100+ Whatsapp Status For Father’s Day Special in English


Everything you have done and does it for us. To leave us a better future despite the fact that we are no longer children.

100+ Whatsapp Status For Father’s Day Special in English

You are my life example and my constant dream. You are the voice that I follow, every day feed me, and you are the Moon that makes me feel the peace I need.

You are the strong man, which he quiet and discreet leads and live my own penalties.

You are the anchor that balances me in a stormy sea, the nest to the flight looking for peace, light, and love.

You are my life particle, my most loyal accomplice, the man who has been intended to be my angel in this world, in this space and at this moment.

Dad, you are my serenity and my star power, my piece of sky on this earth.

I love you with everything I am, with my soul, with my being, with my fears and my achievements. I love you with the tearing force that you just can cause me on. I love you, in this world and on which it follows.


Today I can only look at the sky, open the arms, close my eyes and feel the warm presence of God in your cute enjoys to pray on your knees on this earth. And thank you for giving me the gift that you are my sky in this land.

My father, every day I give infinite thanks to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for having you still with me.

Your presence, your voice, your look, listen to your steps, listen to your laughter, and your advice that even if they are repetitive do me very much. Fill my life from a unique strength and a compatible rejoice.

Have you still with me to breathe every purer air, it is to see an angel of God protecting me is talking to the sweetest and tender language.

Status for fathers day

It is feeling that you are and you will be even eternity the blessing made life, and life in abundance.

Being a father means not knowing that there is distance, the impossible, the obstacle. Because being a father means being present in the heart of the child, wherever he is.

When I was happy When I was sad When I saw myself in trouble When I needed help. There you were, always ready for everything.

I make a request to God, that in your blessed hands, Lord, be my father, which is the light of my eyes, the reason for my smile, the reason for my laughter and my desire to continue on.

He is for you your representation, which touches me closely, your hug, and your love.

You filled as nothing and nobody will. Take care of him and bless him with health and happiness so that he will be many more years of my love in my walk.

My great love The greatest love of my life, The most sincere love of life. The most delicate love in life, It is love that never withers. Like yours, my father.

Your love Dad is bigger because it’s never forgotten. The most sincere because it is the only true one. The most delicate because it is scratched and hurt.

Your love, my dad is the love that I would never forget. Because it would be like forgetting my life.

Only the love of a father will support when the whole world stops doing it. Only the love of a father will trust when no one else believes.

Status for fathers day

Only the love of a father will forgive when no other will understand. Only the love of a father will honor, no matter what tests you have been.

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Only the love of a father will resist, for any time of trial. There is no other earthly love, greater than that of a father.

With love, I tell you, with love I give it to you, Happy Father’s Day! and that you are always by my side.

I love you Dad, no matter how many times you scold me, no matter how much we argue. Because I know that in the end, it will always be for me.


My Dad has made me laugh, he has dried my tears, he has embraced me very hard, he has seen me triumph, he has seen me fail.

He has scolded me, he has allowed me, but he keeps me strong. My dad is the promise of God, that I will have a friend forever, Thank you.

For you who gave me a part of your life, without conditions and without asking for anything in return.

Although my timetable tells me that today I have to tell you how much I love you. I hope you know that I love you all around the year, not just today.

Status for fathers day

As I was growing up and realizing the things I knew you were a very warlike man and you motivated me to follow your steps.

I am proud to have a father as bright as you who has stood out for being a great professional.

To see how fierce you are and how strong will you have to do so many things. I have nothing but words of admiration and all my respect.

I respect you so much and your words will always be sacred and the law that I must respect and try to follow. Because you will always tell me what is best for me and I will receive the best advice from you.

I’ve seen you many times get up from your fallen and your sadness dislike very fast. Because you do not have time for lamentations or lumps as your fight for your family is the first thing.

When I was demoralized you by my side like a light lit me up and I was hopeful that it was not the end of the world.

You are an entire man, you have solid moral training and have been raised with values that will allow us to be worthy and fighters people to live honestly.

I will always be proud to have a Dad like you who has a broad vision of life and who is not afraid of challenges.

A father as a fighter as you is the best motivation that I have so close to me not only physically you also occupy a place in my heart.

Status for fathers day

You are a very hard working father, with you I have learned that life is one and that opportunities come only once. May God fill you with blessings for being as you are.

