20 Best Websites to Download Nepali Mp3 Songs For Free


Best Websites to Download Nepali Mp3 Songs For Free: – Nepal is rich in its culture and tradition. Nepal is best known for its beauty in nature and the hospitality that is offered by the Nepalese people. Not only Nepal is rich in its beauty but the traditional folk music is also known well over the world.

The song Resham first is one of best Nepali folk song that is known by every foreigner. That’s why in any international cultural program the Chinese or Japanese they sing this song in their own sweet and cute way.

For the NRNs (Non-Resident Nepali) the Nepali songs become very much important which help them to feel attached to the country even if they reside in the foreign land. The sings whether they be movie songs or the folk song are beautiful and soothing in nature. They are good to the ear of the listener. The genre if the Nepali songs are vast.

There are movie songs, pop songs, rock and rap, folk songs, classical and the adhunik songs. Especially Narayan Gopal songs are close to the Heart of every Nepalese.

There were days when if you want or listen to the music and song, you have to buy the record or the album. The albums are quite expensive depending upon the artist singing. So not everyone could have bought the song. They had to depend on the radios and the fms to hear one of their favorite songs. But now after the digital revolution, it has been made easier for the Nepali music lovers to hear their favorite song anytime they want.

Websites to Download Nepali Mp3 Songs For Free

There are lots of websites which provide the latest Nepali songs of any genre. They can be downloaded so that you can listen to the music whenever you want. Or there is also the option of listening to the music online. Some websites even have the option of downloading the lyrics of the song. There’s karaoke available for the so the as well.

Below are some of the websites where you can download the song you wanted easily.


20 Best Websites to Download Nepali Mp3 Songs For Free

1. www.youtube.com:

This is the popular website where you can watch and download the video songs you desire. If you want to download the MP3 format then just download the Nepali video song you like. Then download the video to MP3 converter. Put the song in the converter. You sit back and relax. Let the converter do it’s job. Within few minutes you have the mp3 format song. There are some channels in youtube that provide latest and old Nepali songs like music Nepal, highlight Nepal, songs Nepal, channel arbitrary etc.

2. www.nepalisongs.com:

Here you can hear and download the CD quality song except for some classics recorded originally in mono.


3. www.cybersansar.com:

This can be regarded as the official website to download the songs of the artists you love. Because the artists, music company and owner of the sings directly provide this website the song. It is completely legal to download the songs in here.

4. www.npsongs.com:

This website offers the options of downloading mp3 and lyrics as well. The page is daily updated. You can download the songs of any genre you want like Nepali pop or Adhunik it modern, rock or rap.

5. www.nepalisongchord.com:

Here also the latest Nepali songs are available for you to download and listen online of any genre and artist you like.

6. www.nepalisongs.tv:

This website has the collection of all kinds of Nepali songs.

7. www.nepalisongsblog.net:

This website also provides the music lovers all kinds of Nepali songs to download in mp3 format.

8. www.npsongs.com:

In this website, you can browse for thousands of Nepali songs with its lyrics.

9. www.freenepalisongsdownload.com:

This website avails all kinds of Nepali songs including folk songs and music. It provides the facility of listening to the online music and download as well.

10. www.nepalisong.in:

This also provides the high quality of Nepali mp3 songs you like to download.

11. www.lovenepal.tv:

This website is a bit different from other sites. Here you can even watch your favorite Nepali serials too. You can download and listen to any Nepali song you like. It has even karaoke for the Nepali song you love.

12. www.gitnepal.com:

This website also provides all Nepali songs of all kinds of genre for you to download and listen to.

13. www.nepalisongsonline.com:

This website provide all types of Nepali songs of any kind of genre with it’s lyrics and chords.

14. www.rabinsxp.com:

in this site you can browse for the latest Nepali songs to the oldest golden eta songs in mp3 format. You can also download the popular movie songs too.

15. www.gulmiresunga.com:

In this website the Nepali movies are arranged in the alphabetical order. So it will be easier for you to download the songs of your favorite movie in mp3 format.

16. www.saregama.com:

This website is also better for you to download and listen to the Nepali mp3 songs of movie or pop or rap or any kind of genre.

17. www.nepalisongsdownload.com:

It is also a good site for you to filter the song you like and love from the thousands of Nepali songs it has provided in it’s site.

18. www.hamroawaz.blogspot.com:

This is another good website for you to download the Nepali song you love in mp3 format. Especially if you’re looking for Narayan Gopal songs this is the best site for you.


19. www.wondershare.com:

This site has shared thousands of Nepali songs of all kinds of the genre to be downloaded easily and listen online.

20. www.bisaunivideos.com:

This website is also a good website for it provides the thousands of Nepali music and songs of various genre for you to download and listen to.

All these above-mentioned websites provide the songs free for you to download. There no hidden charges it any kind of registration that you require. They are easy to use and understand.
If possible please share and like these websites as much as possible so that the Nepali music can be reached to all those who are the Nepali music lovers. But for some reason finding it difficult to listen to the songs.

Like any other language songs, our Nepali music is beautiful and lovely to hear. They have their own originality and the uniqueness. We have the music of the tables which any other nationality songs lack.

Help to spread the Nepali culture throughout like some of the other nations are doing.

Author: Ankur Pradhan


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