10 Reasons Why Goddess Lakshmi is Worshipped on Diwali Festival


Why goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in Diwali, Diwali, Deepavali or Tihar festival

The festival of lights is the main reasons of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. The lights mean the celebration of diwali. The shining and singing of diwali song determine the values and respect to goddess Lakshmi.

Every person worships goddess Lakshmi as the goddess of wealth to become wealthy and prosperity . man have several wishes to come in experience but due to the uncounted number of problems arises in the way of walking.

Celebration in diwali makes the festival of lights more colorful and makes the goddess Lakshmi very happy. Love and light are spreades everywhere in the air and in the heart of every person.

They all celebrates diwali with lots of happiness and management which increase the value of diwali and worshipping of goddess Lakshmi. People have plans primely what to do, how to celebrate and what should be made preparations.

Every heart is full of lights and love that also seen at time of sharing love with each on the garden of burning and shining different colour. People have forgotten all the past bad memory and fullfilled thei memory with only the blessings of goddess diwali and persons love and celebration.

A lots of sweets and fruits are distributed as the Prasad to the people . diwali has several values all over in the world. Moreover, diwali more famous and most important festival of hindu.

All the people of the world celebrates and decorates their houses by cleaning, decorating and making the different delicious dishes. Every person respects everyone shares their wishes and love to all.


They start their life with the positive filling of lights in Diwali. The color and the light is the major factor of celebrating Diwali with more happily. No longer it is celebrated as Dashain but it is also celebrated for five days.

Lakshmi Mata Wallpapers
Lakshmi Mata Wallpaper

in the first day, a dog is worshiped and in a second day there is Diwali which lights the environment. After the diwali cow is worshiped in the third day and then at last day there lies the festival of brother and sister that is also called Bhai dhuj.

It is celebrated with different names in India and outside the country. That are Bhayya Duj (Hindi), Bhagini Hasta Bhojana (Sanskrit),Yama Dwitiya, Sodara Bidige (Karnataka),Bhai Phota (Bengal), Karthigai, Bhai-Tika (Nepal), Bhav-Bij (Maharashtra).

As we know that Diwali lies on the full moon day of Ashwin or Kartik. the world respects only the shining star, not the falling stars. The person who have nothing, he is like the animal and behaved like an animal that man do with an animal. the world is categorized in different races, cultures and economics groups.

But it is seen in Diwali the unity because this is the festival of love and lights. It is since ancient times that Diwali has been celebrated. It is not easy to say now what really was the reason behind its origin. Different people believe different events to be the cause of this festival celebration.

But Diwali is not the festival of any god and victory, but I think it’s the festival getting wealth. People celebrate this festival for wealth, peace, and prosperity. This the month of winter so also people don’t feel any difficulty in celebrating this festival .

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Goddess Lakshmi is famous for making people rich . so people down their heads in the palace of goddess Lakshmi. Those who worships and celebrates Diwali, it is said that he or she never becomes the victims of poverty. It is because of the blessings of goddess Lakshmi.

Every god and goddess are famous for their different specialties and also they are remembered for their different works . like as Bahama is remembered for a creator of the earth, god Vishnu is worshiped for an operator of the earth and god shiva is worship for the destroyer of the problems and the earth.

Similarly, goddess Saraswati is celebrated for the bank of knowledge and education and goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for wealth.

Here are some reason and story for thy the goddess Lakshmi is worshiped in Diwali :

1. Goddess Lakshmi birthday :

This festival also marks the birthday of a goddess of wealth. It is so celebrated every year. On this very Diwali day, the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi is said to have been incarnated from the depth of the bottomless ocean. The Hindu scriptures tell us that both Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) were mortal (Mrita) at one point in time.

Seeking a deathless condition (Amarattva), they churned the ocean to seek Amrita, the nectar of immortality (an event mentioned in the Hindu scriptures as “Samudra-Manthan”), during which a host of divine celestial objects came up.

Lakshmi Mata Image
Lakshmi Mata Image

Prime among these was Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of the king of the milky ocean, who arose on the new moon day (amaavasyaa) of the Kartik month. She was subsequently married to Lord Vishnu on the same darkest night of the year and brilliant lamps were illuminated and placed in rows to mark this holy occasion.

On the marriage, there burns different lights and determines as the Diwali. people celebrates Diwali with lots of love and respect. Hence its also the reasons to celebrate Diwali.

2. Ram gets victory over Lanka and Ravan:

This story touches the place and kingdom of Ayodhya, where the god Vishnu comes in the figures if a man as ram, the elder son of king dashrath. King dashrath was not getting the sons .

so he decided to organize the great yagya with the advice of sants and people. And then after king dashrath gets four sons named as eldest Rama,Bharat, Lakshman, and satrudhan. It’s the truth and the story of dashrath elder son king of Ayodhya Rama, who was also called the’’mrayadaprusottam ‘’.