May God allow you to keep your job and have good health so you do not give up your fight to see your family together and your children achieved.

Although they told you that having children was a problem you ignored and went ahead with your idea of forming a family. So God has blessed you and gives you the strength you need to be the pillar of our home.

It’s good to have someone like you who never feels defeated, who knows how to overcome bad times, which is always a constant motivator of all family members.

Even though you know that every day you have to fight for your children, you never feel tired and the last thing you would do in your life is to worry about your family.

Blessed be your hands that give me your love and that never get tired of working to provide is the meal and roof over our heads together.

Every father is a fighter man whose only objective is to see for the welfare of his family.

I do not tell you often, but I’m proud of the father God gave me. Every morning I see your eyes first and I have learned many lessons of your effort, love, and dedication.

Never say that your hands are ugly or hide when I try to care for them with fervor. Thanks to them I have bread to take me to my mouth and although they are rough there is no in the world another couple that knows to love me.

I know you hardly strive to give us a better life and that’s why you have my eternal gratitude and my sincere love.

How not to love you, Dad, if since I was born I gave away the first place in your heart. Since then and despite all the adversities, I was happy with you and you sacrificed many things in order to give me a better life.

You are the most worker on the face of the earth. The work dignified and you know it very well. Although the fatigue falls on your shoulders Your love of father gives you the forces to overtake you and get the family who awaits you home to show you your gratitude and wanting.

I am proud to be your son because you are the best gift that life gave me.

A hardworking man like you deserves all the recognition and I swear that I will dedicate each of my achievements because you will always be my greatest motivation.

There is no man more hardworking than my father because he alone takes care of his children with great effort and dedication.

Status for fathers day

Sometimes he may feel tired but when he thinks of our smiles he draws strength and overcomes any situation.

There is not a single day without seeing you go through that door with a smile on your face. Although you know very well that an arduous day awaits you in which you will work from sunrise to sunset.

All sacrifice is rewarded when you get home and your children receive you with a hug full of love.


Fathers like you deserve applause because they work hard to support their home. Many times they have forgotten their own dreams, but they struggle to give wings to their children and teach them to fly.

I always tell you that I love you, but today I want to shout to the world how proud I am of you. You brought our family forward with the sweat of your brow and every day you give 100% to see us smile.

I ask that at least today rest and enjoy your day and let us take care of others, assist and treat you as you deserve. You fight for us every day of the year, so at least today let us make you happy and be here for you.

Look at your children and be happy, dad. Because if we have become good people it is thanks to your effort, to your example and to the love that you gave us and that brought us forward at all times. Thank you is to say little to honor someone like you. Spend a very happy day.

You are like one of those supermen who appear in movies, with the only difference that your strength and courage are real.

I do not know a man more fierce than you, dear papa. You taught us all that goals can be met as long as one does not lower one’s arms.

What joy I feel to be aware that you are an exceptional man, dear father. Thank you for giving us your life without asking for anything other than love in return.

You are so essential in my life that I feel excited every time I think of you, dear Dad. You have fought so hard for me that I have nothing left but to offer you my future, my future efforts and all my desire to do things well.

You are always there, dear Papa. Every time I need you, you leave everything aside and you give me your attention, your advice and above all your energy and all your love.

Talking with you is an experience that comforts me. For this I thank you and I greet you today and always so that you never miss me and your love reaches me wherever I am.

Status for fathers day

You have given everything for your children and that is priceless. We will always thank you, Dad. And today more than ever because we want to recognize your effort, your struggle and your courage to us.

What a special man you are because it’s amazing that you never get tired and you’re always at the bottom of the canyon.

I have a father for whom without thinking I would give life, the same life that with love he gave me.

We have only one Dad, one in this world, one life, do not wait until tomorrow to tell him that you love him.

Dada magic word that encloses love, loyalty, and self-denial. Father’s love is never compared to anything and anyone.

The most beautiful word on a person’s lips is the word father, and the sweetest call: My father.

Not all the treasures are gold and silver. My treasure is flesh and blood … it’s my Dad.

A father can have a number of children, but a child can only have one father.

If you have your father close to you, take care of him and give him all your love, he deserves it.

Father always lives inside us, he never dies because he lives inside his children.

My father finds happiness when I find him when I live something beautiful, he lives it through my experience.

My father prays for me, even when I only pray for myself. My father would give me the whole world if he could.

