When is Krishna Janamashtami | Jayanati 2020 | Krishna Birthday 2077 BS

Do you want to know when is Krishna Janamashtami is in 2077 B.S.? Do you want to know when  Krishna Janmashtami is in 2020? ? The date of Krishna Janmashtami falls in either in August (Shrawan or Bhadra) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon.

One of the most important celebrations of Hinduism and, undoubtedly, the most outstanding for the Vaishnava devotees (followers of Lord Vishnu) is Krishna Janmāsthami or Krishna Jayanti.

It commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna, which happened thousands of years ago. Even sometimes, Krishna is spoken of as a deity, he is a historical character who, in reality, was an avatāra, that is, an incarnation of God on Earth.

As explained by the philosophy of Hinduism, the Divine is incarnated in the world frequently to help living beings. Above all, direct their lives towards spiritual truth and dharma., that is, the universal and eternal values ​​that sustain this universe.

As expected, these incarnations are generally misunderstood and targeted. But their role in the elevation of humanity is permanent and is as essential as it is invisible.

Lord Krishna is one of the greatest known avatāra, being also the protagonist of the Bhagavad Gītā. The most emblematic sacred text of Hinduism, which is a summary of the main spiritual paths and clear instructions on how to live to be happy.

So, when is When is Krishna Janamashtami or Jayanati 2020 or Krishna Birthday 2077 BS?


The  Krishna Janmashtami festival actually runs for one day. Krishna Janmashtami in 2020 will be on Tuesday, the 11th of August 2020.  According to Nepali Calendar, Krishna Janmashtami is on Tuesday, 27 Shrawan  2077 B.S.

Krishna Janmashtami in Nepal is a huge celebration. It is celebrated by the Hindus people. As we all know that 80 percent of the population in Nepal are Hindus. So, It is one of the biggest celebrations in Nepal.

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Devotees take holy bath and worship Lord Krishna in Krishna Janmashtami in Nepal. Most it is celebrated in Nepal, India, United States of America (USA), New Zealand, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom (UK), Fiji, Japan, Singapore, etc.

As we all know that Krishna Janmashtami is a celebration for the birthday of Hindu God Krishna. It is the 5246th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna. So, celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with full of respect.

When is Krishna Janamashtami | Jayanati 2020 | Krishna Birthday 2077 BS

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Bonus… Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes

Here are some wishes on this auspicious occasion of the birthday of Lord Krishna. Along with the wishes some lines of Bhagwat Gita have also been included.

The unreal is not being, because it rests in illusion and false knowledge. But what it is, never ceased to be, despite appearances.

The real man is not born or dies, he has always been and will continue to be eternal. The body can die and be killed, but the spirit that dwells in the body can not die.

Those who have no wisdom do not know where man is coming from and where they are going. They know only his way through the world, so why do they complain?

There are those who are impregnated with the letter of the Holy Scriptures, but unable to penetrate their true meaning. They argue vainly about the texts, the bitter controversies, and the abstruse interpretations satisfy the slaves of the letter. And instead of aspiring to the spiritual goal of the great souls, they indulge in futile pleasures, broad speeches. And pompous ceremonies invented by these people, who offer prizes for their observance and threaten punishment for their breach.

Get rid of anxiety about the things of this world, do not let yourself be governed by the illusions of this perishable world.

Just as the water that emanates from a fountain fills the vessels according to the form and capacity of each of them. So also the spiritual teachings only provide the part that each one is able to receive according to the degree of their evolution.

As important as the right action may be, right-thinking must precede it, because without thought the action is not conscious.

Those who renounce the possible fruit of the right action are on the way to mastering karma.

When you transcend the illusion, you will no longer be disturbed by theological discussions about the rites, ceremonies, and other garments of spiritual teaching. So you will be freed from the attachment to the sacred books and writings of theologians and those who aspire to interpret what they do not understand.

He who attains true spiritual knowledge resembles the turtle that retracts its limbs under the shell. For it is possible for it to withdraw its sensory faculties from the objects of sensation. And to separate them from the illusions of the objective world protected by the armor of the Spirit.

He who allows his mind to become attached to objects of sensation is so wrapped up in them that they end up enslaving him.