He was the beloved of and very respectable king of Ayodhya. The respects him as the figures of god and is true also that he borns as the form in man but he is the god. The life ram was full of the thorns due to not having the king happiness.

Burning Ravana at Dussehra Festival in Amritsar, India
Burning Ravana at Dussehra Festival in Amritsar, India

When the time comes to make king after the father choice to their elder son ram, the servant of kaiikei the small mother of Rama and also the mother of Bharat convince kaiikei to demand their wish to fulfilled by king dashrath that he contract with you in the past.


When every things is ready, the kaikkei his husband to fulfill their wish and the wish was i. to make her son Bharat the king of Ayodhya and ii. To sent Rama in the forest for fourteen years. The currents occur in the heart of king dash ratch.

Every plan becomes dismiss and due to a promise made with kaiikei, the ram has to go forest along with Lakshman and his beloved wife Sita. In the time of spending in the forest, the king of Lanka comes due to hunting the one beautiful deer and he saws the beautiful sita and decided to kidnap.

He has tried to kidnap Sita in normal figures when she is alone, but due to the circle boundary was given by Lakshman, and no one can cross this line except Rama and Lakshman. After the Ravan, the king of Lanka changes his body in the figures of sants and kidnapped her.

After the kidnapped of a site, ram searched everywhere but nowhere he get and found sita and knew the news that Sita was kidnapped by demon king Ravan . this all news was forecasted by jatayu. The every planning and ideas started to bring Sita from the trap of Ravan.

The war starts between ram and Ravan after the death of different warriors. In the last, The war was very dangerous and the Ravan was granted the boon by god shiva,he will not kill until the arrow is not pointing in downward the head because Ravan has sixteen heads. And ram knows this secret by the Ravan brothers division and finally the Ravan killed by a ram.

The victory of purity and truth wins the battle. All the voice are loudly crying in the land of Ayodhya that his king has killed the great demon Ravan. News of returning ram was spread even the fourteen years of banishment has finished and ram also planned to return his kingdom.

The people of Ayodhya becomes very happy and lits the lams, oil lams starts singing the song of welcoming Rama in their kingdom again This is believed to have started the tradition of Diwali.

Year after year this homecoming of Lord Rama is commemorated on Diwali with lights, fireworks, bursting of crackers and merriment. The festival gets its name Deepawali, or Diwali, from the rows (avali) of lamps (deepa) that the people of Ayodhya lit to welcome their King.

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The happiness is extremely shown on the face of people of Ayodhya. King ram wear the crown of the king and started ruling the Ayodhya again with only the truth and pureness.

No one was sad in the kingdom of ram it is so said. Rama has kept all the persons making happy. This is the time of happiness when the people of Ayodhya have to make the decoration in Ayodhya, everywhere the color and different lights are burning, everyone is happy because their beloved king Rama is coming.

So also this moment reflects the symbol of lights and gambling of all the wishes which are exchanged with the people of other and Rama. The great expectation of ram is shown only by looking the decoration and burning the lights in every home. The beloved king will rule the kingdom, this happiness is fully watched and seen by the people of Ayodhya.

3. Hindu new year:

everybody knows and celebrates a new year in first January but it is the belief that Hindu new year stars from Diwali. People with love,they celebrate Diwali with great happiness and-and start their life by new hopes and happiness.

People wants to achieve always big but they don’t want to struggle. They forget that no one reaches the peak without falling. Trying should never be quiet, it should always in continuing for. the process of continuity makes the hole even in stone that we can see in the spring falling from the above.

the daily process of doing works guarantee the success because of there no any war and obstacles which can’t be defeated after fighting continuously. so I think its right time for taking commitment to be the successful person.

and also take the commitment for not hurting the others heart wordlessly. hurting others become problems for achieving the oriented goal. The grace helps us to ride and reach the peak of success faster.

Happy New Year Gifs Images Animation Photo Wishes SMS Messages Quotes HD Wallpapers Pics Greetings Cards
Happy New Year Gifs Animation Images

If the new hopes and commitment are taken on this new year and by keeping the lights as a witness,then the courage and the hopes will never die. Every new morning is the new chance to change your life with new happy and pleasure of achievement.


The view of the environment is attracting the man and changing the mind. The man is empty if the environment supports their happiness and don’t help in the needy situation.

All man are not full of arrogant, so the man becomes happy when they get the supporting environment, Is also the one reasons to celebrate Diwali as the festival of lights. Because this Diwali brings lights on their thought, feeling and on their face by the blessings of god. As the people are busy in their work every day and every time.

