What Should We Do : Before, During and After Earthquake

Find here article about what should we do when earthquake comes. We have given you some information about before earthquake comes, during the earthquake and after earthquake occurs? So my friends, get updates with facts. Disasters are the sudden events which have very unfortune consequences. They cause a large scale of life and property. These all I have knows from the earthquake in Nepal 2015 or earthquake in Nepal 2072.

What Should We Do : Before, During and After Earthquake

Earthquake is a sudden and violent shaking or vibrating of the earth’s surface. It is caused by different reasons. As an earthquake strikes suddenly, we don’t get a time for preparation and it may cause a loss lives and property in a very large scale. But there are some preventive measures which help to minimize its risks. If we are preconscious enough, disaster management can be done effectively. Many things to do in earthquake. our Facebook page.

What should we do Before an earthquake occurs

  1. earthquake resistant buildings hould be constructed.
  2. old building should be retrofitted.
  3. some open space should be kept at different places of cities.
  4. proper management and fixing of racks, almirahs, cupboards, TVs, fridges, mirrors, heavy frames, flower pots, etc should be done.
  5. keep an emergency ready bag with a torch, an fm radio, a first aid box, mobile phones, some dry food etc
  6. identification of a safe place in and out of the building to protect us during an earthquake should be done.
  7. the doors of the buildings, schools, cinema halls, auditoriums, etc should be made to open outwards.

What should we do when an earthquake occurs


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  1. if we are inside a building we should hid ourself specially the head at a safe place like below the door frame, inner corner of the place, below heavy furniture etc
  2. if we are outside, we should run to an open place.
  3. if we are in/on our vehicles, the vehicles should be stopped at the same place.
  4. if we are in our school, colleges, seminar, etc, we should protect us under the heavy furniture.

What should we do after an earthquake occurred

  1. after the earthquake stops, we should go to safe places by covering our head.
  2. we should care whether all the members of our family have come out safety or not.
  3. if we have to go inside the house again, we must observe the foundation and ceiling before enter in it. if it is safe then only we should go there.
  4. if possible, we should help to victims. if we are injured, we should use first aid, we should co-operate to the rescue team according to our capacity.
  5. we must keep our fm, tv, newspaper on for important news.

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