Attachment arises from desire, from passion, from foolishness, unbridled appetite, from forgetfulness, from lack of discernment. And from this the loss of everything else. But peace reaches who, master of himself, works without pleasure or disgust, thinking only of the ME.

There is no possible knowledge for those who do not achieve this peace. Because without peace there is no serenity, and when it lacks, how can there be wisdom?


Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes

Peace attains, whose heart is like the ocean in whose bed all the rivers drain without overflowing.

He who transcends pride and selfishness attains happiness.

Hello Krishna. Today is a special day for you, although I could say that it is a special day for many people who love you. A day like today saw the light of life for the first time.

Who, recognizing the universal unity of the Being, sees with impartiality the same essence in all beings. Showing solidarity with them both in the pleasant and in the painful; in truth, this is the greatest of yogis.

The yogi recognizes in his heart that his essence is common to that of all creatures. And that the life that dwells in all creatures also lives in his heart.

This is the consciousness in which the enlightened Yogi lives: a vision of total unity.

He who finds his happiness in the inner vision of has his senses and joyful heart subject.

By the experience of his own inner life, Only then can he be distinguished as a Yogi in harmony. Once reached this state, for him, gold has no more value than the stones of the earth.

The mind is a faithful friend of man, only when it has been conquered by the Spirit.

For a man lacking in the will who has not yet conquered his mind, he can become his own enemy.

When a man is freed from all the desires that were in his heart. And by the grace of God, he finds divine bliss, then his soul rests definitively in peace.

 He who is not disturbed by sorrows nor yearns for joys, already detached from pleasures. And being beyond passion: this is a wise man of a balanced mind.

 Who does not rejoice in fortune and goods, nor grieve in misfortune or disease? He who, wherever he is, is free of ties, undoubtedly possesses supreme wisdom.

 Attachment arises from delight in the pleasures of the senses; of attachment arises desire and desire, lust and desire for possession. And this leads to passion and anger.

 Passion disturbs the mind and diminishes the memory, making us forget our duty. This leads to foolishness, and foolishness leads man to destruction.

 But the soul that despite being in the world of the senses, keeps its senses under control is free of attachment and rests serenely.

 In this peace of mind, all sadness or suffering disappears. Because that peace is wisdom and in it the heart finds peace.

 A man without discipline will never obtain wisdom or contemplation. Without contemplation, there can be no peace, and without peace, how can there be joy?

Accept my humble obeisances and best wishes! Congratulations on your upcoming holiday!

With Krishna Janmashtami everyone !!! Happiness, love, awareness, and spiritual perfection! May Lord Krishna shed mercy on all fallen souls and infect them with Sankirtana.

With the Feast of Thee, Beloved Lord Sri Krishna Janmashtami, With the Day of Your Phenomenon !!!!!! Let this Day be everywhere Atmosphere and a sense of celebration and joy !!!!

May the Whole Earth, the Whole World, the whole Cosmos, and all the planets breathe a sigh of relief, give Light of knowledge to the whole WORLD.

Hare Krishna, dear devotees !!! All with the celebration of the appearance of Lord Sri Krishna !!! Devotional service to all of you.

The true birthplace of Krishna is the heart of man. … Only when a person’s heart becomes pure, cool, and calm, like the Himalayas, will Krishna truly be born in him. In a pure, sacred, and imperturbable heart, God truly dwells.

God can do everything. He can go anywhere. He can change everything. Do not leave room for doubt. One who doubts divinity will surely be doomed.


Develop unshakable faith and follow the divine command. True dharma is to follow the divine command. When you follow God, you will be blessed with all virtue and all goodness.

Happy Incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna! All – Light, Love, and Wisdom of Sai Krishna!

And may we all be worthy of flutes in divine hands!

You too must develop faith and not be turned away by your selfishness or the criticism of others. Cultivate Vivek and Vairagya, and then your hearts will blossom into fragrant beauty.

Sri Krishna will put Himself in the lotus of your heart. He will always be with you as a keeper and adviser and will pour out his grace on you. He will be the Mother, the Father, the Teacher, and God, He will be the closest relative, He will be the All for you.