A father is not a person he can support, but a person who does not need to rely on anyone.

If a father publishes the silences he has kept, the children will become saints by listening to them.

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that governs the world.

My Dad was my best teacher. He taught me to have compassion, to love and not to be afraid.

If love is sweet like a flower, my father is that sweet flower of love.

Status for fathers day

I praise the eternal Father, not because he made them beautiful, but because he gave them all the heart of a father.

He is strong. He is a warrior. He is my father.

For who gave me life and in return I give all my love. Congratulations pop!

It does not matter if we are far away, I always carry you in my heart.

It does not matter if I do not see you for a long time, you are always in my dreams.

Like father’s love, none exists, but your love for me has been even greater.

If they asked me for a serious wish: To have you my father for all my life.

You taught me for nine months, that you do not need to see someone to love him. Thanks for your immense love!

You are the person that most smiles of mine deserves and in the end you are the worst faces you always take.

You told me that the perfect man does not exist, you just have to look at yourself in a mirror pop.

Dad now that I have my own children, I understand why you have been with me.

You father for your hundreds of sleepless nights. You deserve, even if it’s a full day of light and happiness.

Two red roses I send you in your day. Two red roses for you father of mine. One for your immense love and the other for giving me life.

For the sweetest, tender and most beautiful Dad in the world. Thank you for giving me life, for taking care of me, for educating me, for the love you have given me every day.

Father holds the hands of his children for some time, but his heart has them forever.

For you that you forgot your own life to deliver it to me completely.

One reason to smile is to have my Dad alive and to be able to hold him.

Daddy, what a blessing to have you even in my life, if you were not I do not know what I would do.

For the most charming flower in my garden, the one that never stops giving its fragrance to my days … My Dad.

For giving me your shoulders to cry, for drying my tears and being by my side. Thank you, Dad.

Thanks, Dad for loving me so much and my wounds healing, for everything you do for me.

Status for fathers day

For your words that make me reflect, for your caresses full of kindness I love you, Papa.

For your kisses that surround me with peace, for your arms that always want to take care of me. Gratitude Papa.

For striving and always fighting, for teaching me to walk, for my first words celebrate, for the joy of calling you, dad.

And life would go to thank me because you are an example of a man that with the wisdom I know how to respond to the questions I needed to know.

Today I want to tell you, more than with words, with the heart, that you are the reason why I’m here.

Today I want to talk to you and a Thank you Dad spell with all my love.

For each hour of happiness, for every day that you are with me, for every year that you have given me love. Thanks, Dad.

I thank you, Dad, for life, also your courage, and the sweet symphony of your voice telling me “I love you”.

Caressing my hands, giving me your love, totally forgetting the pain. And how do I thank you for all this?

Words are not enough, they are just small containers of everything in my heart for you.

And I could write many verses, I could fill it with my kisses, to be able to include in each letter an “I love you” wrap them in acknowledgments and even then they would not be enough.

If I could borrow a piece of heaven for a moment, I will write among the clouds that I love you, dad.

I would invent a new language where the word papa was written just like love.

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I could ask the moon, I will take a pen and write on each of your nights that you are my example at all times.

In a distant place is Dad, fighting for us, supporting the distance and our absence, living every day at the hand of patience, waiting very soon to return.

In a distant place it is, but not so far away that our kisses do not reach us, not so distant that it makes our caresses get tired. Not so far away that he does not listen to our heart.

In a distant place is pop, and when I say distant I mean the body only, because he lives in our heart and our mind, caressing us with his memory, embracing us with the hope of his soon return.

In a distant place, it is, there is a friend from work, a neighbor perhaps of loneliness, visited sometimes by sleepless nights, and sending us his desire to be with us.

In a distant place is a dad, and thinking about it, it’s not that far. Because when the night appears and from sleep, our eyes are dressed I feel like little by little until our cheeks kiss.

In a distant place it is, but not so far away that we stop thinking about him, not so distant for us to forget him, and still be a very distant place. It would not be enough for us to stop loving him.

I want to give many kisses, Until my lips grow tired, giving you thanks for every wise advice.

I want to give you many caresses until my hands get tired. Thanking you for every second that you have held me in your arms.

I want to give you my heart, because you make it stronger because it’s a wonderful gift to have you, because you are my dad, my friend, my reason.


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