They don’t think about to determining the goal and life. They don’t have the goal but keeps working continues. The daily process of doing works guarantee the success because of there no any war and obstacles which can’t be defeated after fighting continuously.

so I think its right time for taking commitment to be the successful person. and also take the commitment for not hurting the others heart wordlessly. If the right decision is taken in right time then only the achievement will be the bigger unless the shot achievement will make you happy shortly.

Being the Hindu new person celebrates with burning lights and decorating the environment. And this is also the main reasons to celebrate goddess, Lakshmi.

4. Goddess Kali destruction:

Goddess kali is very killing in nature . she killed many demons and is also the tenth avatar of goddess Durga. Goddess kali also symbolizes the power and strength of female. As we can look in the present society, the female is dominated and a male is doing the discrimination on female.

Females are treated only the producing machine and are used for doing female works. Female are much behind in the context of male. In every programs and function are mostly ruled by the male only. So to make the female the powerful and increases the inner strength of female, goddess kali, and Durga are born to show the full power of female.

The story about kali starts from the demon war. In very the great demons started to conquer the land of earth and also the heaven lok . so to this works every deva and gods afraid and starts crying and blessing.

Then Goddess Kali was born as Kal Bhoi Nashini from the forehead of Goddess Durga. Said to be a personification of Nari Shakti (female power), Kali was born to save heaven and earth from the growing cruelty of the demons.

The destruction of demons are very fast and goddess kali killed all those demons and save the person, deva, and earth from destruction. After killing the demons, goddess kali started killing everyone who comes in his way.

This activity of goddess kali has created again great problems for gods and goddess. Then after thinking a lot devo ka dev god shiv thinks one plan to stop goddess kali from doing and killing of the man.

Shiva early in the morning sleeps on the door palace of goddess kali. After sometime goddess kali comes out and when she was coming to her one legs comes on the chest of sleeping shiv. And then starts the goods habits and only saving works started by goddess kali.

That momentous day has been commemorated ever since and the main purpose of celebrating Kali Puja is to seek the help of the goddess in destroying evil both external and internal to us as also to get her blessings for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace. and the sky of happiness spread all over the earth and to people and burns the light and spread the lovely talk. From that day Diwali is said started to worshiped.

5. Festivals of new crops :

As this festival lies in the moon day of Ashwin and Kartik, that month is also called as the month or time of harvesting. The old crops have grown with their fruits and the time has come to cut and again spread new crops. people and farmers look very happy in Diwali because of getting a lot of crops. The large crops make farmer happy and rich.

This Diwali adds a smile on the face of the farmer who is also the survivor of the person and the earth. Farmers are celebrated as god according to the Hindu epics and Shastra. Farmers invest their labor full year and get the good and green crops as the fruits. So Diwali becomes the main and more.

Reasons to make the man happy and celebrates the festival with great happiness and lighting. and Diwali is celebrated by worshipping goddess Lakshmi to grew good crops and make farmers happy and wealthy.

6. Great celebration by Sikhs, Jains, and the Hindus:

Diwali has different meaning and causes to celebrate Diwali by different religions, by Sikhs, Jain, and Hindu. Although it has different reasons to celebrate, people of different religions celebrate this festival with lots of happiness and spreading wishes. The Differences in What Diwali Means to Jains, Sikhs, and Hindus.

DIWALI is the festival of person,festival of animal and spreads of light that determine the victory of truth and the light. So it is not only the complementary of color but also the supplementary of brother and sister love. The love is not far from the person’s heart.

Love is boundary-less which is spread without boundary. No, the person is away and is the protest against love. People are seeking the love from everyone. Diwali is one of the largest holidays that is celebrated in India; it is the story of light overcoming the darkness.

The meanings though are completely different to three different groups of people: the Jains, the Hindus, and the Sikhs. Let’s take a look at this special holiday and see what it means to each group. 3 Reasons Why Diwali is Celebrated in 3 Religions through This The Jain Celebration of the Holiday .

In the culture of jains :

The Jains celebrate Diwali as a remembrance of Lord Mahavir and his teachings. The Lord was a teacher of compassion and tolerance and was always explaining the importance of all beings, and their equality.

When he passed according to the beliefs of the Jains he had met Moksha, which was the freedom from the circle of reincarnation. When this occurred, it was the tradition of the people that the earth and the heavens were then illuminated with lights to remember the occasion.

When the anniversary of his enlightenment comes around, each year the Jains light lamps all over their region to keep his ideas alive and to share the remembrance with others. Another part of the celebration is fasting, singing, and mantras. This is also the day of the New Year for the Jains as they remember how to live life according to the teachings of the Lord.

For hindu its also the oppurinuty of making the home and starting the new business. If it is done in this day the goddess Lakshmi become happy, and person becomes rich very soon.

