Why Nepalese Students Go To Abroad For Study? 20 Genuine Reasons

Reasons Why Nepalese Students Go To Abroad For Study: – The youths of Nepal is continually disappearing. If we observe the demography of the villages of Nepal. The condition is worse. We’ll not be able to see many youths. Their number can be counted on fingers. The situation has become more and worse. The agricultural land is left sterile because there’s no one to work on them. There’s nothing to be puzzled about.

Everybody including the government of Nepal knows where and why all the youths are disappearing. Two major reasons to put it in simple words so that our government can understand are to earn the money and another one is to study.

Here we will be talking about the disappearance of the youth to study abroad. Why they go abroad. The reasons may be as follows:

20 Reasons Why Nepalese Students Go To Abroad For Study

  1. Quality Education:

We have to accept the fact that the education in Nepal is not as qualitative as in foreign countries. The syllabus is outdated. No offense but the lecturers and the professors teaching in big colleges and universities are quite old. They are not familiar to the modern ways of teaching and the modern subjects that are required by the students to keep them up to date with the world.

  1. Valid Certificate:

I am speaking from the experience of mine that the certificates that we receive here are not valued in the foreign. The Indian certificates have more value than ours. So to obtain the valid and more valuable certificate students go abroad. Certificates and the degrees are the criteria to meet the demand of highest paying employment.

  1. Job/Earning while studying:

In Nepal, there’s not much chance for the students to earn while studying. Not everyone has the good financial condition to keep on studying till they finish the degree. While in foreign the scope and the variety of jobs to do are more. Also, the foreign currency has more value when converted into Nepalese currency. The students can earn their living, pay for their education and even send money to their homes.

  1. Scholarship opportunities:

The developed countries are giving more opportunities for the scholarships to the Nepalese students than the Nepalese government itself. The scholarship they provide not only five the free education but also money in the form of a stipend for their food and lodging. An obviously students will be attracted towards abroad education.

Why Nepalese Students Go Abroad For Study
Nepalese Students Go Abroad For Study
  1. Settle in abroad:

It is the hard fact that lifestyle in Nepal is not so much good. The facilities required even for the basic living are hard to earn. Only those who can pay can have all the requirements at home. Everybody wants to live a luxurious and comfortable life. Yye facilities that one can get in foreign though minimal is much higher in comparison to Nepal. So to settle themselves permanently or for a long time, they study abroad.

  1. Peer Group Pressure:

It has become a trend nowadays among the new generations to study abroad. There’s no home in Kathmandu and outside Kathmandu whose, kids have not one abroad whether they may be Australia or Bangladesh for higher education. As soon as one passes the 10+2 education he comes under the pressure of his friends to study abroad.

  1. Show off:

The society has been divided into two groups Haves and Have not. The haves is the ones who can have everything they desire with the weapon called money. They want to show off in the society how much they can expense and how much well to do they are. They think by showing off they can have the respect. On the mere reason I showing off they send their children abroad.

  1. Parents Fear:

Many of the youths don’t like to go to any foreign nations. They like to stay in their own nation and do something. But the parents put on pressure in their children to go abroad.

  1. Lack of recognition:

I know one incident which came in the news. Some boy I don’t know the name has the guts to challenge Newton’s theory. He went to NAST(then RONAST) at the time to explain his theory. But nobody has a damn. Want to know where he is now. ABROAD. There’s a lack of recognition for the upcoming talents which can make anyone frustrated.

  1. Travel/New Experience Gain:

The newer generations are you g. They have hot blood. They want to travel. They want to gain new experiences. They want to have fun and adventure at the same time. This can be one reason for them to go abroad.

  1. Good Marriage Proposals:

Some.may accept or decline this reasoning. But in my point of view, this can be one of the reasons why the youths go abroad. If you get the higher degrees from foreign obviously one gonna get proposals from the equally higher family for marriage.

  1. Better Employment:

As said earlier the degrees one receive are the ones which are going to sell you in the market of employment. So obviously if you have a tag of receiving the degree from foreign especially from the developed countries you’ll get more chance for the high paid jobs.

  1. Head Start/Punctuality:

The system of education in Nepal is notorious for its punctuality. I myself have to spend 14 months in ninth grade. Speaking of college first you have to go through the theoretical exam, then practical, then you have to prepare a thesis. The approval for the thesis again has a separate story. Then again you have to wait months for the result. Then again you have to wait for the mark sheets. Now you have to have the transcript certificate. You can calculate yourself how much time is one has to spare to clear one level.

  1. Opportunity to get away from family and the culture:

The technologies have been creating big generation gaps nowadays between parents and children. Plus there are so many festivals celebrated in Nepal. Each of the festivals has a public holiday. No wonder the new generations want to get away from all these chaos.

  1. More opportunities in return:

Forget about the other countries here in Nepal the one with the foreign degrees get much importance and recognition than the ones who have earned the degree in his own nation.

  1. Less Study:

Our colleges and universities have more politics than education. The student union has more power than the campus administration. One would not know when and for how long the college is going to be closed due to strike and political imbalance.

  1. More options:

The choices on the subjects are vast in foreign. There is correspondence education. The concept has started here too but not too much common in here. The subjects and the field of education are more in number. In Nepal science engineering commerce arts and education, these only define the study in colleges.

  1. Practical education:

Abroad study is more focused on training their pupil and preparing them for life. The education they get there are applicable in our real day to day work and life. The teachings we get here have limited or no use in practicality.

  1. Financial disbalance:

The haves and have-nots have a vast difference in the economic and financial state. The community thus has been divided into two. The haves wants to increase the status and have-nots want to compete and reach to that status. This can be one of the reasons why not only the wealthy but even the lower financial group wants to go abroad.

  1. Parents Wealth:

When there’s an abundance of wealth which one doesn’t know how and where to spend. They keep on looking for the ways and places to spend them. What better way than abroad study. Plus the wealthy ones do not have to worry about earning hard. They can focus only on studying.

Author: Ankur Pradhan


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