of symbols or characters that have been written down. Reading helps us to broaden your understanding of the world. It gives us an opportunity to empathise or see the world from someone else’s shoes to better understand the people around you.

There are countless Benefits to reading everyday and here are 7 of them:

7 Reasons You Should Start Reading Everyday

1 Improve writing skills

writing skills

When we read books and novels that are written by experienced professionals, we also learn how they write. We learn how to frame certain ideas into a paragraph. Studies have shown that when we read the writings of published, well-written work, it has an effect on people’s own writing abilities by observing and learning the writing styles of other authors by influencing our own writing style.

2 Improves memory

improve memory

Generally, in a book or a novel, there  are various settings, characters, their backstories and various other subplots. This requires our mind to remember each of the characters, settings, subplots, their characteristics and other specific details. The interesting part is that, every new memory forces our brain to forge new synapses or a pathways while strengthening the existing ones, making it much easier to remember things in the future.

3 Makes you smarter

smarter creative way bulb boy
smarter & creative way

Books offer an ample amount of information in relatively cheap price. It is much cheaper and faster to read a book than to take an expensive year long course. Reading gives you an opportunity to absorb a huge amount of research data. Adding to this, when you sit down and read something, it requires you to close the world and focus in the book itself. This will enhance your ability to learn new things.


4 Reduces stress

a girl is reading before to bed
a girl is reading before to bed

After all the work done in the day, the mind becomes tired. While it is easy to give in to the temptation to lounge on the couch and watch television, the flashing lights and sound might contribute to more stress. A better alternative is to read a novel, which can provide a refreshing story while being easier on the eyes.  Moreover, when you read something, you have a chance to forget all your troubles. It has been shown that reading for six minutes silently helps you to relax, ease tension of the muscles and slow down your heart rate.

5 Entertainment

reading books in the field
Reading book

It is said that a person who read books lives countless lives. Reading books allows us to enter a whole new world, full of new characters and mysterious plots. I can say from personal experience that once I start a book, I think of nothing else until I finish it (beware if this is going to cause problems). Books are a much better source of entertainment than films or television shows because novels delve much deeper into character backstories and movies often omit a lot of plot information that is in the novels.

6 Knowledge

Tree of Knowledge
a Tree of Knowledge

As Lord Petyr Baelish said in Game of Thrones, knowledge is power. Reading books will increase the amount of things you know, which can be very useful in solving day to day problems too. Everything you read fills your mind with new ideas that might come handy some time in the future. The lessons you learn from books or any other reading material increases your intelligence and makes you wiser. The information you acquire from reading about the world, yourself and the people around you could take ages to acquire by yourself. Books record past experiences of people and how they have tackled unpleasant situations and how you can too. adding to this, if you ever happen to face dire circumstances, like losing your job, money, health, so on so forth, knowledge can never be taken from you.

7 Improves concentration and focus

student girl female married woman reading books
A student is reading book

Reading books improves focus and concentration because it requires you to engage your mind. Reading novels requires you to visualise the characters and scene, which can be very helpful for creating and repairing neural  pathways in the brain. Trying to visualise while reading also boosts creativity and this type of brain engagement leads to improved concentration and focus.

Writer: Shalin Chitrakar

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