The Hindu Celebration of the Holiday As the beginning of the New Year according to the Lunar Calendar, it is a time of the festival of the “Row of Lights.” According to people of the Hindu Faith, this is the time in which there is a conquering of evil by good, and darkness by the light.

The people celebrate this holiday as the beginning of the year by getting rid of the old and entering in the new, this is seen by people cleaning their houses as well as people wearing new colorful clothing.

People spend lots of time praying to the goddess of wealth, prosperity and light Lakshmi for the beginnings of an excellent year. If there was anything that was concluding in the last year but has not come to fruition such as a business deal or another item, people also pray to Ganesha, who is the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings.

People make the new plans and strategy to make happy the goddess wealth to get success in their business, education and any construction work with only larger profit.

Sikhs are also the religions of India who worships their guru Hari Govind and follows their teaching paths. How the Sikhs Celebrate the Holiday For the Sikh population the holiday is very important as it is the celebration of the release of the sixth Guru as well as 52 other princes in 1619.

There was a disagreement between the Emperor and Guru Hargobind. Many discussions have done but not any success has been achieved . When the Guru’s release was arranged after many weeks of discussions, the Emperor agreed to release the princes, but it was only the number who was able to hold onto the coat of the guru as he was released.

For Sikhs, Diwali holds a special significance for it was on a Diwali day that the third Sikh Guru Amar Das institutionalized the festival of lights as an occasion when all Sikhs would gather to receive the Gurus blessings.

It was also on a Diwali day in 1619 that their sixth religious leader, Guru Hargobind Ji, who was held by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir in the Gwalior fort, was freed from imprisonment along with 52 Hindu Kings (political prisoners) whom he had arranged to be released as well.

And it was also on the same auspicious occasion of Diwali when the foundation stone of the Golden Temple at Amritsar was laid in 1577. This stipulation was done as a means to control the number of people who were being released from the prison.

The Guru, realizing the artifice of the Emperor decided that the way to outwit him was to create a cloak that had 52 strings, this way each prince would be able to hold a piece of the cloak. This was the way in which he was able to outwit the Emperor and bring all of the princesses to safety.

The name of the holiday is literally translated in Sanskrit as the Row of Lights. This is because of all of the houses as well as the public places that put up lights in remembrance of the holiday.

The lights are called Diyas, which are made of clay. They are places in the windows, the doors, and other locations throughout the city. This is a huge holiday for the country of India, and its similar and different connections in the meaning of the holiday as well as in the celebration are amazing.

India is a land of similarity and difference that keeps the whole county in one unity of land and sky. The patriotism is the great religions that are seen in the festival of lights that is Diwali.

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7. Victory by killing Naraksura :

This story reflect the light in dwaper yuga when god Vishnu was incarnated as lord Krishna in dwapar yuga because the great demon naraksura have conducted the many destruction on the earth and also killing the god ‘s devotees.

The great demons naraksura have conquered both heaven land and earth land. So in the special day of Diwali lord Krishna have killed the great demon and make release 16000 women from the prison of naraksura. So also this day makes more famous and is celebrates the victory of reality celebrating the festival of lights and Lakshmi puja.

8. Pandev return from banishment after 12 years :

The great five royal brothers have lost the game of gambling with kaurav. And they have to banish from the kingdom for 12 years. The time never stops and come in the end of returning to hastinapur.

The five Pandavas are very true in nature and loveable king of the hastinapur who is loved by all the people. For welcoming the Pandavas,the friends, and beloved of pandavs have decorated full hastinapur with burning lights and color. So also the day is celebrated as the festival of lights and Diwali celebrations causes.

9. Mahabali changation :

Mahabali has granted the power to get a double strength of anyone after killing.Lord Vishnu, in his fifth incarnation as Vamana-avatar, rescued Lakshmi from the prison of King Bali during the Treta Yug. Bali, or rather King Mahabali, was a powerful demon king who ruled the earth.

Powered by a boon granted to him by Lord Brahma, Bali was invincible and even gods failed to defeat him in battles. Although a wise and perfect king otherwise, Mahabali was violent in his ways with the Devas (gods). On their insistence, Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a short Brahmin and approached Bali for some charity.

The righteous and benevolent King couldn’t refuse the Brahmin’s offer and was tricked into giving up his kingship and wealth (of which Lakshmi is said to be the Goddess). After that mahabali changes and spends life by serving poor, beggars and older people.

10. coronation of Vikram Aditya :

One of the greatest Hindu monarchs, Vikramaditya ruled the greatest empire in the world from modern-day Thailand in the east to the borders of modern-day Saudi Arabia in the west. Diwali. So this festival is touched with history.

Writer: Dipak Kumar Sah

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