Krishna represents the absolute meaning of life, which is at the heart of the universe beyond all relative and permeates every bit of relative and every phase of action. On the day of Sri Krishna Janma-Ashtami, the presence of the eternal omnipresent quality in Nature becomes animated in our consciousness.

That which is the Delight of all delights, God of all gods. The prophet of all the prophets, Saints of all saints. Those Who come from age to age and remain unrecognized by the majority.

May we also deserve the darshans of Sri Krishna with the purity of our hearts !!

Sing a song, O Krishna. Every word is like honey and speaks with me until my heart is filled with this divine nectar. Take the essence of Vedas. Let it go through your divine flute and transform it into a melodious song.

Sweeter than sugar, tastier than cottage cheese, truly sweeter than honey, is the name of Krishna. The constant repetition of this sweet Name gives the taste of the most divine nectar. Therefore it is necessary to contemplate the Name of Krishna incessantly.

Oh my dear Krishna! You are a friend, suffering from grief and Source of Creation. You are the Master of the Gopis and the Beloved of Radharani. I give You a respectful bow.

I was born in the darkest ignorance, and my spiritual teacher opened my eyes with a burning torch of knowledge. I give him a respectful bow.

Those who follow in the footsteps of the inhabitants of Vraja, adopting the mood of the Vrajavasis, in Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrate the birthday of Prince Sri Krishna, the son of Nanda and Yashoda.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes

And those who worship God Krishna in the mood of Aishwarya, celebrate on the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami – the Day of the Appearance of God Krishna.

The first star lit up in the sky – it means the bright moment has come, Krishna is born! I congratulate you on Janmashtami and wish that this evening and always your thoughts should be clear and bright.

On the evening of Janmashtami, I wish you infinitely bright love! Let peace reign in the soul, comfort in the house, health in the body, and people surrounded by generosity for kindness and support everywhere!

I wish you stable prosperity, peace in the soul, and mutual love on Janmashtami. May the Star show the right path, full of luck, kindness, and mutual understanding!

I congratulate you on the brightest day of the year. And wish that the pleasant mood will be preserved for the whole year and bring good people, good news and quiet family evenings to the house.

May the first Janmashtami star bring grace, peace, and tranquility with you to your home. May the bright feast of the Nativity of Krishna bring together all the big and friendly family at a rich table.

The star rose as many years ago, reminding us of the birth of Krishna. May her calm, soft light bring the love in which God commanded us to live.

Let the radiance of this holiday illuminate every day of the coming year and give everyone peace, love, peace, and patience!

As everyone is waiting for the birthday of Krishna, the most beloved and amazing holiday, when all the most impossible true! Let him again bring a joyful atmosphere, warm meetings with family and friends, hope that will accompany you with a shining star all year round!

I wish peace in the hearts when Love reigns in them! I wish the stars to fall from the sky in the palm of your hand, bringing happiness and joy.

I wish the execution of all planned. Let dreams come true, bringing joy and well-being to your home. I wish you peace, progressive prosperity, and sincere personal happiness!

May the Guardian Angel help you in everything, and the future will bring the most joyful and memorable moments for your family.

I wish you comfort and love in the house to fill all the air, all the souls, and hearts! And then a miracle from the Lord will come to life, which will bring happiness!

All nature is quiet for the holiday, even the sky is solemnly deep, everything is ready for the meeting of Janmashtami. Let the holiday bring good to your home.

Congratulations on the bright holiday of Janmashtami, I want the bright Star to light up your life path. And the joy and happiness settled in your home forever.

Let the Janmashtami be the desire to create and enjoy, even if you want to fly and smile. But most importantly – let all desires always come true!

Let the Janmashtami star light up the joy in your heart, let love and faith dispel all unnecessary doubts. And point the way to happiness so that your whole life becomes like a fairy tale.

Let the brightest star light up brighter, illuminating your face with the pure light of joy! I wish that this holiday on your palms fell magic white snowflakes with new and good hopes and to fulfill all your dreams at once.

Let the Krishna Janmashtami miracle stir up silver bells in the soul of happiness. So that they wake up their great joy with their sonorous song, instill in their hearts the hope that Krishna brought with him to Earth.

