When is Teej Festival in Nepal 2019 | 2076


Do you want to know when is Teej in 2076 B.S. in Nepal? Do you want to know when Teej in 2019? in Nepal? or Do you want to know when is Haritalika in 2076 B.S. in Nepal? Do you want to know Haritalika in 2019? in Nepal?

When is Teej Festival in Nepal 2019 > 2076

If yes, then celebrate Teej 2019 or Haritalika 2076. If no, then we are giving you an actual date of Teej or Haritalika.

Happening around the period of August, Teej is a celebration celebrated by ladies all over Nepal for three days. Decked up in red sarees and red tika, bangles, ladies sing and move to customary people melodies for a considerable length of time. It is particularly critical for hitched ladies when they get an extraordinary welcome to visit their maternal home and blowout.

Nepal is a land of the festival. Teej is one of the hundreds of festivals of Nepal. Teej is such a great festival that is celebrated by only women. Teej is also termed as Tij.

It is a festival of Hindu women. The date of Teej in Nepal falls in either in August or September (Shrawan or Bhadra) each year, depending on the cycle of the moon of the Lunar calendar. The  Haritalika in Nepal actually runs for 2 days.

Following a long blowout otherwise called Dar, the ladies, sit for 24-hour long fasting, where most don’t eat or even beverage water. What is intriguing is to watch ladies of all age gathering, youthful and old, move for quite a long time in the warmth, downpour, without a drop of water or sustenance for a whole day.

It is an incredible sight at the Pashupatinath sanctuary, where a great many ladies hung in Red and green crowd the premises of the sanctuary. Eyewitnesses can take photographs of these ladies moving joyfully, were once in a while outsiders, particularly ladies travelers are mentioned to take part in the cheerful making.

The importance of such a celebration is for ladies to request unique endowments by Lord Shiva, to have achieved a decent spouse throughout everyday life, and to appeal to God for his life span and thriving.

On the last day of this three-day celebration, Women fulfill seven holy people offering them nourishment, cash, and different contributions, and furthermore washing with Red mud and brushing their teeth with Datiwan (parts of a bramble tree) trusting this decontaminates their body and soul.

For your kind information, Teej and Haritalika are the same in Nepal. All meaning of them is similar.

How do we celebrate Teej Festival

The eve (first day of Teej) is called Dar Khane Din. On this day all the relatives and family members particularly the ladies, both wedded and unmarried, accumulate at one spot, in their best outfits of red (called Saubhagya) and begin dancing and singing reverential tunes blended with Nepalese folk songs and Dohori songs with Loud tunes.

This night the excellent dining experience happens. The amazing blowout is classified “Dar दर”. The fun regularly goes on till midnight, after 12 pm the 24-hour fasting begins.

What is Dar – दर

Ladies who go in fasting the following day eat an exceptionally enormous feast….”Daro Khana” (दर्हो खाना) that implies substantial nourishment in Nepali….it is said Dar Khane progressed toward becoming dar.

Whatever, the importance is, they go for the enormous banquet that night with deserts, mithai, Nepali nourishments like Sel, puri, products of the soil vegetarian sustenances like mutton and chicken by certain networks and communities.

The second day

The second day is the principal day of Teej (the fasting day). A few ladies take it extremely inflexible, they even live without a bit of nourishment and drops of water while some others take the fluid and organic product.

On this day, they cheerfully dress in red, wedded ladies wear their Lagan Ko Pote, Nathhi, other adornments and Chhadke Tilahari (gems are discretionary however Chhadke Tilahari, Laganko Pote and Natthi are said to be most essential) and visit a close-by Lord Shiva’s sanctuary singing and moving the whole distance.

The vast majority of enthusiasts in Kathmandu go to Pashupatinath Temple. At the Shiva sanctuary, ladies love the Shiva lingam, the image of Lord Shiva, offering blossoms, desserts, and coins.

The primary puja (religious service) happens with contributions of blossoms, natural products, and so forth., made to Shiva and Pārbati, arguing them to give their approval upon the spouse and family.

The most imperative piece of the pooja is for the most part done at night consuming the oil light (108 Sute Batti in a Diyo) which ought to consume for the duration of the night. It is a convention of giving the Diyo of Teej by her relative to the wedded lady.

Third day morning

Ladies rise from the get-go in the sunrise and get cleaned and do the puja by and by to the Diyo and goddess Parvati. The most imperative piece of this puja is a banana and blessed basil (Tulsi Patta) leaf.

Simply after this puja, ladies take strong sustenance. This third day of Teej is Ganesh Chaturthi. Ladies eat Karkalo ko Tarkari with Chokho (unadulterated) nourishment made with unadulterated ghee.


The date of Teej 2076 B.S. in Nepal is 16th Bhadra, Monday. The date of Teej 2019 in Nepal 2nd September, Monday. or The date of Haritalika 2076 B.S. in Nepal is in 16th Bhadra, Monday. The date of Haritalika 2019 is on 2nd September, Monday in Nepal.

When is Teej in Nepal
Singer Parbati Rai in Teej Dress

Teej in Nepal is a huge celebration with full of joy. Haritalika is celebrated by Hindus women. As we all know that 51 percent of the population in Nepal are women.  So, It is one of the biggest celebrations in Nepal. Nepal government give public holiday on this day for only women.

Haritalikain 2076 B.S. falls in 27th Bhadra, Thursday.

 When is Teej Festival in Nepal 2019: Haritalika

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When is Teej Festival in Nepal 2019: 2076

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