7 Reasons to celebrate Teej Festival in Hindus Community, Why

This post is about the giving some reasons to celebrate Teej festival in Hindu community. This post may help your question why is teej celebrated.

7 Reasons to celebrate Teej Festival in Hindus Community, Why

As we already discussed about some topics of Teej festival. But now we are going to discuss reasons to celebrate haritalika teej or Hariyali teej festival in Nepal and India.

Teej is such a festival which are celebrated both in India and Nepal. Teej is such a festival which is celebrated by women during the monsoon season of Hindu calendar.

On the last day of Teej, that is called rishipanchami, women takes a holy bath in rivers or ponds. After a hole bath in the rivers, they use a piece of datiwan (a sacred plant with religious significance) to sprinke holy water over their body 360 times. This ritual exonerates them for the sins that they may have committed in the past year.

Reasons to Celebrate Teej Why
Re-Union of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati

7 Reasons to celebrate Teej Festival in Hindus Community

Take a closer look at the rituals, significance and celebration of Teej in different parts of India. Why Teej is celebrated?

 1. Enthusiasm:

Some Hindus women celebrate teej because they are an extremely religious person. People of some states of India (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Hariyana, Rajasthan) and all over the country Nepal celebrate Teej with great enthusiasm. 

2. healthy proposition

Some Hindus women celebrate teej festival and taking fast for the whole day and night without water has healthy proposition. 

3. Red Insect is good for environment:

The word Teej came from a red insect that comes out of the soil during rains seasons. That insects is good for the grains on the farming land.

4. To welcome Monsoon:

The most of Hindus women celebrate this Hariyali Teej to welcomes the onset of monsoons seasons.

5. Conjugal life:

Teej is a three-day festival in which 24 hour fast is kept for a happy and long conjugal, peaceful, prosperity, healthy and wealthy life.

6. Legends of Re-union:

Many Hindus women is obserbed and celebrate haritalik tij because of legends of this festival realted to Hindus God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. According the legend and mythology of the Teej festival,  Teej is marked as the day of the reunion of Goddess Parvati with Lord Shiva. Goddess Parvat is said to have gone through severe penance and took 107 births on the earth to finally unite with Siva. It is believed on Hindus community that on the day of Teej, Hindu Almighty Goddess Parvati came to the God of Gods, God Shiva’s abode, thereby marking the re-union of husband and wife.

7. Well Being of Husband:

This Teej festival of Hindu community is marked as the celebration of sexual bliss, well-being of husband.

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Why to celebrate Teej Festival in Hindu Community

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  1. can anybody tell me which verse of vedas tell about teej festival……………..or this is man made festival

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