I wish the cherished star shine to you joyfully and encouragingly, so that it is always reflected in your smiles and attracts real happiness to you.

Let the ray of the Janmashtami star illuminate your path, heavenly patrons protect and inspire new grandiose achievements.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes

May the magical Janmashtami be generous for miracles, let it give you the skill to see the beauty in everything and always feel joy. And also the ability to share this happiness with others. Let these good skills accompany you all your life!

On this day, a Savior was born, bringing joy and hope to the world. We congratulate you on the great Janmashtami holiday and wish to never lose heart, rely on the Lord in everything, live in love and prosperity.

May all worries disappear from this soul this evening, may the anticipation of a miracle justify itself. And the first star that has risen will mark the beginning of a happy series of joyful days in your life.

May life be renewed and filled with the new light. I wish you happiness, patronage of heavenly forces in all good endeavors!

And let this incredible day, filled with wonders, like glittering stars. The Lord’s blessing fills your heart with spirituality that will spill over your whole body and give you vitality!

May the whole year its kind bright light warm you with the comfort and smiles of dear people.

May this light become your guard, accompanying you on your way to the most cherished dream.

The day has come when you can prayerfully ask from heaven for the fulfillment of the most intimate. May your hopes come true, and have an atmosphere of love and faith in the house.

I wish you on such an incredible day, that the Angel lit the wick of the soul with a real love that gives spirituality, kindness, and soulfulness, illuminating life with happiness and warming with grace!

 I wish not just God’s blessing and a quiet, cozy sincerity, but that the Angel set fire to the wick of enthusiasm in the soul. And help to ignite real happiness and the ability to feel and appreciate this happiness!

Let the wonders of this night stretch for a whole year, so that the fabulous mood and feeling of euphoria accompany you every day. Let the problems disappear themselves, and dreams come true on time.

And let along with grace and spirituality the ability to see and accept given to us comes to the soul. Because sometimes we just do not notice the little surprises given my life, and yet a miracle can be hidden in them!

Let the soul unfold to meet this bright holiday, let the Lord hear all your sincere prayers.

Let a bright flash of joy illuminate the right path to the cherished dream.

I wish you on such a beautiful day so that the vital framework of everyday life will disappear into miracles. And hope from above, when understanding and love lead to happiness, like a star-guide to Krishna.

Let the faith in good be unlimited, and hope be the accurate and joyful navigator of life.

May the bright night of August be for you a step into a cloudlessly happy life. We wish the guardian angel to protect, and heaven-sent on the path of faith and salvation.

Let faith help to conquer the heights of a dream, and love blooms in the heart with an unselfish flower-giving an intoxicating scent of joy.

May the light of your soul never fade, let it be warm, cozy and there will always be plenty of room for loved ones, true friends, and joyful memories.

Let your happiness be lit, so that its flame penetrates into all corners of your destiny, driving away from the negative and doubts. So that life will please you with carelessness and succession of success.

May kindness, patience, and respect be forever on earth, peace, and tranquility reign in our thoughts.

Hope and faith live forever in our souls, and love and tenderness triumph in our hearts!

Let the light of the Janmashtami star shed in the winter picture with gentle warmth. So that in souls the faith in success will not sleep.

Hope will live in a sparkle in the eyes, and happiness will always be kept in your hearts.

I wish an angel of happiness and prosperity flew into your house. So that his light illuminates your life every day and every minute.

Let the ringing bells of the temple fill souls with good, and hearts with peace. With a generous snowfall from heaven let happiness, success, and joy fall on your house.

I wish you bright thoughts in your head, well-being in your family, success at work, comfort in your home, healthy body, good spirits, and love in your heart!

May harmony and understanding prevail in your home. Love you and the fulfillment of cherished desires.

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When is Krishna Janamashtami in 2020 / Krishna Janmashtami in 2077 B.S.?

When is Krishna Janamashtami in 2020 or Krishna Janmashtami in 2077 B.S.? The detailed date/calendar of Krishna Janmashtami in 2020 or Krishna Janmashtami in 2077 is given here. One can check it now.

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